Frontline Tactics lets you command a modern, elite fighting unit over various missions; from defending and controlling a location or asset to all-out elimination and survival.
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發售日: 2012 年 10 月 26 日


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Free to Play

此遊戲的 DLC 可下載內容

購買 Frontline Tactics Complete Pack

包含 9 個項目: Frontline Tactics - Sniper, Frontline Tactics - Close Quater Combat Soldier, Frontline Tactics - Medic, Frontline Tactics - Golden Guns, Frontline Tactics - Ninja Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Woodland Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Desert Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Snow Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Tiger Camouflage



"Frontline Tactics is just about as perfect a free-to-play model as you'll ever find in a game.”

Key Features

  • A highly addictive military tactics game with cross platform multiplayer over a variety of desktop and mobile releases
  • Frontline Tactics is free to play; no subscription fee required to enjoy everything the battlefield has to offer
  • Single player with completely realistic AI
  • Multiplayer modes; versus and coop that allow you to battle against or with real players in numerous missions
  • Realistic world setting with authentically designed gear, weapons and armor
  • Customize your soldiers for each mission with weapons, armor, equipment and skills to survive in the battlefield
  • Unique and dynamic battle order system keeping gameplay exciting and demanding
  • Unlock various Achievements as you move closer to victory
  • Progressive development schedule including free software updates and features, and new purchasable character packs, and in-game items


New features with Version 1.2:

  • Friendlist upgrade; add players to your friendlist from random opponent battles. Who was once a stranger can maybe be your best battle companion!
  • Post game chat for meeting up with new and long time in-game friends. Discuss strategy, schedule your next campaign, or simply hang out!
  • Improved chat UI; easier to read and coordinate chat with friends
  • Full controller Support on Steam Big Picture! Take the battle to the big screen with your 360 controller on your PC

Steam Big Picture


The definitive FRONTLINE TACTICS experience is here with the new Version 1.2 upgrade! All new features and services catered to our loyal multiplayer audience on Steam are available now, for free!

Add friends from random battles, discuss the outcome, and plan your next strategies in our post game chat sessions. Design the ultimate campaign with your friends in our newly customized chat UI. Then take the game to Steam Big Picture, pick up your newly compatible 360 controller and dominate the battlefield like never before!

Pick up the previously released character packs and further customize the look and feel of your guys on the ground with our 6 new vanity camo/outfits bundle including woodland, desert, snow, tiger, golden guns, and ninja designs!

A modern take on the Tactical Turn-Based genre with cross-platform multiplayer over PC, Mac and Mobile iOS Devices!
Frontline Tactics lets you command a modern, elite fighting unit over various missions; from defending and controlling a location or asset to all-out elimination and survival. Equip your soldiers with modern weapons, armor and equipment and give them the skills to succeed on the battlefield. Play against a merciless and cunning AI in single player or battle it out online in multiplayer campaigns newly improved on Steam with Version 1.2 including controller support, improved chat options, and more!


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
    • OS: OS X version Snow Leopard 10.6 or later
    • Processor: Intel 1 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
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褒貶不一 (1,007 篇評論)
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( 4.1 記錄時數 )
張貼於:05 月 23 日
This game is, in principle, similar to the 3DS Ghost Recon game - and I liked that game, it was fun for a few hours and had a nice hot seat style multiplayer. As such, you will like or hate this game based on the same reasons you liked or hated the Ghost recon game, but if you played that game then I recommend this becasue it has a similar playstyle and can be fun for a few hours. It's not perfect, but so far I'm having fun.

I will say that the singleplayer is pretty nice, it's not too in your face with popups about buying credits or whatever and it is pretty challenging. It is also possible to get through it without spending any real money. In my opinion it is one of the best free to play models I've seen. Most of the upgrades are cosmetics camofloage etc, you can buy classes but you can unlock them through gameplay, they seem to cost a lot of credits at first but each level awards 20'000+ depending on how well you did so you will soon have the classes you want.

All in all I will have to recommend it for the singleplayer alone, it's not perfect but hey, its free and its keeping me entertained for now I haven't spent any real money and I don't think I will be pushed too hard to pay money. I have played the multiplayer with friends and it was fun but I wouldn't recommend playing online with people you don't know until you have good loadouts on your characters because it can be a little unforgiving in that respect.

