From the people who brought you Sins of a Solar Empire comes a new massive real-time strategy game, Ashes of the Singularity. Take command of an interstellar empire as you battle across the surface of entire worlds.
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Mixed (190 reviews) - 58% of the 190 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
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Release Date: Mar 31, 2016

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June 16

Turtle Wars DLC Adds New Maps and Scenarios - Available Now

Turtle Wars DLC Adds New Maps and Scenarios

Bunker down and turtle up - it's time for war! This new DLC pack for Stardock’s massive RTS features new unique gameplay scenarios and new maps to keep your skirmishes fresh. Prepare your defenses for any punches your enemies throw at you and be ready to launch a devastating counterstrike to seal your victory in Turtle Wars.

Implosion - Race against three enemies to be the first to crack the defenses of a crashed Post-Human and their experimental Turinium Generator.

Eruption - Cut off from your factories, you must command a single Hyperion Dreadnought and a scattering of defensive structures to turn the tides of battle.

Mountaintop - Exploit your resource-heavy advantage and create massive forces to climb the mountain to the enemy entrenchment and wipe them out.

Turtle Wars - Hold off the frigates swarming from indestructible factories and survive the siege. Reprogram the factories to your advantage before the enemy crosses the mountain and finishes you off.


Crack the Shell - Hold the high ground and the Turinium against your enemies in this asymmetrical 3-player map, best for 2v1 matches.

Turtle Wars - Enjoy a longer duel with your enemy on this epic-scale 2-player map. The open landscape with select chokepoints encourages huge armies and larger battles.

Eruption - Choose your path wisely - one leads to the lone Turinium Generator, the other to resources in this small 2-player map.

Implosion - One valley with an abundance of resources stands at the center of this large, asymmetrical map fit for a 4-player free for all with huge armies.

Turtle Wars is now available on Steam or through Stardock.

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June 9

Ashes of the Singularity's Massive v1.2 Update is Now Available

The Massive v1.2 Update is Here

Newly Enhanced Campaign, New Units, Substantial UI and AI improvements,, and much more!

The v1.2 update contains a slew of changes and improvements to the base game. We have been reading and listening to all of the user feedback that our community has been giving us and have used it to continue to make Ashes of the Singularity an even better game since its release. For a complete list of all of what's new in v1.2, see the change log at the bottom of the post.

Here are some highlights from the update:

New Enhanced Campaign
We've really beefed up the campaign with this update. Since release, we have added 3 missions to this mode, and v1.2 brings fully voiced dialogue and new cut scenes.

New Unit: The Eradicator
This new long-range Substrate cruiser may be slow moving and a little expensive, but its attack power is devastating. In addition to its heavy weaponry, the Eradicator is extremely difficult to kill.

New Unit: The Athena
This new short-range PHC cruiser is small, fast, and armed with high energy laser bolts, thermal lasers, and a plasma bolt cannon.

New Global Chat
The new Global Chat channel makes it possible for gamers around the world to see who's playing at all times. Finding opponents to play against has never been easier.

Substantial UI and AI Improvements
We have made some adjustments to the late-game AI strategies and now allow players to choose the AI's "personality" in Skirmish mode. v1.2 also brings skirmish map sorting, the ability to add friends from the multiplayer lobby, more informative tool tips within the Army Unit panel, and more.

If you've been playing Ashes, we want to hear from you! Join the conversation over at Steam.

For more information on v1.2, see the full change log:

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“Large scale armies of course make for large scale battles, which is where Ashes shines.”
9/10 – PCGamesN

“If you want thousands of units on a sweeping board, Ashes of the Singularity will serve you well.”
9/10 – Gameranx

“One of those games that comes along every few years and slaps us in the face to remind us what the word “strategy” means.”

About This Game

Take command of an entire world’s resources to build up massive armies, research new technologies, and annihilate all those who stand in your way! This new, massive-scale real-time strategy game will have you managing vast armies and fighting a war on multiple fronts against your enemies.

