Includes all new maps, a revamped user interface, and even more guns for the world's largest online arsenal!
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Release Date: Jul 9, 2012

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About This Game

Join the arms race in one of the biggest free-to-play first person shooters! Pick your weapon of choice from hundreds, gear up with all kinds of armor and equipment, and shoot it out online in one of a dozen different modes.
Combat Arms offers a massive array of weapons to take down your foes with, from sniper rifles to SMGs to machetes, and a host of different modes like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, cooperative Fireteam missions, and more. Customize your soldier, rank up for new gear and perks, and aim for special achievements in battle!

Key Features

  • Play for Free – New recruits welcome, and no questions asked. You don’t need a credit card to get in on this action!
  • Tons of Guns – Assault rifles? Shotguns? Grenade launchers? We’ve got ‘em all and then some. Load up with hundreds of firearms, explosives, and other equipment to take down your foes.
  • Character Customization – Select your camouflage, vest, helmet, and other gear, like sunglasses and bandannas, to set yourself apart on the battlefield.
  • Rise Through the Ranks – Gain experience as you fight to unlock new gear, abilities, and other perks to help you rise above the competition.
  • Continuous Content – With dozens of modes, tons of maps, and more being added constantly, you’ll never run out of ways and places to gun down your enemies!

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows XP SP3
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • OS:Windows XP SP3
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
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Posted: October 1
Downloaded game.
Clicked "Quick Join".
Landed on a Knife-Only server.
Everyone was TKing each other.
Got kicked for being "Of Low Rank".


11/10 Better than Butt Fat 3, Hairy: Racist and Murican' Welfare 2.

...At least I got high FPS
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Posted: September 29
This review is on the current state of the game as of the time this review was written. Over the next couple of months or even years from now some or none of this may even be accurate anymore. Any mention of previous updates is to help paint a clearer picture of what you can expact from this game as it continues to evolve update by update. Please do not consider this review complete nor attempt to read this like an article. I leave out many aspect of this game for the sake of keeping this short (and yet it's longer then 99% of the reviews on Steam).

I joined Combat Arms back in 2008 when there was no Steam version available for this game. I played fairly consistently since then clocking in over double of the reported hours on Steam. Recently I have opted to let this game slide as I play other games that I find much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Over the years hacking and cheating in various forms have gotten intense and less intense. Currently, I would say that hacking is a non-issue and fairly uncommon to occur. This has impacted the community negatively as it is common practice for players to claim others are cheating and harass them in the process.

Common community practices that I would say define Combat Arms over any other game that I have played to date is the amount of kicking that is done by elite and super elite moderators (can be earned at MAJ2 rank or purchased). Rooms often have unposted rules or unreasonable rules that the moderators enforce. This can also lead to the room being heavily one sided towards the elite moderator.

Glitches are predominate and are likely to occur many time during play. Depending on your system the game may crash on loading, closing, during matches, and for other reasons unkown. Error codes may or may not be useful. Framerate is highly variable ranging from 600fps in the lobby to a slide show in matches.

Servers are often laggy and periodically crash. As such movement becomes stuttery and jumpy the faster the players are moving on the map. Crouching while under lag can cause you to be bumped backwards about 4 to 5 feet. Stairs can provide a sudden death. Death can happen while standing or crouching in corners or next to some objects. Lag can cause you to go into geometry.

Recent changes to the game has made pretty much every weapon available to users without requiring money spent on this game. In essence, you do not have to spend anything on this game. The problem to this is that you are going to spending every waking moment in the game to simply be able to balance the budget. At the same time you will not be able to enjoy weapon attachments and customization options on those weapons. This also includes weapons that you may recieve on the free weapon rotation system.

Cases can be purchased or earned from the game providing both useful, duplicate, and useless weapons and gear. In the past, there was an option to sell this gear but that is no longer possible so you will be stuck with it or disgard it and recieve nothing. The cases are simply lottery systems with unknown odds.

A large number of game modes are available but most are not commonly played as they are either difficult to start. The most common game modes are similar to what you consider normal in majority of FPS games.

There are a very large number of map available in the game but similar to the large number of game modes available, most are not played at all or are extremely hard to get started. Most maps are not that well balanced where one or another side will have a clear advantage.

Gunplay is satisying for the most part and behaves as one would expect to in a FPS game. Some weapons come with a built in scope while others require or prevent you from attaching them. There is a small selection available when it comes to attachments which are supressors, sights, and clips.

The main menu disregards the resolution that you have set for the game setting it at a very lower resolution. As such the menus are fairly cluttered and poorly planned out. I would say that the interface is not intuitive and there is absolutely no tutorial or guide that you can use to figure out where everything is. I found many of the changes over the years to the menu system get worse as more features are added to the game.

