RaceRoom is the premier free-to-play racing simulation on PC and home to official race series like DTM, WTCC, and ADAC GT Masters. Enter RaceRoom and enter the world of a professional race car driver.
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Release Date: Feb 12, 2013

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May 24

24-05-2016 RaceRoom has been updated


- Added a default profile for the Logitech G920. This requires G920 users to update the firmware for their controller.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:
- New TV Cameras for Nurburgring GP.
- Increased grid size for Suzuka East to 46 vehicles.
- Increased grid size for Hockenheim National and Short to 32 vehicles
- Increased grid size for Hungaroring to 48 vehicles
- Increased grid size for Slovakiaring to 44 vehicles
- Fixed a case where player was given a cut track warning when entering the pitlane at Bathurst
- Fixed a couple of garage spots at Salzburgring that were outside of the pitlane limit
- Fixed a congestion issue when all AI’s would pit in simultaneously on Nordschleife layout.
- Increased fuel use estimations for most of the track layouts to a safer level, addressing all issues where AI’s wouldn’t embark enough fuel to complete a 15 minutes race session
- Fixed handbrake pressure being null on cars with recently updated physics


- New liveries for the Ford Mustang GT3 in GTR3 class
- New liveries for the P4/5 Competizione in GTR3 class
- RaceRoom Raceway: updated the tarmac, mapped the groove better, and various small fixes
- Tatuus F4: made brake disks visually bigger to better match the real car

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May 3

03-05-2016 RaceRoom has been updated (Hotfix)

Hotfix Patch

- Fixed a typo in the DTM 2015 loading screen fallback folder.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

- Fixed an issue where the player car would park for its pitstop but no pitstop action would take place.
- Bentley Continental GT3: Fixed chase camera
- Brands Hatch: Maximum opponent increased to 34 vehicles
- Hockenheim: New TV cameras
- Nuerburgring Short layout: Maximum opponent increased to 40 vehicles
- Oschersleben: Fixed a wrong fuel consumption that resulted in AI pitting around the last lap of a race
- Salzburgring: Maximum opponent increased to 32 vehicles
- Suzuka West layout: Maximum opponent increased to 34 vehicles


- Brands Hatch: Fixed a hole in the ground
- Hockenheim: Fixed various holes in alternative layouts
- Salzburgring: Reduced grip, moved tyre stacks a bit further away from apex (TCOne)
- Zolder: Fixed some bumps

- Formula RaceRoom 2: Fixed shiny tyres when viewed from a distance
- Formula RaceRoom Junior: Improved shadows

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“There's the accessibility, and the way it's just as satisfying to play on a cheap pad as it is on an expensive wheel set-up; how the handling is translated sublimely through both. And what handling it is, spread out across a delicious range of thoroughbred racing cars: there are the DTM cars, with their downforce and low-slung lines, that only seem one step removed from the hi-tech of F1, or their WTCC cousins that bounce over kerbs with the kiddish enthusiasm of a go-kart.”

“The sounds, the looks, the feel, it all comes together to form something that is simply a high quality product. Whether you play only the free content, or you buy it all, there is no question that this sim is worth the download.”

About This Game

RaceRoom is the premier free-to-play racing simulation on PC and home to official race series like DTM, WTCC, and ADAC GT Masters. Enter RaceRoom and enter the world of a professional race car driver.

A selection of free-to-play race cars and tracks are yours to drive with unlimited wheel time in multiplayer and single player games modes. Sponsored competitions and other free-to-play events allow you to enjoy premium game content at no cost.

Additional cars, tracks, and liveries can be bought individually or as packs inside the game store using an in-game currency called vRP, which is purchased using your Steam Wallet.

Key Features

  • Free to play - Eat, Sleep, Race, Repeat
    A premium racing simulator is yours free-to-play on the PC. Race endlessly alongside the world’s most talented drivers in online multiplayer and single player game modes.

  • Your dream car is here - Grab your pick
    BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, McLaren, Pagani, RUF, Radical, Volvo, Saleen, and more to come. These manufacturers bring the best minds in racing together to dominate the world of motorsport and the machines they create are precision instruments of power, perfection, and speed. We are proud to present them in the digital form for your enjoyment.

  • Speed is a universal language - Hit the road
    Going fast is a worldwide pastime and many of the most beautiful points on the globe are home to miles of thrilling blacktop. Start racing and conquer these places for yourself.

