A história de Ghat ainda está longe de terminar: Zeno Clash 2 continua a saga deliciosamente ousada que começou no primeiro jogo. Depois de 4 anos de espera, a sequela do jogo de pancadaria em primeira pessoa mais surreal de sempre traz mais variedade ao combate e aos níveis, assim como uma história ainda mais bizarra passada no mundo...
Data de lançamento: 30 Abr, 2013
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Our surreal next videogame is available for pre-purchase!

18 Junho

Hello ACE Team fans! We are happy to announce that Abyss Odyssey (ACE Team's upcoming roguelike/action/platformer) is nearing it's release date, which is scheduled for July 15th, and an option to prepurchase the title is now available at Steam! For those who prepurchase there's a couple of bonuses nobody will want to miss:

-The game has a 33% discount!
-Prepurchasers obtain the Abyss Odyssey Original Soundtrack for free*

*Soundtrack is made available the day the game is released.

Follow the link to the Steam store if you want to be a part of this offer!

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ACE Team's Abyss Odyssey Live stream playing now

15 Maio

See here:


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Frame-rate Challenge Mode:
Sometimes the internet leaks into games, and even Zeno Clash 2 can’t escape. In this unique challenge, surreal wireframe enemies begin spawning with increasing frequency. The enemies still require skill to beat, but the waves are only limited by one thing: the PC’s performance. Eking every last ounce of computational horsepower will be the key to surviving as long as possible in this highly unusual challenge.

Coliseum Challenge Mode:
This wave-based attack mode will push players to the limit. 50 waves of enemies will spawn, with increasing difficulty. True mastery of Zeno Clash 2’s first-person combat system of deadly combos will lead brawlers to victory, but there is some respite between rounds as players will have access to the store to buy weapons, power-ups, even allies. Unlike the game, there’s no restriction on the number of allies either, so get ready for the most intense, all-out, battle royale in all of Zenozoik.

Edição especial

The Special Edition for Zeno Clash 2 includes:

  • ‘The Art of ‘Zenozoik’ digital artbook
  • Zeno Clash 2 Original Soundtrack

Acerca do Jogo

A história de Ghat ainda está longe de terminar: Zeno Clash 2 continua a saga deliciosamente ousada que começou no primeiro jogo. Depois de 4 anos de espera, a sequela do jogo de pancadaria em primeira pessoa mais surreal de sempre traz mais variedade ao combate e aos níveis, assim como uma história ainda mais bizarra passada no mundo envolvente de Zenozoik. Une forças com a tua antiga adversária Rimat e lutem juntos contra multidões de inimigos enfurecidos, de forma a impedir que os planos maliciosos deles se tornem realidade.

Zeno Clash 2 dá as boas-vindas aos novos jogadores do universo Zeno Clash com um jogo que os levará diretamente para este mundo e irá mantê-los a par da história começada no jogo anterior. Os jogadores veteranos vão adorar as relações entre os novos ambientes e a primeira aventura. Todos os jogadores vão desfrutar deste jogo de luta na primeira pessoa que é uma autêntica raridade no mundo dos jogos modernos: uma experiência verdadeiramente única.

Zeno Clash 2 melhorou o seu sistema de combate com murros mais precisos, bloqueios e golpes de grande impacto que só vão dar ainda mais satisfação às típicas lutas brutais da série. A nova função "Lock-on" dá aos jogadores ainda mais controlo para poderem causar mais dano. As novas mecânicas de RPG vão permitir que Ghat e Rimat possam dar socos mais fortes, se defendam melhor e recrutem mais aliados poderosos que lhes possam ajudar na jornada. Zeno Clash 2 agora tira o máximo proveito da engine Unreal III para trazer o mundo bizarro e lindíssimo de Zenozoik à vida. A imaginação sem limites da ACE Team leva os jogadores a um universo de adversários surreais, localizações fantásticas e visuais únicos que nunca verás igual em qualquer outro jogo. Com o modo cooperativo de entrada e saída livre, Zeno Clash 2 convida-te a ti e a um amigo para juntos voltarem mais uma vez à ação!

