Pinball FX2 è una simulazione di flipper a cura di Zen Studios, il più grande sviluppatore di flipper virtuali. Pinball FX2 unisce l'esperienza di gioco in un flipper classico ai tavoli ispirati a Star Wars, alla Marvel e a tanto altro. Scegli tra decine di tavoli diversi, c'è sicuramente quello che fa al caso tuo!
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Gioca a Pinball FX2

Each table inside the Pinball FX2 platform can be played for a limited period of time

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"Be real, you know you enjoy pinball. The free table is pretty good."

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25 febbraio

Iron & Steel Pack is Now Available!

You can now download the Iron & Steel 2-table pack for Pinball FX2! This set includes the CastleStorm table as well as the Wild West Rampage table:

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10 febbraio

Iron & Steel Pack coming later this month!

Get ready for Wild West Rampage and a table based on CastleStorm! Check out the blog post below for all the release dates and details!

Trailer coming soon!

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"If you enjoy pinball, downloading Pinball FX 2 is a no-brainer."
GameSpot 8.5/10

"You'll forget you're not playing an actual table"
GamesRadar Excellent

"It's a blast when you have people over, because everybody knows how to play Pinball, and Pinball FX 2 is bar none, the best I've played without a coin-slot."
TeamXbox 9.3/10

Just Updated with Free Table!

We invite all players to free pinball! Starting this Friday, the Sorcerer’s Lair pinball table from Zen Studios will be will be free forever – no timed free play session, no ads, no gimmicks. Simply download the free Pinball FX2 platform, and then download Sorcerer’s Lair from the in-game menu. Enjoy!

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Pinball FX2 è una simulazione di flipper a cura di Zen Studios, il più grande sviluppatore di flipper virtuali.

Pinball FX2 unisce l'esperienza di gioco in un flipper classico ai tavoli ispirati a Star Wars, alla Marvel e a tanto altro. Scegli tra decine di tavoli diversi, c'è sicuramente quello che fa al caso tuo!

Ciascun tavolo, realizzato nei minimi dettagli, offre svariate ore di divertimento grazie alla grande intuitività.

Allenati più che puoi per battere i record degli amici e vincere l'ambito titolo di Re del flipper.


  • 23 tavoli subito disponibili, tra cui quelli ispirati a Star Wars, alla Marvel e a tanto altro!
  • Nuovi tavoli pubblicati regolarmente
  • Supporto per tastiera, mouse e controller
  • Obiettivi per ciascun tavolo
  • Competizione accesa grazie ai punteggi degli amici da battere
  • Classifiche in locale e online
  • Sistema di punteggio multiplo che comprende Superpunteggio e Punti Mago
  • Versione di prova per tutti i tavoli
  • Supporto per proporzioni 16:9 e 16:10
  • Modalità multigiocatore locale

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:Single Core CPU @ 1.6GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 6600 / Radeon 9800
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:2500 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:Dual Core CPU @ 2.00GHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 8800 / Radeon HD 3850
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3500 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Pubblicata: 27 dicembre 2014
Il miglior simulatore di flipper al momento in circolazione!
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Pubblicata: 28 febbraio
Il simulatore di flipper per eccellenza, ottimo per tutti i gusti grazie alla possibilità di provare i tavoli prima di acquistarli.
E proprio i tavoli sono più di 30 acquistabili separatamente per cifre veramente basse, soprattutto se ci giocherete tanto.

Durante i saldi steam molti tavoli vengono messi ad 1 euro, offerta impedibile visto che è il prezzo di una singola partita in sala giochi.

A tutti gli amanti dei giochi di flipper consiglio di scaricarlo per provarlo gratuitamente visto che è free to play, poi potrete decidere se acquistarlo o no.
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Pubblicata: 17 novembre 2014
Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver ball. No, wait, I'm thinking of Tommy. Either way, pinball has been an important part of my life whenever it has been. Time marches on though, and you can't just go play pinball like you used to. Down at the local hangout, by the soda fountain, with flippers flipping, balls always bouncing, to the left and to the right, lights flashing, eplileptic kids flailing about on the floor, those days, back then, they're gone.

All is not lost though. Pinball FX2 is here to fill that void left by the demise of the pinball machine with software pinball that surpasses the original in every way except for those it does not. When it comes down to it, what you really lose is having an actual pinball table in front of you. You can never recreate that exact feel, the solid wood gripped firmly in your hands as you aim for ever higher scores while deftly avoiding the flailing epileptic kids.

