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IL RITORNO AL RETRÒ CLASSICO Nel 1993 il mondo è stato testimone della nascita di un nuovo genere di supereroe. Adesso, vent'anni dopo, Superfrog è tornato! Ma... aspetta! Non fare quella faccia! Superfrog HD non è solo un remake della versione da 16-bit con una grafica stupenda!
Data di rilascio: 12 Set 2013
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Nel 1993 il mondo è stato testimone della nascita di un nuovo genere di supereroe. Adesso, vent'anni dopo, Superfrog è tornato!

Ma... aspetta! Non fare quella faccia! Superfrog HD non è solo un remake della versione da 16-bit con una grafica stupenda! È un rifacimento completo con un'esperienza di gioco rinnovata, livelli riprogettati e, ovviamente, una grafica in stile cartoon ad alta definizione. Per la felicità degli appassionati dei giochi da 16-bit, Superfrog HD segna il ritorno al retrò classico.

Proprio come nelle migliori favole tradizionali, la nostra storia narra le vicende di un bellissimo principe, tramutato in un viscido ranocchio da una strega gelosa e malvagia che ha rapito la sua promessa sposa e l'ha portata sulle montagne. Il nostro piccolo amico verde trova per caso una pozione misteriosa (Wow, che botta di fortuna!). Il principe ranocchio beve il contenuto della boccetta tutto d'un sorso e scopre di avere dei poteri stupefacenti. Determinato a sconfiggere la strega, il nostro eroe intraprende un'avventura che, con il tuo aiuto, lo condurrà tra le braccia del suo vero amore.

Dovrà esplorare e attraversare 24 livelli che lo metteranno alla prova e strabilianti livelli addizionali in 6 diversi mondi tematici. Lo scopo di ogni livello è quello di raccogliere un certo numero di monete per poi raggiungere l'uscita. L'obiettivo finale è, ovviamente, quello di risolvere la situazione, sconfiggere la strega e liberare la fanciulla.

Il gioco è una versione aggiornata del classico platform side-scrolling in 2D. Superfrog HD è stato reinventato con una grafica da cartoni animati ad alta definizione. Il gameplay è molto più semplice rispetto a prima, ma per coloro che amano le sfide, le mappe originali sono sempre lì: basta solo sbloccarle!


  • Grafica in HD migliorata
  • 24 nuovi livelli basati sul design originale
  • 6 mondi tematici tutti diversi tra loro
  • Gameplay da classico platform arcade
  • Sfide anfibie a tempo – Modalità corsa infinita

Requisiti di sistema (PC)

    • CPU : Intel P4 1.8 Ghz
    • RAM : 2GB
    • GPU : Intel GMA 950 GeForce 7 Series Radeon X1000 series
    • HDD : At least 90MB for Game Core and Sound File

Requisiti di sistema (MAC)

    • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7
    • Processor: Intel chipset
    • CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 512 MB or higher
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB free disk space
    • Video Card (ATI): X1600 / (NVidia): GeForce 7300
    • Video Memory (VRam): 128 MB

Requisiti di sistema (Linux)

    • CPU : Intel P4 1.8 Ghz
    • RAM : 2GB
    • KERNAL : 32-bit (some users experience issues when using 64-bit)
    • GPU : Intel GMA 950 GeForce 7 Series Radeon X1000 series
    • HDD : At least 90MB for Game Core and Sound File
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Una volta avevo un rana che si aggirava vicino casa durante le ora tarde della notte. Si sedeva sempre nello stesso punto del mio giardino a fissare la luna immobile. La chiamai Roberto. Poi è morta.
Pubblicata: 14 Febbraio 2014
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Wow this is one yawn inducing Sonic clone I'll recommend you to avoid. It has some things going for it. Superfrog is a functional platforming game with nice vast levels built for exploration. There are multiple paths, hidden secrets and invisible blocks (with coins in them). 6 'themes,' each with 4 levels and 3 extra bonus levels for each world since its the HD version. It is a good game for children I guess. This is an easy game. Very, very easy. So easy you can get 5 achievements on the first level. 5 out of 12.

Now starts a laundry list of problems that I have, your jump is very floaty. Very high and floaty. I understand that you're a frog, but it feels like there is almost no gravity. If the jump wasn't floaty enough, luckily there's a power up that allows you to hold the space bar / jump button in mid air, so you can slowly float down. There are a good variety of enemies, but some of them are just extremely small and either blend in with the background or one of the thousands of things you can pick up. There are so many things to pick up on screen at once that the enemies will blend right in. You'll collect bananas, gems, red coins, green coins, blue diamonds, cherries and much much more. There's just too many things everywhere. Like clutter. What do the pick ups do? Points pretty much. What do points do? Eh high score?

In the extra bonus levels made for the HD version, you'll need to collect coins in each level to unlock the exit door. It just seems like more work than I want to do for this game, even if coins are everywhere. Especially if the only coins you missed were in the beginning of a level, you need to backtrack all that way, hoping not to walk into spikes (instead of jumping or falling on spikes).

