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Welcome to Dead Island: Epidemic!

The game is currently in closed beta and fully-functional. You’ll find that we're already offering a polished & solid experience that's a ton of fun, however due to the nature of it being in beta please be aware that there may still be some bugs (help us catch 'em all!) and unfinished features. FYI: The zombie A.I is not a bug though, they're supposed to be a bit brainless - it's in their nature.
There is no better way to gain valuable feedback and concrete suggestions than by allowing you guys to actually jump in and have at it so we decided that Steam Early Access is the best way for us to achieve this - just jump in, tear those zombies a new one (or two!) and we'll take care of the rest - or better yet, drop us a line and give us your feedback, we'd really appreciate it!
The Early Access Starter packs that we are currently offering are intended for those who want to get into the zombie bashing early and to help us shape the future of the game. They also of course offer players a great starting kit and will grant a few nice exclusive perks - both right away, and when the game hits official open beta and later again at the full launch.
We're continually working on adding new features & content and we’ll be constantly working on balancing and of course improving gameplay based on your feedback - along the way we’ll be intently listening to your suggestions, criticisms and as always: ideas for EVEN MOAR INSANE WEAPONS!
We’re super glad if you decide to join us at this stage and we'll be happy to welcome you to the island!”
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Paket som innehåller detta spel

Köp Dead Island: Epidemic - Patient Zero Pack

Innehåller 2 saker: Dead Island: Epidemic, Dead Island: Epidemic - Patient Zero Pack

Köp Dead Island: Epidemic - DEADicated Pack

Innehåller 2 saker: Dead Island: Epidemic, Dead Island: Epidemic - DEADicated Pack

Köp Dead Island: Epidemic - Contagion Pack

Innehåller 2 saker: Dead Island: Epidemic, Dead Island: Epidemic - Contagion Pack

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Patch notes v0.51

1 september

  • Overhead dodge cooldown now displayed as default
  • You can now continue to use the in-game chat during the End game sequence/scoreboard in Scavenger Hunt
  • Base turrets now generate health over time

Reward Screen Improvements
  • Particles and 3D objects added to reward screen to improve the overall look and feel after a match
  • Flow of the reward screen improved

Primary Attack
  • Casttime reduced to 0.75s from 1s
  • Damage reduced to 110% from 135%
  • Range reduced by ~10%
  • Castbar is now displayed when firing
Secondary Attack
  • Casttime increased to 0.75 from 0.6
  • Damage increased from 70/100/130 to 90/130/170
  • Now deals reduced damage for each pierced enemy instead of limiting the number of pierced targets
  • Damage is reduced by 30% for each pierced target

Armored Amber
  • Improved the tooltip
  • Augmentation 1 - Field Medic
    • Now boosts allies power by 10%, down from 15%.
Panic Shot
  • Augmentation 1 - Exhausting Bullet
    • Weaken factor is now 33%, down from 50%
    • Duration of weaken is now 4s, down from 5s.

Armored Berg
  • Toss Ability replaced by Brutal Swing
  • A cone attack that does damage and knocks the primary target into the air, who takes additional damage upon landing.
  • Augmentation 1 - Disorienting Impact
    • Inflicts Dizzy when the target lands. Dizzy causes the target to miss 33% of its melee and ranged attacks for the next 4s
  • Augmentation 2 - Intercept
    • Striking an enemy with Brutal Swing reduces the current cooldown of Tackle by 6s

Armored Bryce
  • First dash now pierces Walkers
  • Improved flow between 2nd and 3rd strike by reducing time between them from 0.3s to 0.15s
  • Improved flow by allowing to move while casting
  • Fixed a bug where you could change mouse position to opposite of the hooked wall making Bryce jump away from the wall instead of to it
  • Deflect (renamed into Counter)
  • You can now move while Counter is active but not attack.
  • Augmentation 1 - Combat Technique
    • Rage generation for each attack up to 0.5 from 0.33.
  • Augmentation 2 - Maneuver (replacing Smoke)
    • At the end of Counter, you execute a special maneuver that damages and cripples surrounding enemies, damaging for 75% and crippling for 1 s.

Armored Isys
Sentry Gun
  • Cast/Upgrade time down to 2s from 2.4s
  • Sentry Gun projectile range increased by ~14%
Nitrogen Cap
  • Added a channelling bar

Mutated Amber
  • Immaterial duration increased to 1s from 0.5s
  • Bonus damage increased to 70/80/90/120 from 50/60/70/100
  • Casttime down to 0.1s from 0.2s
  • Preparation no longer breaks conceal
  • Now ignores global cooldown
  • Now increases damage done by 20% for 8s
  • Stalker augmentation no longer increases damage output but increases movement speed by 25%
Poison Sting
  • Area increased to 26 from 13
  • First Augmentation Reworked - Deadly Reaction
    • Damage Mutated Amber deals to the target after the poison has exploded is increased by 25% for the next 4s.