Wage a War Across an Entire World

With the unparalleled power of the world's first native 64-bit real-time strategy game engine, Ashes of the Singularity allows for maps of unprecedented size and detail.

Over the course of your war, you will upgrade your technology, build orbitals, construct thousands of units and conquer the regions of the world in an effort to annihilate all opposition.

Command Unique Units, Factions, Orbitals, and Abilities

Play as the Post Human Coalition or their eternal foes, the Substrate as you battle for control of the galaxy planet by planet. Each side has their own unique array of abilities, units, and research options, allowing you a variety of choices while you build your armies.

Experience a powerful, Non-Cheating AI Engine

While Ashes has a strong multiplayer feature set, its single player skirmishes and scenarios pit you up against what is arguably the most sophisticated AI ever seen in a real-time strategy game.

Battle with Friends in Multiplayer Matches

Compete in ranked games against strangers or set up custom, un-ranked competitive or cooperative games with friends. Use our worldwide system to find where you stand in comparison to others and match up to players of like skill based on your numerical rankings.

Claim Victory with Strategy, not Speed

Games are won or lost based on your strategy, not how fast you can click. Deciding what technologies to research, where to send armies, how to manage your economy, and what units to construct are critical.

As the conqueror of an entire world, you will be battling on multiple fronts with multiple armies. Scouting your opponent's strategy, determining their priorities, tracking where they are, and capturing strategically vital resources will lead to victory.

Encounter Mysterious New Threats in Ascendancy Wars

In the year 2178, humanity has begun to evolve into god-like Post-Humans and are now expanding out into the galaxy. Learn more about how the Post-Human Coalition formed and what mysterious threats they encounter as they explore new worlds in this exciting campaign mode. Try the "scenarios" mode and take on unique challenges like "King of the Hill," a scenario that pits you against an endless onslaught of enemies to see just how long you can survive.

System Requirements

    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7
    • Processor: Quad-core Intel / AMD Processor
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2 GB GDDR5 NVidia GeForce 660 / AMD R7 360 or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 13 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: 1920x1080 Display Resolution or Higher
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or Equivalent
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 4 GB GDDR5 NVidia GTX 970 / AMD R9 390 or better
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 13 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: 1920x1080 Display Resolution or Higher
Customer reviews
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Mixed (190 reviews)
Mostly Positive (1,136 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 59.0 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
Good game.. Needs some work on balance. Seems a bit unfinished, but hours of fun. More new maps would be great.. sup com maps seems a bit outdated ;)
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( 4.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
Ashes of the Singularity is similar to Command & Conquer and Total Annihilation. It plays like a traditional RTS, but the only problem is, it's rather buggy and the game speed seems to be pretty slow, almost as if the whole game is bottle necking.

