Dead Island: Epidemic is a multiplayer action hack & slash arena where players duke it out over supply points using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork. And yeah, we've got zombies too - so there's that.
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Megjelenés dátuma: 2014. nov. 20.

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Miért a Korai Hozzáférés?

“There is no better way to gain valuable feedback and concrete suggestions than by allowing you guys to actually jump in and have at it so we decided that Steam Early Access is the best way for us to achieve this - just jump in, tear those zombies a new one (or two!) and we'll take care of the rest - or better yet, drop us a line and give us your feedback, we'd really appreciate it!”

Körülbelül mennyi ideig lesz ez a játék a Korai Hozzáférésben?

“We've just hit open beta and we hope to be out of Early Access early next year.”

A tervek szerint miben fog különbözni a teljes verzió a korai hozzáférésű verziótól?

“As we've done so far we will continue to take your feedback and improve on the game, adding new features & modes that we see you guys will enjoy! We'll be re-balancing characters & weapons as we progress too, to make sure its the fairest experience with everyone.”

Milyen állapotban van jelenleg a korai hozzáférésű verzió?

“The game has just moved into Open Beta, bringing with it the first iteration of our brand new PvE mode: Crossroads which sees you and a three team mates set up camp in the morning and carry out four different randomly generated missions over the course of a day on ever changing maps. The missions range from freeing trapped survivors, gathering supplies, to fighting off hordes of zombies, defeating bosses and more.

Crossroads also awards and tracks your performance and scales the difficulty of the next mission accordingly. We've thrown some new zombie types into the mix as well and have added an all new zombie attribute system - from ranged damage resistance to faster running, harder hitting zombies, you will have to adapt how you fight the virus.”

Eltérően lesz árazva a játék a korai hozzáférés alatt és azt követően?

“The open beta free to play with no purchase of early access packs now necessary to get access and we will continue this for the full game release later.”

Hogyan tervezitek bevonni a közösséget a fejlesztés folyamatába?

“We'd love to hear your feedback on this first version of Crossroads and as such we've added a link to a survey in the game, but as ever you can provide us with feedback on the Official Dead Island: Epidemic & Steam forums. We're continually working on adding new features & content and we’ll be constantly working on balancing and of course improving gameplay based on your feedback - along the way we’ll be intently listening to your suggestions, criticisms and as always: ideas for EVEN MOAR INSANE WEAPONS!”

Kurátorok, akik ajánlják

"Do not expect this to be lol or dota. Expect it to be a hackandslash ala Gauntlet legends. Thats what this game is and its actually not bad!"

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december 18.

Xian Mei joins the DI:E character roster!

Get the full lowdown on returning Dead Island hero Xian Mei's repertoire of skills as she joins the Epidemic.
Xian Mei has managed to survive thus far using her sharp mind and even sharper weapons, and she intends to keep it that way. She is a mobile burst damage character who jumps into the fray with her swords and deals massive area damage before disappearing amidst her illusions, leaving the enemies disorientated, out of position and shortly there after, dead.

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december 5.

Welcome to Open Beta

Hey survivors!

We finally hit Open Beta. Bring your friends (and foes) and enjoy DI:Epidemic!

Your Dead Island: Epidemic Team

18 megjegyzés Tovább
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Time to DI:E

Dead Island: Epidemic is a multiplayer action hack & slash arena. Players duke it out over supply points using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork. And yeah, we've got zombies too - so there's that.

Co-Operate or Compete

It's you versus them. Or you versus them versus them versus them.

We’ve got two core modes – either team up with 3 other survivors and take on the zombie menace together in PvE co-op Crossroads mode, or take the fight to other players in our three-team "PvPvPvE" Scavenger mode where you'll battle it out in a competition to grab supplies, hold key points, outsmart the competition and blast through hordes of zombies.