  • Up Close and Personal - Stand among the giants of racing
    No game gets you closer to professional racing and the drivers that make a racing series great. RaceRoom is home to WTCC, DTM, and ADAC GT Masters, with more to come.

  • Realism - Every sense touched
    You will see, hear, and feel what a race car driver does behind the wheel. You’ll grow smelly from intense focus and the resulting perspiration, and all you control is the taste at the end of the race. Will it be that of sweet victory... or bitter defeat? The experience of racing is yours and it’s unforgettable.

  • Accessibility - Racing is a family sport
    Novice, Amateur, and Get Real game modes cater to drivers of all ability. This game is fit for the entire family, so start driving today with your Steering wheel, keyboard, or gamepad.

  • The pursuit of perfection - Single Player
    Refine your skills against intelligent and challenging computer driven opponents. Use the Adaptive A.I., which automatically adjusts opponent difficulty based on your performance, or customize opponent difficulty to your liking.

  • Defeat the competition - Online Multiplayer
    Line up with a grid of twenty-four players as you battle new friends and rivals in online multiplayer races.

  • Competitions - Capture glory
    Compete against the world’s greatest drivers in sponsored competitions from Mercedes-Benz, EURONICS, DTM, ADAC GT Masters, and more. These competitions also allow free players access to premium content throughout the duration of most events.

  • Fast paced gameplay
    Be ready to break a sweat! Racing is the ultimate in twitch gameplay. No time for breaks, no room for mistakes. You are on point or you are into the weeds. Push harder, go faster, and reap the rewards of an adrenalin induced smile.

    Important Info/DLC Purchasing Policy

    R3E user accounts are associated with the user’s Steam account for security and transactions through Steam Wallet. A Steam account can use multiple R3E accounts by using the ‘switch accounts’ function in the R3E Account Settings.

    Upon purchasing an R3E DLC via the Steam Store, an R3E user account will be permanently associated with that Steam account and it will no longer be possible to switch accounts. The option to switch accounts will be permanently removed from the R3E Account Settings.

System Requirements

    • OS:Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor:Dual core at 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory:4 GB
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD equivalent
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:15 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Processor:Quad-core AMD or Intel at 2.4 GHz
    • Memory:8 GB
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2.0 GB Video Card or AMD equivalent
Customer reviews
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Mixed (293 reviews)
Mixed (5,310 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 29.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 24
With the latest iterations it is simply the best racing sim. I finally can get rid of the 8 year old GTR-Evolution to drive a decent round on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It has the most beautifull and relastic implemtation of it i've seen so far.
And the regulary updated competitions are always a nice challenge too.
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( 6.8 hrs on record )
Posted: May 24
this game shuld cost money, beacose you can not drive any other car if you dont buy it ):
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( 17.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 23
Best racing game out there. Only issue is how much I've spent on cars. Sounds are the BEST of any racing game currently on the market, every car drives fantastic, physics are great, etc etc. Damage model is a bit lacking but the overall gameplay and quality over ride that. I was pretty active on iRacing before a friend recommended this game to me, and I haven't raced a race on iRacing since. VERY HARD TO BEAT
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( 29.8 hrs on record )
Posted: May 23
While the cars are very realistic and fun to drive, I can't reccomend it to anyone until they fix the AI racers. It is nearly impossible to actually race them, you will get run off. And it seems highly unrealistic that when we make contact, it is always me facing backwards. If they can fix the AI it will be an excellent game.
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Ansell June
( 1.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 23
Server Error all the time !! A Lot of Not Free Stuff!!
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( 0.6 hrs on record )
Posted: May 22
Product received for free
I've been trying for two nights to play this game... The first night, I found out I had to create an acount to play. Then, had to wait a few hours for a confirmation email to show up to confirm my email, before I could log in. Now, all I receive is a portal error when trying to log in and play the game. Can't play, ignorant process to *try* to play, crap game. Uninstalling.
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Twilight Sparkle
( 7.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 22
Product received for free
RaceRoom is a Free2Play made by Simbin (now know as SECTOR 3), developers of the great GTR Series
and Race07.
The game is a sim racing game, mostly aimed for that kind of people who are seeking
for some realistic fun, rather than some arcadsh-ish driving.
The game since it's Free, doesn't give you every cars and tracks.
At first, you only get 11 cars, which is a nice number, considering before you only had like 3 cars if i'm not mistaken.
Cars by groups:

