StarForge is a sci fi survival sandbox. Hunt to eat, dig for resources, craft many items, build a fort, and fight enemies in order to survive! Do this alone, or with other players, in a fully infinite procedural world.



注: この早期アクセスゲームは開発段階によって大きく変わることも、そうならないこともありえます。現時点でこのゲームをプレイしても満足に遊べない場合は、 ゲームの開発が更に進捗するまで待ってみる必要があるかもしれません。 詳細はこちら


“We are working really hard on StarForge and we hope everyone enjoys playing the game. We will continue to post regular updates to the game throughout the Alpha, Beta, and Full release periods. By backing us you'll help aid in the development of StarForge and make it the best game it can be. Please also let us know what you want to see in the game on our community hub.”

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The week@codehatch blog post is up detailing water, the update, and more:

We have updated the game today on Steam to version 0.91. Server saves had to be reset as a result. It contains all of the in-game Founders Club and IndieGoGo perks with the exception of the badges and the unique Founders 3D tilesets. -

See more at:

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Detailing In-Game IndieGoGo, Founders Club, and Digital Deluxe Perks


As we are nearing 1.0 of the game, we have been putting the finishing touches on the in-game digital perks for both IndieGoGo backers and Founders Club members.

Please read this blog post detailing our plans for perk delivery:

We appreciate everyone's support, and are very happy with the game we were able to build as a result.

The Code}{atch Team

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"I’ve already played around with its insanely ambitious world-building and baddy-blasting, and I had seen that it was full of promise." -Rock Paper Shotgun
"I've played the game for a bit, and I must say: I am very excited for the future of StarForge." -Destructoid
"It’s remarkably ambitious, but the terrain manipulation already looks fantastic and outer space is gorgeous. This thing has “potential” scrawled all over it." -PC Gamer

Beta Access

Beta-access – Be among the first to play StarForge, and help develop the game by providing valuable feedback.

Beta-access & Full Game – Play the StarForge Beta as soon as it is released, in addition to the Steam release of the completed game.

Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes Beta and Full Game access, as well as the following:

  • Digital Soundtrack* – Enjoy the fully original StarForge soundtrack in high quality digital format.
  • Digital Survival Guide* – Find tips on how to survive the new planet with a comprehensive guide.
  • Digital Concept Art Book* – Enjoy all the concept art that goes into the making of StarForge in high resolution.
  • Exclusive Digital Wallpaper Pack* - Get a bundle of exclusive StarForge high res desktop wallpapers.
* These items will only be available in English and will be distributed digitally upon full release of StarForge.

Join the Founders Club

Get Two Copies of the Game. Get Beta, and Full Game access for both your copy and a gift copy you can give to a friend. Each copy has full Founders Club Perks.
  • Founders Club Online Badge*
  • Get all the Digital Deluxe Edition perks* - Digital Soundtrack, Digital Survival Guide, Digital Concept Art Book, Exclusive Digital Wallpaper Pack.
  • Exclusive In-Game Founders Perks* - Enjoy a Unique In-Game Space Helmet, and receive an alternate version of the Chainsaw, Ground Pounder, Pistol, Assault Rifle, Graphene Drill, and Titanium Drill with unique Founders Skins.
  • Get a Unique Space Station 3D Tileset* - Perfect for building your orbital empire.
  • Instantly get 2 exclusive 3D Tilesets to play with In your game today - "Tree Fort" & "Autumn Leaves" and hide your fort in a shrub - like a true woodsman.
  • Know you helped support StarForge in a major way.
  • Choose to have your name listed in the Founders Club section of the in-game credits**
* These items will only be available in English and will be distributed digitally throughout the development of StarForge and upon full release.
** Name listing will be an automated system introduced before the full release of the StarForge. You will be able to opt into it in-game.


StarForge is a sci fi survival sandbox. Hunt to eat, dig for resources, craft many items, build a fort, and fight enemies in order to survive! Do this alone, or with other players, in a fully infinite procedural world.

Key Features in the StarForge Alpha:

Procedural Infinite Voxel Terrain - There are no set boundaries in StarForge; the planet will procedurally generate each time you start a new game. The terrain supports plains, mountains, deserts, mountains, caves, overhangs, rocks, and much more. The world is infinite, meaning you will be able to run in a single direction for as long as your computer can support it.

Underground/Surface/Space Gameplay - Build a tower that ascends into the clouds, through the atmosphere, then into space, and do this in real-time with no loading screens.

