We don't know where Arua came from, nor how she came to be. We do know, however, that nothing existed before Arua.
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ROSE Online indítása


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november 16.

ROSE Online is back online!

Update from our server move operation: The ROSE Server is back up from its Extended Downtime. You should be able to log into the server once more.

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június 24.

Item Mall Point Rewards Event

Item Mall Point Rewards Event

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“Rose Online has great graphics and plenty of content to keep players interested. Fast leveling and simple gameplay give Rose good pacing”

“There is a cuteness that is pervasive in this world, and the feeling is a happy one. You can lose hours in the game, especially during the initial foray into the world. ”

A játékról

We don't know where Arua came from, nor how she came to be. We do know, however, that nothing existed before Arua. The Goddess of life, souls, and all existence created the universe as she saw fit… a calm and beautiful place where souls could dwell peacefully. The deep matters of the universe cradled the waves of life, on which all beings would sway soothingly. This perfect universe was called the Sea of Souls.

Life would bring shine to the Sea of Souls, in the form of seven planets. Arua created these out of love, and dedicated each of them to the inhabitants that she breathed life into.

"The planets, as your lives, dear ones, are all yours. As am I. As are your souls."

These are the words of Arua that ring in everyone's hearts when they are born.

"To you, I give the Gods, to watch over you. Praise them well, for no love can ever match the one you will receive from them."

And thus, the Gods were created, to watch over all life that Arua had created among the seven planets. And Arua named the planets after each of the Gods and Goddesses that would look after them: Junon, Lunar, Eldeon, Orlo, Karkia, Skaaj, and Hebarn.

Each planet's inhabitants lived in happiness, idolizing their respective God or Goddess, and reveling in the pleasures that living under their protection and rule brought.

But all was not harmonious for long. The Dark God Hebarn disbanded from the other planets, and his plots to destroy Arua's universe began.

Soon, the gossips about strange visitors started. The Visitors protect life, and make right from all that is wrong. They are divine beings; they seldom suffer from hunger or thirst, they do not need as much sleep as most other creatures, but they can hurt, they can love. And they can help.

That is why Arua created them, after all

Key Features:

Customize Your Game Play

You pick your stats and skills that best fit your type of game play with multiple skill tree options for each class that allows for an experience that is your own.

Players Make their Own Legend

The quests in ROSE Online are affected by the activities of the user community. Who do you follow; Arua or Hebarn?

Customize Your Toon

You are not confined to ugly armors or a single look, you can outfit your toon to be just about anything you want to look like while you pick fights with monsters or engage others in PvP. You can look like a large Jelly Bean while fighting a Mech Castle Gear during PvP it is all up to you.

Party Play

Grouping with your friends doesn't just allow you to benefit like a traditional MMO, but you earn vastly more EXP and with player skills that help with the Party the enjoyment is vastly increased as well!


    • OS:Windows XP
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce2 MX 400/Radeon 7000
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Közzétéve: 2014. július 6.
TL;DR - Is this game worth playing? NO. If you are still looking for an anime style mmo try out Dragon Nest, Tera: Rising, Phantasy Star Online 2 JP (English patch and Ship 2 or 10) or upcoming Blade&Soul NA release. Read on if you want to know the full story.

Rose Online used to be one of the most enjoyable and biggest games out there when it was first released. This was my childhood game and the memories will last forever.

Unfortunately, the game has fallen on it's knees in my opinion. Rose online used to be about the community and leveling experience. Nowadays, there is simply not enough active people on rose to make it interesting because people have left. Junon is the only place in the whole game that is filled with players and 90% of them are afk vending. The leveling system is terrible compared to old school rose. 95% of players (I kid you not) use AUTO BOT programs to level. From level 40 upwards all you see is people multiclienting and botting with area of effect abilities. They don't move from the spot at all and just afk to level. This is the sad reality of the game (and it is actually allowed according to the game rules as long as you are 'present' to babysit the aoe bot)

Game development has also stalled. The original game developers are not around so the new 3 person team is just adding small updates here and there. Only 3.5 of the originally planned 7 planets have been released. No new proper content has been released in years, it is basically going around in circles with skill changes. The game direction is highly questionable as well. Did I mention you can basically pay2win in this game when it comes to the best gear?

I love rose but I would not recommend it to anyone anymore =(

Edit: This review was initially posted in July and it is now November - nothing has changed. In fact it is worse. Don't be fooled by my 90 hours gameplay - I used non steam client for 90% of my gameplay. I recently re-entered the game to see how things have changed and the game is even more dead than before. Not to mention the lag and DCs. Current development is as always going around in circles a.k.a nowhere. One of the community developers also left the team. The recent patch decisions are imo irrelevant and opposite to what needs to be implemented to keep the game alive by enticing new players and keeping veteran players happy.

Population is dwindling and there is still nothing new to do in the game other than spend real life money on Item Mall. There have even been talks of a server merge because it is so bad! But really this won't save the game when the development is in the wrong direction. Bots are still rampant - still AFK Aoe Bot Online.

This may sound harsh but it is my and many others honest opinion. I can only voice my honest thoughts here because of the fact that on the Rose forums any negative feelings are promptly deleted and swept under the rug. It really is that bad. If you wanted the truth, here it is. Please vote this as helpful so others don't waste their time and money.

