Windborne will bring social sandbox creation games to the next level. You will be able to explore a vibrant world filled with secrets to unlock and treasures to find, craft personalized furnishings and innovative artifacts, and befriend intriguing Jin to help build a new civilization.
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Release Date: Feb 17, 2014

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What the developers have to say:

“I don't think I've ever been so giddy working on a project. I find myself just grinning at the screen instead of actually working on the game, wandering around the world watching our creatures or exploring the cool things that the procedural system made. Our vision with Windborne is both simple and enormously complex at the same time. We want to make a Miyazaki-style Disneyland of creative sandbox worlds- an infinite number of dense, exciting islands to explore with your friends, full of high adventure, where it's up to you to decide what to do. Inspired by games such as Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and the early Zeldas, expect more features to be added and finessed as we move closer to launch.”
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“Hidden Path’s Windborne Looks Lovely”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“The entire experience, even in alpha, was very charming, colorful and vibrant.”
Inside Gaming Daily

“Windborne adds flights of fancy to block building (preview)”

About This Game

Windborne will bring social sandbox creation games to the next level. In its final product, post early access, you will be able to explore a vibrant world filled with secrets to unlock and treasures to find, craft personalized furnishings and innovative artifacts, and befriend intriguing Jin to help build a new civilization. Will you seek out the clues and artifacts of the ancients, or just loot passing islands for minerals and rare plants? Bring along your friends while you play, and share your creations with the world. Where will the wind take you? Windborne is currently in early access. It is being developed and self-published by Hidden Path Entertainment, Inc.

Game Play Features Currently In Early Access

  • Exploring – Explore an infinite number of islands, each full of wonder and surprise.
  • Building – With a wide variety of building materials, furnishings, and artifacts, you can build whatever you can imagine
  • Jin – Make new friends by trading with the native Jin
  • Quests – Basic quest system gives you a guided tour of Windborne, with rewards for each completion.
  • Multiplayer – Play and build with your friends!
  • Crafting – Learn to make almost 200 different blocks

Game Play Features Coming With Later Updates or at Launch

  • Guiding – Guide the Jin to civilization by defending them, building homes for them, and teaching them, and they will help you in return.
  • Exploring - Explore millions of ruins filled with puzzles and treasure.
  • Community – See other islands floating by, and visit them to trade with their owners. Join your friends and help them build their town.
  • Dragons – Breed dragonlings to unlock special abilities, including the ability to fly!
  • Combat – Defeat enemies that are encroaching on your island, or try assaulting a copy of your friend’s island to test its defenses.
  • Quests – Pick and choose quests to give you optional challenges that net big rewards.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista (SP2 Required), Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Dual core CPU 2.0Ghz or faster
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10.1 video card with shader 4 support and Passmark Video Benchmark of 160 or above such as the following: ATI Radeon HD3650 or better (HD3650-HD8000, RX200-RX300+) (Radeon HD 4200 and HD 4250 not included) NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or newer (8800, 9600-9800, or 100-700+) (GeForce 8600M not included) Intel HD Graphics 2500 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windborne requires a multi-core processor and at least 3 GB of RAM on your computer to run. Windborne relies on a DirectX 10.1 or later graphics engine which means it runs on Windows Vista, Win7, Win8, and Win8.1. Windborne will not run on Windows XP. Windborne requires Steam to run.
Helpful customer reviews
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3.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 9
Early Access Review
Here is a link to the CEO's AMA he did on 1/9/2015. He basically admits that they used early access to gauge peoples interest in the game and have since cut back the team to an unknown number. Doesn't sound good. Wish I knew my money wasn't being taken seriously before I gave it to them.
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6.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 29, 2014
Early Access Review
About 6 month since the last update. Let's be honest... for the price they are asking, they should work way more on it than that. Barely nothing new since i bought it. Don't waste your money and wait for a complet product.
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287.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 11
Early Access Review
Well I was super excited for this game. It had a nice rpg and magic twist to it. Felt nice, was nice, kept me busy a while and I loved having objects in the game. I also loved the fact that objects could auto connect and it's placement. I loved that you didn't need to be infront of a wiki for it because it taught you how to play through an extensive tutorial and what you could and couldn't craft. I loved the concept and the idea. It's look was amazing and fresh. It felt fun playing it. These guys truly have a unique and stylish way to make their games. Their work shows. They could of at least come out and offer some closure or some sort of status update on this project. I am certainly a fan of their art work and style regardless of their current progress.

However I have to change my review because its been nearly 7 months and nothing has really been done. It feels as if the devs are too busy working on other games they currently own. I will keep tabs on it because I really did enjoy it for awhile. Defense Grid 2 is eating up all of their time. Obviously they will work on what is more profitable for them. Both of these games are by "hidden path entertainment".

Probably because they have more help and money with it as it is not just like this game where they are putting it out themselves. Looks like "505 games" published their defense grid 2 game. On their other game, it looks like financially they are better since they have more help. However it is a shame because this game could of been something different to sandbox games and it had far less limitations for those creative people out there.