Fight for your survival in our PvE-mode Crossroads. You set up camp in the morning and carry out four different missions over the course of a day in ever-changing maps and mission types. The missions range from freeing trapped characters and gathering supplies, to fighting off hordes of zombies or defeating bosses. Zombies have different attributes and change the way you fight them: From range-damage resistant to faster running, harder hitting zombies - you will have to adapt how you fight the virus.
Crossroads also rewards and tracks your performance, scaling the difficulty of the next mission accordingly.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – at least for a while

Epidemic’s PvP-mode pits three teams of 4 players each against each other in zombie-infested maps. The third team adds a new dynamic to this competitive mode and requires you to re-think your winning strategy: Do you build up enough of a lead to win before you are being dismantled by two teams? Or do you play it smart and align your goals with one of the adversary teams temporarily? The goal is to capture and hold strategic points and gather as many resources as possible to be victorious.


Take direct control of your character with the WASD keys plus mouse input and react to situations on the fly by switching between melee and ranged weapons.

Build and adjust weapons to your playstyle:

  • Earn blueprints from six different categories and build your weapon arsenal
  • Most weapons come with unique features and fit a specific role
  • You also earn weapon modifications which can be installed on to your weapons and add various attributes

From rotund, fanny-pack wearing badass tourists to redheads wielding weaponized crabs – and everything in between. Epidemic has a constantly expanding roster of unlikely heroes supporting varying play styles - whether you like your action up-close and personal, at range or through supporting your teammates.
Each character has an array of (often very bizarre) skills with which to wreak havoc - use these strategically in order to inflict maximum punishment on both the undead and those-you-want-to-be-dead.


    • OS: Windows 7 SP1
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or Radeon HD 3870
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Provisional - subject to changes. 1024x764 minimum display resolution is required.
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Provisional - subject to changes. 1024x764 minimum display resolution is required.
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3 emberből 2 (67%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
0.6 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 5.
Korai hozzáférési értékelés
EpicDemic! :D
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334 emberből 308 (92%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
1,143.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 7.
Korai hozzáférési értékelés
1k hours, played every character, every mode, to their fullest, gone from level 1 to max numerous times, and been around since the start of the beta. time to write a review. am going to highlight the good and bads and put to rest any rumours about the game.

also ill make a new review every 1000 hours depending on whats changed
ask me anything you want in the comments and ill try to ansaw best i can if i miss anything :)

am in love with this game, its so much fun once you get going, and by get going i mean figuring out how it all works, weapon crafting, the pve, the pvp, character skills and classes, stats. once i knew about all these things it all went up from there. started from tier 1 and very slowly built my way up to where i am now, level 320 (at the time of this reveiw) and i could be higher it werent for wipes :D. alot of people thank this game for getting them into mobas, it hasnt for me, DIE will be the only exception to my moba hate.

my god so many people with less than a few hours or not even an hour have accused the game of being pay to win (seriously how can you write a review when you havent even played the game for an hour, be proffesional about it). the weapons you can buy with the premium cash were at one point the weakest weapons for their tier group, with exception of two and they were still werent half as the good as the other you could find and craft your self. now though with recent changes, you could argue that they can be quite potent, but their passives (more on this later) and stats are generally what makes them a bad choice.

boosts and membership really only give the chance you unlock better stuff, it will never give you anything that will make you win. f you get a really good weapon, your going to be paired up aginst peopl who have the same strength, and are no better then the people you faced before you got it.

this is not dead island 2, this is not escape dead island, this is not dying light. this dead island epidemic, all four of these games are being developed by different studios, DIE is a spin off that is set in the dead island universe, argueably cannon due to sam b xian mei and sinamoi making an appearence. escape dead island is a prequel to dead island or riptide not sure but still. and dying light a new ip all together.

dont get mad when you find out its not what you googled for

really simple to control WASD movements. no click to move nonsense. easily within reach of these are QERF wich also happen to be your skill buttons. not far from that is the space bar to dodge and roll from said skills. holding down left click to hit smash, shoot and explode you through players and zombie hordes. it really that easy to controll. its another thing to have the skill to perfect on how to use them.

