Lead your forces onto the battlefield in this competitive turn-based strategy game. Choose one of six unique factions, build your army from a diverse range of weaponry, and rise through the ranks as you fight for world domination. Join the online war!
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Release Date: Jun 10, 2014

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"Designed for a big community and it recieved it. Turn-based strategy that requires everyone, including you, to be a part of. Epic game!"

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November 3

Freaky Friday: Mystery Islands

Curious about the upcoming Episode 5? You're not alone. Head over to the ISOTX blog to read a bit about it. And yes, we know it's not Friday. :)

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October 14

Changelog - Tuesday, October 14th

Hotfix, Build #29871

• More AI tweaks.
• Units that were previously breaking the deployment grid (namely the Hover Platform and Supply Drop) now require a double-click in order to deploy. There are some visual issues remaining (particularly with Hover Platform) but the actual functionality should work now.
• Some map tweaks.
• Icons for some units may require a double-click to make them disappear, but they should disappear after the unit starts the animation of the attack.

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About This Game

The year is 1947. The world lies ravaged by war. Align yourself with one of six warring factions and fight for global domination in a world where borders rapidly shift as battles are won and lost.

This is March of War. An online turn-based strategy game set in a dieselpunk world where strategy and firepower rule the day. Take command and lead your army into 3D battlefields that allow you to assess the war-zone from every angle. Deploy a wide range of vehicles, infantry and artillery where their specific weapons can be most effective.

Destroy your enemies and capture their territory to advance through the ranks of your faction. Rise high enough and you’ll have the honour of joining your faction’s High Command, or perhaps even be voted Faction Leader. Achieving High Command or Faction Leader status expands the game into an intricate web of political allegiances and betrayals, where your decisions directly influence the course of the war as you strive to lead your faction to global domination.

    Key Features Include

  • Tactical warfare - Play smart and dirty to conquer this war-torn dieselpunk world.
  • Choose what you fight for - The six factions are very distinct. Who will you be loyal to?
  • Multiplayer gameplay - Players are waiting worldwide. Join a co-op or PvP and march on.
  • Start your own fights – Skirmish lets you set up custom battles for a new challenge or just for fun.
  • Realistic 3D battlefields – Watch the fireworks as your forces clash with the enemy across landscapes ranging from jungles to deserts.
  • A mix of classic and exotic units - Will a Sherman tank stand up to a Warbeast?
  • Between battles – Build up your army, form battle groups, and research new weapons and abilities.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4 GHz
      AMD Athlon 64 X2 Duel Core 5200+
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:nVidia GeForce 7 series or ATI Radeon HD 2000
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Sound:Generic Sound Card
    • Additional:Internet connection required
    • OS:Windows 7 SP-1 64-Bit
    • Processor:Mid to High Range Dual-Core 2.5GHz CPU
    • Memory:8 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 or AMD Radeon HD 5830
    • DirectX®:10
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Sound:Generic Sound Card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:OS X 10.7
    • Processor:2.6 GHz
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Sound:Generic Sound Card
    • Additional:Internet connection required
    • OS:OS X 10.8+
    • Processor:2.6 GHz dual-core Intel i5
    • Memory:8 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M (1GB GDDR5)
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Sound:Generic Sound Card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
55 of 80 people (69%) found this review helpful
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 25
Micro Transactions Here, Micro Transactions There, Microtransactions everywhere!
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38 of 57 people (67%) found this review helpful
224.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 27
I recommend this game only to people who are patient and like to take things slow. Here's why.
1) Unique factions with unique units.
2) Simple and easy to play, but learning curve is a bit steep.
3) Helpful and friendly community.
4) Great tutorial, complete with videos and FAQs.
5) Helpful and responsible development team always tending to player needs.

1) Has a number of bugs and glitches that sometimes affect matches.
2) Many maps favour the player that has first move. Near impossible to win as 2nd
3) Moderate amount of grind.

This game starts out rough, you need to find the tutorial (Question mark button) and learn the basics slowly. Tactics and other features might need you to ask other players and learn from them ( Highly advised). This part is especially important, when you start out, DO NOT GO TO PVP. Almost none of the low leveled players jump right into pvp, thus most of these low leveled pvpers get matched to higher leveled players. Needless to say, they don't win much. Many players have complained about this and posted negative reviews on this, when it is entirely thier fault. When starting out it is advised to grind pve matches until level 18-20. This game is really bumpy when you start out but once you level up and unlock all the units available, it gets really enjoyable. If you are willing to grind for a bit and like games that get more fun over time, this is a good game for you. Hope this helps, this is after all my first review.
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23 of 34 people (68%) found this review helpful
332.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 2
I've played every faction and was very involved from the start. The game had a huge potential to be a great strategy, but it was never fully realized.

