Create your anime life in Mabinogi, an MMO that emphasizes friendship and freedom over combat and quests. With the unique Rebirth system, you can live forever in the magical paradise of Erinn. Bring along your friends or make new ones in a world of possibility.
User reviews: Very Positive (950 reviews)
Release Date: Dec 6, 2012

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“Mabinogi sets itself apart and proves that there is still room for original ideas in the MMORPG field. With it’s calm graphics and emphasis on socializing, Mabinogi is not the game for the hardcore grinder looking to clear the hardest content or get the rarest gear. Instead, its a game that can be played by all age groups and appreciated on multiple levels.”
4 out of 5 – MMOHuts

“There is always something to do in Mabinogi and best of all you get to choose. It’s a game that everyone should try.”
8 out of 10 – MMORPG

Chapter 6: Divine Knights

A powerful threat has come to Erinn, and it's up to you to stop it. Experience the return to classic chapter-based content and face epic new challenges in Mabinogi's most anticipated content update. For more information visit

Winternogi Events!

Log in and participate in festive Winternogi events by Wednesday, Dec. 31 to receive the exclusive Shining Hero 2nd Title. Check in every day to mark your Advent Calendar and earn rewards! For more information visit

About This Game

Welcome to the world of Erinn, a magical paradise where all your fantasies come true, and your life never ends. In Mabinogi, you can create your perfect fantasy life in a game world inspired by classic anime and manga. Unlike traditional MMOs, Mabinogi isn't class-based. Instead, choose from over 18 Talents such as Cooking or Carpentry, and specialize your abilities with 30 unique Life Skills.

There's something for everyone in Erinn. Arm yourself with epic weapons and embark on exciting adventures, or build a homestead and tend a farm. Mabinogi is all about socializing and player interaction, and there are so many activities to take part in. Join a band, cook a feast, walk the runway in a fashion show, or simply explore the natural majesty of this hidden utopia. You can even play as your pet, including dogs, bears, alpacas, even elephants!

Key Features:

  • Meet dozens of colorful characters in a beautiful world inspired by classic anime.

  • Thousands of character customization options, including clothing, hair styles and color, facial features and expressions, and much more.

  • Choose from over 18 Talents including Puppetry, Archery, Music, Tailoring and Cooking.

  • Live forever with the unique Rebirth system. Your character ages as you play, and can be reborn so you can pursue a different path.

  • Mabinogi offers an ever-evolving game world thanks to frequent content updates, weekly events, and more.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.5Ghz or better
    • Memory: 2GB or higher
    • Graphics: GeForce 7600GS/Radeon X1300 or better
    • DirectX®: Direct 9.0c or newer
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB or more
    • Additional: Web Browser: IE8 / Firefox / Chrome

    Note: Windows XP will no longer receive security updates after April 8, 2014. However, Mabinogi should not experience issues on XP so long as reliable anti-virus software is installed and up to date.
Helpful customer reviews
32 of 35 people (91%) found this review helpful
122.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 7
I'd like to start and finish this review by saying: "This game is amazing, go play it" But, since this is a review, allow me to explain a bit of this masterpiece of a game. Also, despite having only a little over 100 hours on Steam I have played this game on my older computer as the non-Steam version.

Firstly, the story is superb. If you like games with a deep plot you'll love Mabinogi, as of writing there are 16 mainstream generations. The generations are pretty long. In fact, Mabinogi is a pretty long game, don't think you'll be beating the game in a week or two, this is a game that takes quite a bit of dedication. However, not once did I find myself without something to do or bored, and as mentioned, I found the story incredibly interesting and immersive. (there are even some feels ;_;).

Secondly, the music. My god the music. Is. Amazing. I still find myself listening to the music in this game, it's great, it really, really, is. Out of every single game I've played, which, is many, many, games, Mabinogi's music is my favorite. If you like listening to the music of a game you should already be downloading this. Aside from the music already in the game, the Bard class allows you to use your favorite songs in the game through the use of MML.

