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From the creators of Runes of Magic, Dragon's Prophet is a free to play fantasy MMO that transports you to the breathtaking world of Auratia, a realm where dragons fill the sky. For thousands of years, the epic wars between ancient dragons have threatened to plunge Auratia into chaos.
Utgivelsesdato: 23 Sep 2013
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From the creators of Runes of Magic, Dragon's Prophet is a free to play fantasy MMO that transports you to the breathtaking world of Auratia, a realm where dragons fill the sky. For thousands of years, the epic wars between ancient dragons have threatened to plunge Auratia into chaos. Now, an even greater danger has emerged that threatens the very existence of the realm. Explore the vast land as you attempt to CAPTURE, TRAIN, RIDE, AND FIGHT hundreds of unique dragons!


DRAGONS EVERYWHERE: In a world shaped by dragon-kind, hundreds of unique dragons roam the lands. CAPTURE, TRAIN, RIDE, and FIGHT them in order to unlock their unique skills and abilities.

ACTION-BASED COMBAT SYSTEM: Dragon’s Prophet uses a unique auto-target and combo system that immerses players in visceral battles and action gameplay. This system gives players a higher degree of control, and a wider range of tactical options than traditional MMOs.

BEAUTIFUL IMMERSIVE WORLD: Players are transported to the breathtaking world of Auratia, which is filled with amazingly detailed landscapes. Mysteries, challenges and monsters await players as they fight not just for their own survival, but for the survival of the entire realm.

UNIQUE PLAYER CLASSES: Players will choose from four distinct player classes to begin their journey into Auratia. Whether they prefer to get in close, shoot an arrow into a dragon’s eye, or blast an entire group of goblins with ranged DPS, there is a class for every player.

YOUR DRAGON DESTINY: The dragons a player captures will shape their character and, ultimately, their fate. Will you be a legendary fighter? Can you capture and train a dragon that will stand alongside you in the heat of battle? Capturing the right dragons is the difference between life and death!

Enter the world of Auratia for free and immerse yourself in the world where Dragons abound. Obtain loot through gameplay or enter the marketplace to make purchases with Station Cash®.


    • OS: Vista & Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4G or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 GT or higher
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 MB available space
    • OS: Vista & Windows 7
    • Processor: i5 2400 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 560 TI or higher
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
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The following are my personal impressions of the game Dragon's Prophet.

I'll start with eye candy. There's plenty of it. The wonderful character models are a cross between TERA and GW2 with tons of customization options. NPCs vary in style enough so that you really don't see the same person with a different name/skin/outfit on every corner. The dragons vary as much as the character models! You've got dragons that crawl, stride, fly, swim...and it's fun trying to catch the rares if not frustrating and terribly time consuming. Environments are colorful and vast and detailed enough that they don't seem like an afterthought. You know, as if all the resources went into making the players and dragons and nothing went into the world in which said players would interact in. Framerates seem solid and you can get comparable visuals on a nvidia 460m and a 680GTX.

Gameplay follows the ever popular action style as seen in TERA and NWN. No TAB targeting here. It's aim your in-game avatar at a mob and press the attack to...well, inflict harm on said mob. While you can simple hack-n-slash, the combination system is worth learning. Combat is easy to learn making this game so easy a caveman could play it. Character leveling is not a grindfest (at first). QUests are plentiful and there are mulitple events in every zone that award experience points as well as the seemingly pre-requisite ten daily quests. All in all, players are kept fairly busy. Skills and stats can be increased as players level up. Some skills branch in two directions so a player has to make a choice how they want to build their character. For instance, do I specialize in one-hand/shield slash-n-bash or two-handed dismemberments? There are only a few classes, but they seem to provide enough variety to keep it interesting. You really get a sense of epicness though. It's satisfying to see your puny human single handedly take down a dungeon boss dragon.

The audio is fine. Sound effects, music (love the character selection screen theme) and ambient are clear, crisp and with individual volume controls, easy to customize to one's liking.

Now, what I didn't like so much. While early leveling seems easy, post 60 seems to slow down significantly. I've asked in game if this is normal and the majority of responses seem to support that. The constant grinding and repeats of dailies is why I burned out. However, to be fair and thorough, I am primarily a solo player, so those that thrive on groups, guild drama and PUGs may have an entirely different experience. Also, I have yet to play an MMO other than RoM (who is closely associated with this game) to provide multiple start locations. This may be due to only the obligatory human as the only selectable race. Cash shop. So far, most of what I've seen are questing aids and cosmetic. No "enchant your gear with +5DMG for $5" stuff. Sure, there are rare dragons sold, but so far nothing that makes me think "Pay2Win" over "Free2Pay" (yes, purposely left out the'l') The system seems more like NWN than RoM.

Overall, I love the game. I find it a good balance between simple gameplay, RPG elements and visuals. I'd recommend it to anyone (mind the game rating), it's free after all.
Publisert: 31 Desember 2013
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While it lacks the polish of some of the more established MMORPG's, it certainly has its own charm. The combat system is quite a bit more fluid than that of Guild Wars 2 and Tera Online; remarkably similar to Wildstar Online. The idea of a constant Dragon companion that can be tamed and trained adds to the fun. You will have to decide whether to spend your funds on your own character, your housing, or the dragon. The main draw-back is a quasi-p2w system with exp boosters and more that can be bought for money. At the end of the day, as a free-to-play game; the company needs to earn money. Graphics are decent but can't compare to Tera. Voice-acting is horrible and lip-synch is almost non-existent. The story is lack-lustre at best.

