Firefall is a Free-to-Play sci-fi MMO Shooter set in a dynamic, living, open world. Experience fast-paced shooting action with thousands of players from around the world and fight against the Chosen to reclaim Earth.
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"If you like defiance or maybe destiney why not try this? Its not p2w but it is a grind."


“Hands down, Firefall is a great game that keeps delivering as you play.”
90 – Nerd Reactor

“Firefall is a game that seriously mixes the shooter and RPG genre into one game and does this extremely well.”
80 – OnRPG

“Simply put, Firefall is one of the most robust and best-playing F2P MMOs you can find.”

New Update!

The joint efforts of the Accord and the ARES Initiative have driven the Chosen Razorwind clan to flee into the depths of the Amazon, but the war has just begun. Join us in taking the battle to the once luscious rainforest, where the Chosen will be making their final stand against humanity. Suit-up and prepare for war, pilot.


Chosen Warzone – Get ready for the first Warzone, a massive battleground where players must work together to combat the Chosen Razorwind threat and secure critical vantage points that will help the Accord win the war. This endgame zone includes brand new enemies, dynamic encounters and missions, and rewards!

Big Game Hunter – Polish your plasma canons and prepare to hunt! Big Game Hunter features stronger, mutated versions of normal creatures to challenge as well as new achievements for players brave enough to stalk these rabid beasts.

New Improvements – Update 1.3 also contains numerous additions and improvements to Firefall including new reputation system, new ranged weapon modules, and a new squad loot feature. Log in and experience it all today!


Fundamentally built to be a completely Free-to-Play AAA MMO Shooter, Firefall delivers an engaging gameplay experience like no other. With a constantly changing world, deep narrative, endless customization, and rewarding player progression, Firefall will consistently deliver spectacular content that will please both PvE and PvP players.

Reclaim Earth

"I grow tired of watching my friends die in battle day after day. The Chosen have claimed more of us than we have of them, and the Melding consumes more of our planet by the minute. This is still our home, our planet, and we want it back. Join us and help us fight this dreaded war, because as our world falls, we rise together." - Unknown ARES Pilot on the frontlines.

Key Features

• Explore a vast, evolving open world with dynamic content that responds to player interactions.
• Discover the lore of Firefall through episodic narrative.
• Combat your enemies in a skill based shooter in either first or third person view.
• Engage dynamic Missions and Events, including epic Titan Battles.
• Upgrade your Battleframe with limitless crafting, loot, and progression.
• Outfit your character with endless customization options.

Dynamic, Living, Open World
Explore a vast open world from New Eden to Devil’s Tusk. Become an elite ARES pilot and be prepared to fight an array of creatures as well as confront the Chosen. Don a variety of Battleframes and destroy your enemies from either a first or third person viewpoint.

Heroes Will Rise
Combat the Chosen to reclaim earth and become the best ARES pilot in your class. With familiar and highly polished shooting mechanics, your skill and dedication will be rewarded. Firefall is action packed with rewarding content, including massive Titan Battles for PvE and skill-based open world PvP.

A World without Limits
Firefall is the first AAA Free-to-Play MMO Shooter. Outfitted with military-grade battleframes, players will be able to collect equipment and materials to customize and strengthen their arsenal of weapons and abilities, while experiencing Firefall’s rich lore and engaging content. With epic loot to be unearthed and rewarding level progression to be achieved, the possibilities in Firefall are limitless.


    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: AMD Dual Core @ 2.6GHz; Intel Dual Core @ 2.2GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 or ATI 4xxx with 1GB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 20 GB available space
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very gooooooooood!!!!
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FireFall once allowed you to explore the land and play wherever you want. You had a nice and simple class system where you could pick up a class and start playing it without issues. You could play instances with a brand new class and no one would complain or even notice you were a low level.

That world has gone. The new FireFall (The release 1 year ago) feutures a leveling system. Which forces you to play in set locations until you have gained enough experience points to move on to the next level. Even after playing your faviroute class all the way to level 40 you will be greated for many players typing LFG or LFM into chat. As they're looking for items in instances which are only available at level 40.