Mutated Berg
  • Improved tooltip

Mutated Bryce
Slithering Vein
  • Improved tooltip
Spore Cloud
  • Added general slow visuals

Mutated Isys
  • Now deals 50% piercing damage to Walkers passed through
  • Added general slow visuals

Survivor Berg
Leaf Shield
  • The HP of the shield is now 200/220/240/300%, down from 220/240/260/320%.
  • Forceful now increases damage output by 10%, down from 15%.

Survivor Bryce
Duck Hunt
  • Fixed a bug that caused the slow effect to not always trigger

Survivor Isys
  • Added "Miss" scrolling combat text for attackers who misses attacks on her
Combat Reflexes
  • Duration reduced to 2s from 4s
Kicking Spree
  • Damage reduction when kicking the same target increased to 20% from 15%
  • Distance when looking for a new target reduced to 50 from 60

Rocket Man
  • Cooldown increased to 14s from 12s
  • Distance reduced to 70 from 80
  • Riot Foam
    • Dripping
      • The duration of the Burn effect caused from igniting the Riot Foam has been reduced to 1s from 3.5s.
      • Total damage dealt by the burning has been reduced to 50% from 100%.

Flicker - Weapon Expertise
  • Chance to generate Sparks down to 20% from 35%
Electric Lash
  • Shocklash augmentation no longer consumes sparks
  • Shocklash damage per spark down from 10% to 7%
EMP Field
  • Drawing Energy
  • Stacks generated down to 2 from 3
Static Discharge
  • Changed to toggle cast ability instead of forced smart cast
  • Projectiles are now faster, longer and pierces Walkers
Sparkly augmentation
  • Now cripple independent of amount of sparks consumed
  • Cripple duration down to 1.5s from 2.1s
Connective Swap
  • Target damage down from 300% to 80%
  • Added explosions around Voltage and swapped target after finished swap dealing 260% area damage (swapped target is unaffected)

Toxic Spread
  • Now uses general silence visuals instead of a unique
    • Trigger chance is now 10%, down from 15%
    • Stun duration is now 1s, down from 1.2s.

  • Crafting Popup improvements.
  • Boost Popup tweaks/fixes to flow. Added Level Up popup when acquiring a new level.
  • Voltage crib animation updated

Massive Ram
  • Fixed a bug which let the Massive Ram punch players who are temporarily immune to attacks (like Wanta in Spirit Form).

  • Replaced the gold, silver and bronze stars awarded after a Horde mission with gold, silver and bronze cups.
  • Added reward screen sound effects when receiving items.

  • Only the latest 50 replays are now saved, if any more matches are played, the oldest replay will automatically be deleted

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The Dead Island: Epidemic Early Access has begun!

19 maj

The Dead Island: Epidemic Early Access has begun!

The Early Access Starter Packs are intended for those who want to get into the closed beta zombie bashing early and shape the future of the game with us*.
Support our game and jumpstart the outbreak! Get instant access to all Survivor characters, ingame currency, ingame resources, boosters, and a load of weapons!

*You can of course sign up with a chance to get access to the closed beta on our website: http://www.deadislandepidemic.com/

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Be One of the First to Play!

Get instant access by purchasing one of our Early Access Starter Packs or sign up now at www.playdie.net for your chance to be one of the first to play Epidemic!

Already have access? Then hop into our forums at www.playdie.net/community/ with your forum key for all the latest information on the game. Your forum key will pop up when you launch the game for the first time, you can also retrieve it at any time under the “CD Key” tab in your Steam Library.

Om spelet

World’s First ZOMBA
Dead Island: Epidemic is a fast-paced action game where players will duke it out over supply points, using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork.

Key Features

You have direct control over your hero. No Last Hitting, mouse-click-to-move nonsense here - it’s you, good ol’ WASD, and your trigger finger, making it easy to hop in, no muss, no fuss.
No idea what any of that means? No problem. All you need to know is that you need to point your crosshairs towards anyone and anything not on your team!

Team up with 3 other survivors and take on the zombie menace together in PvE co-op horde mode, or take the fight to other players in the unique three-team "PvPvPvE" Scavenger mode where you'll battle it out in a competition to grab supplies, hold key points, outsmart the competition and blast through hordes of zombies.

Featuring a constantly expanding and varied roster of unlikely heroes with unique skills, Dead Island Epidemic offers you a host of play styles whether you like your action up close and personal, at range or through supporting your teammates. Each character has an array of skills with which to wreak havoc - use these strategically in order to inflict maximum punishment on both the undead and those you want to be dead.