That's just the way it has to be though, and there are plenty of good things about virtual pinball that makes it well worth a play. The tables can be more elaborate than a real pinball table ever could, and they certainly are lovely to look at. Any pinball table you want is right there on your television, no need for a huge arcade to house all of your games. Heck, with a wireless xbox controller, you even get some vibration when you shake the table.

If you loved pinball when you were a kid, or know someone who did, give Pinball FX2 a try. It's the next best thing to being there again, reliving those memories, and best of all, you won't have to step over any epileptics to do it.
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Pubblicata: 15 ottobre 2014
The best, most beautiful, creative, fun and addictive digital pinball game ever created! I bought a whole bunch of tables less than 2 weeks ago and I've got almost 50 hrs of game play racked up already! I can't stop playing it dammit! It's that good! Now go get it!
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Pubblicata: 7 dicembre 2014
I just recently started playing this game thanks to my boyfriend, and while I can't exactly say that I'm a fan of pinball, this game is actually a lot of fun. I've never played on a real pinball machine, so I can't compare this to the real thing. The game itself is free and comes with one table, but there are a lot of other ones available for purchase, and they seem to be making new ones every now and then.

Most of the tables look very nice and are very well-made. I was lucky enough to get ahold of quite a few tables through Humble Bundle at a great price, as well as one or two on sale on Steam, and at those prices it's worth it even if you might not be a hardcore pinball fan.

Some tables are more difficult to get high scores on than others, and every table has two achievements, so there's always a challenge waiting. My personal favourite is the Darth Vader table (both because I'm a fan of him, and because it's one of the few tables I'm decent at), but all the Star Wars tables are great in my opinion.

So, in short: Fun game. :)
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Pubblicata: 8 ottobre 2014
I have played on hundreds of real tables and i cant remember one that was as much fun as this, sometimes you come across a game thats more than the sum of its parts. Add to this a competitive friendly player base and its all good.
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Pubblicata: 18 ottobre 2014
This game is so awesome. There are many different views with sharp graphics, good physics, and excellent sound. All of the tables are well thought out. This really is a must have but you purchase the tables individually or in packs. They go on sale like everything else on Steam, and have short trials to try them out. If you are a fan of Star Wars, Marvels, or South Park those tables are what make Pinball FX2 the undisputed champ of PC pinball. I recommend a 360 type of controller with some vibration to get the full effect. Anyone that likes pinball and doesn't play this is missing out.
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Pubblicata: 27 novembre 2014
Amazing fun for hours. Great time killer. The tables are interesting and engaging with lots of tricks to learn. I don't always like the DLC philosophy of game design but if there was ever a perfect fit for it, it is with Pinball FX2. The core graphix and physics really dont need an update, so with DLC it allows the developers to focus their energy on continuing to produce top notch tables. That is exactly what they do. Buy the tables that you want, skip the ones you dont, and you even get to try before you buy. How great is that. Also the price of the tables is crazy reasonable, especially if you catch it on sale. This purchase is a no brainer!
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Pubblicata: 11 dicembre 2014
I've always been a fan of pinball games and after humble bundle offered a bunch of tables for a good price I couldn't turn it down and I wasn't disappointed. This game has tons of tables to choose from and it's great fun trying to beat your friends' high scores.

+Game looks really nice and the table designs are awesome
+Good sound effects
+Lots of things to do on each table including missions unique to that table
+Tons of different tables to choose from
+It tells you when you get close to someone's high score, pushing you to go further
+The tables have good replayability, the more you play it the better you get and the higher your score
+Great if you can pick up a bunch of tables in a bundle for a cheap price
+Good control scheme

-Tables are expensive and you only get (I believe) two tables for free
-There are two different scores for the leaderboard, one of which doesn't make sense to me
-Some tables look like they've had more work put into them than others


A solid pinball game which is held back by its pricing.

El K.
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Pubblicata: 12 novembre 2014
Did you love old school pinball games like Psycho Pinball, Slam Tilt, Epic Pinball and Pinball Fantasies? Well, Pinball FX 2 is for you. Brilliant graphics, good gameplay, many tables (occasionally available in cheap game bundles) and fun way to compare scores to your Steam friends.

It is the first pinball game in years that keeps me playing!
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Pubblicata: 14 febbraio
I think it's about time to share a few words about this game with people that might be looking for a reason to give this a try.

