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Firefall is a Free-to-Play sci-fi MMO Shooter set in a dynamic, living, open world. Experience fast-paced shooting action with thousands of players from around the world and fight against the Chosen to reclaim Earth.
Release Date: Jul 29, 2014
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Announcing the Launch of Firefall!

July 9th, 2014

By now, most of you have read the first four entries in our Path to Launch blog series (or if you have not, you can at www.Firefall.com ) and are familiar with some of the changes and additions we are making to Firefall. One question that has popped up after every one is “when can we expect to see these changes in game?” That is a question that we haven’t been able to give you an answer for, until now. On July 14th, we will be bringing our game servers down for a full-day maintenance session. When the servers come back up on July 15th, they will be running the launch patch of Firefall complete with all of the new things we've talked about so far, and more.

However, July 15th will not be the launch date for Firefall. As of the time of this post, we have disabled the ability for newly created accounts to log in and play Firefall (as in any account that was created after the time of this post will not be able to create a character, but any account created before will remain able to play as normal). When the patch goes live on the 15th, it will only be accessible to existing players, or new players who have early access – more info on that below. That will continue until, at long last, Firefall officially releases on Steam on July 29th. That’s right, as of July 29th, 2014, Firefall will be officially launched and available to everyone for free on the Steam platform.

Firefall.com Feature Page

We are excited to announce the release of our new Firefall Feature Page, hosted on the recently acquired domain of www.Firefall.com . This page includes an overview of the major features of Firefall, as well as the Firefall Launch Packs described above. You can check it out by clicking on the aforementioned URL, or the ad in the sidebar of our main page. This page will continue to be expanded as we announce more features in the coming weeks.


The launch of Firefall is coming, and we can’t thank you enough for all of your support throughout the entire development process. Without your feedback and countless hours of testing, we would have never made it to where we are today. The 29th of July only marks the beginning of the journey ahead of us, as we’re already working on what’s next for Firefall. We hope you join us for it.

See you in-game, Pilots!

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Digital Deluxe Edition

Begin your adventures in New Eden at the top of your class!

• Ranger All-Terrain MGV
• All Advanced Battleframes Unlocked
• 90 Days VIP Time
• 200 Red Beans
• ‘Cobalt Phoenix’ Warpaint
• New In-Game Titles – “Savior of Humanity” and “Champion of Mankind”
• Downloadable Firefall Concept Art booklet and Digital Soundtrack

Digital Starter Pack

Ideal for new ARES Pilots looking to get a quick start in New Eden!

• 30 Days VIP Time
• 100 Red Beans
• Exclusive ‘Cobalt Phoenix’ Warpaint
• New In-Game Title – “Champion of Mankind”
• Downloadable Firefall Concept Art booklet and Digital Soundtrack

About the Game

Fundamentally built to be a completely Free-to-Play AAA MMO Shooter, Firefall delivers an engaging gameplay experience like no other. With a constantly changing world, deep narrative, endless customization, and rewarding player progression, Firefall will consistently deliver spectacular content that will please both PvE and PvP players.

Reclaim Earth

"I grow tired of watching my friends die in battle day after day. The Chosen have claimed more of us than we have of them, and the Melding consumes more of our planet by the minute. This is still our home, our planet, and we want it back. Join us and help us fight this dreaded war, because as our world falls, we rise together." - Unknown ARES Pilot on the frontlines.

Key Features

• Explore a vast, evolving open world with dynamic content that responds to player interactions.
• Discover the lore of Firefall through episodic narrative.
• Combat your enemies in a skill based shooter in either first or third person view.
• Engage dynamic Missions and Events, including epic Titan Battles.
• Upgrade your Battleframe with limitless crafting, loot, and progression.
• Outfit your character with endless customization options.

Dynamic, Living, Open World
Explore a vast open world from New Eden to Devil’s Tusk. Become an elite ARES pilot and be prepared to fight an array of creatures as well as confront the Chosen. Don a variety of Battleframes and destroy your enemies from either a first or third person viewpoint.

Heroes Will Rise
Combat the Chosen to reclaim earth and become the best ARES pilot in your class. With familiar and highly polished shooting mechanics, your skill and dedication will be rewarded. Firefall is action packed with rewarding content, including massive Titan Battles for PvE and skill-based open world PvP.

A World without Limits
Firefall is the first AAA Free-to-Play MMO Shooter. Outfitted with military-grade battleframes, players will be able to collect equipment and materials to customize and strengthen their arsenal of weapons and abilities, while experiencing Firefall’s rich lore and engaging content. With epic loot to be unearthed and rewarding level progression to be achieved, the possibilities in Firefall are limitless.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: AMD Dual Core @ 2.6GHz; Intel Dual Core @ 2.2GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 or ATI 4xxx with 1GB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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2 reviews
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I've been playing Firefall since near the beginning.

I want to make something clear for anyone who reads the negative reviews: They are horribly nostalgic. The 'constraints' system boiled down to 90% of the population using the same build (Max cooldown and jump jets) so they could fly around in circles and spam abilities without a modicum of skill. Regen was high and it was easy to make yourself literally invincible. The game was incredibly easy and no one wants to admit this because that'd ruin their rosey naval gazing.

