¡CICLISMO EN LA CUMBRE CON PRO CYCLING MANAGER! ¡Conviértete en director deportivo de uno de los 80 equipos profesionales! ¡Entra de lleno en una temporada 2013 llena de novedades y participa en más de 180 competiciones de todo el mundo, incluyendo la espectacular 100ª edición del Tour de Francia!
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2 de junio

Pro Cycling Manager 2015 - Gameplay Trailer unveiled

Releasing on PC June 18th, pre-order it on Steam tonight at 10% off!

Pro Cycling Manager 2015 developed by Cyanide Studio returns this year on PC with a load of exciting features. Fans of manager games, and cycling lovers in general will be able to lead one of the pro cycling circuit's 90 teams, and compete in a thrilling 2015 season, participating in over 200 competitions and the ultimate challenge: the prestigious Tour de France 2015 and its official route.

Today's gameplay trailer shows an overview of what you'll find in the game, as well as a list of the new features and gameplay mechanics you'll experience this June on PC: new Pro Cyclist mode, enhanced interface and graphics, control of your rider trajectory, improved Career Mode (training, scouting, rider progression...) and more!

The game releases this June on PC. You can pre-order it from tonight on Steam at 10% off.


Become the sports director of one of the 90 teams of the pro circuit, and compete in a thrilling 2015 season. Participate in over 200 competitions (550 stages) and the ultimate challenge: the prestigious Tour de France 2015 and its official route. Recruitment, team management, finances, contracts with riders and sponsors, training programs and the race calendar: leave nothing to chance. Your role will be equally important during the race, where every decision will be crucial in your bid for victory! Embark on a season in Solo mode or organize online competitions against virtual managers from all around the world! The new Pro Cyclist game mode lets you create and control a cyclist from the start of his career and turn him into an international star! The career mode has been improved, with revised rider progress system, specific training programs, a more extensive scout management system and the opportunity to manage a reserve team! On the gameplay side, strategic sprint sequences have been made more realistic, with the new option to choose your sprinter's preferred trajectory. Also, a high-performance AI to make the action more challenging, and a new interface and design of the menus and in the race bring Pro Cycling Manager to new heights!

Follow us now on Facebook and Twitter, and stay informed about everything related to Tour de France 2015 and Pro Cycling Manager 2015, the official video games of the Tour de France, available in June on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and PC!

Cyanide Studios & Focus Home Interactive.


Le jeu sera disponible le 18 Juin - les précommandes ouvrent ce soir à -10% sur Steam !

Pro Cycling Manager 2015, le jeu développé pour PC par Cyanide Studio revient cette année avec un peloton de nouveautés. Les fans de jeu de management et les amoureux de cyclisme pourront cette année encore prendre la tête de l'une des 90 équipes du circuit pro, pour la mener tout au long d'une saison 2015 excitante, comprenant plus de 200 compétitions dont le prestigieux Tour de France 2015 et son tracé officiel.

A travers la vidéo de gameplay dévoilée aujourd'hui, découvrez tout ce que vous pourrez trouver dans Pro Cycling Manager 2015, ainsi que toutes les nouveautés de cette édition disponible sur PC le 18 Juin : nouveau mode Pro Cyclist, graphismes améliorés et nouvelle interface, contrôle manuel de la trajectoire des coureurs, mode Carrière plus complet (entraînements, recrutement, progression des coureurs.) et bien plus encore !

Pro Cycling Manager 2015 sera disponible le 18 Juin sur PC, mais vous pouvez le précommander dès ce soir 19h sur Steam pour bénéficier d'une réduction de 10% !


Devenez le manager sportif d'une des 90 équipes du circuit professionnel, et lancez-vous dans une saison 2015 d'exception. Participez à plus de 200 compétitions (550 étapes), avec comme point d'orgue le prestigieux Tour de France 2015 et son tracé officiel. Recrutement, gestion du staff, finances, contrats coureurs et sponsors, entraînements et calendrier de course, il ne faudra rien laisser au hasard. En course, votre rôle sera également essentiel, et chacune de vos décisions sera décisive pour arracher la victoire ! Lancez-vous dans une saison en solo, ou organisez vos compétitions en ligne contre les managers virtuels du monde entier.

Le tout nouveau mode Pro Cyclist vous permettra pour la première fois de créer votre cycliste, et de le contrôler depuis le début de sa carrière pour en faire un champion mondial. Le mode Carrière a subi une refonte du système de progression des coureurs, avec des entraînements spécifiques, une gestion du recrutement plus pointue et le management d'une équipe réserve. Au niveau gameplay, les séquences de sprint plus réalistes vous permettront de contrôler manuellement la trajectoire préférentielle de votre sprinter. Au menu également, une IA plus performante et un nouveau design d'interface en menu et en course font franchir de nouveaux sommets à Pro Cycling Manager.