I would like to clarify, the game is COMPLETELY FREE! You get better stuff as you play with in-game currency. As in every other normal game. It is NOT a p2w. If you want to get stuff right away you can use real cash, but it is very unnecessary. I've noticed that the community can vary depending on what faction you play, but they're mostly friendly. Also, you can make two characters of different nations, and once you complete the research tree on one character (fully level him up) you are rewarded with extra character slot so you can explore more of the game. And i have, as you can see by the hours i've put into it. I've loved the game and the politics and the fanatics and the smart, intelligent conversations alongside the trolls, the spies, the traitors, the jingos and the crybabies. You play long enough, pay attention to world and faction chats and you get to see it all. I've laughed and cried with this game.

Now, you're probably wondering why I don't recommend the game? Let's see:

+Diverse 6 factions with a variety of units and playstyles.
+Responsive and helpful dev staff.
+Politics could sometimes be fun, if you're into that kinda stuff.
+A true f2p, you don't need to spend a penny to enjoy it.

But then:

-Buggy, glitchy and annoying, the numerous issues are well known and they have still not been addressed.
-The game is very ugly even on ultra settings, which would have been something i can overlook for the gameplay, this game would've looked good maybe ten years ago.
-The gameplay gets boring and repetitive to the point of becoming an endless grindfest.
-No events or story line or anything to keep you coming back. There were some, but no more.
-Poorly matched pvp, being second is a serious handicap. so you lose.
-Master battles are screwed by the latest update (Oct 14, 2014) - The computer spams its best units early game, so you lose.
-Boring, monotonous battles - once you learn the layout of the few maps, every battle goes the exact same way.
-All the animations are very poorly done - an attacking unit gets side-skewed for attack, while the victim takes it stoically - he is undeserving of animation.
-The lack of money when developing this game becomes painfully evident when you hear the 2-3 tracks that pass for music and the absolutely horrendous voice acting.
-Most units have 1 rather unimaginative skill.
-No player skill tree, no customization, no upgrades of anything, no retainment of units, no unit experience.

Unless all these numerous issues have been dealt with, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. If you like war games try Company of Heroes. If you like the turn-based strategy get X-COM. But for the love of God, please let this game die from natural death, it is wilting and going there by itself anyways.

Don't download.
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14 of 25 people (56%) found this review helpful
24.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 25
Co-op PvE is a blast.
If you like stuff like Advance Wars then this game might be for you.
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6 of 10 people (60%) found this review helpful
337.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 15
Okay okay you've probably seen some butthurt hoes complaining about this game due to its unbalanced pvp....Well they aren't entirely wrong, Ive often been paired with a lvl 1-9 time after time. If you are one of those low level people, DONT PVP. JUST FRICKIN DO PVE UNTIL LEVEL TWENTY!!!!! By that time you should have an ample amount of units to perform rather well in a PVP match. Also dont bother to spend gems unless you are going to buy ♥♥♥♥ to pimp out your units/character. In game currency is rather easy to get and this is the most F2P game as it gets. They dont force you to pay for anything unless you want to....though keep in mind, the grind is real (the grind will be great if you enjoy this game) SO GIVE IT A GO AND DONT PVP FOR YOUR FIRST MOTHERFLIPPING GAME-Cheers

P.S.-Latin Junta FTW join up with them chemical warfare is bae.
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17 of 32 people (53%) found this review helpful
76.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 1
So there are many negative reviews for this game, and many of them revolve around the gripe of having to pay money. I've been playing this for a week now (about 12 hours over that period) and I've never lost a battle (YET) :p , and never paid a dime nor a red cent. You build up your skill and army in PVE, and whilst doing so, still effect the over all Online Grand Strategy Map. Once you are better at the game, and have learned to coordinate your various (FREE) army additions (FFS don't pay real cash for stuff you can earn free), and have acquired plenty of (FREE) re-enforcements, you can hop on over to PVP and see how you go. The game is free, so my advice is to simply try it, and if you don't like it, uninstall the little monster. If you like TBS's you will likely enjoy this game as a neat distraction. At its current price, I recommend it.
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6 of 11 people (55%) found this review helpful
29.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 5
stratgy game very fun lots of different units and different powers but can be very frutrating in the pvp gamemode with long waits for matchs and very high level players end up player very low level players which it wat makes it so annoying but still a good game and a range of differultys against the ai
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7 of 13 people (54%) found this review helpful
76.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 9
March of War is a solid game that has diverse factions and excelent game play. You can everything in the game through playing and never have to pay for any thing, although unlocking everything takes a while and I don't suggest playing PvP unless you have made a fair amount of progress in the research tree, have a good amount of advanced units in your army and have a large stock of support powers because the matchmaking for PvP does not take what units you have into account when matching you with other people.

