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Este MMORPG de estrategia por turnos combina un innovador sistema de combate con el desarrollo de personajes/grupos y la administración de ciudades/países.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 29 Jun 2012
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Jugar a Atlantica Online

Free to Play

Rise of Atlantis: Awakening!

¡Santa’s Villa está abierta por Navidad!

  • Entra en esta mazmorra navideña y derrota a furiosos renos, soldaditos de juguete y acongs para salvar la Navidad.
  • Permanece conectado para conseguir fantásticos regalos diarios.
  • Intercambia con Holiday Acong para obtener premios como Equipment Boxes, Experience Books e incluso Mercenaries.
  • Completa el Santa Set y el Splendid Santa Set para mejorar tus estadísticas y que no cese la alegría.

Acerca del juego

Atlantica Online es un MMORPG de estrategia por turnos que combina un innovador sistema de combate con el desarrollo de personajes/grupos y la administración de ciudades/países.

Los jugadores tienen la misión de destruir el Oriharukon, una poderosa fuente de energía de la civilización perdida de la Atlántida que logró sobrevivir y ahora amenaza a la humanidad. Este viaje llevará a los jugadores a lo largo del planeta, a lugares como la Gran Muralla China o las pirámides de Egipto, donde tendrán que pelear cara a cara con monstruos extraídos de la historia y el folclore, como el despiadado Faraón egipcio Khufu o Drácula.

Características Principales:

  • Sistema de combate estratégico por turnos: Regresando a las raíces de los RPGs tradicionales, Atlantica incorpora un clásico sistema de combate por turnos basado en la combinación de movimientos tácticos para lograr una intensa acción estratégica
  • Sistema expansivo de mercenarios: Recluta a más de 30 mercenarios que se unirán a ti en tus viajes, podrás tener hasta ocho luchando a tu lado en la batalla y los podrás recolocar si la situación lo demanda
  • Emocionante PvP: Participa en batallas diarias de jugador contra jugador y pon a prueba tu destreza en combate contra todo el mundo en Atlantica, en los Grandes Campeonatos de todos los fines de semana
  • Sistema táctico de batallas: Amplía el campo de batalla para luchar junto con tus aliados contra hordas de enemigos. Sé más rápido y más listo que tus enemigos en este nuevo sistema de combate

Requisitos del sistema


    • SO: Windows XP o posterior
    • Procesador: Pentium 4 a 1.0 GHz o superior
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: GeForce FX5900 / ATI 9500 con 128 de VRAM o superior
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0
    • Disco Duro: 15 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo de sonido de 16 bits
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Atlantica Online centers around one fun game play aspect, marred by terrible corporate decisions. I cannot recommend it to anyone, especially if you have ever had problems with a gambling addiction.

The Good:

The turn based formation combat is entertaining and rather unique. Where you place your mercs and which mercs you use and in what order makes for fun game play and interesting decisions.

The journal that collects battle info is very well done.

There are several different pvp and pve activities implemented, allowing you to use your mercs and strategies in different ways against different types of obstacles.

Your mileage may vary, but the people who I met who play this game seemed friendly. The ones who weren't AFK, that is.

The Bad:

Your mercs must level up from when you first get them, often placing them far behind your main character and the rest of your team of mercs. Keeping a large stable to switch out for different strategies is not practical for this reason and the cost in real money to buy licenses.

The artwork in Atlantica Online is dated. This one doesn't bother me that much, but I know people who are put off by such things.

The depiction of women is insulting; expect nearly any woman in this game to be very buxom, half naked, and usually underage. The depiction of men is also very shallow.

The experience required to level your character and your crafting skills drag each process out beyond reason, after a certain grace period. Many of the quests after a point become a grind by themselves, as well.

You can recieve free experience for sitting, and many people at high levels afk craft, which rewards alt tabbing the game for long periods of time, leading to a social atmosphere where many if not most of the people logged into the game aren't actually there.

The North American version of the game is approximately 10 updates behind the Korean version. I estimate that to be about 2 years, perhaps more. Expect whatever bugs they fixed long ago to still be around for you, and whatever features they are accustomed to to still be unavailable to you.

The Ugly:

This game has the worst item store of any free to play game that I have ever seen. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE A GAMBLING ADDICTION. Two item types, available only through the store, have stats equivalent to the highest level gear or higher, and have no in game available alternatives, meaning that they will be needed to be competitive in pvp, especially at lower levels, and many strategies for fighting higher level, tougher dungeons, will be more difficult, if not impossible, without them. To attempt to buy one of these items you must pay 10 dollars US for a 'box' that might contain the item that you are after. The odds of containing your coveted item are not listed in the store, but the internet suggests 5% or less. The cost to buy the points needed is also not listed in the store, without first giving up your credit card information. I found it through internet searches. Finally, there are four powerful mercs available through the item store, which will also be difficult to progress in higher level content without, and needed to be competitive in pvp even at low levels. Each costs fifty dollars US plus twenty to thirty more for any skill up books, depending on if you bought a bundle or not. For comparison, a newly released major company video game typically costs 50 to 60 dollars, if it's 18 months to 2 years old it typically costs 30, and for something 5 years old or more, as many good turn based games are, 5 to 10 dollars.

Finally, customer service tickets take a ridiculously long time to be answered, if they are ever answered at all. There are people in the forums that have been waiting for six months on unanswered tickets about serious issues such as account or item theft.

My suggestion to anyone considering this game would be to spend less time and money than you would spend trying to succeed at this game buying several turn based games from steam and from gog. If you enjoy the few redeeming qualities enough to play it anyway, at least know what you're getting into.
Publicado: 25 marzo 2014
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I played this game for years before it came to steam. It was a fun and amazing game and I got completely absorbed in the system and the playerbase. There are so many unique things about this game from hiring mercs, storing them, the formations and the player economy. This game allows you to satisfy what you want how you want from gambling,pvp,pve,guild fights, guild dungeons, merching, or just standing around and exploring. This game is unique and fun in so many great ways

I would reccommend this game to anyone who wants a great free to play game.
Publicado: 30 mayo 2014
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Played this before I got on Steam and loved it. Now, years later, I'm back into it and it feels so great! I love this game. It's addictive [Played this today for 9 1/2 hours straight] and has a really nice vibe. It's as 'stressful' as you want to make it. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone.
Publicado: 31 enero 2014
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I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Combat was good ol' fashioned JRPG goodness, I enjoyed crafting a party of mercenaries to do battle with me, Nice graphics that don't require a particularly powerful machine, beautiful style, wonderful music. I really liked the player-driven economy, to boot -- instead of selling your goods to NPC merchants, you put your stuff on a market place and have to compete with everyone else.

It's not all gravy, though. The quest structure is painfully archaic and padded out, I didn't care for the Tactical Battle System, which is basically a more sluggish version of the battle system already in place but with the added drag of moving your units. And then of course there's the nature of the microtransaction content, which is either mostly over-priced or a complete gamble.

Still, I put in nearly two-hundred hours. I had fun.
Publicado: 22 enero 2014
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This game is clearly based on the conspiracy that J.F.K. was assasinated by the owners of the federal bank after he tried to pass a bill that would restrict there corperate money making process. I'd reccomend you play this game with a loaded gun close by because you may be ambushed by the illuminati.
Publicado: 14 febrero 2014
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