The complete megahit game that set the world afire. Plus All-New Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed. The demons came and the marines died. Except one. You are the last defense against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever!
User reviews: Very Positive (976 reviews)
Release Date: Apr 30, 1995

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"A Classic FPS from the days of yore. This is the roots of PC Gaming on Windows people thanks to Gabe Newell who offered to port it. Get this Classic."

About This Game

The complete megahit game that set the world afire. Plus All-New Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed.
The demons came and the marines died. Except one. You are the last defense against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever! The texture-mapped virtual world is so real, you don't just play DOOM - you live it.
The Ultimate DOOM takes you beyond anything you've ever experienced. First, you get all three original episodes - that's 27 levels of awesome, explosive excitement. Then it really blows you away with an all-new episode: Thy Flesh Consumed.
Now you're dead meat. Just when you think you're getting pretty good at DOOM, you get hit with Perfect Hatred, Sever the Wicked and seven other expert levels never seen before! They're so incredibly tough, the first 27 levels will seem like a walk in the park!

System Requirements

    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system
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Posted: November 30, 2014
It's Doom.

I recommend installing ZDoom, it's superior to DOSBox, which comes with the game.
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Posted: February 13
best fps game.
its story and dialogue
are beautifully written.
into the title.
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Posted: February 10
you cant say DOOM without caps lock or yelling it!
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Posted: December 10, 2014
If you don't know what the hell Doom is, then you are clearly not very familiar with First Person Shooters, or possibly gaming. Doom wasn't any normal First Person Shooter - it was THE FPS. The FPS that increased the potential of 3D game design, what the genre could do and made the genre popular. Wolvenstein may have given birth to the genre, but the genre wouldn't be as popular as it is now if it wasn't for this legendary game.

... but the question is, does it still hold up? Let's get on with the review!!

The story is as simple as early 90s games go but there is also a backstory to the player character as well - after our hero has disobeyed orders from a commanding officer to fire upon civilians and decide to stop him instead, he has been sent to work at a military base on Mars, which behaves as a Security post for a Multi-Planetary Conglomerate called the Union Aerospace Corporation (abbreviated UAC). The UAC itself is currently testing teleportation between Mars and it's two moons Phobos and Deimos in secrecy. Nothing special was really happening there... until one day, all hell quite literally breaks loose. The base on Deimos completely disappears off the face of the moon and a frantic distress signal was sent to Mars from Phobos, stating that something... "evil" has poured out of the teleportation gateway. Our hero (called Doomguy by the community, seems like a fitting enough name I guess) and several other Marines set out from Mars to Phobos to sort out this problem, and as they land on the Phobos base, Doomguy gets commanded to guard the perimiter, only equipped with a mere pistol, while the rest of the squad set foot inside the base. As our hero waits, he hears radio chatter followed by gunfire and screams which was eventually followed by an eerrie silence. Doomguy is the only man in his squad left alive. He loads his gun, opens the entrance door, and and sets on through the darkness and prepares for the worst. He hears inhuman cries and wails from the distance. There is no turning back now. He is Doomed... is he?

Just a quick heads up: the Steam version of Doom is a DOSbox emulation, so because of this, there will be some things that fans of Modern shooters may need adjusting to. For instance, the controls will be strange to some, as back then there probably wasn't any real support for the mouse - if you move the mouse forward, you walk forward. If you need help trying to adjust to some of the admittedly dated things in this emulation, try checking out the Discussions in Doom's Community section, They will have a ton of solutions, definitely helped me out. But despite having some dated things, once you get the game running how you want it. it will be worth it.