Overall, great potential, not worth paying full price for, but worth picking up in the sales.
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( 27.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 1
Bought this game on sale so far loving it! It's definately not worth full price but if you can get this game on sale it's definately worth it!
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( 8.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 30
10/10 gameplay
6/10 graphics
5/10 fps
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( 10.1 hrs on record )
Pre-Release Review
Posted: June 30
From my personal opinion since the fall of the Command and Conquer saga, there has not been many RTS games coming in that often anymore like they used to as games like; Ark:Survival Evolved, Rust, Minecraft, DayZ, The Forest and other general nature survival/ PVE games are more of the new trend in gaming these days, the RTS genre has been falling to levels of non-exsistance sadly. While there has been several attempts on such games for the RTS genre, not many of those have actually been successful, this however, is a different case. Ashes of the Singularity in my personal opinion is a true RTS as the way one should be, collecting resources, setting up defences, building large forts, doing research to further enhence your troops and economics ect and building large armies to conquer the world, or box. In any case this game gives me hope that the RTS genre has not yet officially died but is simply more of biding its time instead of looking to rush into things like with what EA did on their C&C franchise. So I would definantly recommend this game as something to try out, if you like RTS, you most likely will like this, the best part is that this game is still in development. so new things are always being added between updates bugs and glitches and adjustments are constantly being exploited, changed and fixed. My only issue is that the new Substrate faction that was introduced needs a heavier firepower based dreadnaught, WE NEED MOAR DREADNAUGHTS! MOAR! Other than that this game is amazing, just a word of advice, if you play against insane AI. Play a 3v1 against that sucker, make sure you play it with friends and not other AIs, Insane AI floods the freaking map in just 15 minutes, and bum rush the HELL out of ANTI AIR DEFENCES! ESPECIALLY more so if you play against Substrate. Substrate is a dirty dirty dirty back dooring AI with those bombers, even worse so when their bombers have shields like all the rest of their units. Oh, one last thing, I believe there seriously needs to be a Anti Air Dreadnaught dedicated to purging all those damn nats from the sky, because I don't thing the dreadnauts have any air defences in any shape or form even though someone of them look like their smaller turrets can shoot them, idk maybe I'm blind and crazy. Either way, game is freaking Amazing 8.5 - 10. Only 8.5 because I need moar dreads.... MORE DREADS! otherwise 10/10. GG bloks!
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( 204.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 30
The game is fun to play once you understand all the various aspects. I'm not sure if I will ever get there.
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( 1.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 28
I have owned this game since the early days of EARLY access. I have been able to play a few games, but I do have crashes now since it's official release. This is troubling, but with how active the developers are with updating this game, I do not anticipate this being a long term issue. I recommend this game, as I have enjoyed playing it while I have been able to.
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( 9.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 28
Great game tons of fun and looks great!
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( 1.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 28
loads of bugs and game crashing issues way to slow if your looking for a good RTS this is not a place to stop keep on looking
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( 0.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 28
This game has technical issues and its not worth the hussle. I was planing to enjoy the single player and experiencing the new DirectX 12 framwork. But the game just kept crashing to desktop, sometimes even failing to start in the first tries. I am running this game with the currently new GTX 1070 and have tried both DX12 and DX11 mode.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
111 of 125 people (89%) found this review helpful
7 people found this review funny
69.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 8
To begin with, I have been playing RTS games for many, many years, from Total Annihilation, Starcraft, Red Alert, and Dawn of War 1 and 2, to Supreme Commander, Forged Alliance, Supreme Commander 2, Planetary Annihilation, and most recently Ashes of the Singularity.

To begin with, this is not a tactical rts , this is a full on, large scale strategy game with thousands upon thousands of units on the battlefield.

Everyone loves pros and cons lists for quick reference, so I'll start that right now.

1. Game engine performance is top notch, minimal pathfinding issues for thousands of units, unlike Supreme Commander where late game there are significant delays from clicking and the game being able to calculate where the units should go.
2. Gameplay is very fun, with plenty of different strategies and counters.
3. Community is friendly.
4. It's fun to level up your dreadnaught and watch it demolish armies.
5. Winning feels very satisfying, even against the AI at's definitely a good AI, and they're only improving it.
6. Developer support is AMAZING. I have to have a mini-list below this just for that!
- Multiple game updates per month, sometimes adding new units
- Adding new functionality all the time
- Future plans for increasing map sizes, number of players per map (stated goal is well over 100 players on a map, and their engine is designed to be very scalable, so as new tech comes out i.e. that new 8 core cpu, it will be used)
- Transparency with plans, and very receptive to the communities suggestions on what is needed
- Did you know this game was developed with roughly 1/7th the budget of Supreme Commander?
- They have openly stated that the majority of the game's budget is for post-release development.
- I believe them on this because they have thus far been meeting every stated goal on their public timeline.
- I get answers to my questions to Stardock within the Steam forums within 24 hours or less...ususally just a few hours. Draginol never sleeps.
7. The concept of meta-units, which the game uses is different, since it treats a group of units as one unit, in a way, but it still works just fine, and I love watching the battles. Nothing quite like Substrate lasers, or seeing rockets rain down everywhere from the PHC.
8. Global chat is coming this month! Sure, it would have been nice at release, but with the budget they had for the game, I definitely understand. I don't feel burned like I did by Planetary Annihilation's initial release.
9. Global abilities are really fun to use, and are another layer of gameplay.
10. The ability to choose with that 3rd resource 'quanta' whether you want to hoard it to effectively nuke an army, upgrade your army's damage, health, radar range, resource storage, etc. is rather fun since it's just another way to outmaneuvor an opponent who may have focused too much on just regularly nuking you, but now your dreadnaughts have so much hp and damage that they can ride out the nuke, get healed quickly, then finish them.
11. I love the music...and have had the main theme stuck in my head for days at a time.
12. Games are fast paced, but slow enough that you don't have to have 100 clicks per second. The winner is the one with the best strategy overall, sometimes it will involve more clicks, sometimes less.