Players are able to create clans in the game but for the most part clan wars are limited to a few maps and game modes. The clan servers are usually sparce or even have as few as one to no matches in them going on during off hourse. Clan experience is very slow to earn and is not easy to get your clan ranked up in order to accept more players. Emblems require a purchase of real money and are limited to the "emblem maker" system. Picking an emblem can be very frusterating as many are taken and there is no indication of what is taken and not taken until you click submit.

Player statistics are tracked an available on the Combat Arms website. The downside to the updated version is that it is still in progress over a year now where the player profile is still the orginal and the global leaderboards lack featuers that were present in the older leaderboard system. These leaderboards are updated about once a day.

Downtimes can sometime occur for nearly up to a 24 hour period and often happen on Wednesdays. Compentation is known to be given for this.

Many have stated that this game is pay to win. I will not say that this is or isn't but I will say that you can spend upwards of several thousand dollars and still not have access to the full game. Pretty much every weapon is behind a paywall otherwise you will be stuck with demo version of the weapon.

I do not recommend this game.
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Posted: October 10
(Short version)
Play this game only with your friends, or if you're willing to spend a lot of cash.

(Background info)
I've played Combat Arms since 2010, and it was my first foray into the world of first person shooters. 4 years later, with Call of Duty, Battlefield and CounterStrike under my belt, I revisit Combat Arms from time to time after I quit playing regularly after mid-2011.

Why did I quit? Pay-to-win, hackers, kinda substandard anti-cheat, and rage-kickers.

(Actual review)
In theory, Combat Arms is a really, really fun game. The standard gamemodes are there, and they're pretty solid. I'm talking Team Deathmatch, Free-for-all, capture the flag etc. Then you have the multitude of co-op gamemodes that can easily suck out all of your free time, like the zombie game modes. But note the words "in theory".

In reality, the overpowered nature of paid guns and even the ability to be a match "moderator" gives this game a huge potential to be abused. You can literally buy your way into having your character take four times as many hits, heal yourself (game has no auto-regen), hold a minigun and a sniper rifle concurrently... you get the idea. Admittedly, this will cost more than your average Call of Duty season pass, but the fact that it's possible to get this sort of stuff if you have the money is ridiculous. In your everyday pub match however, expect to see at least 2 or 3 players with paid overpowered guns around in a full match.

You can buy "elite moderator" status, which will allow you to kick any player you don't like from the game. I don't think I need to elaborate on this.

The hackers. Combat Arms has a high concentration of them, probably due to the fact it's free and hackers have nothing to lose. The anti-cheat system isn't that great, so you'll see hackers around often enough to seriously annoy you.

My personal recommendation of the game is a double edged sword. Unfortunately, I will be giving a Not Recommended to this game, as the average player will not find a decent experience in this game. However, Combat Arms is a really fun game if you play with your real life friends in private matches, as it's essentially a more laid back version of CounterStrike with zombies every now and then.

If you still insist on trying to play this game in the long term in the pub matches, expect to spend some cash for a decent experience.
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Posted: October 19
It's fun the first like 10 days when they give you good guns but then your back to default and unless your rich as balls, and can get all the weapons, gear, characters, and other various items for long durations, then just don't bother. Gamemodes are fun, like quarantine regen and fireteam which require teamwork and strategy, but again you need really good stuff to be sucessful. Default weapons are by far the worst in the game, and in-game currency you get come way too slow. Besides, the community is crap and hackers are everywhere, I wouldn't even recommend this game for the 10 days, there are way better first person shooters out there that aren't p2w or has a ♥♥♥♥ community. Check out Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, Payday 2, the Metro Series, the Arma series, hell even Battefield and COD. Overall, you shouldnt waste your time. With money though, it becomes more fun and gameplay is more acceptable. GG!
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Posted: October 24
Prepare to have your scrotum twisted as you shoot your weak pea-shooter as the enemies shoot you with the sniper rifles and LMGs they rented.