Retrouvez nous sur Facebook et Twitter, pour être tenu au courant de tout ce qui touche à Tour de France 2015 et Pro Cycling Manager 2015, les jeux officiels du Tour de France, disponibles en Juin sur PS4, PS3, Xbox One et PC!

Cyanide Studios & Focus Home Interactive.

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Acerca de este juego


¡Conviértete en director deportivo de uno de los 80 equipos profesionales! ¡Entra de lleno en una temporada 2013 llena de novedades y participa en más de 180 competiciones de todo el mundo, incluyendo la espectacular 100ª edición del Tour de Francia!

Dirige todos los aspectos de un equipo profesional: fichajes, gestión de corredores, contratos, equipamiento, finanzas, inscripción a competiciones, la nueva gestión de patrocinadores y objetivos... ¡y demuestra tu pericia táctica en carreras en tiempo real!

Paisajes y escenarios más ricos que nunca, corredores en HD y nuevas animaciones que reflejan su estado en todo momento... ¡las carreras nunca han sido más realistas e inmersivas! Ahora, el juego incluye una inteligencia artificial mejorada y más realista y una interfaz nueva y flexible, así como un innovador sistema de forma física y estado de ánimo de los corredores. Su modo multijugador te permitirá crear competiciones personalizadas con tus amigos, o enfrentarte a jugadores de todo el mundo en un modo online persistente. ¡Colecciona cartas para crear tu equipo soñado y brilla en las clasificaciones oficiales!

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP3/Windows VISTA SP2/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor: AMD/Intel dual-core 2.2 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB
    • Graphics: 256 MB 100% DirectX 9 and Shaders 3.0 compatible NVidia GEFORCE 7900/ATI RADEON X1600/Intel HD 2000
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 11 GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible
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Publicado el 10 de junio de 2014
Me encanta este juego!
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Publicado el 10 de diciembre de 2013
Having played previous Pro Cycling Manager games I was always going to buy the latest instalment. This year's edition improved on past years components and added a fair amount of new features.

The first thing I noticed was the new home screen at the beginning, not a huge difference but it looks nice and makes it easy to navigate and find game modes as such. Multiplayer (Armdada) has been improved as well; A track mode has been added (For Armada) and you can now play stage races with your own teams which was missing from last year's game. The career mode as well has been altered. This year if you are to build a custom team you have a virtually unlimited budget but your team's level (UCI World Tour, Pro Continental or Continental) is determined by how much you spend. You are also allowed unlimited reports on youth riders but this comes at a financial cost.

When you are into the career you will notice that there has been a change in how you receive money in the game. Usually you earn money from winning races in prize money however this year you get money from nailing targets your sponsors give you. This can be frustrating as they may give you tasks which are unrealistic. An example: I had a continental team and was asked to win Omloop Het Niewsblad. Not only did I have no strong classics riders, but I was facing up against Cancellara and Boonen and worst of all, I couldn't even get an entry into the event through a wild card! Even though you can ask to scale down these assignments to aim to achieve a top 10 ranking or so but the amount of money you gain is heavily cut.

In the actual races there has been a graphical overhaul, the shirt quality of the riders has been improved (you can make out the writing and sponsors easily) and there have many new items added (useful for stage building). Some licenses are missing (BMC shirt & Sky and OPQS names) however these can be addressed via the community made databases - the most notable and impressive one being from PCMdaily.

The in-game mechanics have also changed, breakaways are now more likely to stay away which makes the game more challenging and in some cases more realistic. It is still feasible to chase back an escape although it will require more man power and help from the rest of the peleton. In my opinion though, the best changes have been those to the animations and accelerations of the riders. In previous years riders would look the same no matter their speed. The new animations have made the game seem more realistic as you can see when other riders are struggling or putting in a higher effort. Also, the acceleration stat now does mean acceleration and will determine how quickly your sprinter or climber attacks.

Finally, I must add that this game is not really for non cycling fans who are are unaware of what lies beyond and before the Tour de France however a tutorial could address this problem.


- Strong animations
- Graphical Overhaul
- Armada improved
- In game mechanics improved

- Career mode can be frustrating
- Still bugs in places
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Publicado el 1 de enero de 2014
I recommend this under three conditions:
1) You are a cycling fan or bike racers.
2) You are looking for a casual game.
3) You enjoy strategy games.
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Publicado el 25 de febrero de 2014
If your dream is to manage a cycling team this is the ♥♥♥♥. However if your not this still provides a gripping manager experinece especially when some cheeky riders refuse to do ♥♥♥♥. My god the stress is real. The 13 hours I spent manageing 'Duck Pro Cycling' were the most exciting and also terrifying experince of my life. This game is a true roller coaster ride of emotions.
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Publicado el 25 de junio de 2014
Don't worry If you do not have knowledge of cycling race and racers If you play this game you will be one of cycling fans.
it si not too complicated but you can enjoy quite enjoyable volume of strategy.
if you are a cycling fan you should buy it!
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