Overall I'd say a solid 7.5/10
Publisert: 25 November 2013
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Let me start off by saying that this game is far from perfect. Even in its public release, [at the time of writing this] the game is still rigged with bugs and performance issues that might turnoff some people. I know... because it already turned some of my friends off early on when they were playing the beginning stages of the game with me. Sad really.

Another thing that must be said is that this MMO feels catered to true fans of the genre. I know many of you will bash me when I say that the typical "Loot X, Kill Y" quests are ok for this game to have, but I think it all depends on the individual's exposure to the genre. Played RPGs for 10 years straight? Then I think for the most part, you've seen all there is to questing... [fetch, escort, group, raid, etc] until something truly groundbreaking happens. Yes, it is true that the developers did not truly innovate something new within the genre, but as far as a fun game goes, this game has a lot of potential. It still may not be polished the way we want it to be, but I have faith. Let's break this game down a bit.

- Active Action-Based Combat System:

As mentioned before, depending on your exposure to the MMO genre, your reaction to this game will vary. For the most part, within the genre, I only played World of Warcraft SINCE RELEASE. As much as I still occasionally enjoy logging in, I was about ready for something new. I can not tell you the joy I experienced when I played with this combat system within an MMO game.

Taking hints from other MMOs like Tera, in this Action-Based combat system, Dragon's Prophet uses auto-target and combo systems to give you fast-action gameplay. With an emphasis on precision, skill, and wide range of tactical options, Dragon's Prophet's engaging battles set it apart from other traditional MMOs. Combat is fluid, you can attack multiple targets at once with a single click, chain your attacks and skills into devastating combos, etc. Oh... did I mention that you can also DOUBLE-JUMP!? You can also attack from your jump! You can also dodge and run towards or away from danger!

THIS IS WHAT THE GAME IS ABOUT! The world is shaped by dragon-kind, with over 300 different dragons that roam the land in search of riders. You can fight, capture, train, and ride them in order to unlock their unique skills and abilities. Think of vanilla WoW hunters. You see a dragon you like, try to capture it, and use it as a mount, gatherer, fighter, wingman, w/e. People like to refer to the Dragon system to Pokemon and I'll have to agree. No two dragons are the same. If you capture 2 Lockjaws, they both will have different stats, skills, and spells that you're allowed to hotkey. It is through dragons that you define your experience with this game. Play the melee Guardian class but still want to heal? Then go hunt several dragons and hope they come with healing spells and there you go! That is the driving force behind this game.

Think of it like this for those who've played an MMO where you needed to be a certain level to acquire a certain skill. You think to yourself, "Oh man, when I hit this level I get 'Spell X'! I can't wait to try it!" As a result, you end up playing more so you can reach that goal.

With Dragons' factors such as appearance, skills, effectiveness, and included stats, those should inspire the player to keep hunting for exactly what they want.

- PvP and Housing [Personal and Guild]:
The Frontier System within Dragon’s Prophet allows players to compete against each other in a persistent conflict over the archipelago of Sky Islands above the world of Auratia. It allows guilds to come together and form Alliances, which can attack the islands of an enemy and claim it for themselves. Once an island has been captured, it is up to the Alliance to defend the island from potential adversaries.

The Frontier System is comprised of three main sub-systems: Citadel System [The attack and defense of an island], Highlord System [The governing and maintenance of an island], and Housing System [The player housing located on the individual islands].

- In-game transactions:
Let me try to make this very clear. This game is NOT PAY-TO-WIN... I would rather call it PFC [PAY-FOR-CONVENIENCE]. There is nothing that I have noticed within the marketplace that gives you any extra power over one another, and TECHNICALLY, 99.9% of this game is accessible Free-To-Play.

HOWEVER, even though this is a F2P title, the game does not hesitate to make you notice that paying for SC [Station Cash] is a viable option. Do you want more slots to hold more Dragons? Expect to pay. More bank slots? Expect to pay. More bag space? Expect to pay. I don't know how else to word this without it sounding like endless ranting, so I'll just end it here.

All in all, this game is just yet another typical MMO that [what I feel] provides a fresh and unique experience for those who want to try a new MMO who have played WoW or it's "clones". You get everything you expect to see: Incentives for players, Guilds, PvP, PvE, interactive combat, quests, events, holiday events, orchestral music... whatever a MMO offers, expect to see it here.

As of now, I am very interested in this game and I hope it grows more as the old Mount Collector I was in WoW is starting to sprout back up again. I hope I see you online a hope my review was helpful. Please feel free to respond if you need anything else. I know this was a long review, and I'm bound to have missed something here/there, but I still hope I've provided some useful information for you.
Publisert: 12 Desember 2013
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Potential, allot like Tera, though not as flashy on the animation and questing is a drag. love the artwork and colors. Its just one of those games that is a great idea but the team designing just couldn't quite reach what they wanted either due to lack of funding or limited skill in designing. Still a good game, but its far from finished in my opinion.
Publisert: 3 Desember 2013
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Best FTP RPGMMO I've played!!! very in depth content, Great graphics very customizable options for your character and Dragons. Still pretty new but new content is being added every few weeks. Lysaia is the server to play on!!
Publisert: 1 Desember 2013
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