Marvel Heroes 2015 is the Marvel MMO ARPG that you have been waiting for! Play as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and more. Battle infamous villains such as Dr. Doom, Loki, Magneto to save the universe.
User reviews: Very Positive (5,073 reviews)
Release Date: Jun 4, 2014

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"It may have started slow, but frequent updates have made this free-to-play action-RPG stand out quite nicely."
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September 18

Game Update Maintenance 9/18

The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers are coming down at 12PM PDT for Game Update 1.16.

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September 12

Marvel Heroes 2015 1.15 Patch Notes


The southern belle X-Man herself, Rogue has joined the cast of Marvel Heroes 2015! One of our most frequently requested heroes, Rogue boasts the most diverse powerset in all of Marvel Heroes history.

Able to steal powers from friend and foe alike, players can build Rogue as they see fit with access to over 90 stealable powers (which will increase with each Hero, Supervillain, and Team-Up Hero released!) in addition to her iconic super strength and flight powers that she had stolen from Ms. Marvel.

For her Signature and Ultimate abilities, Rogue recalls multiple stolen powers at once from iconic mutants - with her Signature resulting in a deadly, screen-wide blast and her Ultimate transforming her physical form into an amalgamation of other mutants!


Odin’s Bounty has returned and with it, a game mode rotation (with a new twist)!

In order to give player’s choice over when and where they want their lootsplosions and avoid slowdowns, buffed game modes will drop new Chests of Odin’s Bounty!

These chests contain numerous pieces of gear, XP, a chance at Odin Marks and even a very small chance at the Mysterious Crimson Box containing boss-specific artifacts.

These Chests of Odin’s Bounty have a short 5 cooldown to prevent players from using too many boxes and causing performance issues.

An additional very rare "jackpot" loot bonus can trigger during the Odin's Bounty event. This loot bonus is know as "Odin's Gift" and can contain a large pile of loot. As a bonus, the Odin's Bounty boost will provide an additional chance of receiving this Odin's Gift in addition to the Odin Mark benefits.

Schedule here with multiple time zones:

In addition, a daily mission has been added for the event: Deliver Odin’s Wrath!

Serve as Odin’s champion and deliver Odin’s own wrath to the enemies of Asgard for a special reward! Head to Lady Sif in Avengers Tower (located near the waypoint) to receive this mission. This mission can be completed once per day during the course of the event and will return for each subsequent Odin’s Bounty.


Cybernetics is a new system for Marvel Heroes that gives you something to do with all the loot that you earn in the world, but isn't an specifically upgrade for your hero and would otherwise just stay on the ground and provide no benefit.
With the Cybernetics feature you can turn those items that would otherwise be worth nothing into Cybernetic Upgrades for your cosmetic pets or into a bit of cash for yourself.

We expect to iterate and expand on this system in the coming months, with various options for players to select and personalize their Cybernetic Vacuum experience. This feature is very much a game changer for an ARPG like Marvel Heroes and we're all pretty excited to launch it and keep working to improve it.

For a detailed FAQ, click here.

Note for next week: We have a slight radius increase the width of the Cybernetics Vacuum and we’ve removed the confirmation box when donating Cosmic Items


By popular demand, we have added a new UI element (found on your character sheet) known as the Currency Tab a few weeks earlier than we initially expected.

We have converted our first batch of currency types so that you’ll be able easily view them on one page, in addition to them no longer taking an inventory slot.

We'll be adding additional currency types in the coming weeks to the currency tab to cover as much as possible.


Jean Grey has received her 52 Design Review! With stunning new visuals and powers that offer unique mechanics depending on which form she is in, players are free to play Jean Grey as they see fit: as the powerful X-Man in control, or the raging Phoenix!

For more details, please see @TheArtofRawr’s in-depth write up here.


Jennifer Walters, otherwise known as She-Hulk is now available as a Team-Up Hero! With her brawling abilities and briefcase of legal documents (for real), She-Hulk is a force to be reckoned with both in the courtroom and the battlefield.

We’re aware this didn’t have enough legal jokes.


Emma Frost’s Diamond Form is now visible in all costumes!

Emma Frost’s Marvel NOW! costume’s coat is now animated with her run.


Silver Surfer's Electromagnetic Flux shipped with greatly mistuned damage and has been changed to follow the same relative balance formula as other powers in the game.

We apologize for letting this slip through the cracks in initial Surfer testing last month. Several players did report it before launch but due to the unusual nature of the power and lack of strong precedent in tuning tags, it did not get the attention it deserved. That has been corrected for future powers of a similar nature.