1. There are not as many units as I would like at release, but they're working on it, have released a couple new units already, and are on their way with 3 more over the next month, along with plans for upgradable buildings/defenses.
2. Online community isn't as large as I would like, but when I do get in on a game, it's a blast.
3. Units all look very similar, and can be a bit hard to differentiate when you're new, but they're upgrading the unit designs, and you can have a look at what they've been coming up with on the Steam and/or Stardock forums.
4. Buildings feel like they're rather flat against the terrain, but again, it's a budget thing that may be fixed with time, just like they're overhauling some unit designs, I am hopeful that they may hit up buildings at some point.
5. Everything hovers...another budget thing. Initially it bothered the heck out of me, but after a while, I kind of stopped caring, let myself enjoy the game, and now find myself picking up Forged Alliance only when I want a different style of gameplay since this game is more territory capture focused, rather than base destruction and/or assassination of one unit focused.
6. Only 2 sides, but they plan on another 2 factions later on.
7. More maps and map varieties and environments would be nice, along with more unit types (i.e. naval, walkers, etc.)

Overall, I've been having a lot of fun with this game, and regularly find myself drawn to it, the lore, the thrill of large scale warfare that I haven't felt since Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and having 4000+ units on the battlefield while still being playable. That's pretty good considering I'm still using an old AMD Phenom 2 955 3.2 GHz Quad Core that's 6 years old. I long to play this game with the graphics maxed out, etc., but it's a lot of fun, I don't find the muiltiplayer games lasting 2+ hours like in Forged Alliance (because someone is running at -6 to -9...meaning for each 9 seconds that pass in real life, the game simulation only ticks forward 1 waiting 9 minutes for 1 game minute to pass, and it was never my computer, usually someone with a duel core or slower).

So if you enjoy huge strategy games from a developer that is being fully transparent, and delivering on promises for ongoing game development (with MANY of the upgrades being marked as free, you can read it on the forums, they're not hiding anything), a non-toxic player base, stable game engine, pew pew lasers, and many ways to pull off a win using different strategies and unit combinations, I strongly recomend this game.

Disclosure: I have only played this game with DX11 settings, not DX12 due to only having a Radeon 7950 at this time.
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Not Recommended
4.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 19
[Game Version: 1.22, 2.5 months after release]

Ashes of the Singularity is an RTS game in the style of past games such as Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation and more recently Planetary Annihilation. Game play involves rapidly building a base, producing large volumes (50-100) of units, capturing resource points and finally taking the enemy base.

On the positive side, the game designers appear to have overcome some of the key technical limitations that these types of games suffer from, in terms of unit pathing and engine slowdown as the unit counts increase. Furthermore, the AI is reasonably competent.

However, the core issue with this game is that it currently suffers from a chronic lack of strategic diversity, which causes game play to become repetitive after only 2-4 hours. Indeed, the overall unit/structure design does not promote strategic play or experimentation with different tactics – which is a killer for this type of game. Additionally, two and a half months after release, the game is still suffers from visual glitches that impact playability.