it relatively smooth untill things die in huge amounts very quicky, and this usually involce alot of SFX which also contributes to it. but so gratifying when you do. so much fun just to smash everything you see move and the weapons really do help this out.

currently their are two, one of them beign cross roads. X roads is the DIE's newest mode currently replaceing the old horde mode. i have to admit i am mostly a pvp player but x roads really does have very hetic and tense moments. you go around an absolutely huge map (probaly the largest in any moba dont quote me) that has numerous themes/biomes, accomplishing missions that are randomly generated and are scaled to how well you well you do these mission, the first mission is allways easy is but when you get two golds, or two bronze/fails you really notice the diffference.

the other is scavenger, the infamous PvPvPvE mode. love it, its so unpredictable and adds a new perspective in how you play. in lol, if you stomp the enemy team, thats it youve won, youve proven you can beat them easily. but in DIE the tird team are in the back ground slowly getting more powerful and probaly gaining a lead whilst you were domination one team. this third team forces new tatics and even a defend or sacrifice moments. basically you're running around a modest sized map capturing flags that generate supplys over time. zombies are there in masses but they are not the threat here. the first to fill their truck and trailer wins. but once that truck is filled. people can start stealing from your trailer, meaning even though you are last you can still make a desperate gambit and steal the winning teams supplies from their trailer and maybe get second place or 1st.

there are currently 18 characters avaiable with 5 more to come. all of these charcter have a main role with numerous sub roles which they can fill to specilize in. and these charcters are spread into 3 catagorys of survivor, armoured and mutated. surivors include Amber a dangerous anmal vet that can heal allies and provide cover with her smoke screen or the legendary sam b. amoured character are voltage the college engineer with an suit filled with electricity. or aroumerd isys, with her turrets, gernades and rockets. and mutations include the poisonous bryce, or the unstoppable berg.

these charcter look very detailed and cool. though they are somewhat expenisve, usually costing 11,500 character points. but since you earn around 100-200 and more per game you cn get new character fairly easily at least imo. there cheaper charcters if you cant wait to save up for a new one.

ive found the best and worst part of any multiplayer game is the players them selves. you will every kind of person. the noob, the rager, the hypocrite player who thinks winning a game was too easy and there fore it was bad game. the team fighter, the toll, the flamers. and evey else beyond and inbetween.

being an moba you will come acroos people you know and learn to either love or hate them. through this you get well known players, like the once god amongst clowns AANG HSLER with his very bad attitude and brown nosed liking toward himself, his rise and fall are good and bad memories for the much older players.. or the legendary troll robart. or even the addicted jesus@war for having the most played games and hours. the people you meet, either become their freinds or have a grudge, because having both is what make the high end tiers more enjoyable.

so many guns and pointy sticks. it wont be dead island without dead island weapons. paddles, maces, fire axes that are lterally on fire, acid in a bottle, a car battery and even a nokia phone. ther is no end to the possibillities for weapons in DIE. and they are allways adding more to the fun.

each weapon is unqiue in some way, each have their own stats that help define their role, got a set of pistols wih a high rate of fire then pair them with an asault character. a life steal katana then but it with a disabler or what ever you preffer. they are split amongst 16 tiers with 1 being lowest and 16 the very best weapons in the game.

to match nicely with the weapons are gadgets, this are simple passive stat boosts which a small difference to your overall stat count, but its noticable difference.

weapon modifacations further the power of you cool weapons. they basically add perks, things like boost or charges to your stats. things that make you more surivable like aegis or titanium deflector or things that will make you more support deadly with ultimate recharger and critical advantage.

easy to learn hard to master skills and controlls
pay to win is non exiestant, mostly pay to get things quicker than normal
different studio, same universe, not dead island 2, may or may not be cannon
pvp is greatly challenging and pve is much fun
so many amazing and deadly weapons and mods.

its a free to play game download and give it a go, but give it a real good go, am talking about 12 hours and not under 5. you never know, this could be the next bug thing to hit tournements :)
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106 emberből 80 (75%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
40.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 1.
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With the mix of MOBA and the beautiful atmosphere in this game is a perfect mix of a beginning for a game, but it's not there right now.