*Silhouette Series:
Cougar C14-1
Cougar C14-2
Canhard R52
Canhard R51

*P1 Prototype Series:
Mistral M530

*P2 Prototype Series:
Mistral M531

*Aquila CR1 Cup:
Aquila CR1 Sports GT

*GTR 1 Series:
Saleen S7R

*HillClimb challenge
134 Judd V8

So yeah, nice stuff after all, about the Tracks, the game only gives you 3 Tracks:

*RaceRoom RaceWay:
Comes with 5 LayOuts

*PortiMao Circuit:
Comes with 4 LayOuts

*LakeView HillClimb:
Comes with 2 LayOuts

Not that many of tracks, considering only 2 of those are played (actually, i think the HillClimb one can only be playable on SinglePlayer, not sure.
For get more cars or tracks, you can either buy the single cars or tracks (but this will make you spend more money since they're quite pricey) or you can buy the packages wich comes with both Cars and Tracks.
My Advice is to buy the ADAC GT 2014 and the Nurburgring Legends, if possible DTM 2014 as well.
Also, i suggest you to get them from the RaceRoom store. Over there, they cost less thanks to the sales.
There's 90% of times always one every month soo, you'd better prepare at least 13$ if you want the ADAC GT 2014 for example.
Anyways! Yeah, the game is indeed nice. The Graphics are looking pretty, the quality of the Tracks is Top Notch, Online isn't as Dreadful as i thought, Most of people playing, ain't that crazy at all or do stupid ♥♥♥♥♥ on track and at last,
The ForceFeedback is also very well done.
I'm using a Logitech Driving Force EX and it goes perfect with the game.
Screw those mixed reviews. These are mostly because of people's who want all the cars free or because they think
RaceRoom it's like GranTurismo lol or because of the costs of the DLC's, which i think, it's fair considering if you count them all, you get the price of an AAA+ Complete Sim Racing Game, so it's kind of buying the game but in pieces.
So, should you try the game?
Yes, if possbile with a Wheel + Pedals for the best experience but a controller will be nice as well

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( 12.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 21
this is the second place in worst race game ever ,,,, the first one is ♥♥♥♥♥♥ arkanoid :D u can put it instead of car model ,,,can u please logicaly think??? i turn ♥♥♥♥♥♥ steering wheel,,,i go stright ,so ♥♥♥♥ u alll who touching game from raceroom ,great work werry great work,u must be proud on yr selfs .aint no ♥♥♥♥ing settings helping ,
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( 18.2 hrs on record )
Posted: May 21
Product received for free
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Wunderbaum™ .FPÄSIP.
( 6.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 21
good racing game, supports steering wheels, you need skills to controll the cars though.
LFS is better ;)
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( 0.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 20
Product received for free
Not Recommended. Good things it's free.

Always crashing. Tried many times but to no avail, uninstalling.
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☠⚜✟ Frank-E ✠⚜☣
( 0.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 19
Product received for free
I would not suggest that game to anyone, I love racing games, both simulation and arcade but this one, it's just too bad it decided to be a free2play game instead of a real game.
It doesn't have many cars and tracks for a game that is supposed to be updated often.
You have to pay for the stuff and it's overpriced, give me a all in one pack that will also contains all future content for a fair price then that would be good but unfortunately, it is not the case, you can see that the developer is just one other among the incompetents and greedy sheep of the modern gaming industry.
As I can understand, if you buy one car, you can only choose one livery but I am unsure about that so do not totally trust me about this one.
It is probably one of the only racing game that has DTM, the only one that I am aware of but when it comes to WTCC you're better off with RACE - The WTCC Game and GTR for GT.
I'll be honest, the difficulty is pretty though, pretty much harder than every single rally games I have played (almost all of them), harder than F1 games and harder than pretty much everything, maybe that I am not used to this kind of racing (DTM), I'd love to but I hate how their game works, sell the game then that's it, no microtransactions, no in-store content or at least, make us able to buy a bundle that has everything in it and that would also contain everything in the future and no crap such as what Ubisoft did - selling a season pass then selling an "expansion" that you have to buy even if you own the season pass.
Other than that, the graphics are great but the worse point of this game is that it has no offline mode.

In short.