Just play it, you're not losing anything by downloading a free game from Steam.
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( 1.1 記錄時數 )
張貼於:05 月 23 日
This Gamr is GREAT
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( 6.5 記錄時數 )
張貼於:05 月 18 日
Great Strategy game that keeps me entertained! Played alot of it on the iPad, and its about just as good on your computer. Good cuz of the simple mechanics and gameplay along with the increasing difficulty. Only thing I don't like is that the enemy also gets whatever you buy, so it does sometimes get annoying when the enemy has two of the same machine gun you have and rambo-kills your team within first 5 turns...
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Mooglou Ben
( 0.2 記錄時數 )
張貼於:05 月 12 日
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
U this game Sucks Balls!
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( 9.5 記錄時數 )
張貼於:05 月 9 日
My game once took 3 hours to "finish" after that i closed the game. Little did i know that was the dumbest thing i could have done. I then realised i couldn' log into my account because I was still in that match... and i still am today. RIP my hrs wasted on this.
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( 0.4 記錄時數 )
張貼於:04 月 18 日
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( 9.9 記錄時數 )
張貼於:04 月 17 日
Servers Are Back !!
Ignore all these negatives review, as the game is free and pretty fun four a couple of hours.
for Newbies, i highly recommend selling your starter troops, and play with 2 gunmans, easy and useful grenades :D
If you wanna play online or coop, you won't find many games, so you can easily play with a friend, using 2 laptops as game's system requirement are pretty low ;)

Only cons: game takes long time when online to send turns to server (until AI did'nt finished all his action, turn won't be sent to next player..)

For people too lazy to repeat again same mission and those who hate grinding, i will only say, there is no protection on game, and using *cough* cheatengine *cough* *cough* you can make tons of money by *cough* changing money values *cough*

Doing that, you can test weapons easily, but i recommend buying classes, to support devloppers who put servers back online, plus it gives you additional caracters slots :)

Have fun with your blood thirsty american soldiers against these unlimited waves of meat coming from hell in survival gamemode !
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( 0.9 記錄時數 )
張貼於:04 月 16 日
The best strategy game i've ever played! Downloading 300 MB is totally worth it!
I've spent here the best time of my life
I rate it 99/99
I'm in love with this game
Why are you still reading? Click play now!
Cmon do it
You won't regret that
You'll see
I promise
Why don't you..

okay there you go
i lied
"A highly addictive military tactics game" xD
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( 2.2 記錄時數 )
張貼於:04 月 4 日
!!!WARNING!!! DO NOT waste your time on this poor excuse for a game! it sucks @$$, its unrealistic, beggining starts off so hard it feels like it should be the last level, getting more enough in game points is too hard even on low difficulty just to get extra men (for example even just one is 100, 000...), plus not mention its turn based which COMPLETLY throews off any realizem (or fun for that matter...), and so on.......
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Uchiha Shisui
( 13.5 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 31 日
really fun to play
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( 15.8 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 31 日
It's like somebody took an army mod for Xcom and made it a video game. Well... atleast it's free! Sort of... Also, am I the only one the notices the looping radio noise in the background sometimes shouts "Project banana!" ?
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( 0.5 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 29 日
itz the bist thig i heve evr plded luv di gime!!!!!!!!
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( 0.4 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 29 日
It's so bad, like seriously don't even try it
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( 25.9 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 19 日
Good Game :3
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Alex Dark
( 23.4 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 12 日

Until you realize the bots get everything you get.
Rules to playing this game, For newcomers.
Rule #1: Understand what I just said, Bots get everything you get, With the exception of skills and attachments.
Rule #2: The bots will be cruel and relentless if they spot you, Try to remain hidden as long as possible, Even with classes that aren't stealthy.
Rule #3: Understand your actions have consequences, A medic running over to heal the CQC Soldier is not as good an idea as you might think.
Rule #4: This game DOES have in-game transactions, But none are mandatory, Wait long enough and you'll get what you're after.
Rule #5: PVP is not mandatory.
Rule #6: There is a Class for every situation, But most missions can be accomplished with a minimum of 1-2 characters.
Rule #7: Keep all the rules in mind, And you'll actually have a great time.

