A Terceira Guerra Mundial eclodiu e um exército liderado pelos Soviéticos lançou um ataque-surpresa contra os E.U.A. Lidere as suas tropas em batalhas frenéticas desenroladas em campos de combate totalmente destrutíveis. A estratégia combina-se com a acção intensa neste confronto épico entre super-potências!
Análises de utilizadores: Praticamente positivas (447 análises)
Data de lançamento: 18 Set, 2007

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Comprar World in Conflict: Complete Edition

Inclui 2 itens: World In Conflict, World In Conflict: Soviet Assault


Recomendações de Curadores

"Red Dawn, the Russians have invaded both Europe and continental United States, specifically Seattle and the state of Washington. Great RTS. Flashy."

Acerca deste jogo

A Terceira Guerra Mundial eclodiu e um exército liderado pelos Soviéticos lançou um ataque-surpresa contra os E.U.A. Lidere as suas tropas em batalhas frenéticas desenroladas em campos de combate totalmente destrutíveis. A estratégia combina-se com a acção intensa neste confronto épico entre super-potências!

  • Campanha de um jogador incrivelmente realista, com frentes de batalha baseadas em localidades, subúrbios e cidades reais da América, Europa e U.R.S.S.

  • Assuma o comando total de quatro funções diferentes — Aérea, Blindados, Infantaria e Suporte — neste fundamental jogo multi-jogador online por equipa.

  • Arrase campos de batalha inteiros com poderosa artilharia, napalm devastador, armas nucleares e outras armas tácticas auxiliares.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistemas operativos suportados: Windows XP, Windows Vista

    • Processador: 2,5 GHz ou superior

    • Memória: 1024 MB (1,5 GB para o Windows Vista)

    • Placa gráfica: 256 MB de RAM de vídeo, compatível com DirectX 9.0c

    • Versão DirectX: 9.0c

    • Disco rígido: 8 GB ou mais de espaço livre em disco

    • Placa de som: compatível com DirectX 9.0c
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Publicada: 25 Maio
Just wanted to say that my game is working fine on Windows 8.1 with 64 bit. I was very apprehensive after all the comments saying it wouldn't work. I bought the Complete Pack, which includes Soviet Assault. So far I've only downloaded WIC and begun playing that without issue. I will update once Soviet Assault is downloaded to let others know if it is playable. Really great game so far considering it's age.

UPDATE: 5/30/15 Soviet Assault did not work when installed with WIC. However, what I've found is that Soviet Assault is actually the full version of WIC with new maps thrown in. So.....if you buy the Complete Pack as I did, DO NOT install WIC at all. Install Soviet Assault ONLY and you will get all the maps and your game will work fine.

As for a review, Metacritic scores seem to be on the money. The campaign doesn't last long. Replayability is moderate. Seems to lack depth as far as strategy is concerned, but overall a great buy at $9.99.
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Publicada: 5 Março
I'll try to keep it short:

by the way, I did not play the multiplayer.


- Very good looking Strategy Game
- Interesting Story
- Innovative camera
- Play on both sides (USSR+ USA) which diminishes the good/bad cliche a bit.


- unfortunately no Building, just calling reinforcements (you have to use a points system, the reinforcements get dropped in via airplane)
- gets a bit repetitive after a while (In every mission you either have to conquer a spot or hold it, or both^^)
- Story-ending to open for my taste
- Normal mode is too easy
- in some parts the story is too cliche. (I don't want to spoil, but you will see it when you play the game)


Can recommend it for strategy fans who do not need a serieus challenge and are ok with not being able to build a base!
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Publicada: 10 Junho
Did inspiring 80's pop music prevent nuclear conflict ? Possibly. But this game makes that premise totally believable with some added satire and often heavy irony. This is a brilliant RTS and a game, for those that care to notice, that relentlessly takes the mickey (thinking of p word) out of the military industrial complex, the Cold War, violence in human history and even the player themself, which is unusual in a video game. Maybe its because I lived through the closing stages of the Cold War. I went on a German trip as a schoolboy and looked over the East/West wall into East Germany. I travelled by coach down the corridor through East Germany to Berlin. Even then the divisions and "MAD", Mutually Assured Destruction already seemed like something out of a crumbling, outmoded mindset as was soon to be proven in 1989. But the opressive, even stifling idea that nuclear missles could come raining out of the sky was terrifying. I even had a dream at one point of my home village being destroyed. Now, its difficult, and oddly not talked about that much, to explain that odd mixture of the terror on the one hand, and future looking and life loving attitudes on the other as reflected in the 80's pop songs used in the game. That music is sometimes looked at as "cheesey" without being fair about the context it was made in. Yes, the world really was in danger of blowing itself up. This game, and I'm a musician by the way, made me consider the role that the music played. Its probably been way underestimated how much positive influence it had, and still has. This game points to such insights if you care for that kind of thing, but also makes a dark subject, extraordinarily funny with its satire and irony. Recommended.
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Publicada: 13 Junho
If you have the "No appropriate 3d graphics card detected?" problem when you try to play, simply select cancel and the game will load just fine.

The game is a lot of fun and a solid RTS with a pretty good story line. Worth the sale price for sure
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Publicada: 12 Junho
A very hard, but very satisfying game to play! I actually wanted this game for a while now, ever since it first came out in 2007. Glad I have it now! A good alternative Cold War story, destruction so addictive I actually giggled a little, and very addicitve usage of artillery, airstrikes and nukes! And the battles are extremely epic; large-scale battles with hundreds of tanks, vehicles infantry and aircraft fighitng in swarms whilst causing destruction with small US towns going up in flames!

But this game, as I have said before, is quite difficult. It can be quite cumbersome in terms of the scale and speed of the battles, as they are bloody huge. Most of the time due to the speed and aggression of the enemy AI, you may more than often have to resort to the swarming tactics, which sort of dwindles the tatical thinking of the game. And you must (ABSOLUTELY MUST) keep a constant eye on your units on the field of battle, for they lack any self-preservation, which does add to the challenge. Both being two sides of the same coin! (Adds a good challenge but the units have as much self-awareness as a bread piece in a pond full of ducks) Also, the American voice acting for the main characters is good to mediocre; sometimes it sounds very good, then at times sounds very cheesy. The Russian voice acting is actually much better. Ironically.

Overall, a very challenging, but extremely addictive strategy game which is very rewarding the player who can finish the missions with few casualties.
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