Harness Spider-Man’s powers with Manhattan as your playground!
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Release Date: Sep 25, 2012

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About This Game

Harness Spider-Man’s powers with Manhattan as your playground!

Set shortly after the events of Columbia Pictures' new film, The Amazing Spider-Man throws New York City's brand new hero back into free-roaming, web-slinging action, as he protects the Big Apple from a deluge of unimaginable threats.

Key Features

  • Spider-Man’s triumphant return to New York – Everybody’s favorite web-head is back in Manhattan with the return of the fan-favorite, free-roaming, web-slinging gameplay.
  • Web Rush: player choice evolved – Players use real-time navigational and combat choices to fight crime and pull off Spidey’s signature acrobatic moves like never before.
  • Find out what happens next – Uncover the rest of Peter Parker’s untold story in the all-new epilogue story to the Columbia Pictures' 2012 blockbuster theatrical release.
  • Push Spider-Man’s abilities to the limit – Battle all new versions of classic Super Villains as well as original, larger than life enemies while racing to save Manhattan.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® 7/XP (SP 3)/Vista (SP 2)
    • Processor: Intel Core® 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 7600GT / AMD ATI Radeon X1800 GTO
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 7500 MB HD space
    • Sound: Any DirectX 9.0 compliant Sound Card
    • Additional: Internet connection required for installation and authentification.
    • OS: Windows® 7/XP (SP 3)/Vista (SP 2)
    • Processor: Intel Core® 2 Quad 2.4 Ghz or AMD Athlon II X4 2.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 8800GT / AMD ATI Radeon HD4830
    • DirectX®: 10
    • Hard Drive: 8000 MB HD space
    • Sound: Any DirectX 9.0 compliant Sound Card
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional: Internet connection required for installation and authentification.
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Posted: March 19
This is my review of The Amazing Spider-Man. I found this game to be <<CRASH>>

This is my review of The Amazi<<CRASH>>

This is my review of The Amazing Spider-Man. I found t<<CRASH>>

Annoying, right?
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Posted: March 28
Ok, I do recommend that you buy this game but I would say only buy it if it is on sale for about £7.99/$9.99. I really do not think it is worth more than that and I will tell you why.

First the bad...

This game crashes a lot. This is well known at this point and all of the "fixes" that have been discussed simply did not work for me. I am a Windows 10 user, and I have a system that has 32gb of memory and a 4gb GTX 980. Even with those specs, my game would crash usually after about an hour to an hour and a half of play. It made no difference what you were doing in game, and It made no difference what changes you made to the exe file or system settings. Personally, I believe that the game has some sort of memory leak/issue as the more you play, the more graphical glitches you will encounter. My system defaults to the highest settings for the game and I could play for about 45 minutes with no noticeable graphical issues, but after that time it really became a game of chance as to what would happen. Usually, you would see flickering textures on sky scrapers or Spidermans eyes during game play and as both of these surfaces are mirrored it leads me to believe that the game has a rendering issue that ties in to memory. The longer you play, these textures have less resources to use and so it becomes corrupted. After all, you are swinging through a pretty large world space and even with frequent level breaks, you are asking your machine to render a lot of mirrored surfaces on a pretty quick timescale as you play. I got to the point where I would set a timer and at 45 mins I would prepare to close the game down and restart it. This ensured that I had minimal graphical issues and I saw less frequent crashes as I was "flushing" out the memory as I played. Basically, do not buy this game if you have zero patience when it comes to crashes.

Secondly, some of the sidequests and boss fights are pretty repetitive. It is great that they have given you smaller crimes to help with, but at times you feel like you are spending all of your time doing the same things. What is worse is that there is no real variation at all in these crimes either. If you take a car chase mission, you will see the same car in every car chase mission after that as well. Basically, the car is always an Orange and Black car. A little texture variation would have gone a long way. The mechanics for the missions are always the same as well. Once you know how to complete it, you can pretty much do every mission that is the same in less than a minute afterwards which leads them to feel like they are just time wasters. Some of the (secondary) boss fights are the same as well. There is a set pattern to defeat them and once you know it, every one of the secondary bosses can be beaten quickly and with ease.

Thirdly, the animations can be annoying at times too. Swinging through the city is as easy as holding down a button *which is a little bit of a let down) and spidey will do a somersault after every swing. He will either flip sideways, or head over heels. This is okay some of the time, but at others it just seems way over the top and ostentatious. The real annoyance for me here was that when you are swinging with someone on your back, you still do these annoying somersaults. This makes zero sense, especially when you are transporting a sick or injured person. It is also really annoying to hear one of these people pleading for you to go slower and suddenly hear spiderman shout "yeahhhh!" as he does a triple somersault flip with the poor soul clinging to his back. It really makes him looks like a bit of a jerk to be honest. As far as the swinging goes as well, when you apprehend a mental patient or criminal, they too hold on to you the same way as a sick or injured person which just looks silly. Why would they willingly climb on to your back with no restraints so you can take them to jail? A little animation of spidey tying them up would have been nice.

