Experience the addictive gameplay of old-school arcade favourites, updated and improved for the 21st century! Unique retro-futuristic sound and graphics, player responsive difficulty, and a subtle system of tactics combined with classic gameplay make Ultratron a fun and hypnotic arcade blast.
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Date de parution : 18 mar 2013

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À propos de ce jeu

Experience the addictive gameplay of old-school arcade favourites, updated and improved for the 21st century!

Unique retro-futuristic sound and graphics, player responsive difficulty, and a subtle system of tactics combined with classic gameplay make Ultratron a fun and hypnotic arcade blast.

The last human has been slain by evil killer robots. You are the one remaining humanoid battle droid. Your mission: avenge the human race! Boost your battledroid with powerups, buy cute but deadly pets in the shop. Blast your way through 40+ glowing neon levels, avoiding Chasers, Turrets, Spawners, Minelayers, bombs, and bullets, and take on the four giant boss 'bots of the Apocalypse - Ieiunitas, Bellum, Lues and Letum!

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP
    • Processeur : 1 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte avec support OpenGL 1.5
    • Disque dur : 100 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.1 capable graphics card
    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.5.8
    • Processeur : Intel 1 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte avec support OpenGL 1.5
    • Disque dur : 100 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.1 capable graphics card
    • Processor:1GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL1.5 capable graphics card
    • Hard Drive:580 MB HD space
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.1 capable graphics card
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( 1.4 heures en tout )
Posté le : 23 juillet
An ok retro twin stick shooter. Felt like the playable area too small though, and the effects are hard to see. Ragequit after I kept getting killed by things I couldn't see.
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( 12.3 heures en tout )
Posté le : 21 juillet
Singles--- 2nd highest scorer!!

I was just creating badges and increasing my steam level when I got a -90% off coupon for this game.

I checked what it was and found that it was just a shooter game where you shoot enemies and dodge typical arcade style, I looked at the reviews and 92% enjoyed this game so I thought why the hell not. Less than a dollar for a game.

After playing for a few hours to get the steam cards... I was definitely hooked!! I don't know why but I really enjoyed playing this game! It's very frustrating when you lose but you just can't stop playing!

It's fun and frustrating at the same time but it makes me want to play again and do my best once more which is a good thing!

I recommend this game 10/10 would hit my gaming keyboard again out of frustration lol!
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( 7.3 heures en tout )
Posté le : 25 juin
good retro game.
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( 2.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 13 juin
Retro. Arcade. Awesome. Play it.
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bob psycho 100
( 0.9 heures en tout )
Posté le : 10 juin
thank you years of playing touhou to prepare me for this game

that aside, I've really enjoyed ultratron! I got it 50% off so it was well worth the money. some good old-fashioned fun never hurt anybody
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( 29.1 heures en tout )
Posté le : 9 juin
This `is a great game, but I'm puttting this negative review because it has one very serious issue that may be a dealbreaker for you.

When I first got this game, it fully supported 360 controllers. I don't know what changed, but now it does not recognize a 360 controller for me, nor does it recognize a Steam controller - this is a well known issue, and thoroughly documented in the forums. I actually rebuilt my machine from the ground up trying to get this one game sorted, but sadly, no luck - I loved this game when it worked with a controller. The developers have moved on to other projects - Puppygames is not a warehouse full of guys who never sleep, I think it's just two guys, so don't buy it expecting a fix.

If you like playing this sort of game using a keyboard and mouse, then this will be a really enjoyable game for you. It's clever, the game mechanics are well thought out, it's challenging, and it looks, sounds, and plays really cool.... For my money, this game is a gem when the controllers worked.