1. No offline mode.
2. Overpriced content.
3. No bundle that has everying in it for a fair price.
4. Does not have a lot of content for a game that is supposed to be updated often.


1. Great difficulty.
2. Great maneuverability/gameplay.
3. Great graphics (even If honestly, I do not care too much about the graphics as long as it is all the same everywhere unlike some games in particular).

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this game because of its big flaws.

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( 3.6 hrs on record )
Posted: May 19
Great physics, great sound, decent graphics...boring game. Slim vehicle lineup with some great tracks (many tracks you can't find on other games). My racing group and I bought in only when the 80-90% sales were on. Simply put the pay-to-play "free to play" nonsense ruined what should have been a serious contender for Project CARS, AC etc. It has the quality to compete, but the purchase model is stupid.

No AI use in multiplayer games also diminishes the appeal. The tracks are nice but the environment is very sterile (akin to Assetto Corsa). Great controller options and technical options but doesn't deliver much in the way of envirionmental options, etc.

This is the game which should have been great. We all openly agreed we'd have paid a normal $60 pricetag but everyone I race with is turned off by the silly pay-per-car junk. That's the only reason I can't recommend this unless you stumble upon one of their big sales.
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( 49.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 19
This is a tough game to review. It's also my second one.....

First of all, It is a mistake to think RaceRoom is very similar to Project Cars, rFactor or Assetto Corsa. This is what I believed it was trying to do, and was immediately turned off by the lackluster "Free to Play" demo while trying to figure out why they were asking so much for their content which consisted of various "packs" and individual cars with different classes. Your made to feel like you need a second mortgage and a PHD in RaceRoom Economics and therefore, I gave it a bad review with only 0.4 hrs played....However things change sometimes. Once you figure out what you want to start with, the rest will make much more sense. Because I enjoy Racing sims and have a decent gaming rig, I figured I would try it beyond the "Free 2 Play" and purchased a couple of small items and DTM Experience 2014. It was recommended to me by a fellow simmer..Now at this stage, I'm into the game for $22 dollars.

This is a true "RACING" simulator, what I mean is, it primarily focuses on DTM, ADAC GT Masters series (GT3) and the FIA WTCC Championship. The other attractions are leaderboard competitions and challenges, and actual sponsered competitions from Mercedes AMG. No joke. You also have Hillclimb tracks and GTO cars etc, etc. to play with for just "Fun" racing.

R3E is like the "Gentleman's Club" or the Mercedes Benz S-Class of racing sims. I understand a little better why the prices are higher than other sims (Except iRacing and your only renting that game) and I no longer have a hatred for the cost of content. The amount of licenses in this game are crazy, If what I hear about the cost of licensing are true, then my guess is Sector3 Studios is shelling out quite a bit, unless I'm missing something.

The replay cameras are the coolest and the replays are the smoothest! (no stutters or glitch) The sounds are amazing (yes, the rumours are true) The adaptive AI is real fun to race against, (more so than the other sims imo.) and the graphics are excellent which makes RaceRoom's version of the laserscanned Nords arguebly the best in the biz. Anyways, I think R3E is top dog right beside Assetto Corsa, both games compliment each other very nicely. ( AC is my reliable, inexpensive wife, and R3E is my unreliable, high maintenance mistress) rFactor and Pcars will be collecting dust now. Ok, at this stage I'm in it for $125 dollars. Loads of championship races to win and more than enough content to keep me occupied for ages. No regrets. RaceRoom Experience delivers a unique fun factor other sims are missing, which makes it an equal to my other favorite sim Assetto Corsa, but I have to take away a point from it's final grade for it comes with one major drawback....

Unfortunately, in order to play the game you need a constant connection to the RaceRoom servers and internet. No "Offline" mode to be had. And that, will scare potential enthusiasts away more than the scary pricing model imo..Hopefully they will remedy that in the near future. However that being said, the support from the Official Sector3 Studios forum is fantastic.

