Firefall is a Free-to-Play sci-fi MMO Shooter set in a dynamic, living, open world. Experience fast-paced shooting action with thousands of players from around the world and fight against the Chosen to reclaim Earth.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (7,429 reviews) - 72% of the 7,429 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 29, 2014

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February 4

Patch Notes for 1.6.1940

  • French and German text localizations are now available.
PvE Battleframes & Combat
  • The Arsenal Combat Shotgun now has module slots.
  • The Arsenal Combat Shotgun model has been updated.


  • Thermal Wave’s base range has been increased from 15 to 30 meters.
  • Thermal Wave now has a slightly wider cone of effect.
  • Improvements were made to Thermal Wave’s visual effects.


  • The speed of Pulsar’s projectile has been increased by approximately 50%.
  • Supercharge has been changed to make the ability more appealing. The ultimate still grants increased movement speed and unlimited energy for its duration.
  • Superchrage no longer reduces the cooldown of other on-cooldown abilities.
  • Supercharge’s base duration has been increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
  • While Supercharge is active, it modifies the other Tigerclaw abilities:
    • Supercharged Pulsar gains the effect of a gravity field that pulls enemies into the pulsar when it is on the ground or attached to an enemy.
    • Supercharged Hellfire fires twice as many missiles as Hellfire over the same duration.
    • [/*]


  • Creeping Death can be modified by the effect radius statistic.
  • Creeping Death’s radius grows over the duration of the ability.
  • Creeping Death’s damage has been significantly increased.


  • The primary weapon of the Bastion, the Mine Launcher, has been redesigned:
    • Primary fire (left click) deploys arc mines that will fire a beam at nearby enemies, damaging them over time.
    • Alternate fire (right click) deploys repair mines that will repair nearby deployables, alternating between the deployables that need repairs the most.
    • Mines last for 20 seconds and cannot be attacked or destroyed by enemies.
    • The amount of mines (either damaging or repairing) that a Bastion can have out at a time is determined and modified by their equipped Mine Launcher’s magazine size.
    • The range of the mines is modifiable by the weapon range statistic.
    • Swapping to a secondary weapon causes any mines that are out at the time to deactivate. The mines will reactivate once the Bastion swaps back to the Mine Launcher.
    • Known issue: The Mine Launcher reward from Defense of Dredge is currently not functioning properly.
  • The decay rate of Deployable Shield has been slowed significantly.
  • The maximum shield health of Deployable Shield has been slightly increased.
  • Players should now be able to mail items between characters on the same account without the three day restriction.
Bug Fixes 


  • Fixed a bug where the Nighthawk’s Sniper Rifle would occasionally deal no damage when striking an enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where Bulwark could cause the Electron to become invulnerable. 
  • Fixed a bug where the Hardware Genius perk was not dealing increased damage against machines.

Elite Ranks 

  • Bonuses to weapon rate of fire now function properly.
  • Bonuses to weapon charge up rating now function properly.
  • Bonuses to weapon spread rating now function properly.
  • Bonuses to ability recharge rating now function properly.
  • Elite Ranks should no longer offer battleframes to players that already have them unlocked.


  • A potential fix for the issue where players are stuck in a “Waiting for Server” state when queueing for instances has been deployed.
  • Hardcore Operations now correctly award level 40 rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where a squad dying following the completion of Defense of Dredge would restart the raid.
  • Fixed a bug in the Bathsheba mission where players could interact with turret placement areas and place turrets after they had been rewarded, resulting in an encounter crash.
  • Fixed encounter crashes within the epic Vagrant Dawn.
  • Fixed a bug where players could receive a level 1 item as a reward from completing Vagrant Dawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the voice over would begin to play before players were loaded into Vagrant Dawn.
  • Fixed a bug in the mission Catch of the Day where the boss fight would not complete if the boss is stunned before the second wave of enemies spawns.
  • Fixed an encounter issue with the mission Taken.
  • Fixed some issues with the Crash Down mission.
  • Fixed some issues with the Accelerate mission.


  • Fixed a bug where attempting to combine fragments for legendary items would result in the fragments becoming consumed but the appropriate part is not given to the player in return. It should now be safe to combine your fragments for your legendaries.

  • Fixed a bug where players could not apply to join a squad in the Squad Builder if the applicant is level 40.
  • Fixed a bug where players with EyeFinity configurations could not interact with interfaces.
  • Fixed a bug where shotgun weapons would use the incorrect reticle by default.
  • Fixed a bug where the north marker was not displayed on the minimap.