Now for the gameplay. admittedly, the game is pretty old, and it shows, the graphics can be a turn off at first but you'll get used to them eventually, in fact, if you like anime/manga you may even like the game's graphics right away. There are currently 18 talents you can choose from, each offers a different style of play. Now, what really sets Mabinogi apart from other MMOs is its Rebirthing system and combat, but we'll get to that later. The Rebirth system, in essence, allows you to reset your age, level, appearance, even your gender. As you get further in the story Rebirthing often is vital because you keep all your stats and items prior to rebirthing. So, in essence, a level 1 could be stronger than say, a level 20. Rebirthing also allows you to keep all your skills, too. So you could become an archer but still use skills from the gun talent. Moving on to the combat, which is also quite a bit different from other MMOs... The combat system requires strategy, simply button mashing will get you killed. You MUST master the counter, defence, and smash skills if you want to get anywhere in this game. Also, this game is by no means pay2win. Just thowing that out there, the only things you have to actually pay for are mounts, pets, and certain cosmetic options. But even then you still get free mounts just by playing the game.

Lastly, maybe you don't want to save the world. Maybe you just want to be a farmer, or a miner. Well, you can do that in this game. You get your own, expanding Homestead where you may place crops ore veins and other things of the sort.

tl;dr: this game is amazing, go play it.
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425.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 30
although it says i have only 425 hours in this game that is far from the truth, i found this game on its website and then i went and found it on steam. Now although i love this game i will try to not be bias. so to begin, i will start the pros and then go to the cons
1.this game is massive, as of Thursday October 30, 2014. there is 16 generation story lines . then there is two episodic story lines , saga and iria, with iria on its 4th episode.
2. you can do almost anything in this game. I always ask people " tell me what you'd like to do in the game." and I normally get stuff like "trading, clothing crafting, black-smithing " and those exist , probably one of the only things you cant do is open pvp. you have to invite the person to a pvp battle and they have to accept it.
3. the graphic style, now this is both a pro and a con, i will talk about the pro part here, the good thing about the graphics is that they are rather simple. now not to say the game looks boring. the areas you can go are diverse and interesting. a winter mountain range full of giants, or a desert in a constant sandstorm with elves. or do you go to the lands of tera and tailliann, the front of the fight in g9
4. skill "tree". this game offer a interesting system for skills. it is free flowing. everything if offered to you at the start, there are a few that you have to unlock( like meteor, blizzard, and hydra transformation) or you have to be good in one skill set to unlock hidden skills. the beauty of the system is that you can always be doing stuff. i have one character that is level 2500 total and i have barely mastered any skill sets.
5. Combat, now combat is interesting because it truly matters on what skill set you choose to adopt. a battle mage or spell sword are going to fight completely differently from an archer or puppeteer. but the most basic combat is like a real time rock paper scissors where some skills trump others but are trumped by others. this makes you require a bit of strategy but also quick moves
6. events, there are always really fun and entertaining events, just last summer their was a big staged event that ended with an SAO event
1. camera control, now this is the biggest complaint I've gotten from people, the camera is not the easiest to control. you ether have to right click, or move you mouse to the side of the screen. now yes in combat it can be a bit annoying. but it just takes a getting used to, it takes a bit of pre-planning, like i said this is a pro and a con, now if you like the style and since its low in the graphics you can easily play it on low end pcs, but if you have a better one or don't like the art style, it will definitely be a turn off.
3. the openness, now i know a lot of people like the openness but most likely as a newbie will get so caught up will all the possible skills he will want to try to use all of them and be weaker than they need to fight enemies of there level. it takes a bit of discipline to focus on just one class.
4. pay-to-winness, now this may not be noticed by most people but since it is a free to play, there has to be some form of transactions. some of those include cool pets (like dragons) or gachapon that hold special items. these are used to get special items, these items can then be sold for gold to other players to make a profit. yes this does happen, yes there are people who have a whole quick slot full of dragons. but because of those people, everything can be acquired in game for gold. now it might annoy people that this is true but pay to win is not entirely true. it just depends what your term for "winning" i can honestly say I've probably spent 500+ on this game and that might sound crazy but for how many hours I've clocked i think its worth it
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3,144.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 11
I've played this game since the end of 2012, and I've taken one big break from it because I didn't know what to do after reaching a certain point in the game. I came back and it is still satisfying to play. My only problem is I usually don't set a goal as much but when I do, I'll end up working towards it and in the end, I always feel happy that I achieved it. It's because Mabinogi requires commitment in order for the game to be fun but I wasn't forced to make this decision, I decided that I'll give it a go, giving Mabinogi time and patience. In the end, I could actually say I'm glad I invested my time in this game and how amazing it feels with how much I progressed in the game.