IF, however, you are buying this with the intention of playing it with your controller, there is a chance that it will not work for you. The forum has some tips that may be helpful, but if you can't get it to work the first day, you should either resign yourself to a controllerless experience, or put in for a refund.
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( 7.3 heures en tout )
Posté le : 20 mai
I have been searching for this game for over 30 years. I have always wanted that perfect twin stick shooter that would out-do the original Robotron. I had come close with Nuclear Throne, been disappointed with the doge-roll mechanics of Gungeon, and still feel on the fence for Neurovoider.
Nothing captured that pure feel Robotron. Super fast, super responsive, incredibly tough and unpredictible, and just plain kick-♥♥♥. Quite possibly in my mind the greatest game of all time. Then I happened upon this game.
Take everything I mentioned above that I loved about the original and add everything to improve upon that formula. Power-up's, minions, sentry turrets, kick-♥♥♥ visuals, a rocking soudtrack, super tight controls, a talent tree system thats based on coin collecting (some what risky at times), and OH MY GOD, fruit prizes! Classic gamers rejoice!!
You can choose between controller or mouse-keyboard gameplay. Something that Nuclear Throne does but there is a massive advantage to using the later. This game feels and plays great with either. I still cant decide which I like more, they both rock. Oh and theres no real endgame, this one is forever, and I'm pretty sure this game will be on every pc I will ever build.
If you are even remotely a twin-stick fan, I urge you to get this game. I have played a ton of them. This one rests firmly in my top spot. This is the new standarrd. Robotron has been usurped. All hail the new king!
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( 1.1 heures en tout )
Posté le : 8 mai
This game ♥♥♥♥ing rocks. Late night madness!
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Keef Baker
( 1.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 6 mai
As with the rest of the puppygames catalogue, this is just pure unadulterated fun. Fantastic twin stick shooter with a good sense of progression.
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( 3.4 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 avril
I rate the game Ultratron 3.5/5. Pretty good.

This is the direct sequel (at least in spirit) to the famous Robotron 2084 arcade game (which I used to play extensively on my Nintendo 64). Ultratron is harder and more complex than Robotron 2084 in every respect but despite its many differences, such as the presence of weapon and character upgrades, better graphics, more complex arenas and the music (Robotron 2084 had no music at all), Ultratron still somehow manages to feel very nostalgic. Despite its high difficulty and despite its initially clunky looking graphics (reminiscent of early 1980s arcade games), this is a seemingly simple but extremely fun game with absolutely no bugs (other than the intentional warping and flipping of the screen).

+This game is pretty inexpensive.

+ The controls are highly responsive and generally outstanding.

+ The sound is highly reminiscent of 1980s arcade games. Still, this game's intentionally nostalgic sounds are extremely well done and hearing all the nifty computer sounds this game makes is a lot of fun. Despite how nostalgic the sounds are they will not make your speakers pop. The sounds in this game are high quality. They don't come through as fuzzy, grainy or full of static. Every single sound in this game also tells you something important.

+The graphics, while reminiscent of early 1980s arcade games, are actually quite a bit more complex, including some pretty lighting effects and little spotlight rays which follow your character around. The lighting creates a wonderful techno-menacing ambient feeling which goes far to create this game's atmosphere. The overall atmosphere seems to be halfway between a 1980s arcade, a techno rave dance club and a weird, futuristic computer factory. Indeed, the levels all sort of look like they take place in a 2D dance club of some sort which is at once funny and fitting for this game. The high-contrast graphics also helped me concentrate even better than I otherwise would have. The intentionally strange screen distortion effects helped increase the atmospherics of this game still further without significantly distracting from the gameplay. When playing this game it almost looks as if your own computer monitor wants the machines to win but can't really do much about you.

+The overall game design and object of the game (destroy everything on the screen) is simple but extremely well executed. Levels are divided into 4 sections, each of which has a boss fight at the end. Once a boss has been defeated you can jump to that section at a later time using the extremely easy-to-use game menu. Between each level you can upgrade your character with little monies you earned while you were destroying enemies during each preceding level (or you can save your little monies for better upgrades later. The boss fights are challenging but only the final one is potentially frustrating (I defeated it on my third try but then I currently hold the 5th highest score in the world). After the final boss, you can continue playing even further to get an even high score. The furthest I've gotten is to level 60 but I think I heard somewhere that there are 100 levels in all but I'm not sure. The designs of all of the smaller enemies are also very, very good, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

+/- Asides from the good main theme and the excellent music which plays during boss fights (the same song which plays on the Steam store's Ultratron page), this game's music is largely mediocre and tends towards an overly complicated and chaotic musical style (that oftentimes would sound more at home in a Unreal Tournament game rather than a little arcade-style game like this). The music can, at times be distracting but the music can be easily turned down.

+/-This game gets very difficult very quickly. This is essentially a dual analog game. (I play it with a mouse (to aim and fire with) and keyboard (to move)). If you do not have a background in playing other dual analog games I'd recommend playing some other dual analog games first to get used to the fundamentals of the controls before diving into something as challenging as Ultratron. Playing the original Robotron 2084 (if you can find a good version of it these days) will help you to be better at this game too.

-It would have been nice if the difficulty ramped up more slowly (so the game would have more stages to play through).

