Shipwrecked on a tropical island, you must use your wits and the natural environment to survive, craft, explore - and eventually, find your way home. Under the Ocean is currently in early alpha. Craft Under the Ocean features a flexible, physics based crafting system. Hundreds of items interact in strange and unexpected ways.
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“We are still making major fundamental changes to the game, so if bugs and rough edges scare you, please Wishlist the game and wait for Beta! But if you want to jump in, give feedback and watch the game as it evolves, this early preview is for you. We're more excited than ever to be working on Under the Ocean, and we sincerely invite you to be involved.

- Paul, Michael and Chris

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Multiplayer, and bringing things together

It's no secret that Paul and I are struggling to get this update out, and nobody is less happy with the situation than us.

By far the largest problem is the complexity of the net code. Since we started the 3D update, we transitioned across to an open world streamed world, and keeping tens of thousands of objects synced between computers, each with their own unique properties and state, has been a major challenge.

The streaming world has required many months of performance optimizations, but it works decently. The multiplayer has had a similar time investment, and it's not even clear how much more time will be required.

In the interests of getting the game out, we've decided to shelve the feature for now. It's clear that we need to hire a dedicated programmer to work on it, and that's both financially a problem, and doing so right now would delay the project even further.

The hooks are staying in the code, so we can revisit it at a later date.

Single computer couch multiplayer, of course, will work just as before; the game plays great on the couch with some Xbox controllers.

We're also opening up our Trello workspace, so you can see our day to day progress, and Paul's going to write a post on what still is required with a link to the Trello ( < Link to Trello ).

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Shipwrecked on a tropical island, you must use your wits and the natural environment to survive, craft, explore - and eventually, find your way home. Under the Ocean is currently in early alpha.

Under the Ocean features a flexible, physics based crafting system. Hundreds of items interact in strange and unexpected ways. Attach a sharp rock to the end of some driftwood to make a spear. Then a glow worm for lighting, or dip the tip in poison berries - or both! Build traps to ensnare prey, windmills to generate power, a lakeside cabin, and eventually, a raft to make your way home.

Islands in Under the Ocean are randomly generated, giving you a new experience each time you travel. Elements mix and match in interesting ways. If you're on a boar infested island, you'd better have washed up armed! Islands can have different size, shape, terrain, lighting, weather, starting equipment, tools, weapons, animals, plants, backstories, hazards and more.

Under the Ocean is still in Alpha, so by purchasing today, you’re getting in on the ground floor. This of course means bugs and rough edges; but it’s also a chance to meaningfully support the development of the game, and help shape its future. Vote on new features at
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It's been nearly a year since the last published update on an Alpha release. Time to find something else.
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No, this game hasn't been abandoned. they are still working on alpha 9. However I don't recomend purchasing it at this time. Alpha 9 is a complete overhaul, so save your money for when the game is worth it.
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This game isn't fun at all. It's basically just a tech demo. Still waiting on that alpha 9 update from last december...

I don't know why I even have this game...
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Good concept and has alot of potential, but it hasn't had an update in more than a year
Its time to find something else.
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this is why i hate this "early access" ♥♥♥♥, it does provide new devs a chance, but i also feel like i was robbed, bought this cuz it sounded interesting, what i got for my $12 CAD was a buggy POS that i played for an hour trying to make work. pass this one people, and pass with extreme prejudice.
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No updates in over a year. No news in over a year.

Highly disappointing and the devs should refund.
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Allmost a whole year just for one update i feel like the game is pushed aside, great concept but with so many other great indie of its type. wait on this one~
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Personally, I liked the idea of survival, building and open world concept which is why I bought it. I'm glad though that I bought it during a steam sale cause I cannot grasp the fact that this game was a disappointment to me. There isnt a lot of instructions - you kind of figure things out yourself, and its not like other building/survival games where you kind of assume how to do things and it works out. I understand that this game is still early access in alpha state at the moment. But the last update was last year... makes me wonder if they're ever still working on this game.
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People shouldn't lie about the game being abandoned. I know they're probably all butt hurt cause there hasn't been an update in over a year, but the devs have always been as active as ever. So people saying theres no news and such are just flinging crap. These guys would even refund out their own pocket, so there is little honor for those who straight out lie.

In this case if you buy the game now you will be able to play a 2D version of the future game lol
but seriously just check out the announcements to see how the overhaul is coming along.

If anything just wait for the update.
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Can't recommend as it is now. Devs are still hard at work on alpha 9 and until then it is not worth picking up. If you have already purchased or still intend to I would recommend going to;

The Devs have not abandoned the game it is just taking a lot longer than anyone intended as alpha 9 is a complete overhaul.
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Bla bla potential bla bla, early access bla bla bla

Con: A game without an update or news within a year.

Pro: Devs give refunds if you email them.
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It has been a year since I've purchased this game & it is still on Alpha. The game lacks of update feels like the developers has abanddon the project. If you like survival games, there are open games on steam which consist of regular updates to polish the game further.
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I say yes to this game personally because I haven't seen all the content this game brings with it while it's in Alpha. Before I say no I want to see the finished product. This is kind of like Phil Fish all over again except without all the publicity. Scrubs need to not be ♥♥♥♥♥♥s to a 2 dev team expecting them to launch updates weekly.
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It's not abandoned and the devs do communicate but it's been over a year since any update and that's too slow.
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This Game is Extremely Fun. The only downside I have found is the controls. They confuse me. I cant craft or get weapons ready because of the controls. I have tried wikis, but that is the only downside I have found.
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*First of all, if you are looking for a finished product or at least a playable one for hours on end, then don't get this. If you want to support a dev that seems to care then please give this a purchase.

I don't regret purchasing this product and I look forward to the next update!
So far the game is minimal and a bit clunky but I can see the usual "potential" that most inde games have. WE all know how badly the game market is oversaturated with terrible products.

Anyways the ideas so far are interesting:
+Crafting is a bit different from other games
+Visuals are nice
+It's at least playble for me
-Controls are a bit clunky
-Sometimes difficult to pick things up
-updates are a bit slow, *But I believe they will come

Overall game still needs some work. I believe once the dev releases the redesigned game and updates, that it'll be one of the better indie games out there in the overly saturated market.
Again the game is a bit rough so don't go in thinking that it'll be something you can play for awhile. But, if you can wait and have the patience to do so, then give it a purchase and play the waiting game.

*I'll update the review once the updates start rolling out. You can also download Under the Garden, by the same developer, which is a free game still I think while waiting for this game.
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just wait for the real fun ;D
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I bought Under the Ocean because the free-form crafting method looked very intresting. I was quite dissapointed that it did not work. At all. Even with the construction bench, the most I could do was build an extention off of the ground. Not a boat or any other non-grounded object I was hoping to build. This is a huge waste of money that hasn't been updated in months. I wish I could get a refund.
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Bought this a year ago hoping to support a cool surival game idea, but the devs seem to have abandoned it completely without so much as a word. Since there's no chance people will get refunded, this should at least be taken off Steam. Waste of money and your time.
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Pretty sure we got rickrolled on this one boys and girls, let's see if this update ever comes. Until then stay far away.
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