In Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 troverai predatori più letali e prede più mortali.
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Riguardo questo gioco

In Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 troverai predatori più letali e prede più mortali.

Predatori più intelligenti e letali: Il nuovo motore e la nuova IA degli animali consentono loro di simulare le gerarchie sociali, di coordinare le tattiche di gruppo e sfruttare l'ambiente per organizzare imboscate mortali.

Nuova modalità Co-operativa: Due giocatori possono giocare insieme ed affrontare le successive e sempre più pericolose ondate di belve feroci nella nuova modalità split screen.

Riuscirai a resistere contro le bestie più pericolose che il regno animale ha da offrire? Scoprilo con Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013!

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows® XP 32-bit (with Service Pack 3)
    • Processor: Intel Core® 2 Duo E2180 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ Socket AM2
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800 GT 512MB/ ATI X1900XT 512MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB HD space
    • Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
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Call of Duty's® Animal Warfare
No joke, it's Call of Duty with animals.
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Welcome to Cabela's Dangerous hunts 2013,
First there is no real co-op online as stated. Only local split screen.
During your short stay in Africa you will kill thousands and thousands of lions and wild cats because of their infinite spawns. You will regulary get scratched by wild life with little to no effect.
You will have to slide long slopes because every cliff edge will crumple under your feets. The local wild life will use cheap scare tactics like jumping in and out of your view every 5 minutes or so.

There are mandatory "flash back" every 2 or 3 levels to change the theme from Africa to northern America for snow effects and to change to wolfes. Animals seems to come in waves of 4-5 and are not scared of your gun even if you just murdered to whole pack before their eyes. You will also have to save your brother life by sniping several dozens or so of animals trying to eat him whenever you are apart.

You will also get numerous "bullet time" with X-Ray vision to snipe the heart or brain of the predators and the only way to avoid attacks usually consist to roll left or right when they leap. Whenever the sneak up behind you, you enter a slow-mo shoot their heart quick mode.

Numerous bugs will also be encountered like animal going through wall or jumping off cliffs.

Several uninterresting other modes are included.
Save your money for another hunting game.
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I purchased this game because when I was young I played the Dangerous Hunts series on PS2. Those games were pretty terrible, and my friends and I would laugh and joke the entire time while running over deer in our ATVs and watching mooses fight grizzly bears. Expecting a nostalgiac bad game I couldnt wait to play this. What I discovered upon playing it was not that it was terrible, but somehow several times worse than the previous installments.

The game opens with a story background about how your brother and your dad hunt together and some zombie bear kills your dad. For what its worth the voice acting is exceptional given the rest of the game. Truly the people hired for this deserve some credit. Anyway the first thing I noticed was that your default weapon is a deagle and there were health pickups laying around. The scopes are unusable, the AI is horrible, all the enemies are reskins of eachother. When a 'boss' hyena spawned it was scaled up with noticable pixelation and a red filter over its textures like something youd see on an octorock from the original zelda game. To top it all off animals despawn instantly when killed, you fight droves at once and for the first two level of the game the mouse sensativity on the X and Y axis were different causing loads of control problems, but this along with the graphics fixed themselves after the beginning levels. I dont know anything about game design but id like to know exactly how that happened.

Well the game is horrible sure, but why am I recommending it? Well the game is so ♥♥♥♥ing abyssmal that it transcends why you would play a game. Its like watching Troll 2 or Birdemic. You dont want to give money away for those but they are just so horrible that you must witness it yourself. You need to find out how something like this could come to exist in the first place, why people were payed to create it. I personally believe that this particular game was commisioned by Cabela's and Cabela's was going to pay a low sum to the company. The company accepted the low bid, or Cabela's backed out and changed what they'd pay after the company began work. What resulted in this game was a joke by the developers in response to the low payout.

What you get is a game where packs of hyenas attack you at the same time as water buffalo, hippopotamus boss battles and health packs. You find fire bullets to load into your twelve shot desert eagle. The mission i left off on was - I kid you not - A flashback story mission where I had to save my brother's life from a pack of wolves that got stuck outside of their spawn location thus breaking the 'boss battle' and forcing me to restart the level. Anyway I just couldnt find the energy to replay the level so I've yet to progress further..

Now to summarize my reccommendation, this game isnt good. However that is percisely why its great. Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 is such an abject disaster that I personally think it should be given to sick and dying people of all ages. Those young and without hope will be able to laugh and rejoice at even with their limited knowledge the game is nothing like real life. The eldery who may have many regrets about accomplishments will be able to play the game and rejoice, knowing that regardles of what they've done in their time on this Earth they have not created this game.

9/10 score overall, I found myself smiling throughout the entire playthrough. A wonderful satire of video games and I suppose hunting as well.
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Not a hunting game. It's an action zombie shooter with no regen health against hordes of wild animals and it embraces every inch of the cheese involved in that.

It's pure goofy fun and worth a try if that sounds at all interesting to you. Don't dismiss it completely, but understand you're getting a B-movie sort of game and NOT a hunting sim.
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Mettiamo già una cosa in chiaro: NON E UN SIMULATORE DI CACCIA
Tutti gli animali ti vengono adosso come se fossero degli Xenomorfi
Ora che ho detto questa cosa parliamo del gioco:

La trama è banalissima (e secondo me potevano anche evitare di metterci una trama in un gioco di caccia), figlio di un cacciatore che deve seguire le orme di suoi padre e blha blha blham, solita roba.

Pure il Gameplay l'ho trovato molto banale, e sopratutto molto facile. Gli animali ti riducono pochissima vita ogni loro attacco (non esistono livelli di difficoltà in questo gioco).
Schivare gli attacchi è facilissimo, ammazzare gli animali pure (2 colpi di fucile). I "Boss" sono inutili visto che gli abbatti nello stesso modo degli animali, e quando ti colpiscono ti fanno leggermente più male dei altri animali.
Magari nei ultimi livelli li ho trovato più difficli (visto che lo spawn dei animali era infinito)
IA dei nemici non è fatta malissima, però potevano impegnarsi di più (molto spesso si buggano pure andando dentro le rocce (

Questa era solo la modalità Avventura, po ne seguono altre 2 "Caccia alla belva" e "Poligono"

"Caccia alla belva" (ovvero sopravvivenza) pure quella è troppo facile.
20 round, e in ogni round ti mettono parecchi kit medici e munizioni. non è facile come giocare nell'avventura, però rimane sempre facile.

Modalita Poligono invece non è troppo male. La modalita è quella che trovi nelle sale giochi , quella col fucile e sparare ai animali, zombie, mostri che ti vengono adosso, non rende per niente col mouse purtroppo.

Il gioco in sè non fa schifo, la giocabilità c'è, però è troppo facile: l'ia dei nemici pure non malaccio, quindi come gioco non è una ♥♥♥♥♥.

Consigliare o non consigliare? direi di non consigliare: se vuoi un gioco di questo genere di nemici che t'attaccano di continuo vi potrei consigliare i giochi di"Alien" o anche "alien vs predator", il gameplay mi ha ricordato quello (in modalità neonato)

Se volete un simulatore di caccia invece vi consiglio "the hunter", un vero simulatore di caccia (controllare le impronte, camminare piano, camminare per minuti, ecc) il gioco è free to play, ma purtroppo si può cacciare solo una specie e usare solo un arma, uno di quei giochi per pagare per avere "licenze" di uccidere altri animali oppure comprare armi nuove.
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