10/10 would chuck a grenade at nothing again.
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( 1.1 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 10 日
Very basic, few maps and low tactics. A very high pay to play game.
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( 0.1 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 8 日
This game sucks. I am huge tactical turnbased fan and I can't even sit through the BS in this one. I am tired of the "Buy this and buy that to win".
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( 10.2 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 8 日
I like this game. I don't know why. The middling graphics, unappealing music, nondescript voices, and the presence of a microtransaction store should have turned me off. But I like it. I still don't know why.
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( 0.5 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 6 日
Absolute ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥ game. Don't waste your preciouse 20 minutes trying to ♥♥♥♥ing understand this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. Laggy crap, slow as ♥♥♥ gameplay, antique graphics, miniature maps, obtuse UI. Tried this for the coop function, but I=uck that makes everything worse, lol, 0/10 would never do again.
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( 0.8 記錄時數 )
張貼於:03 月 5 日
Have 0.8h played becouse I lisening theme music :D
everyone just spoted you,shoot,walk left or right,go little back you shoot him 3 times, he still walking around, new enemy appered he sprayed at you, you killed the first enemy, he is keep spraying at you....
Can U get killed?

Don't play it,just lisen music if you have to!
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9.5 記錄時數
張貼於:05 月 9 日
My game once took 3 hours to "finish" after that i closed the game. Little did i know that was the dumbest thing i could have done. I then realised i couldn' log into my account because I was still in that match... and i still am today. RIP my hrs wasted on this.
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5.6 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 10 月 23 日
this game doesn´t deserve the term "tactics" in its name because all in all it´s just a boring, repetitive and monotonous grind on the same small maps (some are even tiny!) over and over again. it´s F2P but don´t waste your precious time grinding this game, it´s not worth it. if you want to play an entertaining and challenging round based tactics-game, go and spend 5 bucks on xcom enemy unknown if it´s on sale.
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95 人之中有 84 人(88%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 6 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
3.7 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 11 月 10 日
This started off as a pretty solid Free-to-Play game!

-Simple gameplay.
-No special tricks with the interface. Point to the one of the two actions that you want to do (move, shoot), confirm, execute.
-Simple damage and cover mechanics.

-The more you upgrade, the more you die.
-Want any "meaningful" upgrades? It's no longer a "Free-to-Play"
-String of repetitive campaign maps with no real story or purpose linking them together.

Description of my experience:
Loaded up my two-man team, killed a few enemy, got some upgrades, and "proceeded to die in a loud, groutesque, military manner" (name that movie).

For just about every worthwhile upgrade, you'll pay actual money. This isn't like most F2P games where if you're willing, you'll have to grind about ten times as long to earn upgrades. Nope, that option isn't even available.

The other thing that is pretty irksome is the fact that you will NEVER outgun your enemy. I upgraded my free chap with a rifle. So did the enemy, and he brought two friends.

I upgraded my second free chap with a machine gun... yep, you guessed it! The enemy upgraded too, and brought more of his friends! By the way, the extra kit that your guys carry it slows them down, but it does not slow down the enemy. The more you upgrade, the more you'll die.

It's a shame. I think I would have gotten a few more hours out of this one.
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有 2 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
5.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2015 年 07 月 26 日
I played this game quite a bit on the iPad. Tried it on the PC, thinking I could link my game to both devices. That never worked for me and playing 2 separate games felt like a waste. I enjoyed the game a bit until I realised how pointless upgrading is. If you get a better pistol, the enemy gets the same one. If you buy a sniper, the enemy gets a sniper. Buy a med kit, meet a med kit. What's the point, then? Most missions are easiest with the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ starter gear, since the AI seem to utilize then less effectively. In the end I just didn't bother.
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90 人之中有 65 人(72%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 2 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
27.0 記錄時數
張貼於:2015 年 05 月 19 日
The single-player is not bad for a free game. I'm going to have to recommend Frontline Tactics because it kept me entertained for more than 20 hours and I didn't even pay a cent.