Dynamic RPG like World - Enjoy dynamic weather patterns, a 24 day and night cycle, and a real time atmosphere. Creatures will also have different behaviors at different times of the day.

Loot and Survive - Before the humans landed countless weapons and armor were sent to Atlas. You will find loot chests littered throughout the land, you will need their contents to survive.

Vehicle Gameplay - Hop on board a 4 wheeled all terrain vehicle with a friend and traverse the world. Or jump into a hovercraft for speedy terrain movement.

Procedural 3D Tileset - Build anything you want with our unique 3D Tilesets. You can create towns, villages, bridges, forts, and much more. It is also fully destructible! Ramps and stairs are also included.

Physics Sandbox - We are designing the world to be fully dynamic. This currently includes chopping down trees, turrets, and enemies.

Physics Movement - Our movement model is designed closely around the real bio mechanics of biped locomotion; The result is a more human look and feel, and a character that is equipped to intelligently react to dangers far beyond what conventional movement code was designed to handle. It also features a full body IK system.

Resources and Economy - There will be many different resources in StarForge. However, the player can only hold so much at a time. When the player can no longer hold what he mined, he will have to build containers to store them into. This makes resources tangible and gives you the ability to steal other players resources.

Multiplayer & SinglePlayer - We have both modes playable in the game.

Survival - In this mode you are tasked with surviving on the planet. You will encounter enemies, find new blueprints, gather weapons, build a base, and so much more.


    • OS:Windows Vista,7,8 (64 bit only)
    • Processor:Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz or 2.7 GHz AMD Athlon 64X2
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or AMD Radeon HD 3830 or Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 512 MB VRAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:900 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX®-compatible
    • OS:Windows 7,8 (64 bit only)
    • Processor:Quad core CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 565, Intel Core i5-750
    • Memory:6 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7750 with 1 GB VRAM or better
    • DirectX®:11
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX®-compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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UPDATED - July 29, 2014

This isn't a game yet, it's still a tech demo. It has improved, but the multiplayer servers are dead and single player is very bland. I'd suggest waiting until it comes out of Early Access to see if the developers manage to pull a game out of this box of shiny objects. Don't be fooled by the trailers - they are still not representative of the current play experience.

Full Review Below:

Developer Activity
It appears the developers are more active in responding to the community. A quick stroll through the forums shows a few developer posts now. This is a good sign.

1. The game now has multiplayer arena style support - however.. at 7:30pm EST it looks like most servers have less than 4 people in them.. So I don't know how well multiplayer will work - given that it's summer (kids are out of school..) and the servers are dead. It could end up being a very lonely experience.

2. There are two game modes - Creative and Surival - however, the servers seem to only be running survival mode.

3. It's desolate.. I can see some buildings from players, but without people online, it's hard to tell if there is a game here. I was dropped with a drill, some stims (heal?) and a red thingy.. not much to do. Its like a lesser version of minecraft.

Game Engine
Engine has improved, reduced lag, voxel tearing is reduced.

My Specs: i5 @ OC' 4.5ghz, Nvidia 660, 16gb 2400mhz
Graphics Settings - Below are FPS I'm seeing with the above specs.
Fantastic = 20-30 fps
Good = 40 fps

1. The engine has improved, it is far less laggy than it was previously. The fps is much better - they seem to be making headway on the technology and the game engine. It's still based on Unity, and it shows.. the frill will 'appear' at short distances, then disappear - a tale sign of the underlying engine. These are all things that will be tough for the devs to overcome as it's a flaw/feature of the base engine. If your a graphics critic - this is likely to turn you off.

2. Drilling is working far better - though, it's still a bit glitchy with the terrain popping around.

3. Models and textures seem to have been updated. In the 'Fastest' setting, they are plain and flat, while they tend to get reasonable on the higher settings. Tearing and rendering from various view angles is still glitchy - barbed wire appears/disappears at random, etc.. again, if your anal about a pictureque world, you'll be disappointed. While looking at the trailers, they have obviously been touched up as running it on the highest setting, doesn't seem to yield similar results in regards to draw distance/object culling issues.

The terrain has improved in terms of frill.. lots of little trees, and bushes in the plains, but the mountains and caves are still rather bland. Big gray masses with repeating textures - not that appealing.

4. Creatures - There were some creatures, a few smaller ones.. One major improvement, when night fell, I didn't immediately get swarmed by large worms and die. After a bit of running, I did manage to fall into a pit filled with them.. so they are still around.

