Dead Island: Epidemic is a multiplayer action hack & slash arena where players duke it out over supply points using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork. And yeah, we've got zombies too - so there's that.
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注: この早期アクセスゲームは不完全であり、これから変わることも、変わらないこともありえます。現時点でこのゲームをプレイしても満足に遊べない場合は、 ゲームの開発が更に進捗するまで待ってみる必要があるかもしれません。 詳細はこちら



“There is no better way to gain valuable feedback and concrete suggestions than by allowing you guys to actually jump in and have at it so we decided that Steam Early Access is the best way for us to achieve this - just jump in, tear those zombies a new one (or two!) and we'll take care of the rest - or better yet, drop us a line and give us your feedback, we'd really appreciate it!”


“We've just hit open beta and we hope to be out of Early Access early next year.”


“As we've done so far we will continue to take your feedback and improve on the game, adding new features & modes that we see you guys will enjoy! We'll be re-balancing characters & weapons as we progress too, to make sure its the fairest experience with everyone.”


“The game has just moved into Open Beta, bringing with it the first iteration of our brand new PvE mode: Crossroads which sees you and a three team mates set up camp in the morning and carry out four different randomly generated missions over the course of a day on ever changing maps. The missions range from freeing trapped survivors, gathering supplies, to fighting off hordes of zombies, defeating bosses and more.

Crossroads also awards and tracks your performance and scales the difficulty of the next mission accordingly. We've thrown some new zombie types into the mix as well and have added an all new zombie attribute system - from ranged damage resistance to faster running, harder hitting zombies, you will have to adapt how you fight the virus.”


“The open beta free to play with no purchase of early access packs now necessary to get access and we will continue this for the full game release later.”


“We'd love to hear your feedback on this first version of Crossroads and as such we've added a link to a survey in the game, but as ever you can provide us with feedback on the Official Dead Island: Epidemic & Steam forums. We're continually working on adding new features & content and we’ll be constantly working on balancing and of course improving gameplay based on your feedback - along the way we’ll be intently listening to your suggestions, criticisms and as always: ideas for EVEN MOAR INSANE WEAPONS!”


"Do not expect this to be lol or dota. Expect it to be a hackandslash ala Gauntlet legends. Thats what this game is and its actually not bad!"

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Easter Sale Ending Soon!

Time is running out on our Easter sales, only one week left! This week be on the lookout for sales on Sam B, Xian Mei and Allie. You'll be finding deals on all three but only for an hour at a time, so make sure to keep checking to grab the best bargain!

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Spring Cleaning - Update 0.8.4

Hey Survivors,

Here is a list of bug fixes that went into this patch.

We would like to thank those of you that have been helping us out in the forums by posting bugs, tracking down bugs, providing us with vital information, and assisting your fellow community members.

Keep up the great work!

DI:Epidemic Team

Bug fix list!

  • Sinamoi audio event – “Scavengers are stealing from us” audio event triggers near the end of games
  • Sinamoi head picture obstructs with game event popups
  • Win Countdown - gets stuck when truck is filled and enemy steals right after
  • Reconnect - Possibility to trigger anti-hack system by reconnecting when the character is dead

  • Health bars overlap mission tab
  • Deadly difficulty - stats cap / tier restriction
  • Freed civilians get stuck in one place after returning to base
  • Capture the Flag and Supply Facility missions have supply icons instead of clock icons
  • Bauer's portrait is displayed instead of Civilian's in Escort mission
  • Special infected stuck in the mission where you have to steal supplies from a truck
  • Civilians not disappearing after cocoon mission
  • Respawn point calculated using disconnected players
  • A player respawns near respawn point but not on it
    End time displays as 00:00