I never played the multiplayer because I think it might have some P2W aspects, so I can't say anything about the multiplayer.
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104 人之中有 72 人(69%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 9 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
10.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 12 月 21 日
A poor man's XCOM
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54 人之中有 42 人(78%)認為這篇評論值得參考
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265.6 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 10 月 25 日
+Free... +Small download... +Easy to learn... +Plenty of class variety

-Very random level and difficulty selection
-outdated graphics with texture glitches (blood splatters will actually spaz out and start streaking up walls!)
-Enemies gain access to weapons, classes, and armour the moment you buy them for yourself
-Enemies can legitimately wipe your team out on the first turn before you've had a chance to play
-Random crashes "GetThread Context Failed" VERY OFTEN
-No updates to game in over a year (very unusual for a free-to-play game with an only multiplayer mode in this day and age)... -Mouse accuracy is finicky at best
-Overload of stereotypes (all the good guys are male Americans with English or Mexican names. All the bad guys are males in civilian clothing with turbans and basic names borrowed from a series of Middle Eastern countries, hiding out in rundown villages with sandstone huts and broken cars in the middle of the desert)

I can't recommend this title. Too many things wrong with it purely on a programming level, and it seems there's no one trying to fix any of them.
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99 人之中有 65 人(66%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 43 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
0.9 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 12 月 28 日
Kill All Muslims: Melee is a highly realistic towelhead eradication simulator in which your grind-to-glory soldiers march out in full phone game glory to do one move and one action per turn, all in the name of a quest to kill a number of randomly generated Afghani-looking dudes with randomly generated Islamic names.
From the resulting moolah, you buy bigger guns or the ability to dual-class. Or, like any sane citizen, you just spend your real-world moolah to unlock it all from the get-go... right?

In the developers' own jolly words, yet another game where You can save time by paying. You can gain options faster by paying.
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36 人之中有 27 人(75%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.7 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 09 月 30 日
The only reason i dont recommend this game is because after playing for nearly an hour i played the same two or three maps multiple times, the enemies dont even move in different missions.
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98 人之中有 62 人(63%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.7 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 05 月 18 日
ummm, what's there to say about this... WELL! It WOULD be a relativly fun game untill you look at the upgrades 'n stuff. It's asking you for REAL money to buy an IN GAME character, I forget how much but that's besides the point, GUNS just ONE MEASLY GUN COSTS SOOOOO MUCH, it's not even funny. There is just SO MANY PAYWALLS!!! I can NOT beat another mission BECAUSE I'm at 2 soldiers and their equiped with lame UZIs. IF there weren't SO MANY DAMN PAYWALLS, it would be an actually pretty enjoyable game, grphics arent that good and people shoot through cover but they can patch that... hopefully, maybe t's changed now because I uninstalled this game 2 weeks ago, I don't want to know, but with paywalls 2/10 for me, WITHOUT paywalls 6/10
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1.1 記錄時數
張貼於:2015 年 08 月 28 日
Shop and multiplayer servers are offline.

Singleplayer gameplay is repetative, somewhat buggy and lacking depth.
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20 人之中有 16 人(80%)認為這篇評論值得參考
26.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2015 年 01 月 1 日
The game goes on to be fun for a few hours, but once you think you're good at it, the game becomes unrealistic & unbeatable in all conditions. The only way to beat it being to spend real money. Because even at 'Low' Level the game becomes agame of Zerg Rush, while if you're not a wallet warrior, your three soldiers can do nothing due to glitches causing enemies to get two turns, move longer distances, & do modded damage. The graphics are decent for the type of game it is, but there are way too many bugs, in fact. I'd call this game an absoloute Alpha. It's a game to pass time for an hour or so, then uninstall due to unbeatable odds.
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24.7 記錄時數
張貼於:2012 年 12 月 7 日
Mobile and lite brother of great tactical games such as Jagged Alliance, 7.62, HoMM (huh?) and such. Pretty well one, if you keep in mind its original platform. Personally, gave me some feel of nostalgy (maybe graphics? don't know). B+
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33 人之中有 23 人(70%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 2 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
4.6 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 11 月 16 日
A rather simple but very fun turn based stratagy game.

Problem is that balence is extreamly off.