Dead Island Epidemic (DIE) is a huge game, I love to play it with my friends, or just solo queue and have a good time. There's a lot of strategi in this game, on how you can play when you're playing scavenger. With all the great weapons, characters and items it just give this game a reason to play it even more to be stronger.
Crossroad, the new mode in the game, is a great change (I personally prefer Horde mode tho) and will give this game a lot of good changes in the future when it gets updated. This game has a lot of potential, but it's not there right now.
The matchmaking is also pretty off, since it's not a lot of players playing it's pretty unfair gameplay at most time, but that will hopefully change now since the game is for free now to try.

Grab this game, it has a beautiful future ahead of it, DO IT! 7/10
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29 emberből 26 (90%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
1,160.6 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 18.
Korai hozzáférési értékelés
I think after 1100 hours it's possible, to finally write a review for this game – this addiction.

I was playing this game when it was still in Closed Beta, and I didn't enjoy it in my first hours. Tears were dropping down on my keyboard while playing, 'cause it was such a disappointment to get no levels, no weapons, just nothing useful to keep going in this game. Still – I didn't want to stop playing. It was more fun that pain in the ♥♥♥, so I kept playing and was surprised about the incoming things.
They made it easier to level-up, while I already reached the highest weapon tier (back then it was called tier 6) and got some cool weapons. They increased the blueprint-drops after I farmed so many hours to get good weapons. Was I mad? Yes – I was mad as hell! But more important – I was happy! They made the game easier, helped people to feel more comfortble and also gave incoming players a chance. But that wasn't everything. Let's take a quick look at the gameplay and the people I met.
If you play this game, you should know the guy with the most hours in it, called "Jesus". He always had his full premade team, and back then, I didn't really care because I never had a real team which played together or such. I got rekt, over and over again and still, I didn't stop playing this game. I kept going and started learning single characters, like I did with Mutated Amber. I played this character for over 600 hours and I – as people told me – was one of the best ones as her. I finally could play like others did, started to understand the mechanics and got some cool tricks. I know that it sounds weird – after 600 hours you start to learn? Actually, yes. Because in this game, you have a lot to learn. There are now 19 characters you can play, a lot of weapons you can use and modify, and you meet people like Jesus, which can kill you dead within seconds.
But to come back to what I wanted to say: I met great people in this game, people I write more than just 1-3 words per day with. People I played with, nights and days. People I laughed, cried and raged with. You probably start playing this game alone, or with a friend who leaves, but you will end up with a lot of lovely people around you, which help you through the game and make you play every single day – get you addicted and make it fun for you.

This was just an emotional part, and I am sure I will edit this soon, but so far, I enjoyed this game so much and I'm actually addicted. If you want to start playing this game and need some help, you can add me and I will be there to answer your questions, to help you find the right character and also I can play with you to bring you the mechanics near. I also help some people at the moment, so don't fear me, I don't bite.
I can also add here a little video I did by myself, to show you some gameplay you can do when you have a bit experience. Also you will see the graphics here and the movement – not the sound, I took it out for some music.
I can just say: try it. Try it and enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, maybe it's just not the right game for you. Because this game is a diamond and needs to be played. And for the end, if you reached it, I give you a short description about the game. Why a short one? Because I want you to play it, without saying too much. So, let us face some facts:

GAMEMODE: CROSSROADS – The developers took the good old Heroic Horde away from us, but gave us Crossroads. Crossroads includes a big map which is different every time you play, lots of zombies and supplies you have to gather. With 3 other Survivors you have to kill and survive – again! It's a cool PvE-mode for high and low tier as well, makes fun if you figured out what the best technics are, and helps you to get known to your character.

