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Open your mind and discover your power as you explore the world of Spectromancer! A turn-based online fantasy card game, co-designed by Magic: The Gathering's Richard Garfield and Alexey Stankevich, creator of Astral Tournament and Astral Masters, Spectromancer allows players to participate in a magical duel against other mages by...
發售日: 2008年10月15日
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“This game has more to offer than it first appears once you get a grasp on the basic mechanics you find yourself becoming more engaged and wanting to progress further making it a great card game.”
8/10 – GDN

“The lack of deck customization may scare off a few veteran players, but at the same time, it brings a new level of strategy to the game.”
90/100 – Game Vortex

“Spectromancer might not be the best-looking game on PC, and it might not have the best bells and whistles of games that came out in the last 10 years; the one thing that it does have is amazingly fun and deep gameplay.”
8/10 – MyGamer


Open your mind and discover your power as you explore the world of Spectromancer! A turn-based online fantasy card game, co-designed by Magic: The Gathering's Richard Garfield and Alexey Stankevich, creator of Astral Tournament and Astral Masters, Spectromancer allows players to participate in a magical duel against other mages by strategically summoning creatures and casting spells.
Play as one of six powerful types of wizards and take on the corrupt council of magic and its innumerable minions. Each mage uses five magical elements during a duel - Fire, Water, Air, Earth and a fifth related to the specific mage type. Using one of six mage types in the game, Clerics, Mechanicians, Necromancers, Chaosmasters, Dominators and Illusionists, players duel against the computer or against other online players live. By adding new spells and new allies to your side, players will open new strategic options to master.
Spectromancer provides a varied pallet of foes and environments that force players to watch every turn of a card. Each player takes on a journey of discovery reflected in the tricks they master as a player, with the challenges increasing in multi-player, Spectromancer pits players against hundreds of challenges of amazing tactical depth.
  • Co-designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering
  • A turn-based strategy game with an elegant interface and great depth
  • Wide variety of spells and mages gives nearly endless replay value
  • Multiple levels of difficulty to provide player of all skill levels a challenge
  • Play as one of six different types of mages, each with unique spells and strategies
  • Pit yourself against players from around the world in multi-player play
  • Build your character's spells and abilities over time in the extensive campaign


    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processor: P3 class or faster
    • Memory: 128 MB
    • Graphics: GeForce-2 class or faster with 32+ MB RAM, 1024x768 screen resolution
    • DirectX Version: DirectX 8
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB
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This was a random buy for me. Glad I got it. Its a battle card game a'la Magic the Gathering. Good enough for a couple of playthroughs, even if the story line made little sense to me. Fun game. 8/10
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Pretty solid CCG that has a noticably different game flow than other games like MTG. Maybe a bit simpler or more streamlined? Not an especially deep campaign plotline, but you can't really expect a novel. Several noticable typos but I think if they haven't fixed it by now they'll never go back to fix them.

Take care not to buy certain outdated DLC they offer on Steam because you'd just be wasting money.
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For the card game lover.

Not as good as Hearthstone, but a decent enough online card dueling game.
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Very fun! Should still be receiving updates, but isn't :(
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Truly outstanding game, and in my personal oppinion, one of the best card games out there,
better than Solforge, Infinity Wars, Duel of Champions and Magic the Gathering (!), and only beaten by Scrolls, which feels like the next step of evolution.
A game that combines nice graphics and sounds with an extremely well idea, balancing, community, cost-benefit ratio and AI, and furthermore, is very well developed, bug free and perfectly balanced.
I have played this game for years, many hundreds of hours, long before it was released on steam, and still love to observers skilled players.

At the start of the game, each player gets a deck of 20 random cards, 4 cards for each of 4 elements and 4 cards of a specific, chooseable class. Each turn, a player gets one mana for each card block, and can use it to sumon a creature in one of 6 different fields, or cast a spell. After that, the turn ends, and each creature automatically attacks the opposing creature, or, if the opposing field is empty, the opponent.
And as simple as that may sound: this is one of the most demanding games i have ever played. You will need to think several turns ahead and overthink many opportunities each turn, to become a good player and achieve a high ranking.
Still, it is very entertaining and motivating, never gets boring and combines lots of content for a small price.

If you like card games, you cant do anything wrong with this game
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First off, buy the BASE GAME + the GATHERING OF POWER expansion. It includes all the features and content of the other two DLCs and it's a very naughty move on part of the developers to still sell the older two expansions on Steam, potentially making you pay $30 to buy all the expansion content, when you can be buying it for $10.

With this unpleasant situation out of the way and despite it, I still highly recommend the game. It is co-developed by Richard Garfield of Magic: The Gathering and Netrunner fame. The game uses many concepts similar to MTG but is presented in a more casual framework. The major differences from MTG are: a) no card draw or deck but a set of semi-random given cards that don't 'run out' and are always available to cast if you have the mana, b) slot-based battlefield with two lines of 6 slots in which players summon creatures.

Spectromancer is far easier to pick up and play compared to MTG. As there is no deck building, gameplay offers more limited options but the game livens things up with its unique class system, with each class getting its separate set of cards. Creature interplay is far more important and summoning order and spell support often require as much strategy as a game of MTG.

Multiplayer, a very big factor for Spectromancer's appeal, is still alive and well, with available players at all times and lots of replayability given the large number of classes available.