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Frontline Tactics ti permette di avere il controllo di unità combattenti moderne e d'élite in numerose missioni. Si va dalla difesa e dal controllo di un'area ad azioni di eliminazione e sopravvivenza.
Data di rilascio: 26 Ott 2012
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Include 9 oggetti: Frontline Tactics - Sniper, Frontline Tactics - Close Quater Combat Soldier, Frontline Tactics - Medic, Frontline Tactics - Woodland Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Ninja Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Desert Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Snow Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Tiger Camouflage, Frontline Tactics - Golden Guns


"Frontline Tactics is just about as perfect a free-to-play model as you'll ever find in a game.”

Key Features

  • A highly addictive military tactics game with cross platform multiplayer over a variety of desktop and mobile releases
  • Frontline Tactics is free to play; no subscription fee required to enjoy everything the battlefield has to offer
  • Single player with completely realistic AI
  • Multiplayer modes; versus and coop that allow you to battle against or with real players in numerous missions
  • Realistic world setting with authentically designed gear, weapons and armor
  • Customize your soldiers for each mission with weapons, armor, equipment and skills to survive in the battlefield
  • Unique and dynamic battle order system keeping gameplay exciting and demanding
  • Unlock various Achievements as you move closer to victory
  • Progressive development schedule including free software updates and features, and new purchasable character packs, and in-game items

Appena aggiornato

New features with Version 1.2:

  • Friendlist upgrade; add players to your friendlist from random opponent battles. Who was once a stranger can maybe be your best battle companion!
  • Post game chat for meeting up with new and long time in-game friends. Discuss strategy, schedule your next campaign, or simply hang out!
  • Improved chat UI; easier to read and coordinate chat with friends
  • Full controller Support on Steam Big Picture! Take the battle to the big screen with your 360 controller on your PC

Steam Big Picture

Informazioni sul gioco

Una rivisitazione in chiave moderna nel genere strategico a turni che offre un'esperienza multigiocatore su diverse piattaforme come PC, Mac and dispositivi mobili iOS.

2025 – Una piccola fazione militare guidata da un uomo folle; Akhali Muhamar minaccia di prendere il controllo del Faharan, una nazione ricca di petrolio. Il paese è il maggiore fornitore di petrolio del mondo occidentale e gli interessi nazionali sono minacciati. Un gruppo di soldati d'élite è chiamato a reprimere le sommosse, cercando di mantenere la pace tramite azioni militari prima che diventino una guerra su vasta scala.

Frontline Tactics ti permette di avere il controllo di unità combattenti moderne e d'élite in numerose missioni. Si va dalla difesa e dal controllo di un'area ad azioni di eliminazione e sopravvivenza. Equipaggia i tuoi soldati con armi all'avanguardia, armatura, attrezzatura e abilità per vincere sul campo di battaglia. Gioca contro la spietata e scaltra IA in modalittà giocatore singolo o multigiocatore (versus e coop) su piattaforme differenti: PC, Mac e iOS.

Caratteristiche principali

  • Un gioco tattico militare che crea forte dipendenza giocabile su desktop multipli e piattaforme mobili
  • Impostazioni che creano un mondo di gioco realistico con personaggi, armi e armatura dall'aspetto autentico
  • Personalizza i tuoi soldati per ogni missione con armi, armatura, equipaggiamento e abilità per sopravvivere sul campo di battaglia
  • Sistema di ordine delle battaglie unico e dinamico che mantiene il campo di battaglia animato ed impegnativo
  • Giocatore singolo con IA del tutto realistica
  • Modalità multigiocatore: versus e coop. Entrambe ti permettono di combattere con o contro giocatori reali in numerose missioni
  • Sblocca diversi Obiettivi man mano che ti avvicini alla vittoria
  • Frontline Tactics è un gioco free to play; non è prevista nessuna quota da pagare per poter godere di tutto ciò che il campo della battaglia ha da offrirti

Requisiti di sistema (PC)

    • OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space

Requisiti di sistema (MAC)

    • OS: OS X version Snow Leopard 10.6 or later
    • Processor: Intel 1 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
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I could not decide whether I would recommend this game or not. Frontline Tactics has some gameplay that is debatably fun but it also has some horrible cash shop elements to it that I cant ignore. If the game was any worse I wouldn't be able to recommend it but at this point all I can say is you should try it, it has some pretty big pros and cons. The game play can be fun but then the missions can be boring, customizing youre soldiers is fun but hitting a pay wall is awefull. The game just gives and takes like that.
Pubblicata: 9 Marzo 2014
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Do you have no money? Do you like turn based strategy games? Did you lose your keyboard but still have your mouse(for some strange reason)? Do you only have one arm? then this is the free game for you! alot of fun and you never ever even use your keyboard. Yup mouse only perfect for all of the single armed gamers out there.
Pubblicata: 16 Maggio 2014
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ummm, what's there to say about this... WELL! It WOULD be a relativly fun game untill you look at the upgrades 'n stuff. It's asking you for REAL money to buy an IN GAME character, I forget how much but that's besides the point, GUNS just ONE MEASLY GUN COSTS SOOOOO MUCH, it's not even funny. There is just SO MANY PAYWALLS!!! I can NOT beat another mission BECAUSE I'm at 2 soldiers and their equiped with lame UZIs. IF there weren't SO MANY DAMN PAYWALLS, it would be an actually pretty enjoyable game, grphics arent that good and people shoot through cover but they can patch that... hopefully, maybe t's changed now because I uninstalled this game 2 weeks ago, I don't want to know, but with paywalls 2/10 for me, WITHOUT paywalls 6/10
Pubblicata: 18 Maggio 2014
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This is a first impressions after 30 minutes of gameplay

Frontline Tactics is a Turn-based strategy game in the same vain as X-COM and Silent Storm. Upon booting up the game you're given two soldiers with mediocre weapons and have to kill terrorists in the name of 'Murica. I can safely say that at first, Frontline Tactics seemed really promising, sporting typical mechanics of the genre like hiding behind cover, spotting and customizing your team members. I was going to overlook the stupid AI and the bad graphics, because the game was fun. After a few missions my soldiers kept getting slaughtered by Turban-wearing terrorists, so I went over to the store page, and to my horror and disbelief, I realized exactly what this game is..

It's a trap, a trap designed to squeeze as much money out of the player as possible. When going into this game, forget everything you know about fair free-to-play models, none of that is to be found here. After completing a mission you're given money to spend towards weapons and equipment. Unfortunately you're not given enough to buy anything from the store where everything is ridiculously expensive, and just like the awful mobile games the developer drew it's inspiration from, there is a cash shop where you can buy in-game currency with real money. One look at the ''downloadable content'' on the store page should tell you everything you need to know about this game. Want different types of soldiers? Then you're going to have to pay 4,59€ each. Want different camouflages? Then you're going to have to pay 0,79€ each. Does this sound free to play to anyone?

You either make a game free-to-play with all the necessary tools to play it properly, and then have little bonuses and customizable items available for those who like the game enough to spend money on it, or you make us pay for the game and get everything. There should be no middle-ground. The store page is a complete and utter lie, and I'm ashamed of each and every one who rated this joke of a game positively.

Frontline Tactics is only free to play in the sense that you get to download it and play the first few missions, after that you're forced to pay to make the game even remotely enjoyable. Don't even bother downloading this travesty.
Pubblicata: 16 Luglio 2014
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A good old PAY TO PLAY game... its pathetic. Spend $5 to get a sniper! (OOHHHH) Give me a break.
Pubblicata: 7 Marzo 2014
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10.5 ore in totale
A poor man's XCOM
Pubblicata: 21 Dicembre 2013
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