-This game could use some additional gameplay modes of some sort to add variety and increased replayability. (For example, a mode where you must fire as little as possible, a time trial mode, a boss rush mode etc. would have all been nice additions) As it stands, this is a fairly bare-bones arcade style game with just one mode.

-It would be nice to be able to play a cooperative mode with AI's if you don't have any friends who also play this game (like me).

-The game needs more variety to its arenas. It needs more traps and physical barriers etc. Maze-like arenas would have been cool too. There's a whole lot more than could be done with this game.
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1.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 décembre 2013
Inutile de jouer plus d'une heure pour se rendre compte qu'un jeu d'arcade basé sur un concept classique - du Arena Shooter - peut-être redoutable en raison de choix de game design solides et intelligents. Ainsi, entre chaque vague d'assauts ennemis - qui composent différents chapitres de plus en plus ardus - vous aurez la possibilité d'utiliser vous sous durement récoltés - étant libérés par les ennemis vaincus et très éphémères, c'est la mécanique classique risque/gain. Se pose alors le dilemme suivant : renforcera ton notre survie à court terme : achat de niveau bouclier (qui plus est, il est non linéaire, c'est-à-dire qu'en acheter beaucoup à chaque tour revient vite extrêmement cher), smartbombs (de plus en plus chères en fonction de la progression dans les chapitres) ou privilégeria-t-on l'investissement : améliorations du droïde principal, de ses équipements ou des droïdes auxiliaires.

Une fois dans l'arène, tout devient furieux : il faudra aussi gérer les "pets" (droïdes auxiliaires qui vous suivent et qui peuvent rester au sol s'ils sont touchés, dans ce cas il faudra aller les récupérer), le droïde de défense (immobile, il shoot dans la même direction que vous et dispose de votre puissance de feu et d'un bouclier limité) ou encore les power-ups à récupérer (leurs effets disparaissent en même temps que votre multiplicateur de score, c'est-à-dire une fois touché). Et si vous êtes du genre à trouver le genre arcade peu permissif, sachez qu'il est tout de même possible de sauvegarder à tout moment pour reprendre le jeu plus tard, de reprendre aux checkpoints créés après chaque début de chapitre ou même de jouer en coopération à deux. Je terminerai avec la bande-son dark-électro/club qui terriblement prenante ainsi que les visuels qui sont toujours aussi attractifs et propres à Puppy Games.
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11.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 31 décembre 2014
Ultratron c'est un twin-stick shooter assez simpliste qui se déroule toujours dans la même map carrée, avec des vagues d'ennemis qui spawnent et qu'il faut exploser avec votre laser. On retrouve là la même patte graphique (et les mêmes sprites...) que les autres jeux puppygames, avec toujours cette facheuse tendance à l'exagération au niveau des effets à l'écran. Du coup dans la petite map, qui elle-même a déjà des tas de bidules clignotants qui n'ont aucun impact sur le gameplay, on se retrouve avec votre perso, ses tirs, les ennemis, leurs tirs, vos familiers, leurs tirs, les trucs à ramasser, les mines, les bonus, le tout utilisant toujours les mêmes couleurs fluo qui explosent à l'écran, on se retrouve régulièrement à regarder un écran digne d'un arc-en-ciel sous extasy et on perd un point à chaque oeil en essayant de rester attentif à l'action.
Sur le jeu lui-même, si la difficulté n'était pas exagérée par ce déluge de couleur, c'est simpliste, il y a un système d'upgrades qui a l'air travaillé mais qui comme souvent avec les jeux puppygames contient des branches entières d'upgrades qui sont franchement inutiles, les niveaux s'enchainent et se ressemblent, avec 4 sections de 10 niveaux chacune terminées par un boss, qui une fois complétées redémarrent à 0 (en gardant le niveau de difficulté) avec tous les boss qui se dédoublent à l'écran (peut-être qu'après le niveau 90, ils se triplent, pas testé, pas arrivé jusque là).
Un jeu passable donc, pas beaucoup de contenu, un gameplay plus chiant qu'agréable, des niveaux qui se ressemblent, à part pour les fans des jeux dans le style habituel de puppygames, on s'en passera aisément.
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Non recommandé
12.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 23 avril 2015
Je dois avouer qu'Ultratron m'a bien déçu.
Le but du petit jeu est de survivre à plusieurs manches qui se succèdent pour arriver à un boss, ceci plusieurs fois jusqu'au boss final dans une petit map carrée. Pendant les manches vous devez tuer des petits robots avec votre laser, il y en a de plus en plus et sont de plus en plus difficiles a tuer. Ils dropent des pièces, qui vous permettront d'améliorer vos compétences (bouclier, smartbombs...) pour mieux résister à la manche suivante.
La map ne change jamais si ce n'est quelque détails ou les couleurs.
La bande son est assez originale, ambiance assez robotique mais énormément répétitive.
Les commandes sont basiques: vous avez la souris pour viser, des touches pour bouger et pour les attaques spéciales.
Pour moi, le jeu ne mérite vraiment pas son prix, pour le peu de contenu qu'il contient. On peut le finir en deux heures facilement, la seule chose qui sauve un peu le jeu sont les 67 succès disponibles qui élargissent sa durée de vie.