  • General - Certain Ultimate skills' tooltips do not show reduced cooldown
  • General - Keyboard remains active in character list while inside equipment lists
  • General - Inconsistency between the functionality of Armored Isys' and
  • The Fuse's ultimate skills
  • Mutated Berg / Taunt - Taunt effect is not negated after inflicting 25%+ damage to walker and veteran zombie enemies
  • Armored Berg / Skull Clap - Uppercut's description can be confusing to the player
  • Survivor Isys / Tornado Leg - Immune caption is not displayed over zombies resisting cripple effect
  • Survivor Isys / Lightning Fury - Focus attribute does not increase damage from Sparkling Punt augmentation
  • Mutated Isys / Stinger - Stinger skill is able to negate immunity status on enemy characters
  • Armored Isys / Rocket Launcher - Interaction zones are flickering upon contact with flames from 'Firestorm' augmentation
  • Survivor Amber / Pheromones - Mutated Bryce’s Infected Sprout can be attacked but not dealt damage under Pheromones effect.
  • Survivor Amber / Nerve Cut - Focus does not increase life leech from Surgeon augmentation
  • Armored Amber / Command - The player is able to summon more than one minion
  • Armored Amber / Command - Skill's cooldown restarts counting when character dies while minion is alive
  • Armored Amber / Command - Minion does not level up alongside the player
  • Amber / Smoke Screen - Players affected by the Smoke Screen skill have reduced damage taken after leaving the skill's area
  • Hermann / Guardian Zeppelin - Zeppelin travels to incorrect location after it is created
  • Hermann / Guardian Biplanes - Biplane locks on target beyond its reach and ignores other targets
  • Sam B - Several fist weapons are not placed correctly in character hands
  • Hailey / Icicle - Hailey is unable to apply Frozen effect on target Chilled by the enemy with a single cast of Icicle
  • Hailey / Chill - Chill cannot be applied on hoarders and Uncontrollable enemies
  • Voltage / Static Discharge - The skill always deals the same amount of piercing damage
  • Voltage / Flicker - Secondary ranged attacks do not generate sparks
  • Voltage - EMP Field - Disable does not stop zombies or special zombies attacking
  • Roy / Picnic - Dropped burger heals player for the base healing value when picked up at the last possible moment
  • Roy - Rollin' (first) skill don’t do damage to barricades
  • Roy / Picnic - Missing information on skill's duration in the tooltip
  • Roy / Passive - Passive will be triggered by every blind effect if the enemy was flashed once
  • Roy / Picnic - Primary damage from Rotten Burger augmentation is reduced by Area Resistant attribute
  • Septian's and Xian Mei's ultimate skills deal no damage to turrets
  • Allie / Stealth - Incorrect value of damage taken by holographic simulation
  • Allie - Stealth - Clone displays no health bar
  • Allie / Stealth - The hologram from ghost augmentation does not have overhead health bar
  • Xian Mei / Replica - Replicas health is not reduced on the overhead health bar seen by the enemy player

    Weapons , Modifications, etc.
  • Weapons - Formidable modification text overflows weapon details page
  • Weapons - Pistols - High latency servers increase firing movement speed
  • Modifications - Improper spacing in the Workbench description of Sentinel mod
  • Modification - Supplier - User takes damage when unloading supplies after cap
  • Modifications - Avenger does not trigger if the obstacle is between teammates
  • Modifications - The Player can modify a weapon using no modifications for Cash
  • Modifications - Time-out heals for the same amount even when maximum health changes during delivery
  • Modifications - Energy Rush does not work when killing blow is made with secondary attack of light and heavy weapons
  • Modifications - Bonus Damage from Zombie Slayer is not reduced by Defence
  • Modification - Ultimate Recharger - Ultimate tooltip cooldown is not affected by this mod
  • Perks - Bonus Damage from Desperado is not reduced by Defence
  • Perks - Rogue always leeches life equal to the damage from melee attack
  • Rage bar can be displayed as filled when characters' Rage is below 1 / 2 / 3
  • Consumables - Hoverbar displayed on an enemy player who is under Zombie Disguise effect
  • Consumables - Zombies ignore second Meat Lump when two consumables exist at the same time