There are signs everywhere to point you in the correct direction. It is a very forgiving game with a small 5 hit health bar, but the real problems are spikes meaning instant death. You don't even need to fall into the spikes, you can walk into them and you'll die even if they're almost as tall as you.

You can run up and down hills, but your run never gains momentum. You can stop on a dime, even in mid air. There's no momentum or inertia like in Mario and other such platformers. The stopping on a dime thing might be helpful since there are usually enemies at the end of long runways and since you're a frog, you can't exactly curl into an attack ball like Sonic. Standing on a hill won't pull you down A hit from an enemy will make you flop over, stopping you, then make you briefly invincible.

Every time you turn your character right to left or left to right, the screen will rubber band back and forth. It is very jarring. not just that, but springing high into the air will zoom out the screen, then zoom back in when you hit the ground. It can probably induce motion sickness for some people. Spring boards can put you through rock ceilings, because there is poor hit detection stopping you. Sometimes it will pop you straight through to a different level. That's forgivable.

Each level feels like a jumble of ramps, platform, springboards and so on with a different theme paint. While the levels feel good, they don't feel different. Its not like how Super Mario World had water levels, and sky levels, and ground levels. This is just all the same, level after level, like a maze for kids. The water in the circus theme levels isn't swimable. Its just a background for fish enemies.

Even with a frog protagonist, this game doesn't do much with a frog. You don't use your tongue, there are no insects to eat, no trees to climb or swamps. No real super powers other than floating with your cape. The game just feels very generic, dull, uninspiring and boring. The only thing you can really do is jump and duck.

Maybe there are fans of this game that have some sort of nostalgia to it, but I'm not one of them.
Pubblicata: 8 Giugno 2014
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This game is a throwback to an ancient Sonic clone on the Amiga. Because this remake attempts to remain faithful to that, various mechanics will feel a lot like Sonic 1 on the Master System, and this is why.

The default camera behaviour is terrible. This is an unusual point to mention at the start of a review, but it's the point that stands out the most as some players report it making them nauseous. Fortunately it can be fixed, although this requires tweaking a configuration file.

While you're there you might also want to disable level introductions as they waste a lot of time and offer nothing.

So now you're in the game. You'll soon find that, like Sonic 1, acceleration and deceleration are almost instant. I personally prefer this as turning doesn't take an age (you hearing this New Super Mario Bros?), but it makes some of the areas that demand precise control a bit tricky.

Early on, you may find enemies hard to see. This is really only a problem in the first chapter as the blue ones blend with the background and look like a powerup. It's not a problem after this as you get used to it and later enemies stand out more.

For the most part enemies are a mere nuisance. You get 5 hits before dying and potions that restore those completely are very common - sometimes occurring more frequently than every 5 threats! Spikes are the stark exception, as they kill you instantly and some are placed in a way that makes avoiding them awkward.

The overall difficulty is... strange, to say the least. The original required getting 80% of the coins in a level before the exit was available; that has been removed, although there is still an achievement for the feat. You get star ratings each level, and to get the maximum 3 stars you can't die. Considering some levels can take 8-10 minutes, this makes those spikes needlessly punishing.

Then again, star ratings don't actually do anything. They aren't required for progress and don't even contribute to any achievements. So unless you want to thoroughly beat the game maybe those spikes aren't that punishing after all.

Secret areas were a large part of the original's charm, and these were remembered. Levels generally have around 10 hidden in walls, which gives a nice focus to exploration. One bizarre occurrence is that when a secret area is revealed, your vertical inertia is killed. This feels untested as it means when you reveal a secret during an ascent, you'll fall before being able to enter it.

The downside to secrets is that sometimes collectables are placed behind walls over spikes. When this happens the wall is never a secret, but unless you're aware of that fact in advance you may feel like testing every time, and dying every time.

The worlds are colourful and varied although somewhat stereotypical. Some environments like the circus and the pyramid are as boring as they always are, but others like the green hills are pleasant and enjoyable. I must note that this game has one of the few ice worlds that I've actually liked in any platform game ever.

The game has a main mode with 24 levels, a further 24 levels from the original Amiga release which you'll unlock as the game progresses, and a challenge mode called Frog Trials. The main mode is the important one, the others mostly feel like extras. Obscurely every achievement is linked to the main mode too, so hunters can completely ignore the remaining content which seems like a strange choice.

Overall the game is a fun throwback for 5-10 hours. I wouldn't recommend buying it for anything less than a 75% discount on Steam, but it does appear in bundles from time to time and if you happen to have it in your library I'd definitely recommend giving it a chance.
Pubblicata: 18 Gennaio 2014
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I got this game as part of the Team7 bundle.

It is quite a fun platformer with 6 worlds to work through.
The game has collectables in the form of coins, fruit and a few other items of jewelry.
There are two powerups that do become your life blood, one lets you glide the other lets you kill enemies with projectile attacks.

I enjoyed my experience with this game and would recommend it to anyone who wants an old school looking 2d platformer to pass some time.
Pubblicata: 18 Gennaio 2014
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Do not waste your money... It's just not worth. Childish sidescroller that is too easy in the beginning and way over it's head in the last 2 stages.
Pubblicata: 3 Luglio 2014
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