The changes are:
  • Base Damage per hit has increase very slightly.

  • Damage ‘ramp up’ is 50% each phase instead of 75%

  • Power Cosmic cost halved from 250/s to 125/s

  • Power Cosmic cost increases +25% each ramp up, so +50% total at max channel

  • Natural Power Cosmic regeneration is paused while channeling

Additionally, a bug was fixed in which the “micro-beams” were sometimes able to hit the main target. These beams are intended to “swat the flies” away rather than dealing additional damage to a boss or other lone target.


The Power Cosmic Legendary Item has been changed so that users can now gain 1500 damage rating to each damage type instead of allowing a three-damage type hero to gain 3000 total.

Heroes will still receive multiple stacks of +1 to all attributes, one for each damage type that they hit with (up to +3).

Only the raw damage affixes were affected (levels 2-4) to prevent a large disparity with Rogue, who can easily rotate 3 damage types. No other heroes are affected in any way by this change.


Due to unfortunately being omitted last week, Cosmic Prestige XP has been doubled this week and a Gifted Doop Rune will be granted as a free login gift for five days in a row, starting with this patch.


The Queens Intro Zone has been changed to be a single player, more easily navigated instance to prevent new players from becoming lost or confused.

This is one of the many small upgrades we're making to the new player experience to keep things simple and understandable.

We have a high volume of new players to Marvel Heroes - if you would like to suggest adjustments to early parts of the game, please see the thread in the Developer Feedback section of the forums. We've already received solid feedback that has resulted in some planned improvements.

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“Marvel Heroes 2015 is set to expand on everything that made the game successful, while trimming much of the fat in terms of improvements over the core model.”

– Hardcore Gamer

“Comparisons to the Diablo series aren’t lip-service; Marvel Heroes plays exactly like a gamma-irradiated puree of Diablo II and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Real-time mouseclicking combat? Check. Tons of loot? You bet! Crafting? Absolutely. Randomly generated levels and loot drops? Stop it, my nipples are getting hard. Speaking as a fan of both franchises (as well as the Marvel universe in general), my time in the closed beta was nothing short of nerdvana.”

- PC Gamer, May 2013

“Marvel Heroes combines the best of the MMO genre with the best of the Action RPG genre”


“Marvel Heroes is a beautiful game, and an incredibly fun one at that. It also offers a distinct change of pace for gamers who may dig certain aspects of Diablo III, but are looking for a richer overall setting to while away the hours.”

Ten Ton Hammer

About This Game

Marvel Heroes 2015 is the Marvel MMO ARPG that you have been waiting for! Play as Iron Man, Star-Lord, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and many more as they team up to try and stop Doctor Doom from devastating the world with the power of the Cosmic Cube. Marvel Heroes 2015 features a deep leveling system unique to each Super Hero, diverse locations set across the expansive Marvel Universe, a robust crafting system, action-packed player-versus-player (PvP) and much more. Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Action RPG for PC created by David Brevik, the visionary behind Diablo and Diablo 2 with an extensive original story crafted by Marvel super-scribe Brian Michael Bendis.

About the Author: The story of Marvel Heroes 2015 is crafted by comic book super scribe Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, House of M, Secret Invasion, Avengers vs X-Men and many more).

About the Story: The Cosmic Cube is a device of untold power capable of changing the very fabric of reality at the whim of its possessor. The brilliant but malevolent Dr. Doom has the Cube, and with it he aims to reshape the world in his own image. Determined to succeed where the Cube's previous wielders have failed, Doom has lined up villainous allies to prevent the super-heroes from interfering. Can you unravel Doctor Doom's sinister plan and stop him before it's too late?
Marvel Heroes 2015 combines core gameplay elements of Diablo with the expansive library of characters from the Marvel Universe.