The creature AI is very sluggish - often taking several seconds to realize that a player is nearby - this sorta ruins the solo survival experience, if the creatures just stand around and die.

The game has improved, but with multiplayer being dead, crafting being mediocre at best - I still cannot call this a game. It's basically a tech demo with quite a few visual glitches. Certainly not worth the $20 price tag that is being asked for it.

It feels like the developers have not figured out the final direction for this game.. it's a bit of minecraft, a bit of a fps - but it doesn't do either one that well.

On the forums, there seems to be contention over the arena gameplay, numerous posts about pvp removal, and other aspects that hint at a game without a clear direction.

The developers have made strides in the right direction - but it may have been too little too late. I would pass on this one for the time being, give it time to come out of Early Access. This is definately a wild card as to what will end up happening to it in the future.

[REVIEWED - March 6, 2014]
This game is coming along.. but it has been a letdown the entire way.

Main flaws:
1. Collision is terrible and jerky - tough to get a feel for what is actually working.
2. Updates to the game are slow
3. Its pretty much a sandbox, so there is not much to do.. The final design is up in the air. (It's a tech demo right now)
4. Developers seem very misleading.. lots of issues with transparency in the project.
5. Management of Kickstarter/Early Access funding is sketchy at best.. Not alot to show for the cash provided.

The game is written using Unity - which has given the developers alot of freebies (NGUI for the UI - paid version, base physics.. etc..) However, they seem to be failing to leverage alot of those features. It has taken them a very long time to get to where they are at.. The good news is that they seem to be producing 'something' right now, but that something isn't exactly fun.

My suggestion: Watch the game to see where it goes, but don't waste your money at this time. It's 'iffy' as to what the final product will be and previous actions by the developers have shown that they are not likely to deliver a solid product.
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This game legitimately makes me angry it even exists. The game itself is an atrocity, the devs and community is what puts the cherry on the top of this terrible cake. Even now that it is in Beta, I am still disappointed by its lacklustreness.

What is wrong? Everything. The game is one of those style games that tries to hop onto too many bandwagons for its own good, trying to appeal to as many of steams userbase as possible, without satisfying any of them to any degree. Anyway you look at it, whether its the actual gameplay, or the music and sounds, it is terrible and cliché to no end.

The game runs worse than Skyrim with max everything mods, with enb's, running on my easy bake oven that I had when I was six years old. I understand it is unfinished, and an indie title. But there is such thing as ambition, and being too ambitious and going for a game that would be super intensive for even the best developers, is not how to start. Starting small can be good sometimes, and this is not this developers first game either, so I do not know what was running through their heads/

The game is not fun in any way, except maybe in a Gmod style sheer stupidity of the whole situation-style of fun. Many people who say they “have fun” may just be secretly regretting their purchese and just want to justify spending upwards of $75 dollars on this game.

To compound this, the game's community is pretty much dead and dying. The forums are barren, most of the old regulars have moved on, and the player base is a ghost town. Only time play numbers raise by anything is when there is an update, but by now, nobody seems to care anymore about the game, so even then the numbers only raise slightly. (Source) Even after the supposed Beta update “fixed the game”, the player number still trail off pitifully to dismal numbers. This is not good for a multiplayer hyped game.

Then of course, there is the developers, who happen to be the reason I am writing this review. They produce updates at an abysmal pace, and release very little noteworthy content when they do make something. Their “backend tech” fails on every corner, as it none of it works properly, or the stock unity versions are far superior then the custom one they made. In the past they used to cause community upheaval by making promises to do something, then never fulfilling these promises.

This is what we call lying. They did it quite a bit, but they seemed to have learned their lesson. But would you want to trust someone who lies to their player base about updates, and update schedules, with making a game with your money?

They made numerous other highly questionable and shady actions, like unceremoniously canning their excellent community manager from 2013, and replacing them with someone who caused innumerable PR nightmares. If this is their idea of a good decision towards “improving” the forums, then I would question their decisions regarding their game design as well, as the game thus far is a monstrosity.

The best analogy I can come up for the game it is like the monster Frankenstein. It has changed so much over its development, from starting as a F2P MMO shooter, to a space epic being able to fly across the stars, to a sandbox building game and tower defence strategy game, to finally a mishmash of all what it used to be into one messy monster. Is is just a complete disaster.

I feel sorry for the people who paid money for this game, especially the game's legend perk owners. Let's just forget this game happened, and move on to better things.

July 12th 2014 Edit: redid review for the beta version.
投稿日: 2014年4月13日
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