With a cult following the world round, You Need A Budget (YNAB), helps you take total control of your money. The results are life-changing and include breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, paying down debt, and saving more money faster – not to mention a good night’s sleep.
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"If you are part of this group, you might need this tool."

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2015년 6월 4일

New YNAB Version [4.3.758 (Mac) & 4.3.761 (Win)]

This new version handles DropBox's changed settings file location correctly, so new installs will be able to find DropBox correctly.

That's all :)

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Most Popular Personal Finance Software: YNAB

Kind of like EVE Online except there's no subscription fees and it's with real money.
Quantum (Steam user)

This is a game that could take months or years to play, but it is one of the most rewarding gaming experiences I have ever had.
gabbo1928 (Steam user)

Free Live Classes (No purchase required)

Learn how to use the YNAB method to turn your finances around. With free classes running every day, YNAB's education team will help you take total control of your money, making it work for you, instead of against you.

Click here to reserve a spot.

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"The World’s Best Budgeting Program" – The Internet

With a cult following the world round, You Need A Budget (YNAB), helps you take total control of your money. The results are life-changing and include breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, paying down debt, and saving more money faster – not to mention a good night’s sleep.

You’ve Never Budgeted Like This Before

The You Need A Budget software is clean and beautiful. Where other software packages suffer from years of feature creep, YNAB offers you exactly what you need: a simple, straightforward system to manage your money. But what makes it so powerful are YNAB’s Four Rules:

  • Rule 1: Give Every Dollar A Job
  • Rule 2: Save for a Rainy Day
  • Rule 3: Roll with the Punches
  • Rule 4: Learn to Live on Last Month’s Income

Show Your Money Who’s Boss

YNAB has a high-touch customer support team, a library of video tutorials, and offers free, live daily classes. With YNAB there is no reason why you can’t get rid of your debt, save for the future and finally insert that thing you've been wanting to do but you've been just too lazy to save for. No more excuses.

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Mac OS X
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    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:Minimum OS version is: Windows XP
    Minimum:Mac OS X v10.6
    • Processor:Intel® Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:Minimum OS version is: Mac OS X v10.6
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Its like EVE Online but without spaceships

10/10 would not become hobo
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Gameplay Whoops

What It Is

You Need A Budget YNAB from here on is a budgeting software that the average person or small business owner can use to balance their budget, figure out where your actual cash is going, and where you can afford to save money in the long term. This is very simple to use, however you can do alot with it past what is obvious. This can and will help you significantly.

What it's NOT

This is NOT going to do the work for you. I have used MINT.com as I'm sure most who will read this have. This is not MINT, MINT is like the trailer when this is the mansion in the gated community as for what it can do to your budget. This will not magically ensure you have cash in hand at the end of the month, it won't invest for you, and it doesn't have a ton of additional tools. It's budgeting software and it's does its job amazingly without costing hundreds of dollars and without being bogged down by tons of near useless bells and whistles like some other software.

My Opinion - Why to buy it - What could be improved

First off, if you didn't buy it while it was 75% off you missed out. It's still worth its sticker price in my opinion so don't feel like you aren't getting your dollars worth. A huge part of what makes this worth it is the mobile app (YNAB) that you can use when you have the computer version bought and up and running. It's easy to set up and you can track your expenses at the point of sell while it's fresh in your mind or the receipt is in hand. This is very valuable and the app looks like it has had alot of work to get it where it's at. I haven't ran into a bug yet.

On to the Software program itself. Can this be accomplished on an Excel Spreadsheet? Yes. Have I used that method before? Yes. Would I go back to it after using this software? No way. It's that simple. It's very simple to use, I don't worry about formulas, rows, columns, tabs, functions, etc. That's all great and sounds like fun right, but I can't fathom dealing with it after using this. I recommend it whole heartedly and am starting to wonder why you are reading this instead of getting it on sale.

The concept and their 4 step process is simple enough. If you have heard Dave Ramsey, amazing guy who has helped a lot of people. You will know what they are talking about and how it helps to balance a budget. Google or youtube him and you will be improving yourself financially. To put it simply you give EVERY dollar a job when you get it. Every dollar will be going to a certain expense. Those could be anything from Rent, electric, to GAMES or Emergency Savings. The important part is you have to input your expenses for this to work and you have to be honest and not cheat your own budget. If you do that, then at the end of the month you can see where you overspent and the next month be able to change that or adjust your budget to compensate for overspending in one area.