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( 0.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 18
Product received for free
This game will not replace Forza for PC obviously. Not a simulator but an Arcade. Controller/Joystick Partially supported but terribly optimized. Graphics are GREAT for a free game I give it KUDOS! Gameplay was alright but not great either. It will fix your crave for racing ARCADE but NOT racing SIMULATOR. Navigating through cars is terrible. Pick a free car then you must purchase the second AT times. You do have the option to test drive before you drive which its another upvote for KUDOS! Much can be improved but for now. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this game for RACING SIMULATOR heads but to those who want a good looking FREE ARCADE Racing game.
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( 17.8 hrs on record )
Posted: May 18
I feel like I'm a professional racer! Great response and feedback from the cars with wheel and pedals. Love the real world dynamics and game play. I strongly recommend this game for serious racers.
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( 1.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 17
Do not buy that. Can't even start a practice, or give it a try.
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( 0.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 16
Product received for free
Couldn't figure out how to get my xbox controller to work.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 0.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 16
games fails to launch. tried all possible fixes (recommended by developer and users)

the request refund button does not work in steam.

running a win 10 with 16 gb ram, i7 6th gen and 2gb nvidia video card

My recomandation is not to buy this game - stay away
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( 52.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 15
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
22 of 26 people (85%) found this review helpful
77.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 4
I play Racing Sims now for over 25 years and I can say, I had pretty much all of them including the more recent Titles like Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Automobilista etc.
When RaceRoom "R3E" was released 3 years ago it was terrible. I think this was when most of the Sim Racer tried the game and never touched it again. BUT over the last 12 Month the Game became a very solid, very pretty, INCREDIBLY GOOD sounding and very immersive Racing Experience with a nice selection of Tracks and an AMAZING variety of Cars. Sure if you want to own every track and every single car it can be kind of expensive, but look out for Deals (Easter Special 50% off, Black Friday All-in-One 49€ etc) and/or buy the vRP directly on the RaceRoom Store and its a lot cheaper. Also you only need 1 car (~€2,99,-) of a class (GT3 for example) in order to race against the whole field of ATM 13 different GT3 cars. Not like Assetto Corsa where you need every single car pack !
The Online Eperience is still a bit ruff around the edges, but the very small Developer Team works hard, fixes regulary and keeps adding new features. They also keep updating older cars to lift them to the latest physics models which I really appreciate.
Every time I play R3E it puts a big smile on my face in a most positive way !
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19 of 22 people (86%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
603.7 hrs on record
Posted: May 11
This is the most complete racing experience imo!
You can easilly make your own custom championships with a wide variety of series to choose from.
Really good physics and visuals, and with the most bad ♥♥♥ sounds of all!!
An awesome and immersive experience.

A tip is to buy vRP's here to get discounts:

And a good idea is also to pick up an experience like DTM 2013 or ADAC GTM 2014 on a sale, this will give you cheap access to a bunch of tracks to start off with.
And buy content in packs, that will save you a lot of money.

It does need some more work.
Mainly with some key features still missing, and the AI should need some more personality.
But S3S are working hard, and there are many new longed for features and content on the way!

Why not give it a shot with the free content, and then buy what you like.
There are also free competitions where you can try out new tracks and cars, and sometimes also win vRP's or nice prizes.
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13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
105.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 30
This title was off to a rocky start but with consistant updates and ehancements has gone from mediocre to most probably the best Sim out there.

Though this sim is listed as a Free 2 Play title and comes with several cars and a few track for nothing - you will need to spend a little cash in order to get the cars and tracks you want. The pricing on these addons is quite minimal and you only need to buy what you actually want and when you want it. Oh and you can test drive every car as many times as you like before deciding if you want to buy it.

Here's the rundown:

Graphics 8/10 - they are by no means bad - in fact the sim looks very natural and life like

Sound 10/10 - You can't get any more real than this without getting in the actual cars. Every detail from transmission whine and chassis squeaks to wind, transmission flex, gravel and reverb etc.. have been taken into account. The sound alone give this sim more immersion than the competition.

Physics 9/10 This score was a few points lower a couple months back, but with recent and ongoing enhancements to several group cars and more being fixed currently, R3e is more than deserving of this rating. If they get all the cars to the level they are achieving with the ones they already edited - I see a glorious 10 out of 10 coming in the near future.

FFB 10/10 - for me it was GSCE that held the title for FFB with AC and RF2 following slighly behind, but R3e has taken that title by leaps and bounds. I know this sounds exagerated, but you have to feel it to believe it - and I've never felt this good behind the wheel in my 15+ years of racecraft.

Car Content Variety 8/10 There are tons of cars available - though the list is still a bit on the short side. This is not to say that I don't have enough cars. The fact is I own more than I've had time to drive, but still wish there were a few Group C cars in the mix as those are my absolute favorites. Did I mention that you can test drive every car without buying.