Key Features

  • Engage in Action-RPG-style gameplay, but in an MMO world.
  • Team up online with your friends, or play solo.
  • Randomly generated environments are different every time you play.
  • Collect and play as your favorite Marvel Super Heroes including Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Star-Lord, Wolverine, Hulk, Storm, Dr. Strange, and many others.
  • Choose from a list of fan favorites from the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, and every corner of the Marvel Universe.
  • Build your character using a library of spectacular powers appropriate to your hero.
  • Play through hours of story content, or try out many of our other numerous game modes such as X-Defense, Holo-Sim, and more!
  • Marvel Heroes 2015 features the first ever raid in an Action-RPG, gather friends and take on Surtur!
  • Customize your character with a library of costumes from Marvel’s rich history.
  • Summon other heroes to fight along side you with Team-Ups, such as Falcon, Firestar, Drax, Gamora, and Groot.
  • Discover an endless variety of gear to increase your hero's power.
  • Explore the Marvel Universe in a story crafted by comic book super-scribe Brian Michael Bendis.
  • Visit famous locations from the Marvel Universe, from Avengers Tower to Mutant Town to the Savage Land.
  • Smash through hordes of iconic Marvel enemies, such as the dreaded Purifiers and the legions of HYDRA.
  • Face off against dozens of super-villains.
And It's All free-to-play With Marvel Heroes!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64
    • Processor: Core 2 DUO 2.1 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.1 GHZ or better
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 30GB*
    • Video Card: Shader Model 3.0 Compatible with 512MB VRAM (Nvidia 8800 Series, ATI HD3800 Series, Intel HD 3000)

    *30GB is required for installation. After installation, Marvel Heroes will require 15GB of storage.
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit
    • Processor: Current Generation Quad Core (Intel Core i7, Core i5 or AMD FX Series)
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 30GB*
    • Video Card:Discrete video card with 2GB of VRAM (Nvidia GTX 600 or 700 Series, AMD R9 or HD7900 Series)

    *30GB is required for installation. After installation, Marvel Heroes will require 15GB of storage.
    • OS: OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 4GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 30GB*
    • Video Card: Discrete or Onboard GPU with 512MB VRAM (Nvidia 9600m GT, Intel HD 4000)

    *30GB is required for installation. After installation, Marvel Heroes will require 15GB of storage.
    • OS: OSX 10.9 Mavericks
    • Processor: Current Generation Quad Core (Intel Core i7, Core i5, Xeon)
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 30GB*
    • Video Card: Discrete GPU with 2GB of VRAM (Nvidia GTX Series, AMD FirePro Series)

    *30GB is required for installation. After installation, Marvel Heroes will require 15GB of storage.
Helpful customer reviews
61 of 84 people (73%) found this review helpful
19.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 14
Personal Rating: “Worth playing”
Traditional Rating: 8/10
Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Isometric Action Role Playing Game

Marvel Heroes 2015 - the action focused MMO released late last year - is another phoenix born from the ashes of calamity. Just like Squares online magnum opus, Final Fantasy 14, which launched to horrific reviews and incredibly scathing and toxic user experiences all round back in 2010 only to resurface as a critical favorite three years later with A Realm Reborn that now boasts an impressive 2 million subscribers, Gazillion entertainment seems to be taking a leaf out of Square Enix's book by heading back to the drawing board for its online free-to-play aRPG after a not so stellar launch that was bug riddled but also lacking any real merit-able content to make a person want to invest time with it. Most promptly threw it to the sidelines and forgot about it after launch but Gazillion Entertainment seems to have been toiling away listening to suggestions made by the die hard community that stayed behind because what has reemerged is a fun and addictive Diabloesque game set within the Marvel Universe.

Taking on any kind of MMO is no small feat. They often require dedication and patience. Sadly, most are hamstrung by the genres conventions (kill X and fetch me Y, incessant level-grinding to get anywhere – which can get particularly offensive especially in free-2-play MMO’s where users are often bombarded by cash shops selling items to help advance leveling at a quicker pace). I admit I love exploring these living; breathing digital worlds but as I have gotten older and wiser I can’t really say I enjoy playing them. There was a time when all I did was play MMO’s. They literally consumed what playtime I had but as my time got more and more precious I found I started to enjoy more focused, less time consuming games and therefore was rather reluctant to plunge back into these waters. Seems I need not have worried at all because Gazillion Entertainment has crafted a fun, entertaining and incredibly generous free-to-play aRPG that is actually a blast to play and boasts an impressive quality and sheen to it.

While all the super-star heroes are still locked away in pay packages what heroes are available for immediate play are fun and certainly don't dampen the enjoyment that can be had here. On the odd occasions you will get the chance to invite one of the more weighty Marvel stars into your campaign through an in-game currency that is dropped at quite an alarming rate. Granted they do cost a certain amount of this in-game currency but now they are not unattainable in the way that forces you to head for the cash shop or else face grinding until you are blue in the face. Crafting has also been overhauled and is vastly different to any kind of crafting I have come across in other MMO's. Vendors are upgraded by donating excess items which in turn levels them up enabling them to assist you in crafting higher spec'ed items as their portfolio of wares grows. There is also a welcome Omega system addition which is varied enough for end-game level 60 characters. Raids and exclusive end game content that was sorely lacking from the original launch is now also available which allows for ten superheroes to band together to take out the supreme evil in the form of the Norse fire giant Surtur. With more content to be offered in the not so far off future, Marvel Heroes 2015 is poised to enjoy a healthy longevity.