  • Fixed a bug with the calm state animation on female characters.
  • The radar ping now is correctly defaulted to “off”. This can be changed by navigating to the following: Options -> Audio -> Radar Ping
  • Fixed a bug where players could not be invited to squads (deployed server-side earlier).

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January 21

Update 1.6: Razor's Edge

Update 1.6: Razor's Edge is going live! You can check out the full update notes here:

We do want the update to go live today. In order to do this, we are also performing some work in parallel to give us an option to bring the update online without the migration. What will happen if we need to do this is all of your existing characters will be hidden and you may create a new character and play the game. Once we are satisfied with the migration code we will push that live and unhide the characters created prior to this downtime. This would not require a client patch. If you're online when we activate migration you can log out and back in to see your character and step through the migration process.

We are currently targeting 5:00 PM PST to bring the game online. We will let you know whether we need to bring the update online with or without the migration when we are closer to this time.

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“Hands down, Firefall is a great game that keeps delivering as you play.”
90 – Nerd Reactor

“Firefall is a game that seriously mixes the shooter and RPG genre into one game and does this extremely well.”
80 – OnRPG

“Simply put, Firefall is one of the most robust and best-playing F2P MMOs you can find.”

About This Game

Fundamentally built to be a completely Free-to-Play AAA MMO Shooter, Firefall delivers an engaging gameplay experience like no other. With a constantly changing world, deep narrative, endless customization, and rewarding player progression, Firefall will consistently deliver spectacular content that will please both PvE and PvP players.

Reclaim Earth

"I grow tired of watching my friends die in battle day after day. The Chosen have claimed more of us than we have of them, and the Melding consumes more of our planet by the minute. This is still our home, our planet, and we want it back. Join us and help us fight this dreaded war, because as our world falls, we rise together." - Unknown ARES Pilot on the frontlines.

Key Features

• Explore a vast, evolving open world with dynamic content that responds to player interactions.
• Discover the lore of Firefall through episodic narrative.
• Combat your enemies in a skill based shooter in either first or third person view.
• Engage dynamic Missions and Events, including epic Titan Battles.
• Upgrade your Battleframe with limitless crafting, loot, and progression.
• Outfit your character with endless customization options.

Dynamic, Living, Open World
Explore a vast open world from New Eden to Devil’s Tusk. Become an elite ARES pilot and be prepared to fight an array of creatures as well as confront the Chosen. Don a variety of Battleframes and destroy your enemies from either a first or third person viewpoint.

Heroes Will Rise
Combat the Chosen to reclaim earth and become the best ARES pilot in your class. With familiar and highly polished shooting mechanics, your skill and dedication will be rewarded. Firefall is action packed with rewarding content, including massive Titan Battles for PvE and skill-based open world PvP.