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4800+
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB free hard drive space
    • Video Card: ATI 3850HD 512 MB or NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB free hard drive space
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
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The first thing that came to my mind when I saw Zeno Clash 2 on Steam was;
"I definitely have to get this game."

Now, I have played the first Zeno Clash, and the second. I have completed both and there's quite a bit of things to say about both of them.

The vivid, quirky design of landscape, buildings, characters and items/weapons is present in both games, and it's truly something refreshing that you don't actually see in every game out there.
The storyline, too -- is connected. The two are connected, so I suggest you play Zeno Clash before picking up on Zeno Clash 2, as you most likely won't understand the story behind Ghat's 'family' and what happened to it in the events of the original.

Now, onto the mechanics themselves. The game is a first-person brawler, and it's a bit easier than the original. (At least as I remember it, I've played it ages ago. Literally!) The mechanics of the brawling is actually great. Rarely ever will you run into a bug, and the new tools of the trade (Grenades, Chain, as I like to call it the Sun/Moon-strike gauntlet and the Golem Link are all amazing tools that are (later on) at your disposal. The game is very responsive and plays out well, the punches connect when they need to connect, and the special moves that you learn how to use in the tutorial or later on come to play when you fight a bit more advanced enemies.

Onto the world;
The world of Zenozoik is truly amazing. It's a 'civilization' between barbarism and chiefdom as described by one of the game characters you will (later on) absolutely love and root for. The locations! They're absolutely amazing, quirky and detailed just how they were in the first Zeno Clash. Now, for a fan -- this is not a bad thing! This is absolutely amazing as it has freshened up my memory on the world itself, especially the 'city' of Halstedom.

Now, if you're familiar with the game you'll notice a lot of old characters appearing, such as Rimat, Father-Mother, Pott and others. And they're spanking new amazing in the second edition. Also, guess who you'll encounter as well? Chneero! That's right! You'll meet Chneero, the one-legged Corwid! And you will love it.

The game sparkles with detail, and it's absolutely stunning. It has taken my breath a few times when I was watching the horizon over Zenozoik. Why? Well, you'll notice the level design -- which is actually original, and the character/monster designs that you haven't seen anywhere else, really.

Zeno Clash 2 blooms with originality and is truly an under-rated and under-appreciated title on Steam.
Worth the money? Definitely worth even more.
Publicada: 22 Março
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Zeno Clash II might be the most unlikely sequel in recent gaming history given the first game’s status as a thoroughly bizarre first-person brawler some consider to be a cult classic. The story is often confusing and poorly conveyed through incredibly stilted dialogue delivered by in-game cutscenes. Navigation is a constant source of frustration as the game will decide to leave player’s without an objective marker and no clue as to where to go next. Melee combat takes up the majority of the mechanics and it largely works.The confusing narrative, poor voice acting, and lackluster puzzles make the game hard to love, but if “weird” is your niche, this trip offers some solid entertainment.The game’s utter oddness is enough to grab the attention of the average gamer, but its on-and-off mission structure isn’t going to keep them for long and once again fisticuffs in first-person proves problematic.Hugely imaginative but slightly irritating. Overall 6/10.
Publicada: 16 Julho
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I was fascinated by the dreamy and surreal atmosphere of the game. You don't realize how utterly conventional most game worlds are until you've played Zeno Clash 1 and 2. The gameplay is solid, the fights are a lot of fun, but the star of the show is clearly the alien world with its inhabitants. I recommend this game to anyone who's grown tired of the same old 3D shooters over the years.
Publicada: 10 Julho
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Ghat returned to re-unite his family, and to crack some skulls of course!

World is crazy like before, and this game focusing on hand-to-hand combat again. Even Bud Spencer can't launch bodies that far with bare fists like Ghat can do!!!
Publicada: 22 Junho
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Really interesting story based beat em up type of game. It is different from any other game i have ever tried. It is quite enjoyable and fun.
Publicada: 8 Agosto
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It's a great sequel to the first Zeno Clash! Now with more freedom to explore, collectibles to find, stats to max out, hire people to fight with you, new unique weapons and multiplayer mode.

Publicada: 5 Janeiro
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