Well I certainly hope that you know what pinball is. Even if you never came in contact with the real thing you probably played the old pinball on Windows XP or at least heard about it right? No? WELL WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE THAN? Real pinball works on a basic principle. You throw in a quarter and it usually gives you 3 balls to play with.
You are trying to not let the ball drain with your flippers while getting a score for anything you do. Once all your balls are lost, the game ends and you take place on the leaderboards. Sounds simple and it can be, depends how you look at it and what table are you playing.

Which brings us to this electronic pinball game. It's not going to ask you for quarters to play! In fact, it's like you have your own pinball machine at home where you just push start and you are given free balls to play with. But this thing is not going to cost you hundreds up to thousands of dollars and it's not going to take up a big space. This game will only take up space on your HDD and each table will cost you 2.99€ or your regional equivalent.
There's one free table for you to play with and every other table you can just try for free. The free table in question is Sorcerer's Lair and it's alot of fun! You'll find many hours of enjoyement on this free table alone and it will give you a good idea about how the game works and if it suits you.

The physics are very real, if it could be any closer to its real counterpart, it would be just scary. The speed might seem to be a bit too high but there are many realy tables that are even faster. This is still very fair but will make damn sure to test your fast hands out. Your ball can drain without you knowing what just happened, but that's the way it is. As you play more and more, you will eventually get better too.

If you are by a chance a fan of MARVEL or Star Wars, you are going to be happy as there are many tables in these themes. At the time of writing this there are 2 South Park tables, a Walking Dead table (based on the first game by telltale games), a plants vs. zombies table and many original design tables for you to choose from. Some are easy, some are hard, some are not worth getting as much as the others. But they are all quality products and you can really see that alot of hard work went into all of them. And as I said, you can "try before you buy" so you won't have to blindly buy into things you might not like in the end.

The community is really friendly and if you find yourself playing pinball FX2 alot, you might want to go check out an amazing steam group by the name of "Pinball Family" and ask for an invite. We are competing there each week on a different table, players of all skills!

All in all: if you are looking for a quallity electronic pinball, don't look any further, you found it! It's not going to cost you a fortune to play any table you'd like. The tables behave like the real thing and are filled with eye candy in form of 3D models that you wouldn't find on real tables... At least for now, once holograms are going to be a normal daily thing, you might find some 3D animated models in real pinball tables.
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Pubblicata: 10 settembre 2014
The perfect blend of art, science, sport & entertainment. Unlike physical pinball, Zen's only interest is in creating a table that is as much FUN as possible, while being as challenging as each individual player might wish. No huge gaps between flippers, no downward pointing flippers, and (best of all) no penalty for losing a ball soon after play starts.
If all you want is the fun & release of clobbering a ball, it doesn't get better than this. Some tables are geared more toward this, but every table does this well, with every feature you could both expect and imagine in pinball. Some tables are downright hilarious, most are amusing, and all of them will hold a conversation as you play.
If you want CHALLENGING pinball, look no further. The statistics page retains information for games in excess of 100 BILLION points, and 16 HOURS of play! While that might be extreme, games exceeding a billion points are not rare for those with skill and practice. Some games are so involved that they store successes from game to game, including 100 levels of a dungeons & dragons type epic, or essentially the entire story of a Star Wars movie. Fight battles as any one of 6 Avengers heroes, with gameplay a bit different for each!
Though I started playing pinball nearly 50 years ago, I can honestly say that I have NEVER enjoyed pinball so much, or imagined the vast scope of what pinball could be. These tables are the work of geniuses, artistically as well as programming. And the ball acts more like the traditional silver pinball than I ever imagined possible. Within 3 days of playing the first table I had purchased all 46 tables available. No two tables have anything more than the vaguest similarities. It's as if 46 completely different teams created these tables. They are each THAT unique.

Zen, thank you for adding so much fun to my life and my world.
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Pubblicata: 9 dicembre 2014
you play with balls 10/10

No but seriously, its a great game for pinball, the ball physics arent all weird with some other ones i have played, the visuals on the tables are amazing, my favourite tables being, the South Park and Butters Tables with the plants vs zombies one being a close 3rd.

Id recommend getting a humble bundle of this, its a great time passer!
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Pubblicata: 4 gennaio
If you are a cynical old ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that believes everything was better before 1990 then you might want to play Pinball authentically reproduces all the old pinaball cvlassics you will have seen in the pool halls of your mis-spent youth.

If you can appreciate that modern computing power brings with it a vast array of new possibilities to the world of pinball then you will love Pinball FX2. The most recent tables are really starting to push the boundaries of pinball and yet it's done with obvious respect for the core mechanics of pinball.