There are still some ♥♥♥♥les though. Skill trees are a bit bland to be honest as there appears to be a lot of repetition of skills across many of the heroes and PVP is still a bit of hit and miss with equipment and gear not visually distinct enough thereby having no impact on your characters appearance whatsoever. Although at the current rate that Gazillion entertainment is spicing things up I imagine it will be just a matter of time before these issues are addressed. Visually and aurally the game looks and sounds great and Marvel Heroes 2015 is just as dynamic and fluid as any of the big hitters in this crowded field. If you enjoy clicking, looting, fast paced action all set within the Marvel universe I can highly recommend you give the game a go - you won't be disappointed.
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31 of 38 people (82%) found this review helpful
712.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 10
I recommend this game IF, and ONLY IF:

1) You bring your own friends.
2) You never contact customer support, or require help or moderation of any kind. At all.
3) You are ok with boutique pricing.

It's a fun game. They do a great job on the heroes. The roster is the highlight of this game, and depth and diversity of roster is what holds the Diablo clone that is Marvel Heroes together. That said, there are thirty-something heroes and maybe one and half heroes worth of content to play through, so there is a lot of repetition. Of course, repetition is the foundation of all video gaming, so, as usual, it's more a matter of finding a form of repetition you enjoy, as opposed to avoiding it, which is virtually impossible.

The main problem here is the community, by which I mean both the devs and the players. The players are the most sycophantic group of white knights I've ever encountered online, which is really saying a lot. You'd think you were playing the game with the dev's spouses, as personally as they take any and all criticism of such a deeply flawed title. And there is a lot of legitimate criticism to be made of a game that was downright terrible a year ago, and still, in its new playable form, remains only one-quarter finished, at the most generous estimate. Mention that fact, or allude to it in any way, and prepare to be made pariah by Marvel's zealot based online community. Worse, you could ask a question, and reveal yourself to be someone who does not comb the Marvel Heroes forums for the information required to play the game. Only a lazy scumbag would expect a game to be explained in-game, without having to go look up patch notes after leaving Steam to sign in at a third party website, and the Marvel community enforces this type of summary judgement with a mixture of glee and zeal that would impress even the most jaded citizens of Ironforge. This is internet tribalism at its finest, and the resulting experience as a player, particularly a new player, is correspondingly atrocious.

The devs and moderators, sadly, are far worse. Whether you're talking about the development team, or the moderators, poor communication is the hallmark of Gazillion Entertainment. Be prepared to do frequent out of game research, simply because the devs can't be bothered explaining even the simplest aspects of play in-game. And pray Yig will help you should you ever require assistance with anything, at any point, because the support department at Gaz certainly isn't going to help you. You will never be a good enough customer to even be treated like a customer, much less a good one.

Which is almost fascinating, because Marvel Heroes can be quite expensive. New heroes cost $4.50, $9, or $13.50, depending (mostly) on how long they've been available. A single new costume for said hero can be anywhere from $4.50 to $14.50. It is painfully easy to spend $500 on this game, and claims of thousands spent are not uncommon. This is boutique pricing straight off Melrose in LA, but the whole thing is run by a group of people whose customer service skills would be considered unprofessional by Orange County swap meet standards. The true marvel here is that Marvel has left their multizillion dollar IP in the hands of people who don't just ignore their customers, but often seem to have a genuine dislike for them.

Don't get me wrong. The game is fun to play.

Just bring your own friends. And be prepared to throw down big money. At a business where the proprietors and other customers will bridge the entire spectrum between pointed disinterest and open hostility.
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0.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 5
Let me start out with saying I have been gaming my whole life and have made countless friends along the way to the point we review games as a team and even go the extra mile in helping out by reporting game bugs, donating kick starters, livestream, Youtubers, Vblogs and many other avenues involving gaming. We made it not only a lifestyle, but some of us our careers as well. So when we find a bad bug it's only proper to report experiences and let you make your own decisions.

First of all, I only downloaded this game and sat at the login screen for a few minutes so I could inform everyone of how horrible Gazillion treats gamers and great supporters alike. Also not intended to sound so much like an activist claim, but you make your own conclusion. This is for those that are not already among the growing and growing in thousands and thousands that know already with increasing boycott against Gazillion games. I will let you hear a true scenario that happened and you make judge for yourself, but I can only explain it as experienced step by step. You may or may not have experienced something similar, but I did so take it as you will.