This game isn't a hit or miss MMO, but it involves putting in a lot of time to make this worth it. If you don't have that much time, then I would suggest not playing this. However, if you have time to spare and you can make yourself committed then I can assure you Mabinogi is really rewarding when you can do just that.

It's not the prettiest game, not up to date with graphics, not the greatest mechanics or response time, but that's not why I continued playing Mabinogi. To be honest, I'm fine with how it looks, even if it isn't the best graphics; I won't care too much about my response time being bad because I play far from the server and I don't care how much time I put in this all because it's rewarding in it's own way.

There is a learning curve to this game but it becomes easier to understand as you continue to play. With over a hundred skills amongst multiple classes/talents, a storyline that actually can keep you interested which rewards you well when you do them and plenty of things to do starting out as well. This game also allows you to rebirth after a certain amount of time, regardless of what level you are, to continue growing your character and becoming stronger and stronger.

The talent system is what allows you to mix skillsets together, whether you want to fight up close with melee and take down enemies from afar with archery, fight in between close and ranged with the skills of a mage and a bard, it is entirely up to you how you want to play this game. Mabinogi allows you to be multiple talents at once, play the way you want to play it, there's no locked classes, only what you choose to do to become the strongest.

Paying cash for premium things is there if you don't have all the time and you don't have to either to make the game enjoyable, it just make things easier when you play the game. Events may also reward you with these premium 'things' so you won't feel left out from it either.

If you're looking for an MMO that allows you to have several skill kits to utilise in battle or crafting, growing more with more updates and will last you a while in terms of playability, this is the game you'll want to pick up when you can. To me, this is one of the my favourite MMO's of all time.
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855.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 19
Mabinogi was a lot of fun. Using 'was' because I played it for over 5 years and outgrew it already, but couldn't just leave without reviewing my experience.

Let's start with the good stuff.

This game is old, and it was way ahead of its time. There were so many features other MMO's never even though about having. So much stuff to do.
There's not even a level cap so you could just literally keep on playing this game until it died.
Updates are frequent and have actual creative/interesting content.

How do I even begin to explain how amazing the combat in this game is.
Sure it's point and click, but its deeper than the typical point and click game.
You actually need to think about what you're doing instead of just spamming 1-9 skill keys like other similar MMO's do.

For a game from 2003(?) the graphics don't harm the experience.
The anime style of the game still kept it refreshing.

Oh man, the story in this game..
All I can really say is that its confusing and doesn't flow together but its interesting at the least.
The directors kept changing for this game and they never continued each story arc, they made their own instead.

So why am I not recommending this game?

The name itself pretty much has a derogatory meaning in the world of MMO's

-Horrible customer service
-It's just another pay to win-free to play game.

The community isnt that great either, it was good at first but then corrupted once cash items started becoming necessary to be good at this game; Such as reforges.
Don't get me wrong.. I've spent hundreds of dollars on this game. Looking back at that.. it wasn't really worth it.

But if you can get past Nexon, for some odd reason. Then go ahead and try out Mabinogi.
There weren't many MMO's to play back when I played this. The ones that did come out, never stood up to Mabinogi's features. Not to mention that I had a crappy computer, so this game was perfect for it.
I grew up with this game and it'll hold always be special for me. But yeah, if you want a more modern version of Mabinogi, just wait until Peria Chronicles goes west. (if it ever does, but Nexon will probably bring it over)
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12 of 15 people (80%) found this review helpful
68.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 30
Okay, I'm gonna go straight to the point here. I love the concept that this game has. I think the fact that you can rebirth and master multiple skills instead of being restricted to one class is really cool. Being a music teacher, I also love how you can compose music on here using actual music theory. The in-game music is pretty awesome as well. One thing I don't like is how buggy the game is. The pathwaying for the game seems pretty sloppy, as I occasionally find myself glitching in the same spot when I try to talk forward (especially through the narrow hallways in the dungeons). I also invited some friends to play the game, and it seems like most of them have problems when they try to launch it (these people also have very capable computers, so I wouldn't call it a systematic problem). Another thing that really bothers me is the pop-up tip windows. I try disabling them, but it doesn't seem to work. It's tediously annoying to have to deal with that appearing in the middle of my screen during a fight.

