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Data de lançamento: 10/mai/2013

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"Pinball FX 2 takes the pinball genre to another level with the most advanced ball physics and social features to date, along with a new collection of beautifully designed tables."
Worthplaying 8/10

"Four classic Zen Studios tables that make excellent use of the Pinball FX 2 upgrade treatment."
XLC Gaming Network 9/10

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Zen Pinball Classics features a dazzling collection of four Zen Studios original pinball designs all upgraded for Pinball FX2. Shaman, El Dorado, Tesla and V12 have been re-mastered with updated graphics, superior ball physics, and a host of new features.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:Single Core CPU @ 1.6GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 6600 / Radeon 9800
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:1200 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:Dual Core CPU @ 2.00GHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 8800 / Radeon HD 3850
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1500 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Análises úteis de usuários
1 de 2 pessoas (50%) acharam esta análise útil
Publicada: 23 de dezembro de 2015
This table pack is a mixed bag. Some tables are great some tables are just bad. The good ones first El Dorado is excellent, and one of my favorites. I agree with this statement. Its a good game and easy to play. Shaman is another one I enjoyed and I really liked the flow of the table.

Tesla in my opinion is terrible. You can hit the ball around the table for half an hour and not have anything happen. So annoying. I really thought the game was broken till I read the instructions on what I was supposed to do. Its just terrible. Pinball tables should have a good flow. This one has the flow but its ruined by unclear missions. Unless you understand the rules. Bad form.

V12 is terrible. It just is. Bad flow terrible missions. Nothing good to say about it.
I recommend this based around the 2 tables that are good.
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4 de 4 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
Publicada: 27 de outubro de 2014
Neste DLC constam mesas que foram lançadas originalmente com a versão PS3 do jogo (chamada de Zen Pinball). Os temas são criações originais da desenvolvedora.


Mesa baseada nos rituais xamanistas. Design relativamente simples, meio difícil de pontuar, jogabilidade repetitiva. Não me agrada muito.

El Dorado

Outra mesa baseada em lendas, dessa vez da famosa cidade asteca/inca cheia de riquezas. Diferente do fandom que acha essa mesa ótima, particularmente não gosto dela. Os minigames são até interessantes, o design talvez seja o melhor entre as opções desse pack, mas não consigo gostar.


Homenagem a esse importante homem que basicamente trouxe tudo o que sabemos hoje sobre eletricidade. Para mim essa mesa é uma das mais bonitas entre todas as disponíveis até o momento. A integração com o tema foi excelente. Entretanto, ela possui o menor sistema de pontuação do jogo. Qualquer coisa acima de 10 milhões é algo acima da média entre as pontuações mundiais.


De cara digo que a mesa é unanimidade entre a comunidade de jogadores como a pior do jogo. Design estranho e repetitivo, pontuação desbalanceada e implementação fraca do tema (carros).

Em suma, o pack provavelmente é um dos mais fracos do jogo. Se você é iniciante talvez seja uma opção já que as mesas que a compõe possuem regras simples. Também é algo a cogitar se a sua preferência são mesas mais puxadas ao realismo.
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20 de 33 pessoas (61%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
Publicada: 16 de setembro de 2015
WARNING: Since May 12, 2015 you can't play this anymore without accepting a disgusting EULA which essentially changes this into spyware. They even did it after the fact to anyone who bought it when there was no EULA at all (which is illegal at least in Europe). They promised a solution, but never gave one, even after four months have passed now.
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6 de 7 pessoas (86%) acharam esta análise útil
Publicada: 5 de junho de 2015
If you're just dipping your toe into Pinball FX2, this is not the place to do it. I instead suggest instead Mars, Marvel Fantastic Four, or Epic Quest.

If you've played Zen's tables for awhile this pack can be a very good experience. The 4 tables include 2 tables I enjoy, 1 table I'm neutral on, and 1 table that I (and most people) can't stand.

All of these tables have one thing in common. Zen sometimes has features on their tables that have no way of being replicated on real tables. Some tables have more of these elements than others. None of these tables are like that. Nearly all features of all 4 of these tables could be replicated on a real pinball cabinet. Some people appreciate this style of table. Others don't care much.

Tesla - Enjoy - I shouldn't like this table as much as I do. The flow is only so-so, the modes are very difficult to launch, and the scoring is low. That said, I can't stop loving it. The table has that awesome turn of the 20th century quasi-steampunk SCIENCE! theme that works really well for me, and once you get a feel for the table you can play it for quite awhile. Rating: B+

El Dorado - Enjoy - I initially wanted to like this table but was frustrated by it. I like the Indiana Jones theme quite a bit and the table flow is very good, but I couldn't quite get the hang of it. Some perseverance and reading the strategy guide has really helped increase my enjoyment of the table. The table plays very "left side" vs "right side" IMO, which is hard to explain until you've played it a bit. This is also a fast moving table. Rating: B

Shaman - Neutral - While I figured out how to like El Dorado, I've never managed to do it with Shaman. This is a table that moves very quickly and outlane drains are somewhat common. Bondo's review mentioning the top half of the table being kind of dead is spot on IMO. The Tiki Witch Doctor theme is ok, but somewhat forgettable, though the mid-table spinners are fun. Overall I feel like I don't know what to do while playing this table. Rating: C-

V12 - Dislike - I'll just say it. This is the Zen table I dislike the most by far. The table is extremely fast and I feel like the table is short which limits time to react to bad situations. Additionally, it makes the whole upper section of the table very difficult to play since the ball moves in and out of that area very quickly. Outlane drains are VERY common, and missed shots have a tendency to drain down the middle. Shooting the ramps requires hitting them almost perfectly and with good speed. It is also EXTREMELY low scoring, perhaps the lowest scoring table of all Zen's tables. All in all the table is very unforgiving. The car customizing theme is good, but the execution feels cheap. Rating: F
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9 de 13 pessoas (69%) acharam esta análise útil
Publicada: 10 de dezembro de 2014
In my humble opinion, this DLC contains 2 hardest tables to get a massive score and it is the V12 and Tesla tables. These 2 tables in itself will make you tear out your hair in frustration. If you are looking for the ultimate challenge in Pinball, this Classic Pack will give it to you in an uncompromising manner.

You have been warned.
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