Response to Developer:

So I would like to offer you some real ‘insight’ and feedback, in response to some of issues that have been discussed in this review.

EDIT: The funny thing is that I typed/saved all before you created your recent ‘we are trying to monitor bots!’ thread. Lo and behold, instead of fixing and removing botting spots you are still bashing your head against the wall and doing exactly what you shouldn’t do – trying to monitor them when the game design inherently supports botting. It simply astounds me that the developers have been so short sighted.

And whenever a post tells you the solution it is swept nicely under that rug of yours. That is exactly why I feel prompted to respond to your response which is filled with propaganda. It is misleading and luring players into believing your game is worth playing in its current state. A polished turd is still a turd.

On levelling and Botting:

While levelling is faster, that doesn't mean better. Nor does it reflect the flawed nature of the levelling system which is of greater concern. The real kicker is that botting is ok as long as it is 'supervised'. This lax rule isn't even a countermeasure and only in place because you simply cannot monitor or stop botting. Understandably this is because of your small team. However, even if you had the manpower it wouldn't matter.

The only real solution would be revamping the system to focus more on active participation, requiring movement/timing/skill and less reliance on clerics/aoe classes and standing in one spot. But you will continue to ignore what needs to be done.

A class representative even had to make a thread about botting!! For your team to actually ask for where botting spots are is an absolute joke – it just shows that you don’t even play your own game. I’m just trying to uncover the blindfold that you are trying to put onto potential players that come looking for a worthwhile mmorpg on steam. Better now than later.

On Population and distribution:

It is nice to see that the server merge happened. But what of it? Just as I predicted a year ago, your population is still in decline. Merging indeed did not fix the massive inherent problems with Rose.

90% of your players may not be AFK vending, I never said that. But I can say that 90% of people in Junon AFK vend or multiclient. It is saddening to see that the majority of Rose's maps are now complete ghost towns. Junon is the only major planet city that is 'active'. Luna is dead. Eldeon is dead. Orlo is dead. On that note, have you introduced another planet yet? No. That makes it almost 7 years since new planet content right?

Why has it come to this? Low population and mature population firstly. Secondly, faster levelling means new players breeze past these levels and don't stay. Thirdly, even if levelling was slowed, players wouldn’t even bother visiting these planets at all because other levelling spots (eg: oblivion temple where players generally stay from 80-170...over 90 levels in the same area which is simply ridiculous) are better. Thus, out of like a hundred maps over 4 planets, this is why you only see players actively use less than 6 of them. Is this how you envisioned your game? Full of lazy botters aoeing their way to max level in a few maps?

I won’t ever be returning since I already know what is in store for me. More disappointment. I continue to encourage everyone to stay well away from Rose. Don't be fooled or enticed by false words.
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Közzétéve: 2013. december 15.
i played the beta many many many years ago, and started playing again recently after a couple years of break... its not the best mmo, the mechanics suck, the ui is ugly and doesnt feel good,,, BUT i just dont know wtf it is about this game but i love it... played it for many hours, and i guess i just love the adorable characters, and dont get me started on the music....

conclusion: if youre a hardcore mmo player, love questing and such etc. you will not like this game... But if youre looking for a mmo where you can just chill, talk to people, farm mobs, farm loot, spend many hours buying or selling stuff to other people, this game just might be for you...
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Közzétéve: 2014. február 17.
ROSE Online is my favourite MMORPG of all time and will probably be for the rest of my life. Of course, it most likely won't be for practically anyone who will play this game in this day and age, because the strengths of this MMORPG to new players now only revolves around the history and idea that it is a classic. If you played this game in it's prime, you would feel totally immersed in the world of ROSE and probably never forget the ride. It really felt like an adventure. An adventure that made me believe that this game would might aswell be a RPG that loved me in it's world. There are plenty reasons why this game would irritate, annoy or even anger an audience of modern gamers through it's art style, UI, stability and overall simple gameplay, but considering that this game was a free-to-play (not pay to win) MMORPG that was introduced at the time when the World of Warcraft began, it really was a nolstagic game that contained plenty of down-to-earth players that at the end of the day, you would never see again. I have picked up and dropped this game HEAPS of times and everytime I remember what made my weekends an adventure. I'm not saying it will make any of you feel that way, or if you will even get by 10 minutes of this game without poking fun at it for being last generation, but sadly, it is what it is and if you cannot accept that this game was one of the best in it's time than you haven't REALLY experienced the vast worlds of MMORPGs. This game ties with Dragonica on my favourites list and I would love to play it again, but year by year the community dies. Out of the several hundred hours I've poored into this game during my childhood, I've never regretted it one bit. I'm not telling you to try it or waste your time on a game that you won't ever enjoy, but atleast respect this game for what it is or even what it was. If you do try it, I reccommend downloading it from the main client. Seriously though, LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK!
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Közzétéve: 2014. november 9.
This game was the best mmorpg out there like 10 years ago, but sadly it has fallen to pieces.

There are simply no more active players, just the ones who are afk farming/vending. I strongly suggest to try other mmorpgs.
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Közzétéve: 2013. február 2.
This MMORPG is behind the times, but for the past couple of years it has made many improvements since beta. The animation is smooth and the sound effects are less screwed up. It also has redesigned maps. Also you can travel between different planets and environments and has player levels over 100! However, it is a cutesy game. If you are disturbed by 3D chibi characters, then I suggest turn away.
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