Summary: A large-scale RTS game that falls short in terms of game play design. There are better games in this genre on the market, such as Supreme Commander Forged Alliance and Planetary Annihilation.
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28 of 36 people (78%) found this review helpful
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27.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 16
Coming from SC: Forged Alliance Forever I was a bit worried that with the lack of commanders, limited air options, lack of microing possibilities, and lack of powerful long range stationary weaponry (and shields) Ashes would not have enough strategic options to keep it interesting. I got the game now that it was 50% off and after around 10 hours in game, most of which in ranked MP, the choices made in Ashes development start to make sense. The 'victory points', resource flow and the quanta system add quite a bit of depth to the gameplay and seem to make up for the other strategic options it lacks.

I'm also quite liking the army system and the almost complete lack of micromanagement. I've often felt that in FAF microing is actually too powerful. A well microed bomber can pretty much decide the game within the first couple minutes of a match. Also, Ashes' armies approach and better unit AI should remedy the akward situations in FAF in which units get slaughtered while shooting into ground, standing still, or running through a bad route while the player's attention is somewhere else. You see these things happen even in pro casts and it takes quite a bit away from the immersion. Average joe games can be solely decided due to not being able to put in the APM required to sensibly control your units.

In the end, the games are way more different than what they might first appear. You could say Ashes is a simplified FAF, but it also adds very interesting elements that arguably lead to a more strategic macromanagement experience - Especially for the non-pros among us. While commander drops have lead to some spectacular matches in FAF, similarly commander snipes have lead to some of the most dissapointing and controversial matches I've seen. In FAF players can take huge risks and they can pay off big time or completely fail. Sometimes it feels like bit of a lottery. You could say FAF matches have more pontential for spectacular and surprising events when played by pros, but for everyone else some matches can end up being quite frustrating. While I've enjoyed 100% of my time with Ashes, I've only enjoyed maybe like 75% of my time in FAF. With less than 10 hours in Ashes, I was even matched up against a highest rank player (I'm rank 7) and even that match was enjoyable. I don't think that would be the case in FAF. On the other hand, FAF currently has a lot more players so this would never happen :).

While FAF is an awesome game, and the community is doing an awesome job keeping things running, Ashes is under very active professional development, the devs are actively asking for feedback, and are super active in the community. Also the community seems to be overall on par with FAF, just needs some more MP players.. The technical implementation of Ashes seems to be top notch as well. I've had no issues and, to my surprise, it's actually playable on my GeForce GT 750M laptop at 1600x900 resolution.

While both games have their place, and while there's certainly room for expansion and improvement in Ashes, I feel like they've made the right design choices and because of the commercial backing and more up to date technical foundation, it should have a brighter future ahead of it.
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34 of 50 people (68%) found this review helpful
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43.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 7
Ashes of the Singularity is bringing STRATEGY BACK into STRATEGY games!!
If you have been dissapointed by the scale, depth and complexity for strategy games every since SupCom and SupCom:FA - BUY ASHES OF THE SINGULARITY!!

It is not a hyper-active, face-in-the-dirt screen scrolling APM clickfest (like Starcraft2)
But it is not a sit-at-full/strategic-zoom and watch unit icons slowly move across the screen (like Supreme Commander)
But like our best-friend/distant-relative that we all love, SupCom: IT. IS. MASSIVE. AND. AWESOME.

Pure, straight up, 100%, absolute, wikid-sik, massif, awesome, deep macro RTS

- Latest generation RTS
- Visual and Hardware POWERHOUSE (everyone is using the ASHES benchmark for performance reviews now)
- Massive units
- Massive scale with INSANE amounts of units
- Streaming economy
- Deep strategy
- AWESOME player community (seriously)
- AMAZING DEVS, no seriously, they are the most engaged and awesome devs i have ever communicated with, they are REALLY active, they REALLY do listen to their players and they REALLY ARE constantly improving the game. They are AMAZING.
- INSANE Nitrous engine
- Native DirectX12 support
- Multiple CPU and GPU