Car Quality 10/10 - This title is on par with AC when it comes to detail. The exterior/interior along with suspension and tires are all done with upmost attention to even the small details.

Track Content Variety 8/10 Again the amount of tracks are quite limited compared to other titles, but not lacking. Several of my favorite tracks are included (Bathurst, Spa, Nurburgring, RedBull Ring, Suzuka, Nords, etc..) They have also included a lazer scanned Nordschleife into the mix with more lazer scanned tracks to come.

Track Quality 10/10 Right up there with AC and iRacing when it comes to track surface and detail. The sky boxes are absolutely believable and the environmental details are more than real enough to enjoy.

Multiplayer 8/10 Much better racing experience than most sims I've played, but it still has it's issues. The netcode has been updated recently and seems to be working great, but I have not had enough time with it to give it a better score.

Singleplayer 10/10 The AI have been improved greatly and their difficulty can be set to adaptive which takes some patience for them to settle in, but when they do they are a joy to race with. Also the "Experiences" make this title a dream when it comes to playing championships.

Community 10/10 This is probably the least toxic sim community out there. Most everyone is friendly and helpful. The devs are also very active within the forums and listen to the players.

I'm not sure what all I left out, but I'll be sure to update this in the future.
Also: I know this review appears to be written by a fanboy due to the high scores given. I assure you this is not the case. I play many Sims more than I have this. Infact there was a long time which I felt this title was a waste of drive space, but as stated above - it has come a long way.

Whether you're a veteran to racecraft or are a complete newbie, give RaceRoom a try. You have nothing to lose since it can be played for free.
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12 of 16 people (75%) found this review helpful
53.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 25
Don't be fooled by people telling you the content was overpriced. There's lots of it and you can get most or all of it if you get it on sale directly through the in-game store or website for little more than a full-priced game would cost. I payed about 70€ throughout a year and own all but 4 tracks and have access to about every racing class there is (and there's so many). And I could have gotten the same content even cheaper if I waited for some special opportunities.

Just stay away from the packages offered on Steam, they are usually way overpriced. An exception is the new Nürburgring Legends pack. The content, if you don't own anything of it yet, would cost you almost 35 € in the store if you count the single prices for the cars and tracks (which you would normally buy within other packs like GT3, WTCC2015 et cetera where they are also cheaper). Here you can grab it for 15€. With this pack you get two tracks with 7 or 8 layouts, including the Nordschleife, and the cars give you access to about 7 classes I think in which you can participate either in Multiplayer or against AI (AI also uses the cars you don't own yourself). Combine this with the European track pack from the in-game store for example and you already have tons of contents for much less than a full price game would cost you.

Apparently the new WTCC 2015 pack on Steam is also quite a good deal if you don't own any of the content yet and prefer to have access to all cars of the 2015 series. It offers a wide variety of tracks with it.

If you are new to this game, check it out - you get 11 cars and 3 tracks (2 circuits and 1 hillclimb) for free.

The sounds are second to none, absolutely amazing.

The Forcefeedback has just gotten a complete overhaul so even if you tried the game at an earlier point already it's worth checking out again. It's great, especially since a lot of classes have also gotten or are about to get a physics update. The new content all have great physics, GT3 also has just been updated. This is of course just my personal taste, but with the new physics and ffb, the driving in this feels a lot better then in Assetto Corsa and PCars anyway.

Graphics are nice, tracks have much detail but the game seems to be relatively demanding. On my old 7950 I have to set shaders to medium to get a minimum of 60fps with more than 20 cars on screen.

Sadly, the game is lacking weather effects and night racing.

The AI however is the best I have ever encountered in a racing game. They give you a good fight, they make mistakes and they usually have a very good player awareness. It often feels like driving against real drivers in MP. Sometimes they are buggy though. A few corners can make them problems depending on with how many cars you're racing and recently they started to take not enough fuel for longer races and some of them go for refueling 1 or two laps before a race ends. But things like this are usually ironed out quickly by the devs.

The menus are a lot more cleaned up than AC, and a lot more efficiently designed than PCars.