NOTE: This is coming from someone who was so influenced by the game to start a new livestream outside of his other streams to help promote the game even at its worst times since the beginning until this horrible experience transpired...
Step by Step after playing for quite a while and already being a great helper and supporter of the game and community...

1. Your account gets hacked and the account stealer acts in a way that is similar to you to trick some people into think they are you. (Only guess is someone that I went on a few runs that went sower or just a very lucky trickster)

2. CHAT = bash gays in open chat and I won't state what they stated was said, but it's something no one really says.

3. You come home and try to login and find your account has been suspended.

4. You ask "what is going on?" Along with the expected "Why can’t I play my account?" and "Have I been hacked or stolen?"

5. They respond: "You were in violation of the TOS… on such a date and time!"

6. Response: "But I was not even home." (Note I was at an event with over 200 witnesses that could back my claim)

7. I pleaded my case and not just because I spent a bunch of money on the game and tried to livestream it a bit to freely promote the game and help out the best way I could, (even at its worst times since the beginning version before this newly revised version).

8. They responded after I told them I was not even home and could prove it, "We know it was you and you are not avoiding this suspension." ...This in my opinion is Nazi Tactics 101... Shutting out proof of right and wrong to keep your belief strong. = So they closed the door on my proof I had at the time that proved I was not even behind the controls and could never have been. Score 1-0 for the hacker of my account.

9. So I ask... "Does suspension mean I will be able to play once again?"

10. They respond: "After the suspension time is over you will be able to play once again."

11. Suspension ended so I logged in and also logged into the forums while I was starting my new stream channel. NOTE: I only played when I streamed it... So that night why was I not streaming as well?

12. I was active on forums and have all positive public ratings and 0 reports and 0 disagrees. (So I was very helpful) and saw that I was officially banned for life for my linked forums account; which obviously had nothing to do with the in-game TOS violation.

13. So this is step by step of the experience, but as a cherry on top, they not only banned me, but I used my personal credit card to have giveaways for players in-game and 2 I found out were local and eventually overtime we met up and played some Marvel together before this situation even transpired at my home and sometimes their place (like a LAN party). BOTH OF THEIR ACCOUNTS WERE BANNED as well with no questions even asked, just instantly banned along with mine. One thing I would love to know is was it based off of my credit card given then gifts were from my name and thought it was another one of my own accounts? ...Or my IP used improperly. (which they actually need a judgment by law to be able to use in such a case involving this type of punishment, even though it's readily available for them there is still proper legal steps; especially involving more than one party) and why were they suspended and banned from forums for life as well....?

All in all, I love Marvel related games, comics and products, but I hate the company and their treatment of people who were obviously just trying to have fun or in my case freely promoting and supporting with some money spent for not only me but others. You can troll this and/or make your own judgment, but this is the truth step-by-step as experienced. I started gaming at a very young age, but over the course of 27 gaming years later I have never once experienced anything close to this. Tarnished record? Hell no because this company is a Fraud. They are all about the money and will try to stomp even their once striving-most and greatest supporter's heads into the ground in attaining it. My team and I will just move on and continue what we do best and support gaming from all avenues but Gazillion's and freely promote to possibly help other company's make needed money to grow, but most importantly allow gamers to have fun gaming!

I won't be checking back or viewing comments on this. This is just a truth statement to help other gamers out there to decide if this game based on the company is really worth their investment of not only money, but time... Good luck in your decision and hope you never have this experience stated.

Gamer/Streamer/YouTuber/Vblogger for life, but Gazillion anything = NEVER AGAIN!
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1,392.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
Despite the urgings of what seems to be a great many of the other reviews here I've quite enjoyed Marvel Heroes. It's gameplay is fun, lots of flashy effects, high damage numbers, having to dodge and kite and most of the heroes have their own interesting little gimmick / mechanics. The atmosphere is awesome, bringing the marvel universe together in a convenient diablo-like world with 'acts' represented as chapters and all the big bads you could want from Shocker to Doctor Doom. The loot, rather important in an ARPG is done in a way that rewards players for time spent, with small thnigs like relics that drop atleast once every 3-5min that stack upto 1000, giving you slow progression to artifacts and uniques that are boss-only and are invaluably important to getting your character to late-game viability.