Bref je ne vous le recommande pas à moins d'être un passionné de jeux 2D-rétro-robotiques a durée de vie particulièrement abrégée/
Il est loin de valoir son prix, même si je l'ai eu pour un prix réduit avec une solde Steam, je regrette quand même de l'avoir acheté...Si vous êtes tout de même intéressé par le jeu et comptez l'acheter, je vous conseille de regarder des vidéos dessus avant de l'acheter.
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2.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 24 décembre 2013
old school, but nice
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21.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 16 mars 2014
Best shooter game ever ! thanks puppygames
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6.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 novembre 2013
Ultratron oh how I love your addicting twin stick gameplay. You sucked me in late at night with your pretty colors, challenging gameplay, and awesome upgrades. I loved you until I loaded what I thought was my save with my high score I was working on to find me back at an earlier level 3000,000 short of what I was. For now I must give you up because I am hurt and sad but will comeback one day to complete my challenge of moving up the leaderboards.

Ultratron is a fantastic old school style twin stick shooter from the guys at puppygames. They also made other great titles like Revenge of The Titans and Titan Attacks. Your mission is to avenge the human race by killing the titans.

You do this as a little robot who you can upgrade by earning money which is dropped when titans die. Upgrades come in the form of the power of your gun, adding little pets who each have a different weapon, and defensive abilities like an EMP shock when you get hit. To keep these upgrades you have to get past a checkpoint which is every ten levels and a boss.

Gameplay is best done with a controller in my opinion since one joystick controls movement and the other controls your gun. Each stage is done in a somewhat oval shaped stage where a variety of titans appear to bring a stop to your destruction. Each time a titan is killed money appears and you have to collect it before it disappears.

The main game plays through 40 levels then after that it's just hitting checkpoints every ten levels to try and fully upgrade everything and get a higher score. You can also save where you’re at and quit the game to come back later to keep going. It's a fantastic game with tons of value that can last you a very long time.

Bear Rating 10/10
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2.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 29 décembre 2013
Cliff Bleszinski is famously quoted as to have said to have a great game you just need "to nail that 30 seconds of gameplay and be able to repeat it". This applies to certain genres more than others, but it certainly can be used to describe twin stick arcade shooters, where without a story, expansive world, or other conduit typically used to draw you to the experience, it all comes down to getting the core gameplay right. Ultratron gets it.

Making no false claims as to what it is, Puppy Games's twin stick shooter drops you into a level and asks you to kill everything that moves. As you destroy enemies they drop credits which you can use to upgrade your bot, replenish your shields, or adopt an array of gadgets to help you stay alive. It's intentionally uncomplicated and that is what makes it so freaking fun!

Gliding around in your little homicidal robot feels like an extension of yourself, and the resistance put up by your endlessly spawning enemies coupled with the ensuing explosion when they bite the dust is absolutely perfect, and never stops being satisfying no matter how many times you repeat it. Enemy patterns are varied just enough to keep the experience fresh, and over the game's 40 levels various levels are sprinkled challenge events and boss fights that become increasingly challenging the further in you get.

Although I've never been known to suffer from epilepsy, I appreciated that the developers didn't go as crazy as they could have with the visuals. There is a lot of graphical flair going on at any one time, but rarely did it become detrimental to the gameplay by obscuring enemies, and is actually used as a clever way to increase difficulty as later levels are darker lit and require a keener eye to pick out enemies (but never to the point of being unfair).

For pure arcade shooting I've rarely had the pleasure of playing one as fun and well crafted as Ultratron. While it may lack content up front, it makes up for it by being replayable just for the sake of revisiting the game (with the added benefit of local co-op, which is a literal blast). As a fan of the genre I found it an absolute joy to play, and am sure to be comparing similar games to it from now on. If you are in the mood for an easy to pick up but hard to put down bit of robot blasting carnage, I think it would be hard to do much better.
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4.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 3 mars 2014
This is a rather long review, so if you want a short summary of why I recommend this game skip to Results and read from there.