OK, let's get to Gameplay. Despite lacking a lot of things that modern shooters have, it does amazingly well without them and very easily makes up for it. You cannot aim up and down due to he fact that there is no Y axis to aim with, but this is very easily made up for with an auto aim that can help hit enemies a floor above or below. Headshots and stuff like that don't exist at all, but the action is so frantic anyway that it would be unnecessary for such a thing to be useful, and besides, the weapons are deadly enough anyway. Oh, and there is no health regen. We don't like that anyway.
The level design was incredible back in the day, and it still is very impressive, personally I still think that this game has some of the most well made levels that have ever been made for a FPS, and it makes the more modern shooters out there look amateurish with their linear corridors. Doom's levels are very labyrinthine and dungeonlike - there are loads of routes to take to get from the start to the finish, as well as coloured keys to look for to help progress through certain levels. What's more if you keep a careful eye out, you will find a secret! With it's complex level design, Doom loves to reward players who explore ... which is something more modern games should do really, it makes the game just that bit more immersive and rewarding. And if you ever happen to get lost, don't worry, check the map.
The weapons are limited but still pretty effective and are useful depending on what situation you are in. You start off with a measly pistol, but as you get further into the game you will find more devastating tools, such as a shotgun, Rocket Launcher, the franchise's beloved BFG (Quite literally stands for Big F*cking Gun) and even a kick ♥♥♥ Chainsaw! There are powerups as well, such as Invincibility and a Berserk Pack which gives you enhanced unarmed combat. Most of the weapons and powerups are so effective you'd want to save them for when you really need them, sometimes levels require you to use these to progress which makes this game a lot more strategic then some people thought an old shooter could be.
Enemy types are varied and hard as nails, and the difficulty curve itself is well paced. They start of simple at first, but as soon as the difficulty curve stars to rise, you will see more threatening types of monsters and more insane situations. for instance, during the first episode of the game, "Knee Deep in the Dead" everything will be very easy for the player. Ammo will be plentiful, enemies will be easy to deal with, facing nothing but zombies, imps and those pink demon things. The Cacodemons are probably the only real challenge here, as well as the end bosses in this episdoe, but other then that, this episode will hold your hand, unless you play carelessly that is. It wont be THAT easy. Beyond the next two episodes, the difficulty will start to pick up, forcing the player to play smart.
Then you get to Episode 4, "Thy Flesh Consumed".
Enemies come in relentless hordes, health and ammo is scarce, there is a threat around every corner, corridors and rooms are incredibly tight, and looking for secrets is vital. This last episode is UNFORGIVING, even on "Hurt Me Plenty" difficulty, and it requires the player to put their Doom skills to the test. Either that, or they are doomed.
And... if you thought the game was a bit too easy on the last episode on "Hurt Me Plenty", then don't worry, Doom has harder difficulty settings, of which will alter the challenge in a couple of ways in the levels, such as harder enemies in certain places.

As for Audio, although it uses a dated MIDI format, is really good. The soundtrack ranges from fast paced tracks that suit the fast paced action of the game, and then there are more somber, ominous tracks that suit Doom's gothic style. Weapons sound great, the chainsaw for instance sounds as grisly as a chainsaw should be. Monsters sound excellent and the kind of noises they make differ from each type, which can help the player develop a twitch reaction on how to deal with them if they bump into them (eg: Was that an Imp? I'll get my shotgun out...).

Graphics... Ehh. Alright they are horribly dated but there seems to be a gothic style going on here. and not all the levels look the same. Plus each enemy type has a distinct silhouette which can also help develop a twitch reaction on what the player should do to deal with them. Doom isn't an amazing looking game, but it's still not a bad looking one.

I think I described enough of Doom now, now to answer the question I said at the start of this review: Does Doom still hold up?

In two words: Hell yes. Doom was not only a revolution in the game industry, but it is a achievement in solid game design. while it may have aged poorly in the graphics department and it may lacks some thing most other modern shooters can do, everything else it can do, it does it FLAWLESSLY. The game brought several things to the table back then and it can still do them again and impress. If you haven't played Doom, then for the love of god, DO SO. Doom is a truly unmissable classic. So, what are you doing? Buy it. Lock, load, rev up that chainsaw, and get ready to rip and tear. Bring on the Ultravionce!!
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Posted: April 5
A fantasic and influential FPS that is very much my favourite game. Buy it.
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Posted: December 9, 2014
One of the most classic and violent video games ever made!
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Posted: January 6
DOS Box? Are you kidding me? I just paid 9.90€ for an image that relies on an emulator to run? Not to mention that the DOS Box this game comes with is outdated.

Just like with the most of the old games released on Steam, they're not uptdated to run properly, or at all on modern systems.

This is just lazy on all levels, they can't even keep the emulator up to date.

At least there is a way to go around the DOS Box issue when it comes to Doom. If you bought this game, do yourself a favor and download Doomsday Engine. It's a source port of Doom that still requires DOOM.WAD file to run.
You can find it here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Ultimate Doom\base"

Why is my review still negative? The fact still remains that they didn't even bother to update Doom, and we have to rely on the community once again to make the game playable. If the creators of Doomsday Engine could do it, why not I.D?

Even though I want to give this game a positive review since it still is a good game, I just can't because all they did was shove the game into Steam with an outdated version of DOS Box.
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Posted: April 4
Do you want to play ♥♥♥♥ing awesome FPS game? Install Brutal Doom in your hard drive and play it.