I do NOT feel cheated for what I paid for it because I felt the game was really fairly priced for their idea and their work they had put into it when this came to early access. Not ruling out "hidden path entertainment" as of yet even though I will not be buying their defense grid 2 because I am NOT into those types of games. Still hoping for a come back on this game. It was truly unique. They are not a fraud or lazy. Their passion and work shows on their projects. I was also looking forward to their island defense system which never came either.

I suggest just keeping tabs on it if you are interested but it looks and feels as if it might end up being a dead end project so don't purchase it just yet. :)

EDIT & UPDATE: 01-16-15, Friday.
So here is the latest from the steam community. The CEO of windborne came out and said on reddit what was going on and finally provided an excuse as to what is going on with thier early access game of windborne.

The fans read it and quickly alerted the steam users who bought the game through steam since they were not willing to update steam as per their sales first. The reddit post can be read here:

Updates will be done to the game yearly. As I predicted, it lacks investors and their defense grid 2 game has them. They will be doing what is profitable to them which is understandable. While others consider this game done, I have hope they will revive it if maybe they had financial backing. This made some steam users upset and others who wanted to buy the game, quickly changed their mind. This is just adding on to early access frustration of gamers that are being even more cautious now about when to spend their money for early access steam games.

Captain Kaboom who we saw show-casing the game recently on twitch along with their defense grid 2 game, has stated that today is her last day at HiddenPath Entertainment. That can be read here: Captain Kaboom will be missed.

Seems like there is some in house drama going on that is leading to more of their skeleton crew crisis for their products / projects. The issue now is the advertisement and what they said they will include in the game such as their pvp defense island verses island feature and several other features that may actually never even make it. The CEO was sure to state his background history with employment but it was a bit irrelevant to the current matter as no updates were given within 7 to 8 months. They will certaining need to revise their promises or what is offered for that game so that it markets properly due to their current financial state with the game.

In addition, I wish game devs realized that they should have some responsiblity with a game they claim to be working on when they quickly take the consumers funds and then back out of their deal. The other thing they need to realize is that if you don't do what you say you were going to do, your reputation will follow you & your fans will remember you. Last but not least, it is hurting early access devs with their products when you run into so many games that never get seen to completition. Early access is a BUYER'S BEWARE MARKET. Remember to gamble at your own risk.

With that being said, the game devs should also not take their fans for granted. Word of mouth is a scary thing that can backfire. Devs needs to know that they should be careful and a bit more considerate of their market. After all no one has forced them to make a game & market it to gamers who would of never even missed a game they didn't try or like, if they didn't know existed to begin with. No one is making them at gun point, sit for countless hours and make a game. They offer it all on their own. Many of these game devs are saying there is no money to keep funding the game, but they knew what they were getting into when they picked how to market their game and who to offer it too. I am certainly not upset about it because is always to be expected with these early access games. For this reason I do not recommend any game that feels semi-abandoned as a product and project to anyone. If anything don't be mad at the game devs that can take potentially take off with your money. Instead wonder or question steam's policies in these matters.
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Posted: January 9
Early Access Review
Still on store page: "Windborne is set to release in late 2014."

I don't know about you devs, but it is 2015.

Development for this game is dead, don't let the developers fool you into purchasing this.

Steam is also is part of them problem, as they don't have the right measures in place to keep developers from screwing over customers. They will not refund this game or any early access game even if it never is completed, so that is the risk you take whenever you buy an early access game. I would suggest staying away from Early Access as you never know which game will actually be released or if it will even have the features they advertised.
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31.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 31, 2014
Early Access Review
In all honesty i like windborne and all but there hasn't been an update since what May 2014? theres been little to no news on upcoming updates either, it had potential but i don't know anymore i hope they get it together and push out a new update. feeling a bit ripped that i spent $30 and haven't seen anything new for 5-6 months.
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8.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 11
Early Access Review
I cannot recommend this game. The developers have openly admitted that early access for this game (at a significant price) was merely to see IF it would generate enough sales,. They have now decided it hasn't and have severely scaled back development to the point that it is barely being worked on, the last update to the game was July 2014. This is NOT in the spirit of early access and does not meet the guidelines published by Valve, it destroys early access trust within the community. There was no mention on the early access page that development would be dropped/reduced if they failed to generate sales, this has mislead us as to the intentions of this game developer.
I need to comment on the game itself.. its unfinished.. don't buy it.
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101.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 17
Early Access Review
Loved the game back when I got it, but now a year later its seen no updates worth note, and now the devs have said that the game has been for all intents and purposes abandoned and may only see an update once every year. Due to this I cannot recomend anyone purchasing this game untill its actually done years from now, or its on sale for like 5$.

Sorry HPE but after buying the special editions of DG2 and Windborne....I cant justify giving you guys money ever again.
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16.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 10
Early Access Review
Updates to this game are few and far between. The last one was in July in It appears that Hidden Path Entertainment attempted to use Early Access as a kickstarter and failed. The game is pretty much all tutorial, and that's it.

