Detta innehåll kräver basprogrammet GameMaker: Studio på Steam för att kunna köras.

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Utgivningsdatum: 1 maj, 2016

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Nerladdingsbart innehåll

Detta innehåll kräver basprogrammet GameMaker: Studio på Steam för att kunna köras.

Köp GameMaker: Studio Professional

Includes: GameMaker: Studio, GameMaker: Studio Ubuntu, and GameMaker: Studio Mac OS X

Paket som innehåller detta spel

Köp GameMaker: Studio Master Collection

Innehåller 7 saker: GameMaker: Studio Professional, GameMaker: Studio Mac OS X, GameMaker: Studio Ubuntu, GameMaker: Studio HTML5, GameMaker: Studio iOS, GameMaker: Studio Android, GameMaker: Studio Windows Phone 8


Om detta material

GameMaker: Studio™ PROFESSIONAL

GameMaker: Studio™ PROFESSIONAL unlocks the full power of GameMaker: Studio™, giving you all the great features of STANDARD with the added ability to purchase and plug-in Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and HTML5 export modules, collaborate within a team through subversion and monetize your game with an unprecedented amount of developer services.

Note: You must install GameMaker: Studio from the Steam store page in order to see GameMaker: Studio Professional in your Steam library after purchase.


    • Operativsystem:Windows XP
    • Minne:512 MB RAM
    • Grafik:128 MB
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hårddisk:200 MB hårddiskutrymme
    • Minne:4096 MB RAM
    • Hårddisk:1 GB hårddiskutrymme
    • Andra krav:Bredbandsanslutning
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Väldigt positivt (58 recensioner)
Nyligen upplagda
Upplagd: 30 juni
Gamemaker keeps developing games on an easy level. Great job YoYo
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Tio Markin
Upplagd: 30 juni
Where is my gamemaker studio ubuntu and studio mac OS X????
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Upplagd: 19 juni
TL;DR is at the bottom

I have been using Game Maker for well over 7 years now - I've been around since before Game Maker: Studio even existed, and I must say, I'm going to be sticking to Game Maker for a lot longer yet. I never used Drag and Drop - I jumped straight into GML, and that seems like it was the best choice for me to make, because I never want to learn Drag and Drop (hereon referred to as DnD.) DnD has some capability, sure, it's effective for the simple stuff. But never will it give you the power of GML. Don't be moved away by the shovelware - every game engine has shovelware, and I'm afraid that's just life. There have been some amazing games made in Game Maker. Spelunky, Gunpoint, Undertale, Hyper Light Drifter. All of these are proof that great games can be made in GM: Studio. An engine is only as good as the one who uses it.

When I first installed Game Maker 7, years and years ago, I knew that my future was with game development, but never could I imagine how powerful Game Maker was. I put in about 6 hours of solid hard work to learn GML, and it *really* paid off. I don't have any published games - I've always, up until recently, just prototyped. I'd come up with ideas that I would love to see in a game in my head, and I'd sit down and dive into it. Doing so has made me a better programmer that 5 years ago I would have never imagined. When I got my hands on Studio, after a couple of hours I realised the true potential of Game Maker, and a couple of months later decided to make my very first serious game. Apertus Orbis. I'm still working on it now, and I am hoping to one day publish it to steam.

I have known since a very young age I wanted to be a game developer, kind of following in my Uncle's footsteps, but taking a slightly different route. My Uncle was a 3D Artist at EA, and worked on titles like Burnout Revenge, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. (For those of you who play BF2: MC, on one of the last levels you'll see 'HALLETT' written on a tank - that's my last name). EA was my first real step into the AAA scene. And my only one to date. I must have been pretty young, and I was drawing up level designs for a first person shooter. I came up with one and phoned my uncle, telling him all about it. I sent it to him by mail one day and he told me that he'd be able to put it into Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and he did. Ironically, it was the one level I could never beat. It's the level where you have to defend the station, then stop the train.