That being said, here is the good...

The story itself is a pretty good one. It is set immediatleuy after the events of the first Andrew Garfield film and it follows on quite nicely. As an original story, I think they did a very good job of giving you a serious conflict to resolve as well as allowing you to get a feel of being Spiderman. The game and graphics arent as polished as some other Superhero games (like the Batman Arkham series) but what they do offer is a good effort of utilising modern day shaders on an older texture setup. The City as well is pretty well done, and there is the constant hustle and bustle of New York going on beneath you as you swing from skyscraper to skyscraper to get from A to B. You can get from one side of the map to the other pretty quickly, but there is pretty much always a reason to take a detour thanks to the constant side quests that pop up on every level. The side missions can get a bit samey, but there is a pretty good variety as there are police shootouts, car chases, mental patients and sick people who need to get to the hospital, smaller infected bosses that are usually in a sewer somewhere, photography missions, Oscorp Lab takedowns and some timetrial challenges to partake in. There is quite a lot to keep you busy as you play, and it took me approx 11 hours to complete all side quests (except for the time trials) and the main story. I managed to unlock 7 of the spiderman suits as I played which also gave me some variation as I progressed. It is nice to have the option to change suit too as you will find your current suit is regularly torn to shreds as you take damage, and if you are like me you like to look your best as you fight crime!

As I said at the start, I do recommend buying this game but not at the full price listed on Steam. I would recommend it being worth no more than £7.99/$9.99 as it is a game that has a lot of issues and until the developer or Steam fixes those issues, it will never be worth the £24.99 they are listing it as. I played this game as a casual superhero fan and I did enjoy the story and game despite some repetitive gameplay. Buy it if you have low expectations and I think you will enjoy it.
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Posted: May 1
Swing and crawl above and beyond Manhattan sounds like fun, right?
Hint: At the end of this review you will find a TL;DR and a video section.


●▬▬▬▬▬[➤ REVIEW]▬▬▬▬●

The Amazing Spider-Man is a 2012 action adventure video game, that revolves around the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. Developed by Beenox and published through Activision, it found its way on Windows, X-Box 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS & 3DS, Wii & Wii U, iOS and Android.

The story is based a few months after the events from The Amazing Spider-Man movie and can be hold as an alternate epilogue to it. Yet, it is not necessary to watch the film, in order to follow the story from the game.
It starts with Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, who sneak into the restricted areas of Oscorp. Gwen has suspicions that the company still works on so-called Cross-Species, virus-mutated humans with special powers, after Dr. Curt Connors became „The Lizard“, who sits now in a mental facility. Both get caught eventually by Alastairs Smythe, who does not deny the work on the cross-species, just for a little longer until they all will be destroyed, as he says. Since Peter Paker is a cross-species himself, all of the other still contained species react to him, become insane in their behavior and manage to break out of Oscorp. The virus, which these species carry inside, is highly infectious when bitten and so the virus spreads around Manhattan. It is up to Spider-Man to rescue the whole inhabitants of Manhattan, bring justice to Oscorp and of course to find an Antidote. Dr. Connors could be a help to develop an Antidote and so Spider-Man has no choice but giving him assistance to break out the facility. With Connors on his back, Spider-Man is on his way into his apartment and so a race against time begins.

Gameplaywise, The Amazing Spider-Man has to offer a lot, as expected from an open world game. From RPG elements to endless swinging, everyone will get their money worth. While being outside Peter's apartment, the player can either continue with his main missions or help the citizens of Manhattan. For this purpose Spider-Man owns an „Osphone“, which he obtained from Gwen in Oscorp. The map of Manhattan is accessible through this device, where also main and side missions can be found. If one of the points is selected on the map, a red beam appears somewhere in the city, showing up the accurate location. Side missions can be for example beating down thiefs/bullies, helping the police to catch criminals, locate and investigate hidden places and so on. If the player is not tired after completing all of them, he can go on a comic collection hunt; 700 pages in number have to be found. Some of them are placed in the city, some of them in each main level. They can easily be spotted through their golden shine and sparkling sound. After progress in the game, Spider-Man will get a camera, with which he has to take pictures about suspicious events. However, all of these side missions are optional and contain additional experience points.
Speaking of which, experience points are used to strengthen Spider-Man's Skills. A hurricane made with webs or being able to stealth kill two enemies at once sounds like fun, right? And damn, it is. With every new skill -11 in number-, Spider-Man is even more fun to play and offers new ways to battle against the foes. And as if this is not enough, there are also so-called Tech-Upgrades, mechanical tweaks for his web shooters. Unlike the normal skills, the player needs to collect scrap pieces in order to upgrade them. Rapid fire will teach the enemies the meaning of fear, wall blast sticks them at the nearest wall and much more.
Main missions are the common threads. The game is segmented in 12 different, but connected chapters, including a 13th chapter to roam around or finish bypassed side quests. Inside the apartment from Spider-Man the player has the choice to replay any mission he wants. A special feature that might be worth mentioning is the possibility to change the Spider-Man outfit. They can be unlocked by different tasks inside the missions, such as „Find all comic papers“ or „Finish the game on the highest difficulty“. A list which skins are available and how to unlock them can be found here.
That being said, The Amazing Spider-Man contains so much additional side missions that players can easily fill around 20 or more hours.