Overall, I like this game. I think you'll enjoy it too, if you can work around the little annoying bugs and pop-up windows.
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4,092.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 22
i have like almost 4k hours of course it's amazing
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526.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 14
I can only begin to try to describe the countless good and bad things about this game, but the bad far outweigh any of the good. Detailed other reasons are noted after the 3 short lists of key factors. Note: I have clocked in several thousand hours over the 5+ years I have played this; before it was available on steam naturally.) Looking back, it was not worth any of the time or money invested.

The Good:
  • Unique and interesting way of "leveling up" as your power is based on skill levels rather than actual levels (a unique system known as rebirthing is the fastest way to gain the points to rank up skills).
  • Combat system Is complex and strategic, with MANY skills to choose from, you can even mix "skill classes" such as melee with supplemental magic attacks
  • An interesting story and lore with several hundred of hours of quests (not including non-story questing).
  • They now offer 2 basic pets (with no inventory), a thoroughbred and an eagle (flying pet)
The Bad:
  • Traveling is a serious pain, if you want to get around conviniently you NEED pets (which are too expensive; and can be used a LIMITED TIME PER DAY).
  • To be effective at solo play you need SEVERAL pets, a mount, several combat pets (like dragons or nine-tailed fox), a cloud to heal your HP and wounds (as well as fastest fliers and when killed and summoned again; are resummoned at full HP instead of needing a pheonix feather)
  • Inventory is a seroius pain to deal with, even carrying basic things you always want on you will need a pet or two (ex. basic tools for most "life skills"; tradeskills)
The Worst:
  • Has had major hacker issues, (characters being corrupted beyond restoration, deletion, etc.)
  • The game is horribly optimized, even with the highest end of computers you can and will experience issues with the frames per second in some areas.
  • The community is atrocious, you can find it difficult to even get people to help you with basic dailies (easiest difficulty), yet you will be surrounded with 30+ people just sitting in the area idling around and walking about.
  • Inventory is such a hassle to deal with in general; you will find yourself using up all your bank space, inventory bags, equipment bags (if/when you can afford them), and many pets to hold the things you need for dungeons and crafting.
  • Over time your favorite items will be damaged from even the best blacksmith/tailor, and when that happens it loses some of its max durability (naturally they make you fork over $6 USD for each "save" per item).
  • Everything you do and will want will be heavily directing you to the cash shop
  • Customer Support is deplorable

Addition of the new "free" pets: Thanks to some feedback I remembered those existed. However do not think its that great you now get some basic free pets for travel. The choices they picked for these "beginner" pets are among the worst in combat, they do not have access to their pet inventory feature (so they cannot hold anything, not even things to heal/mend you; mending is EXTREMELY important, as when you are alone, since pets can mend you as you sit down for full effectiveness of each bandage.

The Atrocity of the cash shop: I can only begin to try to explain why the cash shop is just among the worst. To save your item's max durability you must repeatedly spend ~$6 USD each time (each item i believe.) Pets cost between $2.90 and ~$18 ... naturally the more expensive ones are among the only really useful ones, as their cost seems to go hand in hand with how useful they will be in both function, and combat. They go as far as to tying directly into the game, want a good enchantment on a good weapon? well enchantments themselves ... when they fail it destroys the item (at higher enchant ranks) lower ranks cost you max durability, and to even get to using higher level enchantments you not only have to do a series of enchantments (going from low ranking to higher ranking enchantment scrolls; you also need the enchantment skill level high enough to be able to do them and up your % of success ... to save an item fomr a failed enchantment you must purchase an absurdly expensive $$ thing to stop that from happenning. You also only have 1 character per account ... luckily they have "assistant" cards given to those humans who choose a race (elves or giants) to ally with (not sure if this still holds true). After that you have to spend $10+ per character for new "character cards.")