GAMEMODE: SCAVENGER – Why do the addicted people say "DI:E is life, DI:E is love"? Because of this PvPvE-mode! Yes, PvPvE! You fight zombies and players as well. For now there are 3 maps, where you have to capture Supply Points to earn Supplies, which you deliver to the truck of your team. Your team? Here it's likely the same! 3 other Survivors fight with you against 8 others! 8 others?! You read right! We got THE 4vs4vs4-mode! What are you still doing here? Come and check it out already!

WEAPON TIERS – When I was new to this game, there were 6 tiers. The 6th was the highest weapon tier to reach. Now we went up to tier 16! It's now the highest to reach, what also means, we got more weapons. MORE WEAPONS? Yeah! We already got A LOT of weapons with fire on it, also with some acid or electricity, but MORE WEAPONS are always good! You start from tier 1 in the beginning, and within a few hours you reach higher tiers, get better blueprints for weapons to craft, and will rush into the big fight! ... And probably first get rekt. But hey! No worries. Learning by doing!

MODIFICATIONS – Since we play on v0.6, we have some cool modifications to play with. The modifications can be used to make the weapons even more powerful. You get them easily while playing, so no worries about PAY TO WIN OMG THIS GAME SUCKS BALLS. There are a lot of modifications for special things, like healing or as well more damage, charges, boosts, everything you need to become the most deadliest killer on DI:E.

GADGETS – WHAT DO YOU GUYS DON'T HAVE? Ye, we also have gadgets in here. But for what are they? You can use gadgets in this game, to polish your stats. For every character you can equip 2 weapons, and out of them, you get your end-stats. Make them even better with gadgets, which ALSO DROP from just playing, after you reached the account-level you need for them. And here it's the same: everything you need to become the most DEADLIEST killer on DI:E!

CHARACTERS – WHO DO YOU VOODOO ***!? YOU HEARD RIGHT! We have him! The Sam! Also, we have Xian Mei! The rapper and the lovely little lady from the normal Dead Island series have joined the game. But that's not the best part (to be really honest)! We have some sexy girls here to play with. One of them is Hailey (she's mine, so.. don't you dare touching her). She is the "Elsa" of Dead Island: Epidemic, throws ice at people and can freeze them with her charme. Then there's Charlie. She has crabs which make you bleed. That's.. everything you need to know. Ah, and.. she has boobs. Beautiful boobs. Still not willing to play this game? Okay. We also have a fat tourist who can throw burgers and roll around. Is this what you prefer instead of boobs? Then come and check Roy out! And if Roy isn't your style, we also have a guy with dual Rocket Launchers. Yes. Dual. Rocket. Launchers. Fuse makes enemies burn in this game. Ever saw burning zombies? No? TIME TO CHECK IT OUT THEN!

Oh, and before I forget it. Sam B is rapping ingame.
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49 emberből 37 (76%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
25.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: november 28.
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I have played the closed beta of this game, and I was very surprised when I went in and check how much it changed. It changed so much that some people are willing to play this, just because of the previous DLC packs certain players bought to enter the beta before it became open beta (e.g Closed Beta had Patient Zero, Deadicated, and Contagion packs, then it became Open Beta and old DLC packs got replaced with new No-Brainer, Armored, and Mutated packs).

Crossroads (which was brand new, and currently in prototype) is the best mode I have ever played in Dead Island Epidemic, has great challenges for new and veteran players, and is also difficult, but it was worth completing it, whether it had a low infection level or a high infection level!
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46 emberből 34 (74%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
13.0 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 16.
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Ok here we go
free game
Sam B
A fat guy with a camera is a playable character
needs more orginall dead island characters
needs more fat people with cameras

11/10 would blind zambies as a fat guy again
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126 emberből 79 (63%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
410.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: november 24.
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I shall divide this into 2 parts: pre-0.6.2 patch and post-0.6.2 patch (current)

Pre-0.6.2 Patch

- While many people complain it's a pay-2-win game, it's not. None of the premium weapons available in the Shop, currency boosts or packs bought as part of the game leaned towards helping one win in the PvP aspect.
- Each of the legendary weapons in the game have their own unique characteristics which provide a specific build for certain characters.
- Nearly all of the characters are balanced relatively, except for Charlie, which has been added latest prior to the patch.

