Match your tactical skills against thousands of other players to win Warzones with your allies and lead you company to victory and great rewards. With great graphics, the well-known Jagged Alliance game mechanics and hundreds of new weapons and gear, this is turn-based strategy at its best!
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リリース日: 2013年6月5日




"Tactical turn-based game, quite close to Jagged Alliance 2."


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"Essentially, Jagged Alliance Online is the Jagged Alliance you know and love and taken to the current age..."


Jagged Alliance Online brings the turn-based strategy classic back to life as a Free To Play Multiplayer Online game with an Optional Single Player Game available as additional DLC. This game is fair to play, allowing you to earn anything that can be acquired in the game by playing - so it is YOUR tactics that count!

Train your team and grab your gear from hundreds of weapons and armours to create the toughest frigging merc outfit in the world.

Compete in turn-based tactical PvP duels against other teams or transform the game into a FULL SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE and take on challenging contracts around the globe with our optional CAMPAIGN PACK DLC. This allows you to play the game just like any other downloadable game - buy once and play forever without worrying about paying ever again.

Match your tactical skills against thousands of other players to win Warzones with your allies and lead you company to victory and great rewards. With great graphics, the well-known Jagged Alliance game mechanics and hundreds of new weapons and gear, this is turn-based strategy at its best!

Key Features:

  • Detailed 3D graphics based on the Unity 3D engine
  • Select from over 40 mercenaries with individual attributes
  • Over 500 different weapons and equipment items
  • Your own expandable headquarters
  • Crafting to improve your team's weapons and armour
  • Face the ultimate challenge in the Batllegrounds live PvP and get to the top of the leaderboards
  • Compete against players and alliances for rare gear and weapons in time-limited Warzone events
  • Forge alliances with other players and compete as a team
  • There is No Premium Currency in this Game.
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    • OS:Windows Vista
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo, 1,8 Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9-compatible graphics card with at least 64MB of video memory
    • Hard Drive:1800 MB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows 7 or later
    • Processor:2,4 Ghz or faster
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9-compatible graphics card with at least 64MB of video memory
    • Hard Drive:2000 MB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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記録時間: 10.5 時間
投稿日: 4月11日
The game lacks a clear purpose or endgame. Single player are mission trees you can run and multi-player exists but is ill-defined and nobody is playing. Good luck finding a match.

Buying gear and leveling skills is a confusing mish-mosh of currencies, experience points...all made easier if you pay.

The game, in the end, was repeditive and boring. There's no reason to play this over other Jagged alliances, and nothing about it that needs to be online.
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記録時間: 1.6 時間
投稿日: 5月13日
best uninstal simulator on steam 11/10
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記録時間: 41.1 時間
投稿日: 5月19日
Its a nice game but...lots of wasted potential.
Do not spend cash, the game is dead.
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120 人中 103 人 (86%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 253.4 時間
投稿日: 2013年9月7日
This game is a fake F2P game, the DLC is worthless to buy because theres nothing new, most importantly the devs are not developing anymore. Don't pay money for it, otherwise you will regret.

If you play Jagged Alliance Online, don't buy the Campaign pack (DLC).. take a look on the forum first, everyone hates this game company and this game :
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記録時間: 39.8 時間
投稿日: 2014年10月11日
I am a long time fan of turn-based strategy games. A lot of long-time strategy fans are going to be attracted by the "Jagged Alliance" name. Unfortunately, some business major put the skin of that respected brand onto a low-quality "pay-to-win" money sink. I expected a turn-based combat game similar to either the old X-Com: U.F.O. Defense or Final Fantasy Tactics. Instead I found a superficially similar game where you constantly face massive waves of enemies that just mindlessly charge you, pumping rounds into your face as fast as they can. When you're grinding small amounts of in-game money per mission to buy slightly better in-game equipment the other part of the title starts to hang in your mind.

When I see the word "online" added to the end of a known title I expect a faithful installment of that series which has been retooled to interact with other players in an online world. Instead I'm spending hours re-playing the same missions against the same bad artificial intelligence in an attempt to earn as much loot as possible. Jagged Alliance is not supposed to be Diablo III. All of the best qualities of the old Jagged Alliance series are brought down hard by the worst qualities of a "pay to win" game... but you're not even playing with other human players. The online part of this game is the leader-boards, the in-game chat window, the ability to form clans, or the ability to play in a segregated online arena against other human players; players skip the grinding with real money.

This game is about forcing you to mindlessly grind the same missions over again in the hopes you'll spend real money to get the in-game money faster. There are many hours required to build up your mercenary company's money just to keep your mercenaries employed (they require in-game paychecks based on weekly real-time deadlines). If you want to expand the base of operations, improve their gear, or even just replace the ammunition they're using, you had better have a few hours every night for a few dozen replays of the same mission. Keeping your head above water, let alone earning enough money to actually upgrade equipment, means a lot of time... way too much time.

As you eek out an existence the game constantly reminds you that you can buy more money using real cash via Steam. I can't imagine anybody wanting to. I spend hundreds of hours on a game before I stop playing, but this one's just a treadmill that never really changes. A few times I found what looked like expensive weapons, but nobody in my mercenary company could use them. Buying one in-game costs more than my company earns in a week, but the rare drops can only be sold to the compter-run shop, which doesn't buy them for much more than the "junk" rarity gear that usually drops. Even a first aid kit costs thousands (or even tens of thousands) of in-game dollars; not that they're worth using, anyway. There is no wound to justify spending so much. Every level-up, every out-levelled piece of equipment, every paycheck, everything you do costs a little bit of that all-precious money... money you are reminded you could get instantly with a real money purchase.

That's all this game is: a money sink. There are paid expansions, too, but I don't intend to waste more hours grinding through them. This could have been a great opportunity for a simple cooperative clan-based PvE or PvP game funded by a mix of real money permanently unlocking your company's mercenaries plus some purely cosmetic gear. Those sorts of microtransactions are the way to keep a gaming community interested. Too bad this game became yet another missed opportunity.
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