Problem with "Life skills" (crafting): You will find that it has lots of chances of failure, as if to pad and drag out the experience, some may argue its part of the joy, but I find no join in having an A rank herbalism and struggling to pick even base herbs (the most basic, literally), or blood herbs (for HP potions). Why it costs mana and having to rank up how much mana you have just to batch make potions is stupid (especially for warriors). tailoring and blacksmithing can also feel like a game of chance. And mining is only done within certain dungeons! (only 1 of which being good), There is also of course the obvious fact that Life skills take INSANE amounts of time, grinding, and effort to rank up (literally many hundreds of hours.) Enchanting (although in the magic tab) is the worst of life skill, as you use it to enchant armors/weapons, and of course when those fail ... it destroys the item ... worse yet those scrolls EXPIRE after just a mere 24~48 hours. Basically in laymans terms enchanting is one of the hardest and most drawn out skills to rank up. And the most costly to items, as depending on the enchantment rank (the scroll imbued with the enchantment), you will lose 0~8 max durability to your item ... most have about 10 to 14. Why is this such a big deal? because you will be needing those good enchantments for good gear, especially for later in the game, you will quickly find that the risks for going up only get higher and higher too.

Traveling feels like it is intentionally difficult: You will notice that humans are the only race that can effectively use pretty much any combat style or skill sets ... yet they are also the slowest movement speeds (which has both travel and combat implications). Although you can do "commodity" runs and use the wagon or elephant (which in itself is just a giant grind fest for EXP and gold), you simply cannot use that to travel everywhere you need to go, especially if it comes to the necessity of convinience. That is where they almost force you to buy pets, especially fast flying ones (will literally save you HOURS of walking within half an hour.) But of course with how they limit how much you can use your pets each day it forces you to buy MORE than just the one you would want/need. as each one can only be summoned between 80~120 minutes, which may seem generous at the time ... you will find the time will run out far sooner than you think. And dont you agree that if you spend the $$ for it, shouldnt you be free of such a STUPID limitation (especially since the most effective way to level up a pet, is to play as it ... yet even that uses up its timer.)

Races are all different, they rank up skills at different rates and costs, but also have different stats per rank. For example a giant has better melee skills (costs less to rank up too), than humans, and elves are the weakest at melee (to a point where investing into it is a bad idea for a playstyle.) Giving each race a lean is good, but making them drastic as it is, is terrible. Especially since finding gear for any race other than humans is VERY difficult (gear outside of starting and basic gear.)

The combat and story itself are interesting and wonderful (respectively), but Nexon has just butchered the game into something to milk money from, and the sad part is that its been that way for as long as I remember. So this game is definitely not worth your time, or your money.
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Posted: September 28
As a veteran who has played this game for 6-years, I would recommend this; however, this game has really reached its end-point and it has lost its luster. Why? There are various reasons and it's the reasons why I have left this game permanently, with some very few exceptions of coming back for the story content.

NOTE: I have played more than 2000+ hours of this game; however, I have never kept it attached to my current Nexon Account, because the one attached to this is my banned account.

Gameplay / Game Compatibility - The game engine runs on a pretty old engine from 2003 and it has hardly been tweaked for newer contents. While that might not be the problem, the reason why this game has issues here is because of the "security programs" and constant "bug fixes" that Nexon does. This game literally burnt out my previous computer, because it couldn't handle Nexon's new "security programs" and "fixes" between year 4 and 5, and had to buy an Alienware M14xR2 to keep playing at 30+ FPS a second. I can play Tera Online and Archeage and sustain better FPS at high graphics (which has a newer engine and better graphics) than what Mabinogi can do.

Game Management - Horrible. DO NOT HAVE HIGH STANDARDS FOR THIS COMPANY AT ALL OR YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. This company has went back on many of its promises to the player base in the past few years and literally doesn't investigate problems appropriately. There are hackers still playing who has been in major incidents for several years, while there has been countless innocent players banned because Nexon found them for "illegal third-party clients." Even I was one of these victims in year 4 of my gameplay, but I just remade my character after months of trying to dispute the claim with their e-mail and ticket system.

Game Community - You can say this has the equalivency to Gaia Online. Dramatic, horrible, and down-right vile. While there might be a small group of players who actually are nice and look out for each other, the grand majority of the community is compiled of either: elitists, drama wh*res, fashion addicts, merchants, Nexon / Sabina whiteknights (people who solely defend Nexon with complete disregard of what wrong they've done), PvP addicts, pr*stitutes/womanizers, and/or trolls. I've played on three of the four servers and I can safely assume this is on all the servers.