Anyway, back on topic. How easy is it to learn GML?
Well, from reading this, you might try guess my age. 30s? 40s? No. I'm now 16 and a half, and about to go to College. Born 31st December 1999. If I can learn GML at just 7 or 8 years old, I'm pretty sure you can too. But of course, people learn differently, but I learned GML through Wizirdi, and his beginner tutorial series, back when they first came out - before the re-uploads. After each episode, I'd take what I learn from his video and apply it in different scenarios. It was very trial-and-error at first, but I soon came to understand the language more, and within a couple of weeks I had it. Sure, there are parts I didn't pick up as easily, and some things I still struggle with today - 3D, surfaces. But I assure you, you will pick it up fast, depending on the effort you put in and how you learn best.

I own Professional. I picked it up for just $12 in the Humble Bundle, a month or two after the Humble Game Dev Bundle (picked that up too - which came with some really good spriting software!). So I have Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and YYC exports, as well as a couple more which I've forgotten. Even though I didn't pay much, I would now happily pay full price if I wanted to - because it really is worth it.

If you are a beginner game dev looking to start as a hobby, or in advance of a career like me. Or maybe you do a lot of programming and need to tone down a little and do it as a hobby, Game Maker: Studio is right for you.


Pick this up if you want to start as a game dev, or looking to tone down. You CAN make great games with Game Maker if you put in the time and effort. Great community, great successful games. Worth every penny. 10/10
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Upplagd: 11 juni

Good start for beginners
'Easier' to understand than most other programming languages *imo
fast prototyping
fun (when not getting an error every five mins)
A large source of information to learn from the manual
A large source of information online
High potential, to make a vast scope of different games

Not good for 3d games
errors making you bored
more errors...
memory leaks...
a few more errors...

Conclusion: I would recommend this for newbies trying to get into game's development etc. And would recommend this to anyone looking for a 2d engine that is a fast prototyper. If you're looking to make a 16 bit type game I would recommend something like rpg maker instead.

All in all this is my first engine, and is what I used to learn to code at a now intermediate moving on to advanced stage after about 8 months of usage. It all really depends how you learn and how you adapt to logic. Myself, I am not very logical or good at math, but that is not stopping me from learning this nor should it you. So if you're new then I definatly recommend you pick it up as it is a very good base to start you learning! Good luck!

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Rubbish Kool Aid
Upplagd: 31 maj
Best Game Making software for pros and beginners
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Upplagd: 22 maj
Ive been using Game Maker on and off since about 2007 and it is a great software. It is pretty easy to learn and with some hard work, you can create some pretty decent games. Some popular games like Undertale and Hotline Miami were made with it. Its also a cheaper software than its competitors.
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Upplagd: 13 maj
This invention is so wise that it allowed me to bridge the technical gap that was barring my own creativity, and preventing me from making my own video game for years.

Thank you for helping this little Chowd's dreams to be realized!
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Steve Dancer
Upplagd: 1 maj
Loved it when I was 10, still love it with 15 :D
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Upplagd: 22 april
awesome game maker software !
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Upplagd: 10 mars
GameMaker Studio is one of the best game dev engine out there! Perfect!
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Upplagd: 9 december, 2014
Game Maker is a great program for people who want to get into making some cool games. There are a lot of people who claim that this program is a waste of money when it's not. A lot of games were created with Game Maker and most of them have won awards, Hotline Miami was one of the many titles created in Game Maker. I've been using this quite a bit in the last week or so, working on a project. I must say that nothing else out there compares to this, I have tried various pieces of software to see which one I like the most and this one stands out from the rest. To give you an example, I used Stencyl for a little while and had a boat load of issues in getting basic movement working, I spent two weeks trying to figure out how Stencyl worked and I just couldn't get it, same goes for Game Salad amd Construct. Game Maker is a different story, I was able to get a working prototype done in about 2 days and hard coded all of the systems inside the game that myself and two other people are making. Drag and drop features are nice, but I don't use them.

I advise that anyone looking to create games should steer clear from the rest of them that compete with Game Maker, this excludes Unity and Unreal Engine which I use as well.
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Upplagd: 12 juni, 2015
Buy it from YoYo directly, and since the 18th May you'll get the OS X and Ubuntu export modules for free.