-- 9.5/10

1. GZDoom
2. Brutal Doom
3. Metal Soundtrack
4. x24 Sprite Pack DooM
5. Ultimate DoomVisor HUD
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Posted: February 10
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Posted: March 4
1. Start level, get shotgun, kill former human, get shot to death because of broken keyboard, die.
2. Restart level, shoot imp, get to exit, dosbox crashes.
3. Rage-quit.
4. Restart computer, restart level, finish first level!!
5. Next level, see chaingun, try to get it, get trapped in toxic waste, die.
6. Forget to save.

Repeat steps 1 to 6. GZdoom is better.
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Posted: December 24, 2014
Better Then Call of Duty

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Posted: February 25
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Posted: February 10
An MS-DOS Classic from my Childhood. Now with "Episode 4: Thy Flesh Consumed." An extra Episode that's not even in the Original DOOM.
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Posted: January 25

If you are running this on Windows 7 (especially x64):

1. Find the game executable. (If you don't know what that is, find a nerd and for the love of all that is holy, don't try this yourself.)

2. Right click and then left click on properties.

3. In the window that pops up, click the "compatibility" tab and then the tick box next to "run this in compatibility mode." Or something to that effect.

4. Select "Windows XP Service Pack 2" in the drop down thingie.

5. Try it out.

6. If that doesn't allow you to play it, then repeat steps 1 and 2. But also click on the "compatibility" tab.

7. Tick the "run in 640 x 480" box.

8. Try it again.

9. If that doesn't work, google how to run the game in windowed mode. It's actually easy, just more steps than I can put here.

10. Try it one more time..

11. If it still doesn't work. Go find a nerd.

This is a classic and dare I say iconic piece of gaming history! I bet many of you remember playing one of the versions of doom on either an ancient PC or console. I recall playing the first Doom on SNES, leaving the system on for days at a time so I could sleep and pick up where I left off and finally beat it. Taking shifts with my two best friends.. Good times. Then buying that wonderful little gadget made by Naki or something I think that took some AA batteries and allowed you to save a game that didn't have a save function via some form of wizardry to me at the time.

All of the Doom iterations where good. I don't recall a single bomb. This one was super awesome, in particular. Was grateful to see it here on Steam. :D If memory serves, there was a CD that came with some video game magazine back in the day that had 1000+ extra levels that you could install to this game so you could go on playing virtually forever. One of those CDs will eventually be found millions of years in the future by aliens or whomever inherits the earth after we destroy ourselves, but doubtful you're going to find one. I can't really say here, but I would suggest getting on a big wooden boat with a flag that resembles a warning label and sale the 7 seas looking for them in another form.
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Posted: December 7, 2014
One of the best godfathers to FPS today that will keep you busy for hours of enjoy ment and some jumpscares. This Fast-Pace FPs will bring the pain as you try to play thiugh is as fast as you can to beat your friends fast par time per lvl's . The game part of 3 which have Eps. that progress the story as the unknown marine. Your buying a FPS classic that will keep you happy for a while!!!!!
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Posted: December 24, 2014
Long story short: One of the oldest, yet still engaging, shooters of the '90s. It's not only a graphical spectacle, it's also tightly desgined around skill-based encounters, while offering enough variety for a good six to eight hour game length, plus a butt-load of mods online. For those buying the Steam version, check the community guides to help you set it up for a more optimal introduction to the game.

DISCLAIMER: While no demo is available on Steam, Googling Doom Shareware should lead you to the free version of the game, which contains only the first episode to give you a decently lengthed snippet of what the game is like.

After the release of this game, every first-person shooter for the next few years were referred to as Doom clones purely because this game right here did everything so well. Simply, Doom is one of the tightest games you'll ever play. Guaranteed. While taking place on abandoned research bases on Mars, and eventually into Hell itself, the game's spooky vibes do not correspond with horror as much as balls-to-the-wall action. However, most of its spectacle is due to the fact that it was the first of its kind: many FPS games thereafter utilised Doom's formula, to varying and even greater degrees of success. To fully enjoy this game, try to forget all that you already know about games and take this game from its rawest form.

Let's get it out of the way: Doom had a magnificent engine. It needed a decent rig to get working at the time, but man did it get 3D working so well. The engine allowed floors to be rendered at multiple heights, any angle conceivable, and all textured, allowing for some magnificent looking locales. Lighting also worked to build atmosphere and contrast between levels. And, enemy sprites were very detailed, and allowed them to be animated during attacks and hit animations from all angles. Briefly, it was visuals like no other.

The sound is a little bit uninspired however. Some sound effects are public domain (the imp sound in particular), and may sound familiar. The music also takes a few, let's say, subtle hints from metal and grunge music of the '80s and '90s. However, all of it fits towards the demonic tone that the game goes for.