  • Elite Floater / Elite Puller - Elite zombies do not run away after being hit with blind effect
  • Massive Puller targeting stays on player even after Puller dies
  • Massive Puller - wrong direction of spit traces
  • Suicider explosion does not knockback players
  • Enemies - Suicider killed by the player grants additional 10000 damage in the scoreboard

  • Crib - Missing names for the Account Level Rewards
  • General - Inconsistent stealing supplies icons in Scavenger Mode and Crossroads Mode
  • Crib - Weapon Count does not update after selling in Inventory
  • Reward Screen - Account Progression/Level - received XP from duplicates is not accounted towards Account Progression/Level
  • Reward Screen - Parts are not described by their unique icons in Reward Screen
  • Score System - Score for takedown is not granted when minion or non-moveable object kill while character is away
  • Kill feed not working for Spree/First Blood
  • Scoreboard - shows a percentage of deaths while hovering over deaths count
  • A player can see a skill bar of his teammate after his character's death
  • Scoreboard - Hermann - Guardian Zeppelin - recasting while zeppelin is alive adds 10000 Damage in Scoreboard
  • Score System - The Player is granted score after killing Wanta while her ultimate is active
  • Options - Text from dialogue boxes overlaps options menu window
  • Rejoin - The Player is unable to rejoin the match or start any other match after leaving the match
  • HUD - Starter missions have crossroads HUD implemented
  • Shop - No confirmation prompt when buying characters with cash
  • General - Immune caption is not displayed over zombies resisting cripple and slow effects
  • Crib / Profile - Inconsistency between match history and Scoreboard statistics

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Time to DI:E

Dead Island: Epidemic is a multiplayer action hack & slash arena. Players duke it out over supply points using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork. And yeah, we've got zombies too - so there's that.

Co-Operate or Compete

It's you versus them. Or you versus them versus them versus them.

We’ve got two core modes – either team up with 3 other survivors and take on the zombie menace together in PvE co-op Crossroads mode, or take the fight to other players in our three-team "PvPvPvE" Scavenger mode where you'll battle it out in a competition to grab supplies, hold key points, outsmart the competition and blast through hordes of zombies.

Fight for your survival in our PvE-mode Crossroads. You set up camp in the morning and carry out four different missions over the course of a day in ever-changing maps and mission types. The missions range from freeing trapped characters and gathering supplies, to fighting off hordes of zombies or defeating bosses. Zombies have different attributes and change the way you fight them: From range-damage resistant to faster running, harder hitting zombies - you will have to adapt how you fight the virus.
Crossroads also rewards and tracks your performance, scaling the difficulty of the next mission accordingly.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – at least for a while

Epidemic’s PvP-mode pits three teams of 4 players each against each other in zombie-infested maps. The third team adds a new dynamic to this competitive mode and requires you to re-think your winning strategy: Do you build up enough of a lead to win before you are being dismantled by two teams? Or do you play it smart and align your goals with one of the adversary teams temporarily? The goal is to capture and hold strategic points and gather as many resources as possible to be victorious.


Take direct control of your character with the WASD keys plus mouse input and react to situations on the fly by switching between melee and ranged weapons.

Build and adjust weapons to your playstyle:

  • Earn blueprints from six different categories and build your weapon arsenal
  • Most weapons come with unique features and fit a specific role
  • You also earn weapon modifications which can be installed on to your weapons and add various attributes

From rotund, fanny-pack wearing badass tourists to redheads wielding weaponized crabs – and everything in between. Epidemic has a constantly expanding roster of unlikely heroes supporting varying play styles - whether you like your action up-close and personal, at range or through supporting your teammates.
Each character has an array of (often very bizarre) skills with which to wreak havoc - use these strategically in order to inflict maximum punishment on both the undead and those-you-want-to-be-dead.