Lategame in Marvel Heroes is basically an externsion of the story mode with easy/medium/hard/intense/oh god difficulties for players to work their way through - from fighting bosses on 'easy' in Green terminals, to Cosmic terminals where Doctor Doom will show you the meaning behind his name, Holo-Sim waves defending virtual civillians, or defending Xavier Schools students from invaders in X-Defense - to now even being able to raid - Marvel Heroes has most players needs covered. I think the later game still has potential to be worked on, and imporved - but as it stands I do enjoy it.

It IS F2P, anything you can get in the store is either - avaialable pretty easily, or purely cosmetic - such as costumes. The only exception being Stash Tabs - which you will not need until you're entering the lategame stage of Marvel Heroes, and by that time you've spent towards 30-40hours on the game, and I'd say that's about fair. Every F2P ARPG at this point in time charges extra for additional stash tabs - I don't think it should be this way but I do think it's one of those things that won't be going away so it's kind of pointless to argue about it.

Updates - Holy hell, the updates. When I first played this game at launch it was a horrible mess, and hardly worth 20minutes of my time, coming back to it later I fell in love! Everyone week or so a new event comes around, or a new rebalance, new content, or another Hero for everyone to sink their creative teeth into - and that's one of the best parts about Marvel Heroes to me, the constant Developer discussions, interaction, compromise and updates that make the game a delight to keep playing.

All in all I think Marvel Heroes is currently one of the best ARPG's on the market in my opinion, That said everything boils down to ones preference, as such I recommend you try it, rather than read reviews! It's free, if you don't like it, delete and complain about it over VOIP for 20minutes and move on - that's how we gauge F2P's now-a-days anyhow :D
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
225.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 18
Fan of the Diablo series? Fan of Marvel Comics? If you're both, then this game is for you. If you love Marvel but haven't played Diablo or any similar games (Torchlight, Titan Quest, etc), then you'll probably find a lot of good stuff in here too.

Free to play action-rpg, with many, many different characters to play. Your first character is free, you can buy any other characters with real money, as well as their costumes (which there are a LOT). But if you're not into spending money, you can collect items (Eternity Splinters) and purchase characters with thouse, either as a Random Hero Box where you might get a character you already have but costs the least amount of splinters, or you can get the character directly.

You can easily play the game for a long time without spending a dollar. I've spend 10 bucks across 150 hours of gameplay, and I have 7 characters.

The game is constantly being updated/patched, and new characters/costumes/items are being added all the time. A character you have might not be fun to play, but down the line it might get reviewed and be fun as hell afterwards.

Max character level is 60, and every character you get to 60 gives you an EXP boost across all other characters you have. And you'll generally get enough splinters for a random hero by the time you get one character to 60, so you'll have a chance to start working on a new one immediately. Or you can join a Supergroup (Clan/Guild), do raids, farm items, make your level 60 a total badass.

So yeah, if you're looking for a fun as hall ARPG, this is a great game. It's not perfect, but it's much better than it was beck when it originally came out, before the MH2015 rebranding. So give it a shot, blow up dudes with your mind powers or laser eyes, or just punch them with your rock fists.
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
665.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 5
Remember when you would spend countless hrs grinding in Diablo? Well, it's all here, just using your favorite, and some lesser known, Marvel Heroes! Now for a closer Diablo-esk like experience I would send ya to Path of Exile, or maybe Grim Dawn; these you will find your familiar warrior type classes. As for Marvel Heroes, you get to be a SUPER! Now, I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to have lazers to shoot outa my eyes, especially in traffic! haha! Why do I like it? F2P is one, and the other is a really good comic book storyline.
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
100.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 7
Marvel Heroes 2015 is essentially MMOlite-Diablo with a Marvel coat of paint. If you like fighting tons of mobs, picking up endless amounts of loot off the ground, and clicking the screen like a madman, then this is a game you should try.

Now, I'll start with the negatives before I get to the positives...


F2P Model/Eternity Splinters/Cash Shop: It's free right? What could posibly be wrong with that? Well, if you love Iron Man, Spider-Man, or some of the other heavy hitters don't expect to be able to play as them right away, unless you pay. When you start the game you can pick your first hero from a limited roster. When I first started, this roster included Storm, Daredevil, The Punisher, Captain America, Rocket Racoon, and a few others. Definitely not bad choices, but it's lacking in some of the more "popular" heroes.