Stop reading.
Buy Ashes.
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5.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
I personally had no idea Stardock had released AOTS until the sale hit the market. I normally don't play RTS games simply because of the APM style that most of gone to doesn't get me excited. However Sins of a Solar Empire was always one that I could sit down for a few hours and enjoy against bots or friends. I just added AOTS to my collection and after 3-5 hours played have to say that it is the best RTS I have ever played. It takes the scale of Sins and throws it into a less empty (feeling) and more action packed planetary battle system with an additional win condition that not only adds immense depth but also makes the strategy of stockpiling of armies for one large sweep victory an hour into the game much more difficult. Battles feel satisfying to win but are rarely decisive forcing you to continually press every small advantage you can. The A.I is brilliant and while I have only played against normal bots I still find them way more capably of making complex strategies compared to most other RTS games. Anyone that complains about the graphics must either play some immensely beautiful games or doesn't have the power to run the game I have an I7 16gb of ram and an Nvidea GTX870m and the game looks incredible (especially the different weapon fire used by the units)
Another complaint I see is that the units feel uninspired and boring, however with such large scale armies I find their simplicity and ease of identification a blessing, Especially when looking at my enemies army. I cannot wait to try some of the mods and see what Stardock will do with this game in the future

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23.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
The game isnt bad, but it could be a hell of a lot better if there were more than 2 factions for single player. Graphics are tight as well as the gameplay. It just needs a little something more than what exists of it right now. Maybe a map editor would be nice too.
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4.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
The game is very fluid in nature and the mechanics are decently well understood when you just start out playing with no kinds of help. The only downside is the lack of faction pickings but all in all the maps,battles, and models are great, also the AI can be unrelenting and i believe can provide a good challenge to those who seeks it.
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 4
While I am a fan of Stardock I have been leary of picking up Ashes of the Singularity. The issue hasn't been with Stardock nor AotS but due to my feeling burnt by another similar game that also was trying to follow in the footsteps of the great classic RTS game Total Annilation. That other game was Planetary Annliation. I had such high hopes for it being the modern day Total Annliation revival. However PA didn't fill that place like I had hoped.

Seeing AotS on sale elsewhere I decided it was finally time to give it a go. While I wasn't keen on spending $40 and risking being disappointed, I could stomach $20. I am glad that I did as the game is not only visually stunning but actually does feel like a competent successor to the classic Total Annilation series as well as Supreme Commander.

I must say that the game taxes my machine, a first gen i7 2.8ghz, 16Gb RAM and a GTX960. The game comes with a benchmark tool and I average around 35-45fps in fairly large battles and around 25-30 in the huge battles. However I have the graphics set all the way up so I am sure that with a slight bump down I could fair better but personally it is still okay even with the occasional studder.

All in all I recommend AotS. Now the question is do I recommend it at the full asking price? I guess that depends on how much you are wanting a game that fills the void left over the years by Total Annilation's aging. For me I can say that I am sure I will get $20 worth of enjoyment, but if I had to do over again and pay the $40 price I think I would have to pass. It is a decent game and nice to see actual RTS still alive outside MoBAs none the less.
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Not Recommended
57.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
This is a great game for building lots & lots unit. But you can't easily select dreadnoughts for upgrades when clumped together. Can't share resources. Units don't always obey. CAN'T ZOOM OUT. Mouse is hard to track, Need the ability to change mouse color. No shields. Don't buy this game unless it on sale.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
52.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 24
Nice game but a resource hog. I'm on the upgrade trail again. game is jerky without a good video card and locks up... the need for the upgrade is not obvious from the specifications.. also upgraded to 64bit windows pro... runs pretty good in 32 GB.. A lot like an old favorite of mine; Total Annihilation.. but more difficult.. Not for those who just want to blow things up; but for those who want to blow things up with strategy and tactics. AI is pretty good at all levels of play so don't go to sleep.
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