    • OS: Windows 7 SP1
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or Radeon HD 3870
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Provisional - subject to changes. 1024x764 minimum display resolution is required.
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Provisional - subject to changes. 1024x764 minimum display resolution is required.
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投稿日: 5月1日

+Not a Pay to win game, all characters, weapons and other items are obtainable by hard work playing the game itself
+PVE mode offers a bit of a open world experience
+PVE mode offers challenge from deadly difficulty onwards
+Characters equipment can be customized depending on the users choice
+Has a lot of character in roster to choose from with unique skills and passive abilities
+Not so toxic community so far
+Daily reward for PVE if you finished a game and PVP if your team wins


-Some characters are expensive when purchased using in game money
-Duplicate drops of weapons and mods could be annoying to some people
-May experience random lag sometimes and Red Ping on Asian countries
-PVE could get boring as you play it repeatedly
-Long waiting time for both PVE and PVP sometimes
-Deadly and Endemic mode difficulty in PVE is sometimes impossible to get all gold because of overpowered creeps
-If someone got disconnected in PVE it means your team could either get silver to nothing and there is no compensation (like weakening the creeps) for loosing a player while in game
-PVP is currently messed up there is no ranking system of somekind to sort things out since the population of this game is considered small so far
-Sometimes there are fixed teams (group/party) in PVP that farms players with teamates who they randomly meet because of the system of the game and the odds of winning against them are quite low especially if your team mates are lowbies even the game mechanic is 4v4v4
-Reports of cheaters in game but they are not widespread at this moment
-less items,weapon in shop
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記録時間: 3.4 時間
投稿日: 5月9日
-Quick Review-
Dead Island: Epidemic is a zombie survival game developed by Stunlockstudios, the game is played in over-the-head 3rd person view, you have a choice between 20+ playable characters (only about 5 can be played from the start, the others you need to buy or unlock).

-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: You play as one of the infected on Amaia Island, apparently "the virus is making [you] stronger, smarter". And that's about where the story telling ends; you're running errands for someone named John Sinamoi (who was apparently in the first Dead Island game) and you're all working together to survive the zombie hordes.

Game Play: At this time there are a couple game modes I'll just call "pvp" and "pve". in PvE you're fighting against zombies with three other people and doing various tasks for John Sinamoi; sometimes you're collecting supplies, other times you're hunting down a boss zombie. In PvP you're against other players, generally in a 3 way tug-of-war free-for-all.
You do start the game with a single player tutorial to help you get the general idea for the game, upon finishing that tutorial you get taken to your "Crib". Which will be your most familiar screen, because in the Crib you craft weapons with loot you've picked up, you can purchase new characters, select characters, and generally access your inventory.

Achievements: I haven't been feeling competitive enough to start working on these achievements(05/09/15), I would say there are really two categories for the achievements: the grindy ones, and the lucky ones.
Many achievements unlock at different tiers, for example "Kill 100 zombies" and "Kill 1,000 zombies", and it keeps going up in higher intervals. That achievement is for: Scavenger games, PvE Missions, Blueprints, Crafting weapons, Zombie kills, and player kills.
For the "lucky achievements", you need to win games, or accomplish specific goals that you will either get lucky with or RNG or playing with other friends who are trying for like-minded goals. Examples would be: "Kill 10 Zombies with one attack/skill", "Win a Scavenger mission with at least 200 supplies ahead of the other teams", "Win a Scavenger mission without dying" and many more. To make matters tougher, scavenger missions are the PvP ones, ergo; if you're playing with pug groups. You might be with brilliant players, or noobs.

Price: Dead Island: Epidemic is a free to play, however many of the features in the game will require extensive grinding, or using real life money to unlock. This is a turn-off for most gamers.
A number of people have argued with me over the semantics of "Free to play" and "Pay to win", honestly I don't see the point; because when I think "pay to win" I think facebook app games. You have access to all game modes on Dead Island: Epidemic, yes to unlock the best stuff you can just pay money to skip to the top, but the features seem conceivably obtainable, and in PvE mode you don't need to subject yourself to brutal noob-acide that you would probably experience early in the game, on PvP game modes ...before you have better weapons.