For example, a common low defense mission that only lets you bring in two people... Defense with only two people. REALLY!? How is that even fair!? This is a joke really and there is no way to win against the hordes of respawning enemies. The game dosen't even give you a chance to get better. I suported it with 20 dollers, getting me three soldiers and extra credits and it still don't help me all...

There's an achivment for spending 100$s on the game in a spesific area. -_-

Aperently having a sniper rifle makes you super slow. (When did this happen?)

Overall I do not suggest this game to anyone. It's just a money grab.
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126 人之中有 74 人(59%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 2 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
6.4 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 05 月 16 日
Do you have no money? Do you like turn based strategy games? Did you lose your keyboard but still have your mouse(for some strange reason)? Do you only have one arm? then this is the free game for you! alot of fun and you never ever even use your keyboard. Yup mouse only perfect for all of the single armed gamers out there.
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35 人之中有 24 人(69%)認為這篇評論值得參考
3.1 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 03 月 9 日
I could not decide whether I would recommend this game or not. Frontline Tactics has some gameplay that is debatably fun but it also has some horrible cash shop elements to it that I cant ignore. If the game was any worse I wouldn't be able to recommend it but at this point all I can say is you should try it, it has some pretty big pros and cons. The game play can be fun but then the missions can be boring, customizing youre soldiers is fun but hitting a pay wall is awefull. The game just gives and takes like that.
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有 6 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
159.9 記錄時數
張貼於:2015 年 03 月 25 日
Man! The people who made this game should go out of buisness!
Oh they did? Oh dear, this is akward.

Well actually I don't mean that, really, I would never wish people out of a job but how odd that Full Control is 'shutting up shop' because their library of games are at worst 'mediocre' and at best well, above average.
While nothing in their library really stood out and grabbed me they were always playable, mostly bug free and as a company they were one of the first to notice me and take my feedback on-board, making patches fairly quickly.

I wouldn't say I have a soft spot for them but I don't dislike them by any means, how could I? There are so many terrible games with some companies spitting them out like a turd machinegun and yet they never seem to go out of buisness!

Still, you are not here to read about Full-Control, you are here to read about this game so lets talk about the game or rather what can I talk about? I summed it up already. The game is above average.
The music, sound effects and graphics are all pretty fine.
The gameplay? a turn based squad based shooter. Terrorists be stylin' and we be hatin' so go kill them all and show them whos boss.

Even now I am struggling to find things to complain about because its as basic an execution as you can get really.
I had fun with the game and I beat the whole compaign without ever spending a dime. That's right as far as free to play goes this game is 100% free with none of the stupid grind these type of games have.

It also has multiplayer too and with it being a turn based game you dont have to play in real time for the MP to work, although it seems like their is no real time version at present and given the uncertainty of FC's future it is unlikely there ever will be.

Overall the game is free so feel free (ho ho!) to try it out and if it isn't for you then so be it.
I also created a wiki for this game back when it launched, which is 100% complete now.

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1.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 12 月 2 日
This is my first review using the new system. I decided to do this neat little game called Frontline: Tactics. I played this during the summer due to boredom thinking "Hey, this game looks cool." After some thought, I downloaded it. I played it for about 15 minutes and thought it was pretty fun. I progressed to the difficulty of 'Easy' above 'Very Easy.'

It honestly felt like "Very Hard.'

I quickly realized that one of the many reasons why it got harder was because it was a free-to-play game. The enemies are using one shot kills and unfair shots; prompting you to go "I need to get an upgrade. These basic weapons aren't going to cut it." Unfortunately, these upgrades cost REAL money. (But is that much of a surprise?)

I prefer not to spend money on a F2P game. This is not a 'Free to Win' game where you can use any weapons at your dispose and try to win. This is a 'Pay 2 Win' game. I'm sorry but this is my honest opinion. Good day!

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張貼於:2012 年 11 月 19 日
Simple, but awesome and challenging !
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張貼於:2015 年 07 月 20 日
This game is not a bad game. It was fun. However now multiplayer has been removed via the servers all being shut down i see no point continuing.
Playing this game coop or competitivly balanced out the bad bugs and occasional graphical hiccups. Now it is pointless for you are unable to laugh of the bugs but now it is impossible.

So to sum up singleplayer is garbage but multiplayer was fun.
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