Lunnye Devitsy is the story of an alien who falls from the moon onto a huge mountainside on the planet below. Explore strange locations, aid mysterious characters and find your way home.Key Features Find all the ways back home - some logical, some abstract Explore a strange mountainside Unlock abilities, build cannons and spaceships No...
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1 de setembro

A little update

Hi everybody!
I've pushed out an update that fixes one cause of slowdown for some users. Also if the game crashes when you quit, please delete the "steam_api.dll" file located in the game's folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Lunnye Devitsy). This file is no longer included in the game files so if you delete or reinstall the game you won't need to remove this file.

Cheerio, and have a good un,
- James @ Boss Baddie

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Sobre este jogo

Lunnye Devitsy is the story of an alien who falls from the moon onto a huge mountainside on the planet below. Explore strange locations, aid mysterious characters and find your way home.

Key Features

  • Find all the ways back home - some logical, some abstract
  • Explore a strange mountainside
  • Unlock abilities, build cannons and spaceships
  • No death
  • Relaxing exploration gameplay
  • Fully universal - no in-game text
  • Xbox 360 and standard controller support
  • Includes full MP3 and FLAC soundtrack

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:2ghz Core 2 Duo
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:400 MB HD space
    • Sound:Any
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    Publicada: 6 de outubro
    fastest way to make yourself a blind. freaking lightnings are everywhere when i need to concentrate and my eyes are still burning.
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    15 de 20 pessoas (75%) acharam esta análise útil
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    Publicada: 29 de setembro
    Lunnye Devisty is a schizophrenic vascillation between impossibly hard, physically draining, platforming and glacier-paced, poorly integrated, puzzles that will taunt the user until he or she rips out his or her own hair.
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    Publicada: 7 de maio
    Very pleasant and interesting game. Everything seemed really nice, until the last stages... Which led me to rage! I can not remember when i used so much bad words last time...
    Anyway, i find this title definitely worth recommending. Solid position in the library.

    My rating for Lunnye Devitsy is 7/10
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    Publicada: 22 de julho
    It was tough not to recommend this game, because I did enjoy it for a while.

    At first I really appreciated how organic the game was: there were no clear directions, controls were written in the ground, no options, and you had to hold down esc to make your screen slowly fade into an exit. The game had nice spare looking style and sound.

    The goal in the game is to return to the moon in a few different ways. The first few puzzles were extremely simple (for one of them you just wait in a post office and the mailman delivers you to the moon), but then a majority of them ended up being exercises in tedium.

    Lunnye Devitsy is lacking. It has open world that is not interesting and stops being mysterious fairly early on. Sometimes messing up means having to trek back and forth between the boring areas. The controls and character are also a bit finicky and take more maneuvering than I think should be required. There are also puzzles that are all about guess work rather than puzzle solving (a completely blind maze, and then cannons take brute trial and error). And the "organic" aspects just got on my nerves: you can edit a text file to turn post processing on and off, you can enter full screen with "F" and you can't pause or change any other options.

    This isn't a terrible game, it's just a game with terrible pacing and some poor choices. Its not even that this game is challenging on a puzzle or platforming level, because it's really not. It is quite simple, and, aside from the mentioned nuisances, the platforming is easy. The problem is that the game seems to deliberately want to inconvenience the player. Instead of being open, this game would have done better to be contained with levels and/or check points.

    The price may be tempting, but I think you should consider other games.
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    Publicada: 19 de maio
    It's a mediocre platformer that has great atmosphere and music. It wasn't that fun to play but the "games are art too" crowd might enjoy it. DO NOT BUY unless that fits your description.
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    Publicada: 4 de maio
    Someone thought I was chickening out, but I just needed to trading cards..
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    Publicada: 17 de junho
    I want to begin by saying this game was given to me with no strings attached so that may bias my review....

    I like this game. The best part about this game is it's a nice change from my typical shooty shooty bang bang slash slash games. The whole jist of the game is finding all the ways to get to the moon. Honestly this seems like a Flash Game port just by the graphics and short playthrough. If you don't use a guide, finding all the ways to the moon will be extremely difficult. I liked this game enough to wanna perfect it, as of now I got 6/10 trophies.
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    Publicada: 28 de setembro
    Embarrasingly poorly optimized for as little as is going on (hope you like random blur filters on everything!), buries basic settings inside an obscure config file instead of exposing them, and will randomly decide it has a vendetta against your machine's configuration and bogs down to near unplayability even if your machine is normally pretty fast.