Well it’s time for PuppyGames to shine with Ultratron. It is not the best game out there, but it’s by no means the worst.

Ultratron is a pretty simple game; you play a little robot that must defeat the many foes and their leaders ahead: Bellum, Lues, Leiunitas, and Letum. The protagonists’ goal in this epic is to get revenge for the fall of earth by the evil forces of robots. As you fight further through the epic campaign you defeat the evil leader robots that destroyed the great planet you knew to love.

There are forty main levels and with each level the enemies become slightly stronger, although not to the point where it forces you to select specific upgrades. The game isn’t too difficult and you can get through the first 39 levels without too much effort. As you progress through each subsection (10 levels) you must fight one boss and this creates a save, which you can reload and play even after creating the next save ten levels later. You only get one save for each ten levels; this means if you start again you will overwrite your previous character saves.

Similar to Revenge of the Titans you cannot buy all the upgrades within the forty levels, before fighting the main boss. Your cash is limited and you must choose which upgrades you want and which ones you don’t. In order to take more hits you must purchase shields, which upon being hit you lose. This means some of your money goes back to buying defense mechanisms to make sure you do not die in one hit. Although, after fighting your way through the main 40 levels the campaign unlocks and allows you to keep playing. One major benefit to this game is that by clicking escape it saves your progress and quits. This means you can be half way between checkpoints and decide you want to take a break without losing a beat.

Ultratron is challenging and fun with a lot of variation between rounds because of the upgrade variety. Most of the achievements can be earned by playing the game only a short amount of time. If you ever played geometry wars this is a similar type of game. If you’re fan of arcade games that are in bird’s eye view and are arena shooters then this is the game for you.

->To beat Letum you need to purchase the speed boost upgrade, preferably with Quantum Shift so you can run through his bullets. [I also beat him when playing with near maxed out bullet upgrade which made it a bit easier]
->If your find a turret from a spider drop you can pick the turret up and move it by not firing your main gun.
->By purchasing the droid level-up upgrade this will allow your droids to level up based on their kill count. This upgrade is only useful if you decide to not fire your blaster and let the droids level up. (I played a play-through using only the lowest level droid and even at level five and fully upgraded it still was weaker than my level two blaster).
->You will make your money back if you buy the dot slurper upgrades, as the benefit of the farther reach is incredibly notable.

I recommend this game. I personally wouldn't purchase it for $9.99, but if you're a fan of the genre then $9.99 is a good price. If you are not a fan of the genre and can get a coupon or it is on sale for about 75% off then this is a great buy. The game is entertaining and rather simple. It doesn’t require too much time to become good at and is fun to compete with against friends. The checkpoint system makes it rather entertaining and stops you from having to repeat the whole game over again.

+Different upgrades which you cannot purchase all in one play through of the main forty levels.
+Checkpoint system, so you don’t have to restart at the beginning if you lost by just a hair.
+Easy controls with simple gameplay logic
+Simple enemies and fun to battle bosses
+High replay value
+Save and quit option allowing you to stop playing at any point without losing progress.

-Some upgrades seem rather worthless.
-The final boss, Letum, is ridiculous in difficulty curve.
-There doesn't seem to be any tutorial or hints pages between levels.
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2.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 25 septembre 2014
Something bad happened to us and the last of humans have been slain by evil robots. You are controlling THE LAST humanoid battle droid, slaying the endless hordes of mechanized beasts!

The fighting is very fast paced and explosive arena styled shooting, where the enemy comes after you in waves. Occasionally you encounter a bigger, more difficult boss droid. You can upgrade and fix your droid between waves, boost shields, buy various pets with different weapons etc. There's lots of cool stuff you can buy - if you have the money. I found myself being in constant lack of it and never really managed to unlock everything.

It's a fun game with a lot of hectic action. Sometimes I lost myself under all the light effects, explosions and enemy swarms and it felt like I was watching an ant hill under attack. But in game's defense, I've never been good at this type of games so someone with more 1337-powers surely saves the humanity in no time.

It's a very easily approachable and entertaining "Puppy Game" that doesn't disappoint.
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2.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 18 octobre 2015
✔ Good graphics and presentation
✔ A game by PuppyGames is bound to be a good game
✔ DRM-free version exists
✔ GNU/Linux support
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