You can no longer play any class you'd like. You have to stick in each level zone until you outlevel it. (If you get a class to level 20 but suddenly want to play a different class you have to go back tot he starting zone and play there instead)

You can't really play with friends as if you are 5 or more levels above them one of you is going to have a hard time getting experience points and therefore will end up leaving the lower level behind.

I have been playing FireFall for 2 years but this is where I get off the fanbus and say farewell to all my friends I have met in this virtual world.

I've spent over 150 pounds on this game hoping it would someday become the shining beacon that it had promised to be. Unfortunately this beacon is yellow coloured and I don't like yellow beacons if I'm honest.

If you're looking for a game with repetetive gameplay, an empty and boring storyline with a horribly boring operator talking to you every 5 seconds then this is the game for you! The AI is flawed in so many ways. The 'alien' race is weak and easily killed where as the common bandit will destroy you in a few bullets.

The whole 'horizontal progression' system of firefall went out of the window and now has been replaced with 'vertical progression'

We no longer travel the horizon, we take the elevator.
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張貼於:08 月 29 日
I just realised I didn't reccomend this game. And I don't know why! (TL;DR VERSION BELOW)
Firefall is unique MMO. Why? Because:
1. It's really free - you can even gain pets without paying a single dollar. Just chance for pet is pretty low, but you have 100% for advanced frame YOU want after gaining max level.
2. It's one of VERY rare MMOs, where there are guns, just like in good old shooters, not some auto-attack + abilities. Of course, there are abilities, don't worry, but there's even a class which has... Guns instead of abilities. Yep, 5 weapons instead of them. But ok, onto review here.
Game is set in First Person or Third person perspective - you can change it in any moment. You play game as a mix of typical MMO (like WoW) and shooter (like CoD, but I'd say it's not very similar). There are 5 main character classes which you can change it every moment, you don't need to make new character. Of course every class has it's own level to level. Every frame (they're called like this in game) has it's two advanced versions, which are modifications of main one (with exception of Dreadnaught - he has 3 advances).
Firefall is shooter + abilities - Left Click to shoot your weapon, right click to use special ability of weapon and press 1-4 buttons to activate abilities. You can also use items from 5-8 buttons, like grenades, medkits etc. Also, there is meele under G, but I don't see many players use it. I'm a fan of it, though. Your primary weapon (each class has it's own locked to them, advanced frames can use their weapons + main frame shooty) has limited ammo, while your secondary one has unlimited. I won't say too much about them, I don't wanna waste space.
Missions and world
There are 8 main missions (more coming with new update. MANY more) which you can do in normal mode or hardcore mode, solo or in group of 5 players. You can take smaller missions from Job Board, but they're a bit boring. But hey! But what if I don't wanna do missions? No problem. Firefall is fully-open world. You can get anywhere you want, as long as it's not a big melding curtain. Because it most probably will kill you. You can do missions, you can go to randomly-generated events (plenty of them, you won't see many during 1-9 levels, but it will change) or you can just explore world - game even gives you achievements for finding hidden locations. However, game becomes grinding your way after some time, which is sad. You can avoid it, but leveling up this way will take very much time. There are 5 locations - Coral Forest (1-24lvl), Sertao (25-36), Devil's Tusk (37-40), Amazon (40) and Broken Peninsula (Desert where nobody lives. Sad)
There is crafting in game, but I won't call it VERY interesting, rather simple and easy-to-go. You place a thumper, a device which mines stuff, you collect things from killed NPCs and then you refine it. You salvage things for research points and crystite (currency), and then you research things like new weapons, modules, medpacks using research points and CY. After you researched a thing, you craft it with more CY and iron/tungusten/whatever/refinedthingsfromenemies. Voila, you've got your gun/module/ability or medpack.
Leveling up
How to level up? Well, you can't level up by messing around city. Do missions, if you have LOTS of free time. Do random events, if you want to or you don't have too much free time. Level up with other guys, there are big numbers of these. I'd love to say PLENTY, but this game is so unpopular. I hope it'll change soon. Maybe thanks to my reviev ;)