- As mentioned above, Charlie is not very balanced.
- There are only 2 servers, in North America (USA) and Europe (Germany). Both servers are located in the northen hemisphere. This brings trouble for players playing from the southern hemisphere. Also, players from all 207 countries share these 2 servers.
- Game development is slow, with only a couple of bugs fixed in every session of server maintenance.

Post-0.6.2 Patch

- Charlie has been nerfed, but still needs more rebalance.
- Modifications added provide a new different playstyle.

- The rebalance of the legendary weapons and addition of the new ones have made them lose their uniqueness and genuinity. For example, all legendaries now have the same power rating, with attributes varying across one another. On the other hand, however, some weapons have been buffed which is a good thing.
- Latency for players with bad ping have become worse. Game has generally become more ping-dependent. Both servers have an equal amount of lag.
- The addition of Crossroads adds a new difficulty to the game, with its focus of playstyle to slot in between the PvE and PvP aspects, new players can find themselves struggling to play well. In addition, the average length of a Crossroads mission is 25 - 30 minutes, which is fairly long compared to the once-existed horde missions (10 - 15 minutes). This means that if players choose to play a short round they have to play the starter missions which will provide far less reward value than Crossroads and Scavenger (PvP). The narrator of crossroads, Dr Bauer, has a fairly depressing tone.
- Consumables cannot be sold for gear points. Some of them can't be bought from the Shop and can only be earned through levelling up account level. The number of consumables have increased to 32, but there's only 3 consumable slots available for each character. There's no way you're going to spend them all, even if you tried.
- I feel the game is moving more towards the PvP aspect of every MOBA game than about zombies.

Personal Thoughts
- I hope the developers can use this as reference to decide on what to change and what features to add in the coming updates. Currently the game is still in the beta stage and however it may improve, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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51 emberből 34 (67%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
32.0 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 5.
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My favorite part is being able to heal with hamburgers. And taking pictures actually hurts the zombies.

Kind of like our inverse-totalitarian state.
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33 emberből 22 (67%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
22.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 8.
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Really good game! If you're playing with your friends. You'll probably lose track of time and sleep late then wake up late for work
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111 emberből 62 (56%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
280.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 1.
Korai hozzáférési értékelés
this game is getting tougher and better
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150 emberből 82 (55%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
865.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 12.
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i rather fap on this game more than porn!
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3 emberből 3 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
33.0 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 18.
Korai hozzáférési értékelés
Having a nice FIKA 10/10.
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21 emberből 12 (57%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
31.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: november 22.
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Very Repetitive. Become boring after a while
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4 emberből 3 (75%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
136.0 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: november 28.
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This game is really fun , worth playing with your time because of the communications and graphics.
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6 emberből 4 (67%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
8.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: november 25.
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Review for November 25,2014.

So for the most part only my friends will read this but this is for the general masses.
I've clocked probably 4-6Hours in this game and come to get a feel for it.
As of such I'll start with the negatives and end on a good note, keeping in mind this is only "Open Beta".

This game has few game breaking negatives, the biggest issue that the players will immediately recognize is that the servers much like every game they have produced in the past does not hold up. They have two choices, North America (Consuming all north and South american players, European and russian players) and Asia (this includes the remaining population) which results in a language issue and a bad connection to servers as it chooses the closest server to the general mass usually resulting in 1 Disconnect or 2 players unable to play due to sever latency programs (LAG). Now this may keep you away for now but I have faith that this will improve overtime.
The next big issue to the PVPVPVE Mode as its intensly hard to gather 3 groups of 3 and have them all connect and coordinate without them being pre-made, meaning solo queue isn't a possibility at this point unless you wait for a long long period of time causing you to be outmatched, OR your end game player already which means your in combat with other max level players.
A third issue I have is that they have two In-Game Currency and One Cash Currency, As "Character" currency just ends up accumulating for purchase of pointless items such as a tiny flag to represent my nation and all the other nations I do not belong too.
Theres also an issue with a few of the PVE events where hitting X which is the interaction key works once and than never works again due to a spacing problem/ object in the way issue.