A World without Limits
Firefall is the first AAA Free-to-Play MMO Shooter. Outfitted with military-grade battleframes, players will be able to collect equipment and materials to customize and strengthen their arsenal of weapons and abilities, while experiencing Firefall’s rich lore and engaging content. With epic loot to be unearthed and rewarding level progression to be achieved, the possibilities in Firefall are limitless.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: AMD Dual Core @ 2.6GHz; Intel Dual Core @ 2.2GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 or ATI 4xxx with 1GB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 20 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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213.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 29, 2015
I just realised I didn't reccomend this game. And I don't know why! (TL;DR VERSION BELOW)
Firefall is unique MMO. Why? Because:
1. It's really free - you can even gain pets without paying a single dollar. Just chance for pet is pretty low, but you have 100% for advanced frame YOU want after gaining max level.
2. It's one of VERY rare MMOs, where there are guns, just like in good old shooters, not some auto-attack + abilities. Of course, there are abilities, don't worry, but there's even a class which has... Guns instead of abilities. Yep, 5 weapons instead of them. But ok, onto review here.
Game is set in First Person or Third person perspective - you can change it in any moment. You play game as a mix of typical MMO (like WoW) and shooter (like CoD, but I'd say it's not very similar). There are 5 main character classes which you can change it every moment, you don't need to make new character. Of course every class has it's own level to level. Every frame (they're called like this in game) has it's two advanced versions, which are modifications of main one (with exception of Dreadnaught - he has 3 advances).
Firefall is shooter + abilities - Left Click to shoot your weapon, right click to use special ability of weapon and press 1-4 buttons to activate abilities. You can also use items from 5-8 buttons, like grenades, medkits etc. Also, there is meele under G, but I don't see many players use it. I'm a fan of it, though. Your primary weapon (each class has it's own locked to them, advanced frames can use their weapons + main frame shooty) has limited ammo, while your secondary one has unlimited. I won't say too much about them, I don't wanna waste space.
Missions and world
There are 8 main missions (more coming with new update. MANY more) which you can do in normal mode or hardcore mode, solo or in group of 5 players. You can take smaller missions from Job Board, but they're a bit boring. But hey! But what if I don't wanna do missions? No problem. Firefall is fully-open world. You can get anywhere you want, as long as it's not a big melding curtain. Because it most probably will kill you. You can do missions, you can go to randomly-generated events (plenty of them, you won't see many during 1-9 levels, but it will change) or you can just explore world - game even gives you achievements for finding hidden locations. However, game becomes grinding your way after some time, which is sad. You can avoid it, but leveling up this way will take very much time. There are 5 locations - Coral Forest (1-24lvl), Sertao (25-36), Devil's Tusk (37-40), Amazon (40) and Broken Peninsula (Desert where nobody lives. Sad)
There is crafting in game, but I won't call it VERY interesting, rather simple and easy-to-go. You place a thumper, a device which mines stuff, you collect things from killed NPCs and then you refine it. You salvage things for research points and crystite (currency), and then you research things like new weapons, modules, medpacks using research points and CY. After you researched a thing, you craft it with more CY and iron/tungusten/whatever/refinedthingsfromenemies. Voila, you've got your gun/module/ability or medpack.
Leveling up
How to level up? Well, you can't level up by messing around city. Do missions, if you have LOTS of free time. Do random events, if you want to or you don't have too much free time. Level up with other guys, there are big numbers of these. I'd love to say PLENTY, but this game is so unpopular. I hope it'll change soon. Maybe thanks to my reviev ;)
But what after leveling up to 40? You can still mess around last location. You can go to Amazon, VERY hard location and try to fight with Chosen (enemies) for forest domination (yep, AI isn't best, but they'll try to capture your bases while you try to do same to them). You can go for raids or hardcore missions for better loot.
There are 5 main classes: Dreadnaught, someone who takes tank role, Assault, guy all-about damage and mobility, Biotech, healer (bad at it, tbh. Dragonfly rulez), Recon, NOT a sniper, I'd rather call him light infantry, and Engineer, a painful class to play. Sets up sentries and supply stations. You'll probably choose him as your first class. That's normal, I did same. They're just too weak at higher levels, and without support... Powerful at watchtower retake.
Each class has two (or three) advanced frames. After paying some money or gaining level 40 you can choose one. Each advanced frame has his own set of abilities and weapon, but they can use main frame stuff. They look like this:
  • Dreadnaught - Rhino (DPS) - Mammoth (Tank) - Arsenal (Screw abilities when I can have gunz)
  • Assault - Tigerclaw (Specialist of PWNing single targets) - Firecat (AoE)
  • Biotech - Dragonfly (Healer) - Recluse (Damage + poison, healing only with BIO skills)
  • Engineer - Bastion (Right course for engi) - Electron (Powerful support, but nobody plays as him)
  • Recon - Raptor (Sniper with charging rifle) - Nighthawk (Sniper with bolt-action rifle)
Random stuff
There are some "money" things. We see here:
  • Crystite (CY) - collected from almost everything. Used to almost everything.
  • Credits (CR) - Collected from final box in small numbers (you gain them after some playing). You can also sacrifice CY for more CR, in exchange rate of 25:1. Used to buy things from market, self-revive or buy RB.
  • Red Beans (RB) - premium currency. Used to buy things from shop, make your inventory bigger. It's possible to buy them, of course, but also you can request exchange of your CR for RBs. You place how many CR you want for 1 RB, and then number of RB you want. If somebody finds your offer lucrative, he'll trade it. I did it many times, safe.
    Character customization - You can change the way your character looks in any moment. You can change his head, skin color, hair style, hair color, even sex, why not? We haven't got a shortage of battleframes. Also, you can pay for additional customs - like helmets - or just drop them during gameplay. You have many options to customize your character, but it's not TES, expect rather a bit better-than-WoW customisablity.
    Graphics - Good. Very good from a distance. Beaches of Copa, forests of Redwood or Kearney's Transit Hub, desert of Sertao, lava pools of Devil's Tusk and Amaze Amazon of Amazon. From closure, it's still good, but not that good.
    Community - GREAT. THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME. Seriously, in my whole career here I saw only two guys being rude or spamming. New players ask questions, they don't get shouted, they get answers. There are multiple clans, I reccomend being a part of one - not hard to enlist. I'm in [WaR] and I received a warpaint from them, thanks :D
    TL;DR version
    Game is worth any money. Best part? It doesn't need any. It's free in 100%, even pets. Has 16 classes. No auto-attack crap, you have your trusty weapons and 4 skills. Good graphics. Amazing community. Found a friend which most probably got banned... Woops.
    In short:
    • Gameplay: 9/10 Good idea as for MMO, guns, abilities, open world, but too much grinding end-game.
    • Graphics: 7/10 Good from distance, but not very good from close-up. Also, some people may not like a bit anime theme here, I'm not sad because of it though.
    • Audio: 0/10 Aero's accent is annyoying. (Joke) But in real, soundtrack of this game is awesome. Sounds are bit higher than decent, and are often buggy. So I give 7/10
      Overall: 8.5/10 - Dang it, it's a free game, if I have to add this little detail it would be 9.5/10. If you like shooting games, GOTTA TRY IT!
      Uhh... Rating is appreciated? Thanks. Was typing it for 30 minutes.
      Missed something you wanna know about? Write in comment and I'll add it to reviev!
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Posted: September 11, 2015
EDIT: As of today a new update is in action. Said update removed 6 classes, 3 entire zones/maps, over 15 abilities, passive perks, slowed combat down to a crawl, removed crafting replacing it with 1000% more grindy korean styled tinkering, removed all the alternative fires from weapons save for 1, gave all the weapons insane spread and recoil and allowed you to spend money buy combat boosts. Yay.