Yes, rented.
Unless you pay a lot extra to have it forever, you're renting.
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Posted: September 30
this so called game should be called CRASH CRASH CRASH whoever runs steam should pull this game from thier site,all
it's done is make a huge number of people mad and frustrated.
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Posted: October 8
You know, i dont have alot of money. but i like good shotter games. that is why i absoloutly hate this game. To tell the truth, i couldent even log in. it took me an hour to freakin make an account to nexon. because it kept opening ads in my web browser. every. single. second. i had the login screen open, adn then PEWF! webbrowser opened to an ad. of course im like: well they prolly needed extra cash from ads! well before i even got back to typing, ANOTHER FREAKING AD! over and over, i got sick of it. thats when i wrote this reveiw. honestly, the actual game might be great. but when 1. you need an account, that needs to open the webbrowser to make, i already lost SOME hope in it being a good game. and 2. WHEN YOU CANT EVEN LOG IN!! i hate this game. #♥♥♥♥ this ♥♥♥♥.
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Posted: October 18
Full of hackers on any server, weapon system sux, the game is a smelly turd unless it was completely free and if it had a better cheat detection system.
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Posted: October 19
I played this game a little bit a while ago, and i got borec rather quickly so i deleted it. Then i started playing some shooters and really missed this game. I download it, press play, sign in, and it brings me to the menu and POOF it crashed. Kept on trying to play it multiple times and it kept on crashing. Oh well, there are many other FPS Shooters like it. -Dirty Dan
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40.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 11
Haha, Oh man.. This is a game I will always remember. You want a short review on this game? Alrighty, I should be able to give you one, I've played this game plenty, just, not on steam.

Granted, I've not played this game in quite some time, but there is one thing you must understand: Elite Moderaters. They are either going to be your best friend, or, they'll be some punk two year old, that is crying over the fact that "YOU SON OF A ♥♥♥♥♥, YOU'RE USING A DAMN SHOTGUN! GTFO!" with the message of "You've been kicked out of the match by the Elite Moderater." The game has a bit of a... History, with Hackers. I don't know if they've fixed that, but for some time, Elite Mods were Nexon's way to deal with it. MOST of the community however, if you were in a normal game lobby, dispised the hacker as much as you did, and wouldn't hesitate to vote kick his ♥♥♥ out.

This game, when I last played, had a great deal of game-modes, the common ones, Death-Match, Team Death-Match, Last Man Standing, Etc, Etc. You've got the unusual ones as well though, Like Infection, with a bit of a twist, Spy Hunt, (<3 Love that Game Mode) Blood Money, which is essitionaly two teams robbing a bank, fighting each other for the money. and.. A mecha game mode? I don't remember it exactly, but I do re-call it being a game mode where you're working together, but ONE randomly selected team mate is "contracted" to test a SUPER mech, one if where you make the infamous mistake (Like Me) to try to outgun him, you're in for a RUDE Awakening!

This game isn't joking about its gun list, this game has MANY guns, Guns that you usually don't find in a average FPS, you even have a few differnt Varietion of the same gun. Only problem is? *sighs* a good majority of their guns are not for sale for in-game currency, and even the in-game curreny guns only last typically for a week. If you're looking to do what i'm trying to do, to play this game COMPLETELY for free, you're going to have a hell of time, BUT, while I think I can safely say this, the premium BS guns, they cost quite a bit to keep PERMENTLY, And atleast when I was playing, it was balenced, most of the people may have a Nexon Gun (A gun that you can only get with Nexon's Currency), but it wasn't the best of the best, so it was "Average"

And that's about all I can say, the game just finished downloading on my computer, so... It's time to rock & Roll!
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Posted: October 10
This games does everything WRONG
A) Its PAY-2-WIN
C) Permanent Weapons Cost ALOT

The only good reason to play this game is to play cabin fever

BTW I played it before it was on steam
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Posted: October 19
Laggy, glitchy, riddled with hackers and it's only gotten worse over my 6 years of playing. I only have it installed through steam on this one machine and I need to verify file integretiy every single time I launch the game or the "hack shield" will crash and take the game with it.
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Posted: October 12
Good if you can get on its not like ZMR where you can create a room and play by yourself and others join within a few minutes. Maybe they just dont have as many players as ZMR. I like it but Im hardly ever able to get in to a room.
So then I just go play ZMR or team fortress.
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Posted: October 13
P2W game, unless you want to spend money, or play many hours on this game(which isn't worth it either cause you can only rent items for 1day lel), its not worth your time..
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Posted: October 18
Pretty much the worst FPS I've ever seen, clunky ui, pay to win, after a few hours of playing, I couldn't find any weapons to buy and upgrade, I was required tto pay real money for them all. The hackers are blanatant and if you try to kick them from the game, they just crash the game.
Two we kept running into all Donkee and -Fredy-

Just say no to this game. Nothing about it is worth it.
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Posted: October 18
i r8 8/8 m8
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Posted: October 18
I like realistic FPS games. And I mean realistic like 95% real guns etc. Combat Arms has a lot of them (the only ones I see "fake" are like AKM gold or m16 silver)! But, all this comes at a cost: glitchs. When spectating you can see players guns "hop" (move up and down). It may just be a recoil glitch but still... BTW, they DO NOT "beg you" to buy things. Oh and 1/15 players is a hacker. 11/10
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Posted: October 19
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Posted: October 8
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Posted: October 10
best game ever since 2008
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