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Ce contenu nécessite le jeu de base World In Conflict sur Steam pour fonctionner.

Date de parution: 11 mar 2009
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Ce contenu nécessite le jeu de base World In Conflict sur Steam pour fonctionner.

Acheter World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Expansion

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Acheter World in Conflict: Complete Edition

Inclut les 2 articles suivants : World In Conflict, World In Conflict: Soviet Assault

À propos du jeu

Le jeu acclamé comme étant le jeu de stratégie de l'année 2007 nous revient avec un tout nouveau contenu ! World In Conflict Soviet Assault comprend 6 nouvelles missions solo et encore plus d'action explosive. Les nouvelles missions sont comprises dans un scénario original. Vous jouerez pour le camp soviétique et tenterez de faire triompher vos idées révolutionnaires.

Cette extension est entièrement compatible avec le jeu original World In Conflict.

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Windows® XP/Windows Vista® (exclusif)
    • Processeur : 2.0 GHz ou plus rapide single-core (2.2 GHz pour Windows Vista) ou n'importe quel dual-core Intel® ou AMD® (2.5 GHz ou plus rapide Recommandé)
    • Mémoire : 512 Mo Windows XP (1024 Mo Recommandée)/1 Go Windows Vista (1.5 Go Recommandée)
    • Graphismes : 128 Mo compatible DirectX® 9.0c (256 Mo Recommandés)(voir liste*)
    • Version DirectX : DirectX 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 8 Go d'espace disque
    • Son : Compatible DirectX 9.0
    • Périphériques : Windows-compatible clavier et souris
    • multijoueur : connexion haut débit avec 128 kbps ascendants ou plus rapide

    *Carte vidéos supportées au jour de la sortie :
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 6/7/8/9/X200, ATI® 9600-9800/X300-X850/X1050/X1300/X1550-X1950/HD 2400-4800

    Versions portable de ces circuits ne sont pas supportées. Pour plus d'information veuillez consulter : http://support.ubi.com.

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Ne connaissant pas ce jeu et ne l'ayant jamais fait c'est avec surprise que j'ai découvert cette petite perle
même si la qualtié des graphisme (cinématique) ne sont pas faramineuse ( et je parle pour l'époque) j'ai quand même été bluffé par les animation d'explosion qui sont très bien travailler et on sent que ce jeu a permis d'initier le prochain qui n'est autre que endwar.

Pour moi c'est un bon jeu avec une durée de vie grande (10 h de jeu juste en campagne et toujours pas fini cette dernière)
Posté le : 9 août 2014
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The Soviets oblige in tearing down that wall, the Fulda Gap is filled, and Seattle goes sleepless as Shilkas and infantry pour onto the docks. Take that, Seahawks. Explosive downpour saturates cities bleeding with columns of refugees. Welcome to World in Conflict.

It's war theater by way of artillery barrages and tidalwaves of military meat and metal, but the thing that really sets World in Conflict apart is the relatable human face that comes out, when a soldier appears in the cutscenes, who, knowing his chances of survival are slim, phones his stepfather to reconcile before it's too late.

It would seem so obvious to acquaint the player with some of the thousands of troops that he'll be sending into certain death as the game progresses, and yet, it's something that pretty much never happens in real time strategy games. Tanya from Command and Conquer is a lovely girl, but she's not like any girl I know. That kid calling home, or the Soviet colonel torn between his duty and his common sense feel a lot closer to home.

The game itself delivers highly polished strategy in wave upon wave upon wave of perfect carnage, full of the little details that betray a labor of love. I don't know if this is art, but I do know that Massive Entertainment were among the few true artists in the studio system.

Had Sierra not fallen apart, and had Massive come under the guidance of someone with more respect for the medium than Activision or Ubisoft, who knows what might have been.

Everybody wants to rule the world, but as World in Conflict reminds us, they usually manage to burn down a significant part of it in the process.
Posté le : 16 avril 2014
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Best RTS I have ever played
Posté le : 20 mai 2014
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It is fun to blow things up
Posté le : 6 juillet 2014
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It's almost a shame this game's fallen into obscurity and never really was a well known to begin with. The gameplay and story were good and it looked great for its time, easily overshadowing the original Company of Heroes at least in the looks department.

It tried to do something new, tossing out the old base building RTS model and putting the focus on combat and a host of support abilities going as far as tactical nukes. You could take on any number of roles between, infantry, armour, ground or air support and weren't dependent on some perfect build or way of doing anything like the typical RTS. Merging well, both the mentality of the fast pace of the shooter genre and the tactical/strategic understanding one needs in an RTS make this different but again very good.

The story wasn't the now all too frequent simpleton's propoganda infused anti-USSR plot, it was about two massive empires waging war without a metric ton political baggage ruining the story. There were instances where the political officer would reference his connections to the Politburo, along with the idiot nephew who was the poster child of propaganda incensed idiocy. That's all it took to get the message across to the player that the USSR was internally screwed, without being so lazy as to just toss dozens of civilians being mowed down before the players eyes or an having entire platoon's worth of men gunned down by their own machine guns.

And the US wasn't portrayed as the mystical savior either, as most of NATO was portrayed in the game and on its own territory, the United States had to resort to reasonably desprate measures. In that, I can respect the writers and whoever else was involved in actually bothering to come up with an enjoyable realistic story.
Posté le : 2 mars 2014
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