The game brings a fresh new take on the city building/management genre by introducing many RPG features. In Towns you manage a settlement on top of an active dungeon. Instead of playing the hero who delves deep into the dungeon, how about playing the town that houses and caters to the hero's needs?
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The game brings a fresh new take on the city building/management genre by introducing many RPG features.

In Towns you manage a settlement on top of an active dungeon. Instead of playing the hero who delves deep into the dungeon, how about playing the town that houses and caters to the hero's needs?

Both the RPG and strategic aspects will be fleshed out over a series of sprawling dungeons.

Attract travelling heroes that will independently explore the dungeons below, fight off monsters, gain levels, special skills and collect the best loot they can find in order to clear the land of all evil!

Craft unique weapons, trade with exotic items, obtain randomized loot, set up devious death traps and build a settlement capable of holding back the forces that come up from the depths!


Mac OS X
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 1.3
    • Hard Drive: 20 MB HD space
    • Additional:The game needs Java 1.6 or higher
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Additional:The game needs Java 1.6 or higher
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 1.3
    • Hard Drive:20 MB HD space
    • Additional:The game needs Java 1.6 or higher
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Additional:The game needs Java 1.6 or higher
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This game has been abandoned by the devs over and over again. During the most recent sale I pointed users to a great review about the history of the game and what has happened with the devs.. It was removed as "boycott thread" I then made a post regarding how it wasn’t and it was a review... I was then banned from the forums.

I have never seen such shadyness from developers or steam forum moderators. Stay FAR AWAY!!!

Here is why I was supposedly banned...
You have been banned from Towns Discussions by a forum moderator for your post in "Towns General Discussions":
YetiChow Moderator 3 hours ago
Deleted thread "Don't buy this game". Reason: spam, calls to boycott, and the fact that the same topic has been done to death already. Also a rather icky necroposting.

A reminder, these kind of boycott threads will NOT be tolerated. There's a reviews page for reviews; if people ask for opinions then that's another place to give them; but these unsolicited boycott threads are just unacceptable.

I highly disagree with this. My original post was notifying potential buyers of a great review that was written about this game. It told the back story of what happened with the devs for this game and how they abandoned it(surprise? it just happened again). How could that be a "boycott thread"? If I had somehow managed to find a positive review for towns and asked the user base to read it and get educated of the background of the game it would somehow be tolerated. This just again shows how shady you are YetiCHow for removing threads entirely and labelling them as something they are not.

Update: YetiChow has now updated his original post to again try to make me look bad. If you are going to police the forums in a dictatorship manner and not allow users to share reviews or their opinions unless it is in a positive way atleast own up to it.

YetiChow Moderator
I was going to avoid naming names in the hope this was an isolated incident; but apparently that's not the case. Also deleted another topic by the same user bizkit_109, written in response to my deleting the original thread. This user has now been warned, and further behaviour in the same manner will not be tolerated.

Apparently they like to silence any honest negativety towards the game and if you display any of that you get the big ban hammer. What a joke this develpoer is and the staff it lets moderate its steam forums.
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DO NOT BUY. Developers abandoned the game. New developer was hired on the fuel of broken hopes and promises. After he realized this and quit, the owner admitted that he will not hire anyone else, nor continue working on the game himself. This game should no longer be available on steam.
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So if Moderators or others push you to the demo, its not the best way to understand how the game is or how well it runs. First off, the demo does not give you the greatest feel for the game, just proves that the basic mechanics are working....

I'd also like to point this out, HEAVY MODERATION in the forums, see link below. If YETI does not agree with you or finds a reason to delete "negative" posts, he will. If you post in the forums, YETI will justify and "help" you make sense of the horrible AI and how the game was built as SH***Y as it is but it was all done like this on purpose. He responds to every comment to mask the amount of players who feel the same way about the game. Discussions that become overwhelming negative he will delete because the discussion is going in "circles" Check his own delete blog on the link below. This type of moderation in the forums is one attempt to keep the game alive. He HEAVILY defends the game at every chance even with all of the people arguing with him. The only people who agree are Lvl 0 Steam Users with Blocked Profiles.... Enough said.