    Once I booted up a second machine to play it in a functioning state, it was still a mind-numbing tedious slog, even as far as atmospheric platformers go. The environment is overly large and featureless in a way that feels more like empty padding than lonely atmosphere, and an overabundance of fake walls force you to ram your face into every surface along the way. Instead of relaxing and soaking up the ambience, you're more likely to be holding an arrow key with one hand and your forehead in the other while you wait to move from one end of each empty room to the other.
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    Publicada: 5 de julho
    This game is the worst game I have ever played. 0.1/10
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    Publicada: 17 de julho
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    Publicada: 14 de julho
    Fun platform game. Not as minimalistic as 140 and short enough to not wear out its welcome with the simple design. 9/10 achievements are very approachable, the last one is a pain. Fair warning to achievement hunters.
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    Publicada: 27 de maio
    You are a very small bunny running around, with not a set goal it seems, your only choice is to explore!
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    Publicada: 21 de setembro
    What a boring game. No plot, no purpose, no puzzles, nothing interesting at all.

    It's like Exile but without the puzzles or inventory.

    It's like Limbo but without the atmosphere, sound effects or puzzles.

    It's like a 2D version of Kairo but without the puzzles.

    You wander round and round and round this huge map with no clue as to where you're going or what you're supposed to be doing, occasionally picking up collectables. But you're not told what they're for or how many you have to collect, or even if you have to. Some give you new abilities, but you're not told what they are, so every time you pick something up, you have to stand and press every key on your keyboard to see if anything different happens.

    And it's S...L....O....W.... your character walks like he's wading through treacle, even after you pick up the "run" powerup (which I wasn't aware I'd even done until I read on a forum about it) and you can just hold an arrow key down for minutes at a time as your character crosses the barren map.

    Also, the developer couldn't be bothered to put in an options screen. You can't change the resolution, or adjust the controls, or alter the volume without manually editing the config file. Many people only found out by accident that pressing 'F' makes the game go fullscreen.

    I left the character underwater for ten minutes hoping he would drown, but not even that relieved the tedium as absolutely nothing happened.

    The game has achievements? That's a joke, right? Surely the only one it needs is "Put up with this drivel for ten minutes."

    Please don't tell me that I didn't "get" the game, or that I obviously only like FPSs. If you'd check my profile you'd see that I'm a great fan of both indie puzzle/platform games and 'arty' games - I have Kairo, Braid, The Path, Dear Esther, The Graveyard, They Breathe, LIMBO, Thomas Was Alone, Botanicula and Gone Home. Many of them have been commented on as being 'Arty' or 'Not really games', but they're all far better than this tripe.

    Got the trading cards, then sold them and uninstalled.

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    Publicada: 11 de agosto de 2013
    Basicamente, um singelo jogo de exploração com uma atmosfera bem estilizada onde o jogador tem como objetivo achar elementos ou concluir tarefas em um mesmo lugar. Neste caso, o objetivo é conseguir tocar na lua de formas diferentes.
    O jogo falha em não instruir em, praticamente, nada. O mapa é complexo e relativamente extenso, e mesmo a jogabilidade sendo simples leva-se um tempo para entender bem o mapa e alguns objetivos. O último desafio é extremamente difícil.

    Tempo para concluir o jogo (Game Length): ±4 h

    Arte: 2
    Desafio: 4.5
    Diversão: 3
    Gameplay: 3.5
    História: 1
    Jogabilidade: 4
    Trilha Sonora: 3
    Geral: 3/5

    Jogo obtido via: Indie Royale #32 - The Valentine's Bundle 2.0
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    Publicada: 10 de março
    comprem mas nao comprem é daora mas tambem nao é
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    Publicada: 22 de fevereiro
    Lunnye Devitsy has taught me that I am secretly a homing pigeon.

    A simple platformer/exploration game, you play a little alien that has fallen from the moon and now wishes to find its way back. Lunnye Devitsy boasts a great deal of atmosphere and many different paths to take... eventually. Until you find all the necessary 'powerups' to properly explore, though, there are relatively few paths you can take, and some of these are dead ends with no escape. This, combined with a labyrinthian world to explore, can make early progress frustrating if you aren't very good at picking out different paths through the overwhelming particle effects and sometimes washed-out graphics. Which I at least, was not, resulting in getting stuck in the same dang place several times. Since there seems to be no ingame restart feature, quitting and restarting can be the only way to get out of some of these traps.

    Once you find the double jump, though, the game is so much less frustrating and exploration so much more engaging that it boggles the mind a bit that it wasn't implemented right out of the gate (right when you drop off of the moon?). Immediately more paths are open to you and those traps are less common. That you can miss this entirely for the first part of the game if you go the wrong way- and the game offers no hints of which direction to head- is a confusing choice. So, head right first, is my advice. Your salvation is in the forest.