Conclusion: I've always felt that I can't tell people "no, don't try this game!" When it's free. If you're looking for more games to play on steam, here ya go. However beware that you can purchase features in the game with real life money. So Naturally the rich-kids have a very strong advantage over the rest of us.
I hesitantly recommend this game for people who enjoy Dungeon Crawlers, Zombie games/ Left4Dead, 3rd person overhead game play, or people who want to play a free game (financial restrictions).
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記録時間: 110.0 時間
投稿日: 5月17日
Moba L4D

give it a try guys!
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記録時間: 2.3 時間
投稿日: 5月8日
This game is for all you zombie fans it might be 3rd person but trust me, this game is very fun.

- it has cool combos.
- The Weapons are almostt same to dead island 1 but they are still cool
- there is ALOT OF GORE!
- nice textures and quuility
- if you have a pretty crap computer you shoulb be able to handle this game
- performance is amazing!
and many more for you to find out.
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記録時間: 74.7 時間
投稿日: 4月30日
DIE is a fun mix between Alien Swarm & modern MOBAs.

f2p beta, but seems to be a TRUE beta (not like the current fashion of barely Alpha material being labeled this and that), in that most of the core is already there and working quite well.

the UI is great. styling is cartoonish, humorous and easy on the eyes. artwork is fantastic (taking some pages off the book of league of legends). i feel as tho there's way too much orange everywhere and there needs to be a lot more diversity in colors.

there is quite a grind involved, and the "sexiest" champs you can own are quite expensive. starter champs pack quite a punch doe. still, could be problematic once you hit PVP, and there's no way of testing new champs before unlocking.

copying existing champs in Armored or Mutated forms isn't a good look for the game's devs. reeks of laziness. i don't know the development history - it might've been just a move to rush the game on beta/steam with microtransactions, and creating completely new champs would've taken too long at the time...

PVE consists of very short (10 mins~) sessions that may seem repititive, but turn out to be rather addictive, filled with lots of randomness & casual fun (i've heard the fun turns into tryhard mode when you hit deadly difficulty, can't wait).


don't have enough experience within the game to judge it's monetization plan or weapon/champ balance. will edit the review in the future.
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記録時間: 0.5 時間
投稿日: 4月30日
Very fun overhead shooter 9/10
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記録時間: 15.0 時間
投稿日: 5月21日
DIE! Dead Island Epidemic for short features endless zombie killing fun and gore. The game starts you off easy and the game has a friendly community. I've enjoyed it for the every hour spent on it. It is truly amazing and hope next updates will make it even more epic.
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記録時間: 20.1 時間
投稿日: 5月16日
An original addition to the MOBA genre. The PvP Scavenger mode has three teams battling out for supplies, first to fill their truck and leave wins. The PvE Crossroads mode has Bauer give you missions, which range from killing giant mutated zombies or capturing supply points, to gain supplies. In the closed beta, there was a mode called Scout which had you and your team running around, capturing supply points and finally killing the giant boss zombie, although I don't know if you can still play that mode. The only negatives on this so far is the element of pay-to-win with the consumables you can buy outside of matches, the grind to get characters if you don't buy them using the premium currency and the lack of servers. There is one for North America and one for all of Europe. Hopefully when it comes out of beta we'll have servers in Asia, South America and Oceania. Anyway I still think this is a great game and it gets a 8.5/10 from me. When the game expands I may make the score higher.
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記録時間: 25.0 時間
投稿日: 5月15日
DI:E is a ZOMBA. I'll address the blaring issue with that later... It is a top down WASD Click-to-shoot style game that combines quick reactions with a healthy amount of grinding. All of the loot is randomized so it really promotes the player to continue playing if they wish to succeed.

The PVE aspect of this game is called Crossroads, which was added April 2015. The missions are three of the following styles:
+Rescue cocooned survivors
+Rescue a party of three survivors
+Break down a barricaded door
+Collect supplies from a pile or vehicle
+Kill a unique zombie or two

The PVP side, Scavenger, is a 12v12, kind of. It is three teams of four pitted against one another to collect points domination style, kill neutral monsters MOBA style, and fight each other Team Death Match style.