Game Events - Hallowed out and barely worth it. Out of the all events in two years, there is about 5~10% of the events that we actually get rewarded with decent stuff. Otherwise, all the events that get transferred from the Korean/Chinese/Japanese Servers get their rewards hallowed out and replaced into the gachapon / boxes. This is the only way how they can actually sustain their game services, because they literally advertise the hell out of gachapons and any event that requires you to spend money. (Basically, Pay2Win) So, you're basically feeding the company money for decent-quality events in the game. While they might've removed rebirth cards and such, they still ♥♥♥♥♥ out the gachapons and other services like crazy. And before I jump to the next part, Nexon loves putting those AFK events into the game.

Teamwork vs. Solo - In the beginning, the game was heavily relied on Teamwork in the dungeons. You had to be a high level with some good gear to even sustain Solo capabilities (which also involed Pay2Win back then) in all dungeons. After several years, a level 100 with heavily overpowered gear can do about the same as some overpowered 2k+ player did back in the first 2 years of the game. I can understand if you're making a new character to restart, but the game has went overboard on how broken a newbie can be now.

Overall - The game is actually good and such, but the company and community has ruined it to the core. I enjoyed the game over the past six years, but I had to finally put this game down in June and call it quits. The game wasn't really fun anymore, the community has been getting progressively worse overall, the game was starting to eat up more resources on my Alienware labtop, and the company kept forcing Pay2Win-events down everyone's throats. Why play a game that gear is heavily backed by Pay2Win options, a company that hardly takes care of the game and players and breaks it consistently, events that hardly has any value to them, and requires you to buy a new computer every year to keep up with the stability of the client? I wouldn't.
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61.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 27
The game has a great and immersive story and it really keeps you into it. But the coustomer service is abyssmaly terrible but it is updated constently which is the strongest point in this game. The combat system is great and truly gets you think outside of normal rpg combat.The Dungeons are cookie cutter and the side missions are a bit lack luster. overall you can happily waste away your hours in this game with no regrets that is if you make it past the tutorial phases. you can play for months on end and still have plenty of content. I recommend this game to anyone craving something different also it's well worth the price of $0.00 if i do say so myself!
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13.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 22
Like a lot of you may have been I go from loving WoW and playing it a lot to not wanting to touch it and then doing the same thing all over again many... many times! :P So... I searched for a free alternative that had appealing visuals and since I am a fan of the anime aesthetic I figured what the heck it's free and cute so I'll check it out! First impressions of the game don't really excite me as much as the trailer had. The art in the trailer seemed more crisp and vivid to me but that could just be my graphic settings not correctly configured yet. The text can have some grammatical issues but it doesn't detract from the gameplay too much. The art style is a bit underwhelming, in comparison to what I had witnessed in the trailer, but still very cute. I am assuming that later on as I progress there will be more attractive armor sets. Anyways, some things I do like about it, and I'm even impressed with, so far is the fact that this game actually has more going for it than I expected! One of the cute things I really love about this game is that you can even have a culinary talent as well as some obscure things like going up to a chicken and taking its egg. I like this because it reminded me of one of my favorite games of all time, Harvest Moon. :P Another thing I really found cute and enjoyable about Mabinogi was the adorable pets!!! I don't own any yet but that definitely is something I would love! These are some of the cutest pets I've ever seen! I even saw a baby seal in a shark costume... >.< OMG MY HEART! :P lol So as you can see Mabinogi definitely has some strengths and weaknesses but overall I definitely recommend it if you are short on cash and want something free to play and pass the time by yourself or with friends. REMEMBER THE PETS!!! XD
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Posted: October 5
Still a better FPS than Call of Duty.
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Posted: July 20
For what you can do within this game is great, even for how old it may be. Not only that, but they keep coming up with updates with newer features every so often, and it is a fantasy mmorpg for sure.

However, it is probably more worthwhile to play spending quite a few dollars in it, for example: Pets. Pets can not only be a good extention to inventory space, but help in combat. Downside to them, is their spawn time, where its like even older mmo rpg games ive played like Dungeon Siege, where summons have time limits, but Mabinogi's pet time is considerably worse, seeing as how they only have a set time for a full 24 hours and cant be taken out until the next 24 hours.

I've spent quite alot of time playing this game, since generation 1 i believe, and have had my ups and downs, but i've definitely enjoyed my time playing mostly, and thats just when I find suitable dungeons for my level and want nice clothing or better gear.

I feel this game is a hardcore kind of game, seeing as how it has alot of realistic aspects to it, where if armor being repaired can actually break, and lose durability, which then can also eventually make it un-wearable... but because of that, makes it a challenge, and something to look forward when you get more gold from those few dungeons you ran for hours earlier that day.