Now for the review:

The game is time consuming which is why you may see players with a fair amount of hours, the bugs become more apparent the longer you play. Horrible AI, AI starving itself with plenty of food. Slow productivity of the AI. You have to micromanage every aspect of the game which to me and everyone else in the forums, is horrible AI construction and pathing that they will not fix. If you attempt to build a house all at once in the game, the builders constructing it will not stop working on it until it is finished, that includes dieing in the process from starvation (with plenty of food next to them).... feel free to drop me a comment on here with anything else you would like to know. *I do not respond to Lvl 0 Steam accounts with blocked profiles, your comment will get deleted.

Dungeons get even more involved and getting to them is a pain... to say the least. Construction is not polished at all.

To sum it up, the game runs, if you work around the poor mechanics of the game, it is playable. Its extremely time consuming which looking at this game, it should be a faster payout of fun since its a bit behind its time.

There is no Dev support in the forums, just moderators pushing the game every now and then. Development is next to nothing, look at the update history.
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I would honestly pay to take this off my library list
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It was fun for a bit, but the devs ran off with everyone's money.
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Bought this game before it came to steam. I enjoyed it, it had some seriously cool things going for it as I'm sure you can see by the amount of hours I've played this game. With its interesting take and style from DF.

Sadly I can only say as a recomendation:

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! Read all the other reviews. This game is dead, how it's still for sale and at such a high price is beyond me.
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Game is unfinished and abandoned. Don't waste your money.
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Held off for so long on writing this.

330 hours... Must be a great value right? Nope, nearly all of it was idle in the background while I waited huge amounts of time for the terrible AI to get anything done.

This game is a tedous unpolished mess, filled with either insane levels of micro management or giant periods of idle time. The AI is dirt poor and starves to death doing basic tasks. Asking questions about it on the forums will get you told by the moderator how it's not a bug and is really your fault... this is only true because you bought the game.

The dev also seems to think it's cool to appoint fanboy's and white knights as moderators. The Steam moderater doesn't moderate, he takes a clear side and bans people who disagree.

Do not buy this game, do not support this dev. There are reasons why the reviews are mostly negative.
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Unfortunately, I am one of several stuck with this buggy, uncompleted mess. I would say that Towns exhibits the worst aspects of Early Access -- except that it is not and never was advertized as an early access game.

And now it is abandoned.
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Don't buy it, it's a scam... The game is there as advertized, but it's an alpha and it's staying an alpha... It's charging 15 dollars for a game that never gets updated. Bugs don't get fixed even after years of development. Features are still unfinished. Nothing has polish to it. This game should not cost what it does, and it should have been finished development years ago. I wouldn't complain, but I paid 15 dollars for it, so I have a right to. I was promised something that never came about.
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Do not buy... Ever... Dev's left us high and dry with a 20% complete game. This is one of the games that burned me with early access and such.
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Basically this started out in what appeared to be a promising direction, but then was promptly abandoned shortly after hitting Steam.
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I ended up buying this game twice, once when I first heard about it from various communities speaking favorably of what it could become, and again when the game was eventually greenlit on steam. I justified both purchases, because I was genuinely excited over the prospect of the game, and wanted to support it as much as I could. I was wrong.

The game and by extension the original community presented the concept to be a Dwarf Fortress like game with better graphics, but I would argue that it is more closely related to the old Majesty games without a mission scenario. Your objective is to build up a town that will attract adventure's. You are tasked to manage and create food for the town, gather materials for building and forging tools/weapons, and eventually mine beneath the surface and break into dungeons beneath the map. All the while you need to defend your townspeople against invaders, native enemy's and eventually the monsters living within the dungeons.

The art is very inconsistent. Between block styles, animals and items within the game, there seems to be a 'mish-mash' of different approaches to how things ought to look, and none of them are particularly good. The animation is non existent. Everything glides across the screen, the combat looks like how a child emulate a 'fight' by smashing two dolls together.

Gameplay wise, you are allowed to create various structures, however you want. Similar to prison architect and DF-9, the game follows a system where you designate the type of room (bakery or carpenters workshop), and then supply those rooms with the necessary components allow those rooms to function (such as an oven, or bakers table). Buildings can be multiple floors up or down, though rooms are restricted to one level. The AI is what ruins the game for me. Peasants will frequently pick fights with monsters unarmed if they are near them. Like the Majesty, you cannot control the hero's that come to your town, however you also cannot curb or influence the hero's with gold or bounties. You simply have to hope the hero's will go where you need them too on their own.

