Age of Conan : Unchained est un jeu massivement multijoueur en ligne primé et favorablement accueilli par la critique qui se déroule dans le monde sexy, sauvage et brutal de Conan le barbare.Marchez sur les traces du plus grand héros de fantasy de tous les temps et explorez le vaste monde d'Hyboria.
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Date de parution : 22 fév 2013

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20 janvier

Greetings from the Game Director: Romain “Tilty” Amiel!

Hey everyone!

My name is Romain Amiel, but you may know already know me as Tilty. I'm the "new" Game Director for Age of Conan, stepping in for Matt.

I'm actually not that new to the project, I was one of the Gameplay Designers of AoC starting in 2007 when I first joined the team. Back then I worked on the content for the 1 to 20 level range, I particularly enjoyed setting up the events happening in the Volcano, or creating the city life in Old Tarantia. Soon after launch I worked on the Treasury of the Ancients and revamped Black Castle, before moving to Ymir's Pass where Joel and I spent a few months designing and implementing the zone. During that time one of my fondest memories was working on the associated dungeon, the Amphitheatre of Karutonia. They asked for an epic looking fight involving the Frost Father, and they got it!

I then moved on to Rise of the Godslayer where I worked on the monster population of the playfields, establishing their behaviors in and outside of combat. Being a fan of grouping in any MMO myself, a large part of my focus during that time was also spent designing the 12 expansion dungeons, going from traditional to... more unusual. An interesting bit of trivia: I was asked to design a dungeon that made use of our emote system, and this is how the Celestial Necropolis came to be. This was a really interesting challenge which raised several new issues for us to consider. We needed to create a new language as part of the fight that allowed the player to quickly understand what emote to use and when. We then had to make sure that player learned and understood that language prior to engaging the boss for the first time. And of course we needed to make sure that everything still made sense within the rules of the Conan universe. It may have ended up being somewhat a polarizing dungeon, but given the "theme" set on this dungeon, I think it turned out pretty cool!

While we're on the subject of controversy, I'm also the guy "responsible" for the Enigmata of Yag! This was intended to be the last and hardest dungeon of RotGS and I was challenged to write a design that was like nothing that was ever done before, in a most unique location... simple! I started with the idea that the players would actually not be fighting the boss. The design evolved from there to keep things interesting and get all players constantly engaged. This may have ended up with a few curses thrown my way (with a keyboard or two...) during some of the internal playtests... but it was all worth it!

And that is it for my introduction, I'm still in the process of catching up with the status of the game and figuring out the plans for the future. Once everything is sorted out I'll get into more details about what we have planned for 2016 in AoC, but in the meantime I'll leave it to Andy/Odonoptera to give us all a recap of what 2015 brought to the game!

Talk to you guys soon!


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20 janvier

The Year Past; the Year Ahead

Hey, folks! I’m Community Manager Andy “Odonoptera” Benditt, and we’re going to be taking a look back at what we’ve accomplished in 2015, and also take a gander towards the horizon in this new year.

Starting with February 2015, we released a comprehensive achievement system that provides incentives to go about your daily business, try something new or unusual, or return to an area you haven’t visited in a long time.

In April, thanks to your feedback and comments, we were able to expand and improve upon this feature, and now there’s a huge list of things to strive for. We also added the Panorama achievements to the game, which let you explore some of the gorgeous backdrops and landscapes Hyboria has to offer--from a new perspective!

We also want to thank the community for all the videos we’ve seen pop up that show these vistas off. You’re doing good work, everybody!

May saw us celebrate our 7th Grand Anniversary celebration, as well as marked the release of the Shadows of Vanaheim scenario pack! We were happy to release an adventure that expands on the stories that Hyboria has to tell. We also learned a lot from the feedback you provided regarding this content release, and we’re going to apply that for our future releases. This world is steeped in lore and history, and there are still so many untold tales from unvisited factions and nations that we want to share with you.

October heralded the release of the Palace of Cetriss raid encounter series as well as new Halloween event content that ran alongside previous years’ festivities. We’ve enjoyed keeping track of your progress through Tier 6 raids from our official forums, and congratulations to all those who conquered the palace!

Now, moving forward: We are still committed to new updates and content releases. The arena system is being diligently worked on, and the raid search feature will be introduced. We are still in the process of a full review of our membership system and payment models, and we can’t wait to finalize and share these details with you all.

There’s also the subject of the brand-new Conan title that we’ll be releasing details on later this month. A couple of astute players already may have sniffed out a trail. . .

Stay tuned for more soon!

Thanks for reading, everybody!


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Second Chances are rare in this market, but when they happen, they create great things. Age of Conan is the perfect example of that.

9/10 -

With the right eye players will find a magical world full of rich lore, gruesome gore and plenty of barely clothed wenches. What more could you truly ask for?

8/10 -

Actionreiches Online-Rollenspiel für Erwachsene.

9/10 -,47087,2324194.html

Offre exclusive Steam

Inclut un cape unique, exclusivement pour les joueurs Steam !

À propos de ce jeu

Age of Conan : Unchained est un jeu massivement multijoueur en ligne primé et favorablement accueilli par la critique qui se déroule dans le monde sexy, sauvage et brutal de Conan le barbare.
Marchez sur les traces du plus grand héros de fantasy de tous les temps et explorez le vaste monde d'Hyboria. Faites votre choix entre douze classes différentes, de barbare à démonologue, affrontez des créatures sorties du plus noir des enfers pour connaître la richesse et la gloire, et prenez part à des batailles colossales entre guildes !