The game consists of four episodes, each taking place in different locations. The aesthetics of each place vary a bit too, and the general design changes a bit too. Each episode introduces new things, allowing the player to constantly learn techniques and skills in tackling enemies. Every level also has a bunch of secrets (including some secret levels), which is a great way to give incentives to explore the levels.

The highlight of the game in my opinion are the enemies. The weakest enemies, the Former Human and Sergeants, are also the only enemies that hitscan (attack with an instant bullet-like attack). Every other enemy uses projectiles of varying damage, speeds, and colours, and they're all avoidable. Doom's gameplay consists of dodging enemy attacks, prioritising targets, navigating and using the map to your advantage, and conserving ammo and attacking efficiently. It leads you in, gives you enough time to evaluate the threat, and skillfully execute a plan to either avoid or take out hoards of enemies. And it does this organically by not removing control or agency from the player.

The weapons also have a huge layer of depth. Besides the slow starting pistol, every weapon you find doesn't out-right replace other weapons you get. Rather, each weapon has its own benefits and weaknesses. For example, the shotgun can deal large chunks of damage in successive blasts, but it's not as efficient or quick as other weapons, whereas the plasma rifle fires huge balls of energy at enemies, but have a delay between shooting and the projectile hitting the target. Each weapon works well against certain enemies, and the player organically learns these as the game goes on, rather than being down-right told about it.

The levels are also designed to give varying degrees of challenge between encounters. While enemies are littered around the levels, generally you are presented rooms, and you have to solve problems with them, usually a locked door. This involves crossing the level sometimes, which may also have unlocked a hidden swarm of enemies. Fighting enemies in large open rooms, and fighting in closed in corridors provide different skill-sets.

Doom also was pretty revolutionary for its modding system. The main game acts as a base archive, and custom levels or mods (in WAD files) replace or expand this content. It's simple to distribute, and resources such as the Idgames archive are being updated to this day with new and amazing content. I recommend the Brutal Doom mod, which replaces the weapons and enemy behaviors in a...ludicrous manner.

Doom is one of the greatest games of all time, not because of its graphical leaps, but because it was also a tight as heck game. If you're going to grab the classic bundle, more mods are created for the sequel, Doom II, which expands on this game with crazier enemies and levels. The Doom 3 BFG Edition also includes this game and the sequel as well (not as Steam products, but within the title itself), and remains the best bundle for this game. The price point is a bit high for the game's age, but it's quality is worth every bit of it.

My up/down rating system tries to differentiate between games that are mediocre (less ups and downs total), and games that are interesting but flawed (more ups and downs totals). Ups relate to how much good a game has, and downs are how much bad a game has.

0 UPs 1 UPs 2 UPs 3 UPs
Not worth playing, skip it Alright, play it if you're into the genre Very good, play it if you're looking for something worth trying One to go down in history, a must have for everyone
Nothing detrimental in the game A few things wrong, but doesn't ruin it Kind-of broken or aggravating, you may not be able to put up with it Very, very broken, a lesson on what not to do
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Posted: December 1, 2014
The most influential first person-shooter of all time, and likely still the greatest. Even after 21 years, no game combines the simple but challenging mix of gunplay, exploration and resource management quite as successfully. A plethora of sourceports keep the game feeling fresh; add to that the almost legendary modding community, still going strong after 2 decades, and you have a game that delivers not only tremendous entertainment value, but an entire legacy. An absolute must-have for practically any gamer on the planet.
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Posted: February 13
One of the classic 3D action games -it is still good and very entertaining game, full of action so very good game.

Rating: 84%
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Posted: January 7
Does not work at all on Windows 8. Fix this or add a big warning to buyers!
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Posted: December 2, 2014
The Positive.

Its Doom, with all the Episodes and music, and you can still find the shareware version online to actually make this the complete release, that last bit is why this review is positive.

Now the Negative

Its missing all its config utilities, so if you want to play it on an ACTUAL OLDER PC instead of dosbox you will have to Install the shareware version then copy the Doom.exe, and the WAD files from this Steam release into it.
That will upgrade the shareware into full retail with all episodes. Giving you the actual ability to change what sound card and controls you want to use, + dos LAN support.

Yea for some BIZARRE reason they failed to include all files from the original release.
You should not have to jump through hoops to play a game as it was intended, and it would of been no effort at all for them to include them.
As a consequence even with this version you can't use GM\GRAVIS in DOSBOX without editing the config, or grabbing the shareware version too.

Also the 5min req is dumb for reviews. This is a game you don't play on modern PC's they lack the proper soundhardware for it, and emulation via DOSBOX is not a suffcient replacment.
Had to let it idle just to post a review.
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