Transformers™: Fall of Cybertron™ transports you to the final days of the planet Cybertron where you will experience the apocalyptic war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS.
リリース日: 2012年8月20日
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Transformers™: Fall of Cybertron™ transports you to the final days of the planet Cybertron where you will experience the darkest hours of the apocalyptic war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS. Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through a wide range of missions and massive environments designed around each character’s unique abilities. With the stakes higher than ever before, you play as a variety of Transformers characters, including Grimlock’s nearly indestructible T-Rex form and the legendary Combaticons forming into the colossal Bruticus. Fight through both sides of the Transformers’ most epic battles leading to their legendary exodus from their homeworld.

Transformers™: Fall of Cybertron™ allows you to go head-to-head as AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS with its multi-player online mode. Create your own personalized character and weaponry with the most advanced and in-depth customization ever before seen in a Transformers video game.


    • OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 8750
    • Memory: 2 GB system RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 8.4 GB Free Space
    • Video Card: GeForce 8800 GT series with 512 MB RAM or ATI Radeon HD 4850 with 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or DirectX 10
    • Sound: DirectX compatible Sound card
    • Additional: Broadband connection and service required for Multiplayer Connectivity. Internet connection required for activation.
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A very good video game representation of the G1 Transformers. The single player campaign has a strong plot which plays out a bitter war between the Autobots and Decepticons during the final moments of the planet Cybertron.

Game primarily playes like a 3rd person corridor shooter. Game was executed very well so the weapon and movement controls feel really good. Animations were well done and the robot to vehicle transitions look really good. The single player campaign will take roughly 10 hours or so on regular difficulty and consists of 15 chapters. The player does not get to choose which Transformer character they play through the game with the campaign regularly featuring a different character between chapters. Characters will switch between Autobot and Decepticon depending on which part of the story the player is currently playing and the game appears to feature equal time between the two factions. Difficulty on normal settings was neither too easy or difficult, but there were times that were a good challenge. Fortunately the checkpoint system was done well enough that you will not have to redo too much after defeats.

Many of the fan favorite characters are featured as playable or ally, and the inclusion of others like Metroplex, the Combaticons, Insecticons and the Dinobots were very welcome. Both the voice acting and the soundtrack were extremely well done. This helped create a good feeling of chemistry between the characters and sets the tone of the game.

The game does have a multiplayer feature which I have tried only briefly. It is cool to create a customized Transformer to do battle against or with other players. I understand that cheating does happen quite regularly but I am hopeful that this will not hurt the experience too badly. I will review this feature further as I play it more.

I had a lot of fun with this game and highly recommend it to those who are G1 Transformer fans.
投稿日: 2014年2月22日
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Micheal Bay can go to hell, Now this is called Transformers. Best Transformers game EVER!
投稿日: 2014年5月2日
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Transformers foc (fall of cybertron) is fun and a great game the graphics on max are excellent and the chapters are easy with great transition from war for cybertron to fall of cybertron


in MULTIPLAYER people ruin it by hacking or cheating to improve their rank on the leaderboards the in team deathmatch you dont have to cheat to win and i can prove this by observation no mods no cheats and no hacks that is a fair match ............not all of them are cheaters in the game but about 5% on average

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if you are 1 getting killed every second 2 feeling over powered (in game) or just need extra fire power message me to join you AND TOGETHER WE CAN BAND TOGETHER AND END CHEATING AND HACKING

be a fair sport and dont use any forms of hacking, hard work pays what are you waiting cybertron is under attack ....join the game and me TheGoldenSpark
投稿日: 2014年7月4日
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"Nooo! I will not be denied!" shouts Megatron as he sucked into the wormhole that will transport him and his nemesis, Optimus Prime, to Earth. Meanwhile I am laughing my ♥♥♥ off thanks to the excellent and wonderful delivery of the line.

Fall of Cybertron is a cartoon game at heart. Despite all its masked brutality and complicated linguo, it still is just a series of escapades, played out by rightly coloured robots that can transform into a variety of vehicles. And this is fine. Because, saturday morning Transformers are the transformers we have come to love. Fall of Cybertron then is a modern take on the cartoon; a streamlined version of it, that does away with the thick layer of moral correctness and exchanges it for witty humour and flashy action. Perfect for the crowd of today.

However, this is not a cartoon. This is a game. A short game, I will admit, but a fun one. Fall of Cybertron is fast and varied. It is a third-persoon shooter with vehicle elements. It is a mix of speed and finesse that is fun to play and to watch. The campaign puts you in the armour of a different Transformer in every stage, while the mulitplayer mode allows you to build your own and take the fight to those pesky autobots or decepticons. The story mode is about 10 stages long and chronicles the final days of Cybertron. For those of you who are unfamilliar with Transformers lore, here is the synopsis: Cybertron is out of power and the decepticons still want more. When they hear the Autobots are preparing to leave the planet they attack to steal all their fuel so they can advance their goals of galactic conquest. Everything is delivered by a top-of-the-bill voicecast that holds nothing back to create a genuine Transformers experience.

The game does know a few shortcomings however. It is short. The campaign won't take much effort for a seasoned gamer and the split between vehicle and robot is a bit arbitrary at times. It comes down to preference in what mode you'd prefer to play, but some stages can be blitzed with little to no effort if you just tote the main gun from your Tank transformation. Multiplayer suffers from its regular slow-start hiccups. Everyone is level 40 and has planet destroyers while you try to make due with your slingshot and balloon shield. It is a hurdle, and since the rewards are always less appetising than the stuff you can unlock through purchacing DLC you might end up wondering if it is actually worth the time investment.

I would sign off with a "Transform and Roll Out!" joke, but since this game doesn't have any real cars (they're all hovermobiles) it would seem out of place. So I return to my first sentence: "I will not be denied!" If this game comes up in a sale, shell some cash, and play some of this sweet robot action.
投稿日: 2014年2月21日
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Only one word can describe this game, FANTASTIC!!! This is a must-have for any Transformer fan. And even if you're not a fan or not interested in the lore, the gameplay will definitely keep you interested. As like any Transformer game, you have to make good use of both robot and vehicle forms while using a vast array of weapons to achieve your goal in both the singleplayer campaign and the multiplayer or escalation modes.

Best thing about Fall of Cybertron is definitely the story itself. Fans would recongize many easter eggs from the entire franchise here and there in the game. Voice-acting is top-notch, you can't doubt Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime. As for the other voices, they are quite close to the original cartoon series in the 80s although I admit I don't like Shockwave's voice. The plot itself is really good but it is way too short. A playthrough on Normal would probably take 10 hours average, maybe even shorter if you're not the exploring type.

Other than that, well, you get to play as Grimlock for one mission and a half (best part of the singleplayer campaign). Nothing beats being a massive, fire-breathing T-Rex with plenty of rage. Fan or not, buy it. You'll enjoy it.
投稿日: 2014年5月8日
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Very soon once haters start realizing this system was put up, the reviews will be filled with negative ones. Before that happens, let me drop my opinion here. It's a great game at it's heart, it has an interesting storyline that makes you want to play through each chapter. The main feature here is it's brilliant multiplayer mode. Now you've probably heard of the hackers in this game, and yes, it's true. However the game has a thriving community which will guide you into friendly, hacker-free matches. Is it worth $60 though? No, I can not say this. However it would be worth it at any other price, so when the next sale hits, go for it!
投稿日: 2013年11月25日
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