Caractéristiques :

  • Un développement de personnage sans précédent :

    offre une très grande diversité d'options de développement de personnage, en permettant à vos héros de devenir de plus en plus puissants au cours de leurs 80 niveaux de progression.
  • Douze classes radicalement différentes :

    Jouez un Cimmérien, un Stygien, un Aquilonien ou un Khitan, et faites votre choix parmi douze classes extrêmement variées pour explorer les périls d'Hyboria.
  • Un monde d'une beauté stupéfiante :

    Age of Conan: Unchainedbénéficie des fabuleuses capacités graphiques de notre moteur de jeu DreamWorld, qui vous garantit un univers d'Hyboria beau, détaillé et plein de vie. Des vastes forêts d'Aquilonia aux cimes de Cimméria en passant par le désert brûlant de Stygia, le monde de Conan regorge de merveilles et d'aventures. Cherchez des trésors dans les plus dangereux des donjons ou prenez part à une terrible guerre des gangs dans les bas-fonds de Tarantia. Il y a toujours quelque chose de nouveau à voir ou à faire dans l'univers de Conan.
  • Dirigez votre propre guilde et bâtissez des villes entières :

    Fondez votre guilde, unissez vos forces à celles de vos compagnons pour accroître votre renommée et bâtissez votre ville de guilde en la dotant de tous les bâtiments que vous souhaitez et de décorations aussi nombreuses que variées.
  • Affrontez les autres joueurs au cours de combats de siège épiques :

    Age of Conan: Unchainedoffre de nombreuses possibilités de jeu pour les joueurs JcJ. Jetez-vous à corps perdu dans les batailles épiques entre guildes, mesurez-vous aux autres joueurs lors de divers mini-jeux différents et élevez-vous dans les rangs JcJ à la force de l'épée.
  • Un système de combat unique pour un MMO :

    Age of Conan: Unchained est doté d'un système de combat unique pour un MMO, qui vous permet de contrôler chaque coup que vous portez avec votre arme afin de vous offrir les combats les plus immersifs qui soient.
Après avoir installé le jeu, vous pourrez créer un compte dans le jeu unique à partir de la page de connexion dans le jeu. Bonne chance et bon voyage dans les terres barbariques de Hyboria !

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP / Vista / 7 ou ultérieur
    • Processeur : Pentium IV 3 GHz ou meilleur
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte avec support Shader model 2.0 et comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo : nVidia GeForce 5800 ou ATI 9800 ou meilleure
    • DirectX® : DirectX 9.0
    • Disque dur : 30 Mo d'espace disque
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0c
    • Autres : Connexion Internet haut débit
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Posté le : 30 décembre 2015
Gorgeous graphics, towering myths, singular bronze-age fantasy, grit and gore, rituals, magic and raw steel? Definitely. Then you learn how bugged instances, a loot table so broken it made T1-3 raiding almost useless, sickly f2p implementation, a toxic community, apathetic management and moderators, repeatedly sabotaged development teams and poor marketing also became part of this game's utterly unique experience. Thankfully, new content is coming out after years of stagnation, but it still feels like I'm watching something suffer.

This game is a pinnacle of potential, in drawing from rich lore, a great visual engine, one of the BEST melee combat systems ever created and an eager fan base, but ultimately has become a textbook study of bad leadership and worse followership. If you can somehow get past all of that, though, you may find the game beautiful and addicting as I have. I've been there since the beginning and I plan to be there until they pull the plug, but I'll always know it could have been something much sweeter, and for a short time early on, it was.

AoC is dead. Long live AoC.
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Posté le : 28 août 2015
When you put in 1000+ hours into a title, it must be good right? ;D One of the most original and challenging combat systems of any game. I find myself going back to it year after year...there is nothing more satisfying than charging your enemy by suprise, then landing that killing blow which takes off your opponens head! This game is not easy by all means, so the people that still remain are pretty badass....which of course makes it even more of a challenge for pvp. ♥♥♥♥ talking and all, you will get slaughtered with no mercy as new lvl 80...I can almost guarantee that xD AOC has been around for ages, yet the still manage to update it with new content from time to time. Unfotunatley Funcom charges a decent amount of money for new content that is made up of reused assets and quests. They really do find away to empty your pockets, as they make special items in the store very appealing...especially to players who are just starting out.
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Posté le : 24 septembre 2015
So far game play is really fun and different from standard MMO's. Graphics look great when using the DX10 settings. Downfall is that it is very cash shop oreinted if you wanted all possible features, however if you subscribe you can get those except for the expansion. Speaking of that really sux that if you buy it, you still have to be a subscriber to access it. That means if you purchased it and hoped you could access it as a free member that is not the case.

WARNING: I recommend this game based on the Free to play system that allows you to play almost all game content for free. If your the type that has to have the very best in the game then your gonna need to subscribe to get it and also drop some cash in the shop to get access to the best end game content.
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Posté le : 19 octobre 2015
you can get fully naked. boobs simulater.
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Posté le : 4 juillet 2014
Bon jeux pour un F2P ...
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