You can "earn" other heroes by cashing in Eternity Splinters. Think of them as a form of F2P currency. You get 200 from beating the story (and this is a one time deal...its per account, not per character/hero), and have to earn the rest by defeating mobs. They drop at a rate of about 1 per 7 minutes of gameplay. That's not too bad, but heroes cost 200,400,or 600 ES each (Spidey and Stark? Yep, 600 each). Do the will take you a LONG time to get anything without having to spend money. Certainly doable, but if your favorite hero isn't in the starting roster then you'll need to play for awhile before you can get him/her. To put things in perspective, I had roughly 400 ES after leveling my first hero to 60 (max level)...I think that was 25-30 hours in, give or take.

Costumes must be purchased (I believe they can act as rare drops but they are EXTREMELY's like winning the lottery). If you don't like your hero's default look, then tough luck.....fork over $7-$10 for a costume. Since this is cosmetic it doesn't impact the gameplay at all, but the asking price is a bit steep.

Storage/Stash: Extra storage space is behind a pay-wall. You get your hero's inventory space (it is shared between heroes, so expect it to fill up rather fast) and one additional stash tab. If you want to add more, you'll have to pay up. Unfortunately, the extra space is kind of necessary if you want to be a little serious about crafting/gearing.

Gameplay: It's Diablo, but you can be a raccoon with a minigun and a talking tree for a best friend. Need I say more?

Story/Campaign: The story is interesting and well written and the voice acting is solid for the most part. There are motion comic cutscenes every now and then to keep things moving.

Leveling/Powers: The power trees of the heroes are varied and interesting, and are faithful to each hero. Some heroes are still undergoing a Level 52 review. When the game was first release in 2013, heroes unlocked their last skill at lvl 30. Since the rebranding, power trees have expanded and the last skill unlocks at lvl 52. Heroes that still fall under the old system are periodically getting their power trees rebalanced/expanded to fit in with the new 52 lvl scheme.

End Game Content: There are a few one off story missions, and some horde/free roam modes where you can grind for loot. There is also a WoW style raid, but as I'm nowhere geared for that I haven't even attempted it yet. From what I've experienced, it's been enjoyable so far.

Events: Every week there's usually a server-wide event in the game. This means you have the opportunity to collect special items/gear and may even get some bonus XP boosts.

Updates: New heroes (and a few anti-heroes....Venom, I'm looking at you) are being added roughly once per month. Now this could be seen as a con since it just adds more to the cash shop, but personally I like the new additions.

Now, why am I recommending this? Those cons I mentioned were kind of bad, right?

Simply put the game is fun. If you strictly want to go F2P then you'll definitely find yourself limited in certain areas.If you don't care and only want to stick to your starter hero and maybe one or two extra ones, then this really isn't a huge concern.
If you're like me, you'll play for a bit then drop some $ for your favorite hero and a stash tab or two and then won't spend any money again.

I've been burned by games before and I had to pay $50-$60 for them. At least here, you can decide whather or not the game is worthy of a financial investment. If you do decide to throw some money at it, just be mindful....things can get INSANELY expensive if you arent careful. You have nothing to lose since it's free. Give it a try...if you like it, great....if not, then uninstall and move on.

And did I mention the space raccoon with a minigun? I did? Good, try Rocket...he's awesome.
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Posted: October 5
Diablo on steroids, with Marvel characters...I only wish I had a better computer to run it on, and more time to play.
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Posted: October 8
Being a very very very picky gamer, I actually love this game. I used to play Dream of Mirror Online. I like anime/cartoon style games and this satisfies my taste fully. I'm especially a Marvel fan, growing up with every action figure known to exist and collecting comics and really love that this game brings heroes and villains that I haven't seen in years to life!!

It may sound uber geek, but when I first fought Mr. Sinister, I think I may have yelped like, "oh snap, I had him as a toy when I was a kid!" Now next to nostalgic reasons for playing this game, I'll list below the reasons why I actually love the gameplay and content.

This game doesn't have a really tough grind to level up to 60 scale. It's fairly easy but fun in the process as you learn so many mechanics that are built into the game. From designing the build that best suits the skills you like to use, to hunting for unique items and skill combinations that work best. It's a great game.

As far as content is concerned, there has been a weekly event each week I've played so far and the release of new Heroes and Teamup Heroes. The devs at Gazillion are putting forth effort to revise characters that may need a review suggested by players of the game from what I can tell. It's very well balanced and has many different angles to play the game which keeps it fresh.

The characters in the game are many, which is great and once you level up to 60 you can Prestige your character up to Prestige 6. The more heroes you bring up to 60 the bigger experience bonuses you get to help level other heroes you get.

It's not a pay to win game as anything in the game can be purchased by playing the game and saving up. I willingly purchased inventory space and a costume because I found one of my favorite characters to play with, Dr. Strange!!