Until there is a LOT more content, this is basically a pretty, but incredibly shallow minecraft clone.
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1.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 10
Early Access Review

For what ever reason the Development on this game has come to a total stop, and in its current state ...lets just say it is VERY far from finished. There has been zero communication from devs, the very few updates released were trivial and fixed NONE of the core issues in game (trust me when i say there are plenty).

Pros: Lets face it the game has potential to have a good feel (or vibe) to it.
Looks nice.
Music is alright (i ended up just playing my own though)
Has some interesting building tools.
The game has potential.

Cons: Devs do not seem to give a crap about this game.
There has been zero effort to fix MANY major bugs.
Game is in no way optimized.
Windborne is sooooo far from finished, and missing so much i hate to even call this a game.
UI needs serious fine tuning.
Lacking video card settings.

but when a company stops working on the very game they are charging for ...wellll, yeah, were talking the possibility of theft here people.

So i say again


I would love to see these guys get their ♥♥♥♥ togethor ...but i doubt they ever will.

Law suit anyone?

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19.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 12
Early Access Review
Latest update and directly from the Ceo's mouth " the team a fraction of the size that it was before, it may be up to 12 months or more between updates rather than the every 3 months it was before - that said, we're constantly exploring options here in order to get the updates coming faster if possible - we love this game and we want to make progress on it for you and for us, we believe that it can have greater sales when more pieces of it are complete and when it gets much farther along in its development." After they originaly had a proper sized team on the game but moved people off the game after it started making money so they could use those devs and probably the funds made from it to push out another game of theres.. While we waited months with no word and kaboom coming on once in a while to post empty promises.. So now he expects us to be happy with this especialy for the price we paid for this I dont think so.. I dont remember the last time ive been this angry especialy since at first i promoted this game to friends and some others who are into survival crafting games from live streaming. Now i look bad because i tried to say this was a great game. Simple Thing guys dont get this game and dont ever buy anything made by this company unless they actualy start following through. Yes Ea games are a gamble but out of 24 ea games ive bought this is by far the bigest let down yet.
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1.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 13
Early Access Review
Utterly abandoned, such a disappointment. Hidden Path should be ashamed of themselves for leaving this game, up at this price on Steam with no further updates. Their twitter is still active, and they did an AMA recently... but the update log here speaks volumes.
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40.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 14
Early Access Review
They took the money and ran - I'll never buy an early access game again
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 15
Early Access Review
Avoid. Another Stomping Lands - Devs have jumped ship. No communication, no updates, no nothing.

Save your money, this game is abandonware.
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Posted: January 17
Early Access Review
Wrote a cheesy review about how great this game was six months ago.

I take it back. Not only is this game NOT worth 30 bucks but it has been lacking updates for months now. The employee in charge of streaming live videos of the game announced that she quit. Now I don't know if she left because of all the negativity she was getting about this game's lack of updates or because she was fired because the company announced they were reducing their involvement with Windborne. Anyways, if there is one thing I learned from early access is to NEVER believe the developers because they have the right to lie to us without any repercussions from Valve.

It's my fault for buying this game without understanding the concept of what early access is. And at least with this negative review along with a plethora of others, you'll click the next button and be on your way. That being said, Windborne will hopefully fade into the vast sea of unfinished Steam games never to reach the surface again.
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0.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 11
Early Access Review
i feel pretty dumb for buyin this purpose...shouldnt even be for sale...
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10.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 18
Early Access Review
I picked up the Deluxe ed to further support the game months ago, after so much promise with this game and now finding out they pretty much took everyones money and ran it sickens me how easy anyone can make an EA game just to rip people off.I wish there was a recycle crap games feature for credit as this type of thing is becomming common on steam.
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45.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 17
Early Access Review
Development has halted and most features promoted are NOT in the game.

Basically this game is a sandbox for 'mining' and building. Nothing to do in game apart from that...
For the price they're asking, this is definitely not recommended. Especially not since they halted development.

If they'd do what they promised (updates every 4-6 weeks and keep players updated) this game would've been finished and well worth the 30 bucks.
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124.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 22
Early Access Review
I would love to recommend this game, it's the reason I opened a steam account! There was no mention on the early access page that development would be reduced/stopped if they failed to generate sales. I paid $45 for this game a few weeks before a developer openly admitted it hasn't and have severely scaled back development (yearly updates?)!

I'm so disappointed, this is horrible and misleading. Not sure I'll be purchasing another game.
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 18
Early Access Review
Played it for a few hours and then realized that there wasn't much to do besides mine and build. That was to be expected of course, it was early access. I would of come back to it later, but there hasn't been any updates. After reading the AMA on Reddit, I am disappointed and regret my purchase.
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9.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 22
Early Access Review
Thoroughly disappointed with this game. I'm done buying into any games that aren't officially released. Friend and I went in together on the 2-pack because we thought the concept looked pretty cool, and at first it seemed like it would be. Then... nothing. No updates. It's crap like this that makes me wish Steam would allow games to be removed from your library, and even better would be a full or partial refund, or your choice of another game for equal or lesser value. Seriously though, pass this one up.
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