Those things aside, If you can run the game on the graphics required, It is a beautiful game.
Secondly even though I wish the customization was Per Limb as the videos feel like they advertise, the customization is very different and wonderful. This however can become a problem much as most games allow a Pay to Win system this one does as well.
The characters are unquie and fun to play.
The games controls which seem weird at first for a Battle Arena style game work surprisingly well, However I suggest you turn quickcast on as the previous issue of lag apears when your try to pick a target they or you might end up teleporting.
The PVE mode is loads of fun and hopefully they develope more events and maps for this.

This is really all I have to say at the moment, and I do suggest that people give it a shot its a break from the MOBA mold.
Thank you for your time reading this.
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8 emberből 5 (63%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
69.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 6.
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I've never played a MOBA before, mainly because the concept of MOBA games like DOTA 2 don't really appeal to me all that much. When I first tried this game, back during closed beta, I played it for a while, enjoyed it, but soon lost interest in it. It seemed like perpetual grinding of repedative gameplay, because your account leveled up so slow, and you had to level each character up individually. I also prefer PvE to PvP, so I never tried out scavenger.

Then a few days ago, I dediced to give it another go, and HOLY CRAP was it a terrible time to do so, because it was 1 week before finals here at school, and I found myself playing the absolute CRAP out of this game! The two things I had the biggest problem with, the repedative gameplay of the PvE the last time I had played turned into Crossroads, which has MUCH more replay value, solving that problem, and the need for constantly playing over and over again for a really long time right from the start was also fixed by increasing the level up speed, and removing the levels for the characters! Right then and there, the 2 things that made me originally lose interest were gone.

Then I played a few missions. I quickly figured out that my preferred playstyle is being a combat medic, and doing my best to keep the whole team alive. I got hooked! So even if you're not a big fan of MOBA games, I would advise you to give this one a go, because I wasn't either until I tried this!

Of course, it is still in beta, so there are some problems with it, but for the most part, they are very minor. The only major one is this. Keep an eye out for pullers. They will tear you apart with ease if you or your team isn't careful, and sometimes even if you are.

All in all, I r8 8/8, gr8 b8 m8...

Wait... no, no b8 here. In all seriousness, I would give this game an 8/10 despite its problems, because it is a freaking solid game even though it is still only in beta.
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8 emberből 5 (63%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
7.1 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 11.
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They guy who gives you missions sounds like Ron Swanson. 10/10
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8 emberből 5 (63%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
1.1 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 15.
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Definetly not what I expected from a Dead Island game, but not at all a bad game. But, then again, its kind of hard to make slaughtering a horde of zombies not fun. Its also really cool to see the creators try out some different styles, showing originality and creativity. I look forward to see what will come of the game in the future.
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10 emberből 6 (60%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
3.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 8.
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So cool game, but i think when playing with 4 players its hard lol, anyway best free to play game after Dota 2! I highly recommend it.
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14 emberből 8 (57%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
5.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 6.
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Well I've played this game since the closed beta and I got to say during that time I hated this game but I'll chalk that up to it being a new thing but as it stands now and with new characters like Sam B I love this game. I'm not to big of a fan of MOBA's but i like the fact that I don't have to play it so much like a MOBA with that prototype gamemode (Sorry I can't recall the name off the top of my head) and with scavanger which has 4 teams of 4 is closer to a MOBA for those of you who like there is quite a bit to do for something that is only in open beta. Now we just got to wait for it to be a fully released game because I can see great things for this game. I would give this early access game a 8.5/10 and I really hope you give it a shot. (P.S. sorry if my review sounds bad because im dozing a bit while typing this but really try this game.)
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