Don't waste your time with this. Go play warframe instead, much more reliable and optimized experience.

Firefall devs are hellbent on killing their game. Ever heard of a game that kicks the bucket? Well we're talking about developers ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ in the bucket.

In summary the problems with this game are:

*No endgame content, whatever exists of endgame is a bunch of repetitive dailies that lead to a dissapointing summon. But hey, I can tolerate that because free mobility, jetpacks and gliders.

Mobility got nerfed to ♥♥♥♥.

*Horrendous balance. 1/3 the classes in the game are broken overpowered, 1/3 are broken underpowered the remaining 1/3 is just broken.

As of this update, 4 classes are viable and fun and everyone else gets to suck a ♥♥♥♥.

*Reverending grind (seriously warframe has less grind than this). It takes multiple HOURS to farm a single max tier item. Now, you might think "It's end tier, it SHOULD take a long time." and that's good and all, but here's the problem, you got 16 classes, each class has a unique primary and 4 abilities + a core.

The primary and the abilities need 3 modules each. Do the math and try to figure out how much time it takes to max a single frame.

Did I forgot to mention if you want an ace custom (that is, personalized with special bonuses/stats that fit your playstyle) you need to craft an additional custom prefix for each your abilities and weapons?

All that plus 5 secondaries shared among frames.

But hey, I can tolerate that because free mobility, jetpacks and gliders.

Crafting has now been replaced by tinkering.

What does this eseentially mean?

Well you can no longer craft your weapons and modules and you need to find them in random drops or crates you open with keys brought from the store.

In order to upgrade said weapons and modules to make them upto stadard you need to spend thousands upon thousands of credits and salvage hundreds upon hundreds of weapons all paired with an RNG to have a crit tinker or a noncrit tinker (that you can pay premium currency in the store to get tinker tools to give you a higher crit chance) and said proccess has to be repeated for all weapons, abilities and modules 9 times. (Assuming every single tinker is a crit, if its not, you're gonn have to redo untill it is, because noncrit tinkers are worthless.

Tinkers are essentially stat improvements that increase various stats of your weapons.

*Lack of combat variety. Combat is composed mainly of braindead mobs moving slowly and shooting at you as you shoot them back. But hey, combat is still fun because free mobility, jetpacks and gliders.

Combat now has even less variety since all alternative fires, a massive chunk of abilities and all signature perks got axed.

*The worst imaginable raid system to ever exist in the history of ever.

You can only do each of the 3 raids once per week with 20 people, and out of those 20 people only 4 get 1 item that's not even guartenteed to be epic (epic meaning that you won't need to replace it down the line with something better). If you got nothing, wait untill next week do the raid again and pray that you get something this team. What this means is that you can raid every week for a straight year and get nothing.
But hey, I tolerate that because jetpacks, gliders and free mobility.

Raids no longer exist. They got removed with the recent patch. Yay?

*Really bad optimization. Not much to say here.

But it's ok.
I can cope with all that because the movement system is extremely fun, you can fly forever, jump around freely perform airplane tricks while still in combat, never touch the ground and still be helpful to your team and generally mobility in this game is really fun and really invigorating.