Fan favourite Weapon Crafting is here from Dead Island, helping you get the edge (pun intended) on the competition and build an arsenal from hundreds of insane weapons to suit your playstyle! Featuring progressively more powerful and insane weapons in multiple tiers: From crudely crafted Spikey Planks to Electrified Double Spinning Sawblade Swords and literally everything in between: what’s better than a chainsaw for dispatching the undead horde? Well, how about a FLAMING CHAINSAW? Everyone knows machetes are cool, but DOUBLE FLAMING MACHETE GLOVES are better!
Whatever your chosen character, style of play and mental disposition - there’s a weapon for every occasion.


    • OS: Windows 7 SP1
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or Radeon HD 3870
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Provisional - subject to changes. 1024x764 minimum display resolution is required.
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Provisional - subject to changes. 1024x764 minimum display resolution is required.
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31.9 timmar totalt
Early Access-recension
Fun :)
Upplagd: 24 april
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2 av 7 personer (29%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
4.1 timmar totalt
Early Access-recension
its ok game, not so good :D
Upplagd: 25 april
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5 av 16 personer (31%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.2 timmar totalt
Early Access-recension
this is an awesome game
Upplagd: 9 maj
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934 av 1,187 personer (79%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
38.5 timmar totalt
Early Access-recension
Update (August 12, 2014):
Here are the pros and cons that I found in the game last time that I played (May 19):
+ 12+ characters available that evolves by leveling them up. You gain additional effects on your skills by leveling them up.
+ Scavenger mode concept is original: 3 teams of 4 players each racing to see who fills their truck first, the map filled with zombies and bosses that gives extra supplies.
+ Coop mode for a team of 4 players. Heroic mode for the hardcore coop players.
+ WASD controls over your character.
+ Can be enjoyable with a friend.

- It needs more map variety, last time that I played there were 3 maps in coop and 3 maps in scavenger at least.
- It can get repetitive. You have to grind in the game to level up.
- Premium Membership services with periodical payment for advantages when the game gets to open beta.
- If someone abandons in Scavenger mode, you can't call for a substitute.
- No known penalty system for abandoners/ragequitters in Scavenger mode as far as I know.
- The game is difficult to enjoy when playing alone with strangers.

The game is good, but can be better. If you have friends you can try this game with them. If you're on your own then try to get a chance to play the game without buying any package or wait for the open beta to get live if you feel curious about it.

I can't recomend the game myself: I haven't played it since my first review and I don't plan to play it at the moment. I hope that my Pros and Cons helps you.

Important (July 26, 2014):
The main reason that I don't recommend the game is due that the Premium Membership will require periodical payment to keep that status and its advantages: sales in the in-game shop, extra xp and gear points while playing; and receiving weekly xp and gear points even when you don't play the game. If you got any of the packages you keep the other stuff forever (like the special name, the exclusive character and the weapons), but the Premium Membership benefits are temporary.

What I'm against is the Premium Membership periodical payment method where it works like this: if you keep paying, you keep getting the advantages, and if you stop paying, then end of benefits when it expires untill you decide to pay again.

If it were stuff like the packages excluding the Premium Membership it would be ok in my opinion, or even a single-payment for permanent Premium. I strongly disagree about paying for temporary benefits to get in the Premium Membership.

The game can be enjoyable if you play it with friends.

FYI: Premium Membership will come live once it hits open Beta.

[Original Review]

I did enjoy the game, untill the developers decided to put Premium Membership Benefits (see Deadicated and Contagious packs) that will hit in the open beta. They turned this good game of "Dota 2 with Zombies" into another pay 2 win game: if you don't pay, then you'll have to grind for many hours and you can't access an exclusive character.

GG Stunlock, it was a good concept.

Update (June 27, 2014):
Being pay 2 win or not, the giant advantage for premium members is still there: they get 40k GP weekly without even playing the game amongst other advantages. Without the premium advantage, you have to play for at least 10 hours aproximately (and depending on skill) to get that amount of GP.

Matchmaking in Scavenger mode is not balanced as some people have commented: there's nothing for the game to measure how good the player is and with who should be paired (not like in Chess or Dota 2).
There's no matchmaking mode for the lone wolfs (aka single players without a party) and people that abandon matches in Scavenger are not punished as far as I know - it says that the player left and that's it.
You can't ask for a substitute in any of the modes in the middle of the game, only the players that have left can rejoin.

I haven't touch the game since May 19th, 2014. The review may get outdated at any given point due to the game updates.
Upplagd: 19 maj
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Early Access-recension
Upplagd: 22 april
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Early Access-recension
Its a really nice game, its like the original but from above and the grapichs are quite nice aswell. Should try it out u will like it if you like zombie games :D
Upplagd: 23 februari
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