On to the game we have now: It's bigger. The world is really well made and has a lot of interesting locations. The different frames all feel different enough to be noticeable. You can hit level cap in a week or less if you just pay a bit of attention to how you gain exp. Crafting currently is too overtuned in that the prices are sky high, but that'll probably get toned down. (Dev's have said they wanted to start high and go down because almost no one whines about having to spend less to build things.)

All in all its a really solid shooter with heavy RPG elements. There are really fun raids at endgame and the instanced dungeons that tell that main story are generally really fun. You can solo all of them (Well not the raid. At least not that I know of.) but they definitely shine with a group.

Also the assault class plays like a Tribes spinfusor soldier. Huzzah to that.
Posted: July 31st, 2014
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2 reviews
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Love the game, fun to play missions, fun to thump, fun to explore, and players are really friendly.
Posted: July 31st, 2014
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As my first impression i have to say. WOW a Free to play game with no pay 2 win elements. Next our lord and saivor Gaben will announce Half Life 3.

Okay now for the Elephant in the room, Yes that game have been through development hell that will make Duke Nuken and AliensCM look good. the Ex CEO tried to Kill this game and in trying so he ♥♥♥♥ed off a large portion of beta/founders. You can see them here trying to scare us Steam newbies away from this game.

Now it seems thay have simplifyed many features, crafting is one of them. Before you could mix adn match materials to effect the stats, you can't do that now which is sad.

till level 24 you have to hoof it on your feet or gliders. you can either buy a bike for like $20 or get lucky and get a one use bike from a vendor that give's you randome items.

Now to mine metals to craft you need "Thumpers' there are two kinds one for 1-2 players and another for 4-5. these reward those who help defend the even if you stumble across them.

I say give it a try all it will cost you is time and download.
I'll update as i go along.
Posted: August 1st, 2014
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At first I was "A First person shooter MMO?" Then I played it and was "This game is very badass and free to play? It's awesome so far and everyone should give it a shot."
Posted: August 1st, 2014
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It is free.
It is fun.
You can save your money and adopt a pet from your local animal shelter.
Posted: July 31st, 2014
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When I first started playing, back in early 2012, my first impression was overwhemingly positive. Although the progression system was quite close to the current one (level based gear with module slots), the game showed enormous promise to become its own "thing".
It started with 0.5, where the new tech tree involved a much more horizontal progression, which was less about inflating numbers and more broadifying your combat options. It also brought in a constraint system (fixed at the time), which forced you to make decisions about the gear you could equip. It sounds like a bad thing on paper, but it actually made you *think* about your character. You could decide exactly how to build it, how to specialize it. Your character was truly one you'd call your own.
Another milestone passed, and the tech tree was refined in a deep, complex crafting system while the character progression focused on constraints (which became upgradeable through gained experience and collected resources). As your constraints improved, you could equip stronger, better gear (bringing some vertical progression) while making sure you could never equip all of the top quality ones at the same time.
It was an ideal diagonal progression system, one that I sincerely hoped would stay for good.

As for the world, well... we were promised an open, sandbox-ish world that would evolve and change through the players' actions, and for a time we had something quite close.
Coral Forest used to be quite a dangerous place where watchtowers and other key points could fall to the Chosen any time if left undefended. Places like Sunken Harbor and Thump Dump could even be submerged by the Melding, and that had consequences, albeit temporary.
Still, we really had the feeling that the region was the last bastion of humanity surrounded by an implacable force from another world.
And most importantly, anyone could contribute to an event (ares missions, thumpers, melding tornados and so on...) and be equally rewarded regardless of his own progression.
Everyone mattered.
Everywhere mattered.
Every*thing* mattered.

So, what happened?

Well, progression is now back to being level-based with slottable gear and no constraints. The consequence is you don't need to care about your character, you just pile up level after, equip that white Gun'O'Pwn because it's better than your old purple Gun'O'Whack you picked up 5 levels ago, you see numbers inflate exponentially and it doesn't mean crap because your enemies' health increased by the same factor, you follow the same jobs over and over since they're all variant of kill/fetch/escort (Yep, there are escort missions. The kind that makes you ragequit 99% of the time).

The crafting system has been simplified to the point of being dumbed down, yet at the same time required several times more material grinding than before, especially when some components can only be gotten through the goodwill of the RNG.
Said RNG also govern the result of your craft, so you are not even sure if the result is what you want.

The old open world has been segregated into level-based areas, so players too high or too low for an ares mission, job or whatever would be penalized in the rewards gained (that's right, if you are a lowbie and want to try something challenging, you are screwed).
Virtually all of the 'chosen war' aspect have been taken out of coral forest. No invasions, no incursions, a few strike teams every once in a while... the "last bastion of humanity" became a dull, unchanging place.

With the release patch, the game changed from an innovative, off-the-beaten-track MMOFPS into essentially WoW with guns. It had a lot of promise, but instead went the generic, unimaginative way.

I regularly played this game for two years and enjoyed the hell out of it. I just don't any more the way it is now.

For people who never played the beta, you might enjoy it. You just wouldn't realize how good it could have been.
Posted: July 27th, 2014
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