But if theres anything that really brings down the game, it would probably have to be Nexon. Nexon's support for I think any game, really, ends up being the worst I have probably ever been victim and witness to, seeing as how a ticket for support can be put up for 4 whole years and not once be looked at, while my account being hacked atleast a maximum of 8 times wont even be a care for Nexon it seems, sadly enough, but it could just be me and my friends that have had support issues.

Other than that above paragraph, ive had quite a blast meeting people who really gave me the feels, good friends came from this game alone, and I have yet to quit playing it for good.
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Posted: July 13
I enjoyed this game, and am, in fact still playing as I write this. My experience with the MMORPG genre is minimal due to a combination of disliking the pay to play model, the fact that I usually get bored of them fairly easy and the sheer amount of time those games seem to absorb. However, I do love games that allow for customization and are all about lighthearted fun. Mabinogi caught my attention because of this in addition to the fact that it was also free-to-play.

So I gave it a shot and I’m still enjoying a good game play experience so far. This game takes place in an anime cartoon setting with surprisingly well-written characters, colorful visuals, and a fun loving community of players that don’t really take anything too seriously. Every character you create starts of as a blank slate from a choice of three races to a variety of age groups. Ageing is a factor in Mabinogi as well as a rebirthing mechanic that if used right can lead to almost limitless leveling, but basically every action you whimsically perform molds your character’s skills, career, event list and in some case your physical traits over time and experimenting with this potential is half-the fun.

Gameplay wise, there is almost too much to do. Explore dungeons, manage property, building a house, discover creatures to tame, finding hidden abilities, starting a guild, guild wars, special story lines and events, craft pretty much anything, manage an in game business, pvp…. etc. I haven’t even seen half of all the craziness that fictional world provides, but like I said I’m a player that appreciates choices and Mabinogi has a ridiculous amount of choices.

Mabinogi, as I understand it, is game that has also been around for a good deal of time. So it funs smoothly on most computers people would be using now, making it accessible almost anywhere. So if you are not exactly up to date, don’t want to pour more money into games at the moment, don’t mind the JRPG setting, and are just bored and want to play a game you can just goof off in, then Mabinogi might be worth a try. I certainly thought it was.
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Posted: July 3
A very great experience. Its a game that lasts forever imo. You can set out to do what interests you and you are not limited to certain classes. You can literally do what ever you want. Want to trade and be very involved with the community socially? Do it. Want to dive into dungeons and shadow missions and get good loot? Do it. From what I experienced, there are a ton of people who are willing to help you out. ^^ As with any MMO I would recommend playing with friends you know. (But its still fun with or without)
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Posted: July 31
Mabinogi Has got to be my most memoriable and enjoy mmorpg that ive ever played . Originally i started playing when i was 10 probably back when g3 was already out , i dindt know what i was doing then , came back 2 years later (age 12) when g9 was released and still play it to this day (age 17) where its already at g18 hopefully g19 soon to come.

In my years of playing i can simply say that mabi has transformed throughout the years , originally the combat was slower and more strategic and was built towards partying with other players in order to defeat dungeons and shadow missions etc , once combat was overhauled the gameplay moved faster , most ppl missed the old mabi and some probably left but i stayed and grew with the game as well .

Id have to say that my favorite aspect of the game is how easily you can get involved with the storyline and how oringinal the quests are , mabi is far from your hack and slash mmo like wow or ya know games like that its very difficult to get bored in mabi since there is so much to do ... ill list those later

Community- im not to sure how the communities are on all server ( i am on Alexina) but as far as i can see mabis community is very friendly , you can easily get along with most ppl and build long lasting friendships , joining a guild was also one of my best decisions ive made in this game cause without it id have never met the friends i have in mabi now !

This game also caters to several different audiences , if you are a pvper , pver , life skiller , or okay for a storyline you will have something to do in mabi !

Gameplay - asides from questing and doing the main story generation quests players can run dungeons , shadow missions , theater missions , joust , join the fashion contest , cooking contest , commerce , ferment wine ,raft , hot air baloon , playing the egg guarding mini game , forest of purifaction mini game , and so much more !