The menu's and displays aren't pretty to look at either, and navigating through the various menu's is rather unintuitive.

The sounds are pretty terrible to be honest, especially the sound for when peasants eat food or die. If you happen to have your earphones on, and at a high volume, I would imagine it would cause your ears to bleed. Overall, the sound effects are pretty generic, but maybe I'm expecting too much from an Indie game after playing Minecraft.

Now at the time, I could just explain such issues away, because the game was still in active development. However the game has since been abandoned by it's developers, and no further updates are planned. Because of that, I can't in good faith recommend this game. There's too much simply missing or unpolished for this to be considered a good purchase.
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So what is with Towns?
I would rather say it's pretty dead. This game came 2012 to steam greenlight and was a interesting project, where you create a world in which yo have to make andventurers happy and not to be the adventurer.

But what did go wrong?
It's pretty easy. The developer cashed the money in, which was brought by many people, who were exicted (like me), to try it, to play it and to support it. But unfortunately the developement stopped in 2014.

What's wrong with that?
So the problem with this is, that this game is far from being finished. This game is still in alpha and lacks many features, so many that you could rather say it is not much fun to play this game. I got very disapointed as i have heard that and my money is lost, just because someone did not manage to get their things right and just because he did not have ambitions anymore to work on this project, he stopped!

I want to say one thing. I burned myself on this game and on some other. I would recommend for everyone not to buy early acess games or greenlights, just as they appear, but to wait and watch or to look at reviews. We gamers have to put a stop to such methods, we can not allow this to happen to us anymore!

I do not recommend this game, don't buy it and don't support someone who disappointed thousands of players, with an unfinished, not even polished, game. He earnend about 2 MILLIONS $ with it and left the game just as it is, UNFINISHED!

I would rather recommend you "DwarfFortress", it's free, developed by only 2 guys and can offer you much more. (PS.: Dwarf Fortress is very hard! and you probably need a texture pack!)
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This game hits a couple sweet spots for me, in that you spend your time designing and issuing instructions to virtual "villagers" (or dwarves, employees, etc.) and then watching them go about their virtual lives. I purchased it rather early on in its existance, and enjoyed running through a few plays of the basics that were in place. It certainly never felt even remotely finished, and I decided to walk away from it and give the devs time to flesh it out.

They never did that. The original developers lost interest, which is a huge risk for people who are paid in advance for the promise of a product to come, and effectively decided to cut and run. They farmed the work to a new developer who was working solely for a percentage of future sales, and the small improvements that were being made never generated those.

This game is not actively being developed and is not worth a third of the asking price in its current state, which is a damned shame, becuase this genre could use more finished games, and fewer abandoned skeletal concepts.
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I want my ♥♥♥♥ing money back.
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do not get this game the devs abandoned it. it was "classified" as finished but it feels like early beta
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This game could have been good. But the Dev abandoned the project. The decided to pick it up again. Then abandoned it again (I think). Its pretty infamous for being one of the first games out of Early Access and the first promising Early access game that sold a ton of copies where the dev "took the money and ran". This game burned a LOT of people on Early Access, and is still burning people. I cant believe its still for sale. Its a bug ridden incomplete mess taht never got out of Early Access and is being sold as a complete game.

Go play Dwarf Fortress instead.
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Great Potential but it failed in the end... ABANDONWARE! Gnomoria looks exactly the same and acts the same so go for that game over this one. Wish Steam would refund me due to it being abandon... Extra Note... There is a fan base doing updates and trying to bring the game back together so if you want to jump on that group enjoy if not go else where.
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Had potential until the greedy as hell Devs decided to take the money and run.

Support and development has been dropped for the longest time and at a steep £10 for a permanent Alpha I can't even begin to recommend this game to anyone unless you really enjoy wasting money.
Also might I add the development team are rude as hell and refuse to acknowledge this game's exsitence but keep it on Steam anyway just to pull in more money. Disgusting.
Never supporting these Devs ever again.
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