Yeah, this doesen't exist anymore either. All frames took a massive movement hit as well as gliding. Infinite flight or really fast movement aren't possibly anymore.

So why is this review negative? There is no reason to keep this in anymore, the game has lost most of its redeeming qualities.

2 important notes.

1.)Every 2 months a COMPLETE overhaul happens every 3 updates that completely change everything into what is basically a new game.

2.)Usually, said overhaul is the for the worst.

For example, in an older version of firefall you had pretty much completely unlimited and free airplane flight with minimal investment which meant everyone could enjoy it and everyone could have fun without sacrificing other parts of their build.

In the same update you could also craft 101% ace custom weapon with you being able to tailor every single stat of a weapon however you wanted to select what fit you best.

That got axed in favor of more grounded combat and the neverending grind of a crafting system I mentioned above that allowed nearly no customization.

If the devs don't trust their own game why should I?

Ultimately, I think the game is worth trying out just for the experience because it has jetpacks and flying bikes.

As of today, the flying bike has been nerfed to ♥♥♥♥.

Last but not least, remember those pay2win boosts I mentioned above?
Well, if you pay red beans, the premium currency gotten with real money or with trading, you can pay for hourly boosters that reduce the damage you take, how fast your ultimate charges, how fast you move and how far you can fly. (More jet energy, that also affects how much you can heal someone if you're playing dragonfly because your heal gun uses jet energy as ammo)

In the end, I can't really recommend this game in its current state.

But hey, in 6 months another complete overhaul will happen, I'll see you then.
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651.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 25
As of the 1.6 patch this game has swapped to, and begun the path down, pay to win. In the patch players had their stats nerfed, movement speed, HKM charge, durability, and those stats were put back in... as 1 hour consumables you can buy.

All vehicle and glider purchases, outside of packs, have been changed to be rentals for up to 30 days. Besides the tutorial bike you have to wait for "special events" for offers that get you faster perm vehicles or chances at perm gliders.

Crafting has been disabled until patch 1.8. Endgame zones we had before have also been disabled till that time.

The classes have recieved massive revamps, almost all of them are a shadow of their former selves and if you are a returning player then you probably lost a ton of your progress in the migration.

The game is in a very buggy state, they had been working on this patch for 9 months prior, however due to the chinese parent company The9 pushing the patch before it was ready and layoffs hitting Red5 the entire combat system they worked on over those months was scrapped and reworked 1 month before Friday's release of the patch.

The old professional voice over work is gone, replaced with temp voices that were put in to cover until they could pay the VAs to do the recordings of the new script, and rerecord the old lines that were changed.

The real kicker is that this was Red5's last try. If this patch did not massively succeed then the game was going to be shut down in North America and Europe. With its last remnants moved over to China.

It had the opposite effect. The community is enraged. 9 months of feedback, bug reports, and warning not to push the patch through were ignored. The buggy migration code was pushed out before it was ready under orders from the parent company.

Currently China is not set to recieve the patch. They are using the entire North American and European player base as bug testers before the patch and the migration code goes over to China.

I was first wave Closed Beta. I got to take part in the opening moments of this game when Mark Kern was at the helm. I was there at PAX Prime the days it was first announced. I got to help crash the game, I got to see PvP, PvE, Thumping, when they were all first implemented.

This game is not worth your money. I once would have recommended this game. I once got a bunch of my friends playing.

What the game needed was to do as Mark Kern envisioned: push the melding wall back to reclaim the earth. To unlock more content to explore and play in as a community effort. We needed new frames to be released. Not for a massive revamp that removes frames and crippled the rest.
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Posted: October 23, 2015
Had fun in the Closed Beta but this game is a shadow of its former self.
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Posted: January 28
It takes a lot of talent to ruin a fun game as much as these devs are. I have never seen a company so focused on destroying their own game. The whole thing has only gone downhill in a way I thought impossible.
Playing this makes me wish it was illegal to release games as betas.

Last big update made me lose 80% of my gear and abilities with pretty much ZERO compensation for them, and the comepsation that I did get is worth maybe a day of playing.

The bugs, oh god they're everywhere. They are growing in numbers and nobody can stop them.
Oh, I'm not talking about the enemies there. We are still dealing with bugs that came up during the early builds of the game, and they just keep getting worse with no attempt to fix them.
"Pretty much everything not loading in properly? How about we change an unrelated thing that nobody asked for."

The devs are like children trying to "help" their parents with something. They are so focused on adding stuff they think is cool without any care of what will come out of it.
I have never before had a game leave such a bad taste in my mouth.
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