    The game does save what collectibles you find along the way, though, which is helpful in decreasing frustration. The controls are simple enough, the alien is a little floaty and can get difficult to land precisely, and nothing aside from dead ends are a threat, so explore and enjoy the music. Even falling (or in my case, purposefully flinging myself) off the world is only a minor incovenience.

    Normally I'm inclined to give higher ranking to games with an interesting visual presence; I love my shinies. At first glance, Lunnye Devitsy does seem to have this in spades. The stark, sharp black landscapes and flashes of color are gorgeous, but the particle effects and glow of some of the areas makes things difficult to see at times. It could've been toned down just a bit and would've improved the atmosphere they were going for. The wind and water effects and sounds are very cool, though a little too loud for the rest of the soundtrack.

    So, as a casual exploration platformer, it doesn't offer too much new or different. If you really enjoy that sort of game, though, like I do, you'll probably enjoy it for awhile.
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    Publicada: 17 de agosto de 2013
    This is an interesting game. The premise is very simple - you are a little alien that drops off the moon and you need to find your way back. The gameplay is 2D platform style, and involves exploring a huge floating mountain trying to find 6 different ways to return to the moon at the top of the map. The game offers very little instruction, tasking you with figuring out everything on your own. None of the tasks are overly difficult, but some require thorough exploration, experimentation and deduction. Overall, the vibe of the game is very laid back and mysterious, which is probably its best aspect. I love that there's a game out there in 2013 that offers no explanations and just wants you to explore and figure stuff out on your own. It reminds me of the good old days, playing the original Zelda and Metroid for the first time. Playing a game with a sense of mystery and no hand-holding is a rarity now, and I guess that's what I like about this one so much. It's probably not for everyone, though. At its core, this is a fairly casual game (though it does get surprisingly difficult at the very end) and it doesn't last too long. Also, I am well aware that some people probably won't appreciate the lack if direction/instruction as much as I do. That said, for the price, it's hard to not recommend if you're at all interested in trying out something new and are up for a bit of mystery and exploration.
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    Publicada: 3 de agosto de 2013
    Simple yet confusing and finally torturous at the end. Perhaps too simple as it soon becomes a tedious task of collecting nicknacks and repetitive platforming back and forth through the same areas all while trying to explore completely unexplained goals and unclear interactions. They don't tell you that you are trying to get to the moon in multiple ways or that you can use up to interact with some things - had to look that up online. It seems rather obtuse in retrospect, but at least the soundtrack is nice. Oh? What's this? Free soundtrack in the game files? That's nice of them.

    The last puzzles require skill, but one of those last puzzles depends on ambiguous mechanics which will require senseless repetition when it's completely unclear why it fails. What seems to be the exact same action produces the needed results only the rare time out of dozens of attempts and, if you screw up the platforming above in the wrong way, you are forced to do it all over again. At least in finishing that challenge alone, I feel some catharsis from the experience.
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    Publicada: 2 de fevereiro
    This game is not worth buying.

    You're placed into an admittedly good-looking environment and given a simple goal (getting to the moon in as many different ways possible) and a few simple abilities to facilitate this (a double jump and a dash button, both acquired within the first five minutes). You'll probably even enjoy finding the first two or three paths to the moon.

    However, after perhaps half an hour of playing, the game becomes a tedious log through overly-large labyrinthian environments designed to pad out the game as long as possible. And if you think you're finally done once you get all six endings, you're dead wrong--once you do, a secret seventh ending is unlocked, requiring you to redo the platforming for all six of the previous endings again, except this time you're stuck in a thunderstorm. Once you've done that, you're still not done; a new part of the map is unlocked, requiring you to beat several more obnoxiously hard jumping puzzles...which cannot be completed due to a persistent bug with the game's cannon physics that has been reported by dozens of users and the developers have stubbornly refused to fix.

    The game starts out decent, but then alternates between mindlessly dull and bugged into impossibility.
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    Publicada: 29 de abril
    Intrygująca platformówka utrzymana w bardzo ciekawym stylu graficznym.
    Naszym celem jest powrót do domu (na Ksieżyc) na wiele różnych niekonwencjonalnych sposobów.
    Polecam, choć nie udało mi się dokończyć gry, gdyż finałowe zadanie jest dla mnie zbyt trudne.
    Klimat gry - rewelacja.

    An intriguing platformer maintained in a very interesting graphical style.
    Our goal is to return home (to the Moon) in a many unconventional ways.
    I am recommending the game, though I could not finish it because the final stage is too hard for me.
    Atmosphere of the game - a revelation.
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