All in all, I suggest giving this game a shot as the community is very helpful and fun to chat with. This is by far the best game I've played in a long time and so much to learn and do in the game, I can't seem to put it down and do homework! lol Again the community freakin' rocks!! So yea I'm not sure about other reviews and they're gripe with the game but the ones that play and are in-game love it.

Try it for yourself and make your own educated decision :)
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Posted: October 28
I casually play Marvel Heroes off and on. I am no where near experienced as some of my friends who have one of everything at 60. However, I have Psylocke at 60, Rogue at 35, and Scarlet Witch at 45. The game is very enjoyable might you play 24/7 or off and on like I do.

The cash shop is fair - which is rare in the Free-to-Play market lately! I say give it a try and see if it's something you might enjoy.
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Posted: October 5
Its Awesome Game to play if you are a true marvel fan or not!
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Posted: October 18
I haven't played the pc game, which is this one, that much yet but it seems fun so far. cx
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Posted: October 18
Not bad......
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Posted: October 18
The quick and dirty of it is that Marvel Heroes 2015 is a "Diablo clone" with MMO style hooks. Also being free to play means you won't have access to most of the playable heroes/villains unless you pony up some serious cash. There are sales frequently, but it still costs at least $8+ per character and skins cost money as well.

The graphics are decent, the gameplay is solid, and most characters have meaningful differences. Unlike most Marvel video games, I actually feel like the characters I have played actually feel like decent representations of their comic counterparts.

The free to play hooks can be annoying (multiple currencies, grind, etc) but you do get to choose a free hero when you login the game for the first time. I recommend this game, just remember the free to play stuff might be far too much for some people. Throw $20 the game's way for a character or two (that you actually want to play), and maybe a skin, and you'll be just fine.
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Posted: October 19
In a nutshell, this is Diablo, but with Marvel superheroes. My review in a nutshell: it's a free game, so download it and take it for a spin. It's really, really fun in the short term, but likely not in the long term.

I found out about this game around the time I was looking for an alternative to Diablo III, which was plagued by both frustrating, unbalanced difficulty and (worse yet) a hostile and arrogant developer base that constantly found new and fresh ways to nerf players. When Marvel Heroes launched, it pretty much had the same issues, with numerous bugs on top of that, but eventually the lead developer stepped into the forums and told us they were going to overhaul the game. And they were wildly successful. Comparing the game at launch to the game at the end of 2013 is like comparing a dying firefly to the sun.

2014 saw Doomsaw, the lead developer, begin reneging on his anti-nerf stance and, worse, begin underhandedly silencing anyone who voiced their opinions against him. The people in that compiled screenshot were far from disrespectful and it became clear Doomsaw was basically going on a power trip. Doomsaw's philosophy is to make heroes with high damage output but really terrible survivability. An example is when people pointed out that melee heroes couldn't survive a boss affix that summoned high-damage area-of-effect around them, whereas ranged heroes could just run away and still attack. The developers' response was to implement the Missile Reflect affix because clearly, the problem wasn't that melee survivability was in the toilet; the problem was that ranged heroes were surviving too much.

The second thing really hindering this game is its lack of longevity. The main draw is to level new heroes, which is great if you've got a particular hero you want to play as, but after a couple of iterations of (1) complete the story 3 times, (2) level up using legendary quests, and (3) hunt for gear, the game becomes stale really fast. I leveled 13 heroes and the only thing keeping me going was that I have an OCD-level aversion toward leaving something unfinished. Don't get me wrong – new heroes come out frequently and their artwork and powers are absolutely superb, but this doesn't really give the game longevity.

The game's free, and the first hero or 2 is amazingly fun. Download it, play through the story, and experience the different modes (Midtown Patrol is my favorite one). You'll have a blast for a month or two. Avoid the forums, and move on afterwards.
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Posted: October 19
I Love this game my account access is now working. Happy to have not lost my account.
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Posted: October 16
Very fun, enjoyable on own, but very fun if you have a team, only thing annoying is that it takes long to save up for a new superhero, but apart from that, everything is fun
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Posted: October 6
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Posted: October 14
what can I say, I have always wanted to jump into the tights of spider-man, now i get to do just that. I was a bit disapointed with the the dioblo style of play at first, but I got over that real quick, after get my first venom medal. i love this game. the only real gripe i have is the lack of inventory slots. there should be an in game way to earn them, instead of having to pay $5.00 every time i need slots
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Posted: October 15
really good game i love useing captain america!!!
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