Buy it here and... you don't.

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Upplagd: 13 januari, 2015
As a few other posters have said, as an original buyer of gamemaker studio : proffesional, i feel a little ripped off in the changes to different versions of gamemaker. Since the release of yoyo compiler, the built in standard compiler seems to have been intentionally slowed down to encourage the purchase of yyc. aside from the fact you dont have full access to processor power with standard compiler it is also buggy and compiled games dont install correctly without very specific windows settings. All export modules are valued at $300 each or $700 as a pack though you dont get to try this funcionality, even over a trial period, so i am dubious to say the least about investing in these modules. Lastly, i was working on a rather large game and had neatly bundled all of the games assets into folders and sub folders. after an update i logged back into gamemaker only to find all the links and assets had dissappeared. i looked in the asset directory, all was apparently well. i opened a backup of the same game only to find the same problem. i dragged and dropped my assets folder back onto gamemaker so all the assets were once again recognised by gamemaker, but all directories and sub directories, as well as all functions for all assets, were gone. so after months of lost work i bit the bullet and started again, relinking all assets and functions to the way the previously were. i also kept a backup of gamemakers backup, just in case. same problem occured a few months down the track, gamemaker backup corrupted AND my backup backup seemed to revert to gamemakers backup as soon as i loaded it. in summing up, i wouldnt recommend this program, not given the amount of time i spent to achieve nothing, big plans of a quality release on simultaneous platforms a myth. i havent bought any other software that is similar so i cant point you in a better direction, just dont come this way.
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Upplagd: 18 december, 2015
This program help me with many things
-Learning to code
-how to design levels
-how to have fun
but it has cons
-you mess up coding and cant find it
-you mess up coding and your game is like "BUUUGAAABLUPBLUPSTARKSHAMPASHUBASHUBA...DING.DING.DING!"

this is a great program to start to make games so I would recommend this
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Upplagd: 6 januari
If you're serious about 2D game development, this is one of the best packages to get along with the exporters (when they're on sale). GameMaker provides a nice development environment for asset management as well as a very robust system for developing all sorts of 2D games. To get anywhere with it you need to use GML (a C-like language) but it isn't challenging to learn, and snapping together bits of code greatly lessens the learning curve. There's also a plethora of information out there about the suite - chances are someone has tried to do whatever it is you want to do before, found a way to do it, and documented it for you.

Downsides? If you try to avoid coding you'll hit a wall fairly quickly (or end up with a mess of a game), so if you're opposed to learning to write code it's not worth the money. Also it has practically no 3D support (nothing worth using at least) but Unity has you covered there.
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Upplagd: 21 december, 2014
This got me interested in making my own games, so when I got it, I made a simple shooter!
NOTE: No coding is recquired in this if you are a beginner, but I still recommend you to learn coding. The language is GML, and you can translate it to other programming languages!
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2 tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
Upplagd: 22 maj, 2015
Edit: Why does it say that I played for 0 hours? I played for atleast 600 hours thats how good this software is =D. Most of the bugs seem to be fixed now and the software runs faster too. So I've got no complaints.

I'm a long timer Game Maker user. Game Maker is a great way to make games, it's easy to use, and programming experience isn't required but GML is pretty easy to learn. So I definitely recommend GameMaker.
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Upplagd: 9 januari, 2015
Spent a lot of time on this program. I had absolutely no programming knowedge at all and now I've made a few games for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Takes some dedication but I wholeheartedly think Game Maker can really teach anyone how to get into programming. Fantastic!
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3 tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
Upplagd: 25 december, 2014
The simple yet powerful programming language allows me to make games extremely easily. I have tried other engines like stencyl and Construct 2, but neither of them come close to how amazing this engine is. I highly recommend it.
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Upplagd: 4 maj, 2015
Really good and powerful when you get into it. Not very "good" 3D support, but I think it's made more to the people who enjoy everything else than full 3D.
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