All in all march of war is a great game that you can try for the price of free, even if you don't really liek turnbased strategy games that much I suggest trying anyway because march of war made me want to try other Turn based strategy games after playing it.
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10 of 19 people (53%) found this review helpful
84.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 4
Why is everybody calling this game P2P?Do you people know what are TRUE P2P games?(Those CoC-like games)

Now that we got that settled,let's get on with the real review.

This game is essentialy Turn-Based games on a bigger scale in which you can essentialy deploy as many units as the resources permit.The amount of money you get is dependent on how well you play for PvP and how high the difficulty is on PvE,meaning that you need alot of skill to be rewarded but it pays off in the long run.

Some stuff such as PvP may be broken(Noob with small arsenal VS Vet with massive arsenal)but the Co-op is one of the best I have ever seen.The best thing is every faction has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ARSENAL.(So you won't be fighting against the same thing over and over again for awhile)

The Learning curve is a bit steep though,since most turn based games require you to PREDICT your enemy's movement.But if you can plat this game,that means you can play any type of TBS.

The developers are also online most of the time and they listen to the community(Kudos to them for that.)

Basically,it's a good game.Heck ton of potential,just needs time.

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10 of 19 people (53%) found this review helpful
15.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 5
Good game play, good graphics 9/10 :)
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9 of 18 people (50%) found this review helpful
206.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 31
good game, verry fun and addicting.
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9 of 18 people (50%) found this review helpful
390.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 1
10/10 would spend more money on it, best yes play it, good game.
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7 of 15 people (47%) found this review helpful
25.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 25
Although the AI is a bit too easy, I've had loads of fun playing against it togheter with a friend. I'm not doing PvP yet since you have to rank up to unlock better soldiers etc but it's fun nontheless^^ Try it if you're in to turn based strategy games
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3 of 7 people (43%) found this review helpful
333.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
First things first game isnt pay2win. that is people who dont realize that the game dosent have enough players to run a "balanced"system. this means if you are lvl 1 you arent matched with lvl 1. the game has mulitiple factions to play all with dfferent units and different strengths+weakness's. factions are ran by the best players and a leader who is voted in by anyone lvl10 up. really overall a good game with good people to talk to to ease the grindy middle part of the game.
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
103.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 7
I highly recommend this game, with a couple caveats. If you like turn-based, tactical games you should definitely give this a try. Contrary to the QQ from some reviewers, it is not p2w. You can pay to avoid the grind through the tech tree and the accumulation of units, but you would have no advantage over f2p. I haven't paid a cent and unlocked the tech tree and have all the units with 75 hours of play.

The game is free, stable, and fun with an interesting mix of WWII era and "dieselpunk" styled units. There are so few decent multi-player, turn-based games, I was very happy to find MoW. But higher expectations can also lead to frustrations: the game also sports a potentially interesting metagame, with fights influencing battles on a world map, and the most active players forming the military command of each faction. As of now, the metagame is undeveloped, and the acquisition of territory on the world map meaningless (except for bragging rights). ISOTX says there are plans to develop this more, but there is no roadmap and there has clearly been attrition and layoffs at their studio.

ISOTX continues to release fixes and balance tuning and promises more content later this month, but their newest Community liaison is not very active, and the forums seems almost dead. It is not clear if there will be any viable endgame.

The main problem is that the AI is easy to beat and PVP games are difficult to find because there are not enough opponents available. I'm starting to get bored. ISOTX has upped the difficulty on Master level, but mostly by having the AI spam more units and not by making it smarter. As the United Republic, I am unbeaten against the AI with Blitz games against the highest setting. Without a challenge, one tires of an endgame.

Vibrant PVP is the answer, since there's no substitute for a human intelligence. My PVP games have been super fun, but even at peak times is can be difficult to get a match. The "co-op" games in each faction seem very popular, though I have less experience with that so far.

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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
23.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 8
awsome but youll need a alright computer
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3.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 1
Ok few things i can say about the game but i will keep it short.

1: dont bother pvping at start game dosent care about balance so you wll get put up against veteren player..i.e lose
2: There are exsplits n the game that allow yo oponent to cancel yor moves and other areas of thngs
3: Pve get dull fast and feels clumsy and slow

By all means give it a try bt to be honest d go look for somethng els.
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8 of 18 people (44%) found this review helpful
56.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 4
i like it!
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3 of 8 people (38%) found this review helpful
204.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 10
10/10 my favorite game to play. Would definately recommend spending money to buy more units, but you don't have to spend money in order to have a lot of fun :)
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2 of 6 people (33%) found this review helpful
4.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 7
This could be a decent game if it weren't for the erratic tech/unit progression and the pay-to-win model. Setting up a custom game with a friend was a nuisance and multiplayer is not as straight-forward as it should be. Performance heavily degraded on a highly capable machine, so the engine isn't optimised for lategame. The only thing I liked were the unit models as it's easy to distinguish between them at a glance.
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