I love both. Many of you will too. I just have to convince my girlfriend not to freak out everytime I turn our TV 90 degrees to play in portrait mode.
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Pubblicata: 17 settembre 2014
It's a pretty good game of pinball. Specifically, video game pinball. The physics work pretty well, and the graphics are solid. Very rarely have I encountered a problem while playing. I can only remember one instance of a ball getting stuck because of a bug.

Edit: Something I wanted to point about my video game pinball comment. What I mean is that these tables are designed to be played longer than the real life counterpart(because they want your money of course). Therefore they have more extra balls you can earn, kickbacks and so on. You can even nudge the table in ways you couldn't do in real life, either because of personal injury or damaging the table itself. Be warned though, most tables will only give you two chances in a period of time before tilting out on you, but it sure can be fun to save a ball that otherwise would have been lost.

One last thing that relates to the fact this is video game pinball, when you exit out a game in progress, the game will be saved, so don't worry if something comes up, or if you're just having a really good game but you can't play in one sitting.

The one thing that appeals to me about pinball is that you're always trying to get better, so that you can continue to improve and of course get a better score. One thing that also helps is comparing how well you do with your friends. I have a number of Steam friends just so I can have scores to compare with and try to beat.

I would say overall, the quality of the tables are fantastic. If I have any complaints, it's mostly about the selection-it's that Star Wars and Marvel theme tables dominate the catalog. Now don't get me wrong, I like Star Wars, and I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it would be cool to see different properties more often. (BTW, get Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Star Wars Balance of the Force pack-Starfighter Assault is my favorite table)

I play with my X-Box 360 controller, it works really well with the game.
I also have my second monitor on portrait mode, which makes a huge difference in seeing the table. If you can have that setup I totally recommend it.

I never got to play real pinball that much, there's no arcades where I live, and of course getting a real machine is very expensive, so I think this is a good alternative. And the price for tables is decent.
Also, there is a free table, and you can try all the tables to see what they're like.

I recommend this game. Have fun, and may the bumpers be with you.
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Pubblicata: 8 settembre 2014
"Definately the best digital Pinball/Flipper you can get!"

Pinball FX2 can easily keep up with the analog pinball machines, why?! It's much cheaper in the asset costs, the required space is "1/30" if U own 30 tables & the specials of each table are just not possible on the old beloved pinball machines. If you like Pinball in general you will love Pinball FX2. Pinball fan since EPIC Pinball (1993). BUILD your own digital "physical" 32" pinball table ;)

+ THE best pinball out there
+ great gameplay
+ great tables (themes)
+ great graphics
+ great ost&sounds
+ atmosphere
+ challenging
+ replayability
+ world- &friend leaderboards
+ trying before buying (test every table)
+ full X360 controller support (highly recom.)

- You don't own the tables of the mobile version

Must Buy for every Pinball/Flipper Fan
(Really great cost-benefit-ratio on sale!!!)
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Pubblicata: 27 novembre 2014
Love this game. Tables are awesome, new ones added frequently. Right now humble bundle has several in one bundle for $6.00. Includes core game.
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Pubblicata: 14 ottobre 2014
Charge me $2 per play, and it would be just like wasting my university days all over again.
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Pubblicata: 29 ottobre 2014
This is the best pinball game around!Lots of table to choose from, perfect feeling of the ball, cool music and about everything you want from a pinball game! Try waiting for a sales to pick up lots of tables ;)
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Pubblicata: 2 febbraio
You have to ask yourself one question. How long can you keep Isaac Newton from laughing about your balls?

This. This is my favorite game on Steam. Pinball Arcade is just as good, but the currently impossible-to-manufacture tables that aren't trying to chew your quarters really lets your mind go to a zen state, and then a Logitech F310 or controller of choice becomes an extension of your consciousness. Don't play for a high score, or for extra balls, the only one that matters is the last one on the table. It's difficult to tell people what drives a person to play this game, but it's easy to recommend to everyone, if you are in the right mood to battle physics.

9,5/10 equal to Pinball Arcade.

Play for fun, and keep this bit of trivia in mind: it costs $2 to play one game of pinball in real life. Play a table in this game 100 times over the course of a year or more? The value doesn't even make sense unless you remember being in an arcade with these competing with Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Here, you don't have anyone judging your technique, there's a guide for every table a Start button or Esc key away explaining every detail you could ask about how to destroy a table. Video guides if you have a friend you really want to beat, but your opponent is really yourself -

Guardians of the Galaxy is a really energetic, fun table, and so is the South Park pack if you like the show. The Walking Dead table is amazing if you've played the Telltale RPG series.
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