The underlying system that they use is their supply collection. In PVE you are awarded at the end of a mission with a series of supplies and in PVP when capturing points your team is awarded with a chunk of supplies as well as a healthy income per second that you control that point. Also included are those neutral monsters mentioned before. Like in League of Legends or DoTA they provide a buff as well as a healthy lot of supplies for your team.

All of this is wonderful and I really enjoy the game but...
+They call a Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena (ZOMBA) which is them really swinging at any pitch to try and rope in a player base from a saturated gaming theme.

+The team behind it seems to be on a strange development schedule. The forums are just about barren unless it is a game-breaking issue that requires the teams technical support.

+Recent news of the Dead Island 2 push-back and lackluster performance that Riptide gave us really does not put me at ease when considering the prior.

+The player count is currently around 500-1,000 and yet the PVP queues are so barren you can wait 40+ minutes in queue in both NA or EU and still not find enough people to make a game happen.

Overall, I enjoy the game. I like the style, the mechanics, and in closed-beta I really enjoyed the PVP. I want to see more from Crossroads and Scavenger and I want to hear more from the team more often. At least let the players know that they aren't being abandoned.
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記録時間: 0.2 時間
投稿日: 5月16日
The only MOBA I don't despise.
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記録時間: 3.3 時間
投稿日: 5月16日
Dead Island: Epidemic ... is a fast paced action game its fun to play it with friends and you can craft weapons like in the other Dead Island Series i give it a thumbs up and a rating 7.5/10
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記録時間: 0.5 時間
投稿日: 5月16日
I'm not playing this game so much, but this is what I thought after playing the "real" Dead Island.

- Infinite Weapon Durability.
- Infinite Ammo.
- Not really scary.
- Easy to avoid enemies when your internet lag.
- Higher Damage.
- Faster level up.
- Ram is now easier to kill.
- so much more...

10/10 would Zombie Shooter again.
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記録時間: 264.2 時間
投稿日: 4月29日
Great idea for a game, add some variety to crossroads and it would be even more addictive, maybe the game makers could make lobby time a bit more efficent? After u ready up u cant change or do anything.
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記録時間: 0.4 時間
投稿日: 5月10日
This game has good grapichs and good gameplay
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記録時間: 6.0 時間
投稿日: 5月10日
not bad
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記録時間: 57.6 時間
投稿日: 5月10日
Do you enjoy blowing away zombies with a shotgun shackled together with duct tape and broken bottles while screaming about how much you love quinoa? This game honestly blew my mind. It's so well made and even though you're doing a lot of the same ♥♥♥♥ in each match it really doesn't give you that repetative feeling you get from a lot of games. Just strap together some makeshift weapons, throw a mutated character into the mix, and enjoy hours of zombie mashing goodness.

11/10- would eat quinoa again
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記録時間: 4.9 時間
投稿日: 5月10日
holy balls, this game is fun 10/10
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1 人中 1 人 (100%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 20.7 時間
投稿日: 5月11日
This game is rly fun especially if u play with some1
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1 人中 1 人 (100%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 87.4 時間
投稿日: 5月8日
I never liked the moba genre until I played that game, it's easy but demands some skills and the characters are really different from each other.

The only main problem that I have with that game is a freaking bug that appears for some players which is that each first time I enter the game I'm unable to interact with any of the game content so I have to restart my computer for every single day that I play the game and magically the second time makes the game working for the whole day...

I've tried using "F" and/or "Alt+Enter" but that doesn't work either so today I didn't want to play for that reason, I hope the devs will fix the problem soon.

Anyway, great game, lots of fun, it still in beta so hopfully they'll add more campaign modes because it's getting a bit repetitive, but not too boring.

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投稿日: 5月8日
fun game made from a good survival series.
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