The controls have their ups and downs and show shamelessly straight, that this game is a console port. It is highly recommended to play with a controller, since keyboard and mouse feel very clunky and unfinished. However, when played with a controller, Spider-Man's skill to swing, jump and crawl all over the place turns out to be very enjoyable.

When it comes to the graphics, The Amazing Spider-Man shows its prettiness. Manhattan's streets, sewers and interior of buildings look very detailed and the day and night cycle with the varying ambient lighting effects are truly well made and even after around 4 years pleasant to look at. The different suits do look stunning on the highest graphic options, including even minor details such as small pimples all over the suits and in-depth shadows to show of Spider-Man's muscles. Definitely nothing to sneeze at, considered its age.

Unfortunately, this shiny coin is not as golden as the player might think by now. The Amazing Spider-Man suffers from a tremendous game breaking bug: Random Crashes. There is no known source why these crashes appear and with that no known fix for everyone. Some found a downloadable fix, some reported that turning off Anti-Aliasing helped. There are a lot of tweaks around the internet but none of them are the very one everyone is searching for. A huge letdown for an amazing game like this.

The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the better games that contains a famous hero and connects itself to the end of a movie. The huge content spiked with RPG elements and an interesting combat system known from the Batman games, fills hours of hours with fun, if it would not crash so frequently. Still, for those who can stand this problem will find themselves slinging and crawling around in The Amazing Spider-Man!

Recommended when on sale.

●▬▬▬▬▬[➤ RÉSUMÉ]▬▬▬▬●

For this review I played through the game a second time and did not get tired of it. RPG elements are always something I love to see in games and the spider-like acrobatic skills from Spider-Man made the game even more enjoyable. I caught myself very often, that I just swung around Manhattan without any objective or mission selected. Purchase on sale and have a lot of fun!

●▬▬▬▬▬[➤ TL;DR]▬▬▬▬●

[✔] Highly detailed graphics
[✔] Great storyline with many side quests
[✔] RPG elements (leveling up, upgrading skills, unlockable suits)

[✖] Crash often, nVidia & AMD likewise (no prober fix for everyone available)
[✖] Crawling on walls from time to time disorienting
[✖] Controls clunky, when played with keyboard and mouse (controller recommended)

●▬▬▬▬▬[➤ MEDIA]▬▬▬▬▬●


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- ℳorbus
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Posted: December 20, 2015
At first look, this game looks like a cheap cash grab into the currently shining Super-Hero games industry, and that's because it is.
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Posted: February 7
Personal Rating: 3 of 10

NOTE: The low rating given was due to bugs which causes the game to be unplayable.

This game is awesome, when it works flawlessly. It is everything you expect it should be being Spider-Man and being such a hard-hitting, action and open world game, it really manages to differs from all of it peers at a level on its own.

The game starts slow and I did thought is that all the game has to offer at first; mindless mouse mashing. Several chapters into the game, it actually expand the content and also combat capabilities. Levels are replayable so you can take your time to explore and complete the collectibles. No pressure there.

You may need to get used to the camera and mouse and keyboard input capture at first but as you proceed with the game, you will slowly take your mind off them. All in all, this game is really awesome and not just some money-grab to follow the Spider-Man trend.

However, all these only applies without the bad hardware support and constant crashes. The game jerks horribly specially in the open world. This is not due to hardware performances. If you just do some research, you will know this game is not compatible with RADEON cards. I tried to resolve the problem without avail since none of the solution does not promise a 100% success rate. The game also constantly crash at random times. Fans has been discussing this issue that seems to occurs to RADEON and NVIDIA users. Most of the solutions provided are again not confirmed as I have tried them all.

If you really enjoy such open world games, I do highly recommend this title. You will definitely not be disappointed. But it comes with a huge gamble if the game actually worked or not.
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