Many ppl say that this game is practicly a p2p game , sure u can and probably will buy a mount in the future with nx but its honestly not needed these days , b4 a year ago non premium players could not own shops , or have there full bank account open once they passed lvl 30 , now they have access to setting up shops ( or using the shop bag for extra inventory) and all bank space opened for all characters , and u can get a free character of each race if you start of with a human . so lets see if u need inventory ( which you will ) get your 3 characters , so u get 3 bank slots , get shop bags , do g16 for another bag , and complete g18 on all your players for a free pegasus mount that offers alot of space , not to mention alot of events go on that offer free pets !

As i mentioned b4 there are alot of events in mabi usually 1 or 2 a month

Classes - mabinogi offers the ability to use all forms of classes as well as a rebirth system ( rebirthing allows you to reset your current lvl ( not your total ) and quickly lvl up to gain ap to rank your skills (skills start an novince and go from rank f to A and 9 to 1) so there is no lvl cap , players are also given the ability to chose a talent which is like a class bonus for double skill training as well as stat perks there is just so much in this game that you'd be crazy to pass it by !

The only downsides Mabi has in my opinion doesnt even have to deal with mabinogi , the company that runs the NA server is called Nexon and they arent the best with customer service respond time , as well as Server lag but thats some we all deal with and u get used to it , seriously give hte game a go you may fall in love with it ! ~ Gregthegreat of Alexina

Also Mabinogi has probably one of the best wikis for any mmo out there if you are confused on anything they have the solution !
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Posted: August 24
Mabinogi... is a thing. It has soo much content that you simply cannot do everything unless you dedicate all your time to playing. You can easily get lost in the game so much that you are planning and checking the Wiki constantly for how to do something.

Graphics - While not the best graphics, the graphics themselves are fairly good. They fit in very well with the game's style. However, the Physical (collision, movement) portion of the graphics are complete crap. This is likely to do with the engine or bad net coding as a result of the poor engine. But the displacement lag among other things make this game something to yearn for.

Content - You are not prepared. I do not know of any game that has the level of content that Mabinogi that is actually useful at all times. Unlike games like WoW, Mabinogi quests stay useful and do not go obsolete. The 'Generations' keep moving forward and new players start right from the begining. None of that "Oh hey, you can do quests... but you will really only get to experience the current xpac and everything else is a faceroll" kind of deal. There is also a very interesting and very long story to be told if you are interested in the RP aspect.

Combat - Combat, as stated in the Graphics, is kind of meh. I think it could Vastly be improved if DevCat/Nexon took the time to upgrade the engine and fix the problems plauging the game. But, that will take time. I just hope it is in the pipeline soon. I actually think the combat style itself is very tactical and interesting, but suffers harshly because of the engine issues and terrible net coding.

The game can be a bit hard on new players and players seeking to do the generations may find themselves struggling. Vetrans think the generations are too easy while new players think they are too hard. The game does have scaling built in, where it gives harder monsters based upon your combat power, but it has not been properly updated in some time.

Overall, I would recommend the game if you like anime MMO's. Mabinogi has something not seen in other games so it is worth trying out (it is free after all). I think Mabinogi could have a very bright future if DevCat/Nexon start focusing on the ever-present problems with the game. But, you do learn to live with them and find quite a bit of joy playing the game. Whether you like to fight with magic, range, or close combat, you like to craft, make stuff, or trade, mabinogi has it.

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Posted: September 15
Super recomended this is a very fun game! (but huge)
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Posted: September 5
Though I Only have 0.2 hours on record on steam,Ive docked over more than 200+ on the client outside of steam,The steam Launcher for it is a little wonky but! This game is great for those that love Anime and Would like to delve into a world full of it and Meet a fantastic Community
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Posted: July 5
Game Patching Simulator 2014
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Posted: November 27
Its worth a download for the experience, you really have to earn your keep in this game. It is a bit like Dark Souls in the sense that it is hard and a bit unforgiving, but plays like a turn-based hack and slash. Everyone can get any skill, there are no class-limited options, only race-limited options. These race-limited options also come with pros and cons, basically that Giants have the most melee damage at the cost of ranged/magic. Elves have the most magic/ranged bonuses at the cost of melee. Your in-betweener the Human, being the slowest, plenty capable of having the best of both worlds without taking penalty, but not having straight increases like the Elves or Giants may have.
Bottom-line, this is a huge world where everyone is equal and we all have to outsmart our enemy.
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