Lastly I would like to see a few improvements. I would like to see additional tools for one. Maybe a tool to help with debts and a planner to pay them off, something to help you determine what to pay off in what order, and a way to let that tool function with and utilize your budget tool. I think alternate methods to budgeting would be useful for them to introduce. They talk alot about their 4 step process and don't cover other methods. They suggest using money that you didn't spend one month and let it roll over to the next and to continue the process until an entire months expenses are paid for by the previous. I can see how that would be useful but I feel like it's not encouraging much savings or investing. Maybe they are assuming the individual doesn't have alot to save or invest. I see the pitfall is after a few months the person will see that excess or rollover money and instead of giving it a job they will spend it on a large purchase or several smaller ones since it was never put into savings or invested when there was the chance. Granted a lot would be disciplined and maybe they are assuming that will be the case.

Those are just my opinions however, make your own purchase if you decide it's for you. Everything they give you will save you more than the $60 in the short term most likely if you are honest with the budget. Living month to month was not fun as a teenager and college student. I would have loved this back then. I didn't have the time or will to go make spreadsheets back then and I know most teenagers don't now. This is very useful for all ages and incomes though. I have a brother in law who make over $230,000 a year and I make less than half of what he does and I have more savings and a better budget, so regardless of income level people can and do blow all of their money. This will help you out and I recommend it.

Save yourself money starting now, so by the summer sale you can have more expendable income to buy more cheap games!!

EDIT: Also you can try this software on their website for over 30 days for free. I would give that a try. Then again it's 25% off right now and might not be by the time 30 days is over. Consider that as well.
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First thing first, I gotta say I'm a meticulous person when it comes to tracking income and expense. I had a big Excel sheet with all kinds of formula to track my income, expense, when I receive or spend money, how much I loan from people and how much people loan from me etc. That said, I was looking for a better solution to track all of them. When this was on sale, I looked at it, checked some videos, tried the demo and loved it - so I bought it. Sleek, clean interface and easy to use budgeting software.

Now on to the review:

Basically there are two basic steps to using YNAB, you write down all your money you have and budget it, then spend it based on the budgets you set up. There are premade categories like Giving or Monthly Bills that each have its own sub-categories. This mostly will have you covered, but for my own case I needed to set up some more master categories and appended subs into them. You shouldn't have any problem as the interface shows everything you want to do. Moreso, it tracks as you go. So example, if you input more budget than money you have in your pocket, it will show red mark above the budget sheet. Or if you spend more than your current budget category, it will automatically put your next month's budget in red as well. But don't worry, be flexible and try to rearrange the budget to other categories to keep you in green. The software allows that, that's what makes it fun to use.

The software also lets you to import your bank statement in case you want to make things a bit easier. I don't spend many things online or thru bank except taking my salary for daily life or some online spending *cough cough buying games on Steam cough* so have no big use for this feature. I'm sure some people will rely on it, though.

And in case you are curious, this software supports many currencies. It does have my IDR currency. It doesn't offer any complicated tax or accounting system - it's beyond this software's scope.

After finish inputting, you can opt to see the reports which are straightforward and cover everything you want to see from your spending behavior. There are five master report formats to use, Spending by Category, by Payee, Trends, Income vs Expense and Net Worth. This allows you to give perspective on your Income vs Expense, and will help you to arrange for next budgeting. Unfortunately you can't add or edit these formats as they're pre-made so if you need anything else you're stuck.

I personally have been using this software for days and am very satisfied with it. You need self-discipline, of course, to follow your own budgets AND to write down your spending. Don't make some small transactions pending due to your own laziness, input them as soon as possible. Make it your habit! Remember, the key to success in budgeting is how you follow what you set up for your own good. There is even a mobile app that lets you to enter the expense as you go and sync it thru Dropbox to your master YNAB files in PC. So far it's available for Android and iOS. No plan for Windows Mobile from what I heard.

Steam's YNAB copy is not dependent of Steam, so in fact you can run it without Steam running as it utilizes none of those Steamworks features (no achievements etc). But if you're annoyed with Steam (why would you be????) because 'using software in conjunction with Steam is all wrong' then you can get non-Steam copy from Developer's website. Use the serial Steam gives you to activate that copy. As long as it's for personal use, the license grants you the capability to install on several machines e.g family PC and work PC and have them synced together. Very handy.

All in all, although 60 USD is a bit steep, YNAB is very useful. I admit I won't buy it at that price (I just don't like spending 60 USD for a non Software except Microsoft Office or Windows - personal restriction :rfacepalm:), but if you don't think like me and need a budgeting software, look no further - YNAB has all you need.

YNAB also is on sale maybe twice a year during Steam big Summer and/or Winter sales if you're on the fence. Last time I got it for 75% off (8 USD equivalent of my currency in Rupiah).

Lastly, first time ever I recommend a software positively on Steam. Hey that's a record of its own. :)

(now excuse me, I overspent on my Games Purchases category this month.... dang it...)
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게시 일시: 2015년 2월 3일
I used this software a bit. Kinda liked it.
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