But what after leveling up to 40? You can still mess around last location. You can go to Amazon, VERY hard location and try to fight with Chosen (enemies) for forest domination (yep, AI isn't best, but they'll try to capture your bases while you try to do same to them). You can go for raids or hardcore missions for better loot.
There are 5 main classes: Dreadnaught, someone who takes tank role, Assault, guy all-about damage and mobility, Biotech, healer (bad at it, tbh. Dragonfly rulez), Recon, NOT a sniper, I'd rather call him light infantry, and Engineer, a painful class to play. Sets up sentries and supply stations. You'll probably choose him as your first class. That's normal, I did same. They're just too weak at higher levels, and without support... Powerful at watchtower retake.
Each class has two (or three) advanced frames. After paying some money or gaining level 40 you can choose one. Each advanced frame has his own set of abilities and weapon, but they can use main frame stuff. They look like this:
  • Dreadnaught - Rhino (DPS) - Mammoth (Tank) - Arsenal (Screw abilities when I can have gunz)
  • Assault - Tigerclaw (Specialist of PWNing single targets) - Firecat (AoE)
  • Biotech - Dragonfly (Healer) - Recluse (Damage + poison, healing only with BIO skills)
  • Engineer - Bastion (Right course for engi) - Electron (Powerful support, but nobody plays as him)
  • Recon - Raptor (Sniper with charging rifle) - Nighthawk (Sniper with bolt-action rifle)
Random stuff
There are some "money" things. We see here:
  • Crystite (CY) - collected from almost everything. Used to almost everything.
  • Credits (CR) - Collected from final box in small numbers (you gain them after some playing). You can also sacrifice CY for more CR, in exchange rate of 25:1. Used to buy things from market, self-revive or buy RB.
  • Red Beans (RB) - premium currency. Used to buy things from shop, make your inventory bigger. It's possible to buy them, of course, but also you can request exchange of your CR for RBs. You place how many CR you want for 1 RB, and then number of RB you want. If somebody finds your offer lucrative, he'll trade it. I did it many times, safe.
    Character customization - You can change the way your character looks in any moment. You can change his head, skin color, hair style, hair color, even sex, why not? We haven't got a shortage of battleframes. Also, you can pay for additional customs - like helmets - or just drop them during gameplay. You have many options to customize your character, but it's not TES, expect rather a bit better-than-WoW customisablity.
    Graphics - Good. Very good from a distance. Beaches of Copa, forests of Redwood or Kearney's Transit Hub, desert of Sertao, lava pools of Devil's Tusk and Amaze Amazon of Amazon. From closure, it's still good, but not that good.
    Community - GREAT. THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME. Seriously, in my whole career here I saw only two guys being rude or spamming. New players ask questions, they don't get shouted, they get answers. There are multiple clans, I reccomend being a part of one - not hard to enlist. I'm in [WaR] and I received a warpaint from them, thanks :D
    TL;DR version
    Game is worth any money. Best part? It doesn't need any. It's free in 100%, even pets. Has 16 classes. No auto-attack crap, you have your trusty weapons and 4 skills. Good graphics. Amazing community. Found a friend which most probably got banned... Woops.
    In short:
    • Gameplay: 9/10 Good idea as for MMO, guns, abilities, open world, but too much grinding end-game.
    • Graphics: 7/10 Good from distance, but not very good from close-up. Also, some people may not like a bit anime theme here, I'm not sad because of it though.
    • Audio: 0/10 Aero's accent is annyoying. (Joke) But in real, soundtrack of this game is awesome. Sounds are bit higher than decent, and are often buggy. So I give 7/10
      Overall: 8.5/10 - Dang it, it's a free game, if I have to add this little detail it would be 9.5/10. If you like shooting games, GOTTA TRY IT!
      Uhh... Rating is appreciated? Thanks. Was typing it for 30 minutes.
      Missed something you wanna know about? Write in comment and I'll add it to reviev!
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張貼於:07 月 18 日
This was such a great game in closed beta, I purchased the founder pack before they started to nerf everything and ruin the features they had.

I dont know how a developer could go and screw up such a great game.

It was so much more fun in closed beta until they did a major overhaul fo the class system.

people like me can't play this anymore because were simply told to deal with it.

the old firefall that never saw the light of day is dead and we have left is this souless shell of its former self.
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