Imo, if you don't want to pay a sh*tpile of money for iracing this is the best sim out there atm with a very nice community.
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
159.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 12
Since the last 2 updates, RRRE has transformed into an amazing sim. I absolutely love it and for me it is the best out there. Now I've got everything dialed in, I'm having so much fun with this. Thank you Sector 3 keep up the good work.
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Posted: May 12
With the latest FFb update id have to say this is my go to sim of choice these days, WTCC, DTM GT3, excellent ffb, physics and sounds makes this game very immersive.
Ya theres a few missing features but i have faith in sector3 that they will include them some time down the road.
I am also excited about the possibility of moving to the Unreal engine :)
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Posted: May 7
This is not a game for mainstream people looking for their next visual trophy, in-between their Far Cry and Battlefield games. RaceRoom is a game for fans of actual racing, people who watch events like DTM, WTCC and GT Masters on TV. If you are not one of these people save yourself some money and buy Rocket League or Dark Souls 3 instead.

R3E is one of the best proper sim racing games around, together with the ISI and Reiza Studio games. The attention that Sector 3 applies to every single car and track impresses me all the time. Being a simulator the game is best enjoyed with a wheel or perhaps a miniwheel racing controller, however I've tried the game with a regular gamepad and keyboard, and the game still plays really well.

Their business model gives you the basic stuff for free, you then pay for the extra content you want. The prices are reasonable considering how much depth each car offers. The game offers three levels of technical difficulty: arcade, sim-arcade and simulation.

RaceRoom aims for accessibility; anyone with an 'OK' computer can play these games, a philosphy shared by the ISI and Reiza Studio games. This is a different ideology from that of games like Project Cars, which focus on exclusivity, where only a few people, with the latest Nvidia cards and expensive rigs, can get their money's worth of the game.
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Posted: May 3
As a user of some racecims (mostrly iRacing and rFactor2) I think my review will help who wants some real physics. I've raced in RaceRoom experience (the free content) but I'm very tempted to get some paid ones.

• It's a pretty decent game. It tries hard to be a sim but in "Get Real" the cars are still harder to get damage by crashes than in real world and misses some rules or safety points for multiplayer - like iRacing does very very well.
• Supports steering wheels and FFB.
• You can try it free.
• You can do a test drive in paid cars before decide to buy it or not.

• Should have something like safety points - people get no penalty for intentional wrecking or irresponsible behavior
• Some guys going wrong way all race long without being disqualified(hopefully no one would buy some content to do that)
• Off-track slowdown penalty is a bit exagerated
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Posted: May 3
Just make the game available offline.
You have so much to loose just because of this. Tons of people not happy about it.
Tons of people that would buy it to play online but they don't because they also want to play singleplayer and enjoy those great cars and tracks and sounds that you put into this game without lag, online rookies, etc.
I don't see justifing in paying for something and depending on the internet to enjoy it.
Every time the internet is down...my money is gone!
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Posted: April 30
This is a good game with wheel support. It is fun by itself but I would recommend buying some packs to really enjoy it. Overall it is a good game, and I would definatly consider downloading it.
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Posted: May 12
Product received for free
Great game.

Decent graphics (getting better with every new car and track), great FFB, great tracks, great cars. Awesome to have series live WTCC, DTM or GT Masters in the game. Also some other nice car classes (GT1, GT2, GT3 (the GT3 class is just awesome!), TT Cup, GP2, F4 and s on...) and pretty cool classic content (DTM 1992, Group 5, Touring Classics, GTO...).
The AI is maybe the best AI in every current racing game and gets improvements with every patch.
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Posted: May 1
i absoultly love this game except that all the dlcs together cost 150 dollars, come on forza has more and the game is only 30-60 us dollars depening on which on and there is hundreds of cars and tons of maps. i recommend it but please lower the dlc prices. the game should cost 40-60 dollars and it comes with all the stuff
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Posted: May 1
I first played this game back in 2013, and was underwhelmed. On a whim, I decided to fire it up again last week, and I've been blown away by just how much it's changed for the better. If you are a fan of motorsport or racing games, I highly recommend this game. The pricing model is a little cumbersome at first, but if you buy a pack such as DTM 2015, you'll find yourself with a fair amount of content for a reasonable price, and you can add more packs gradually if you feel like something different. The inclusion of licensed motorsport series is a plus, and the track list features some interesting European tracks that I haven't seen in many other racing games. The car handling and sounds are outstanding, and the graphics are quite decent too. The actual racing is some of the best I've personally experienced, depending on the AI settings, races can be quite close and the game does a good job of replicating the aggressive doorhandle to doorhandle nature of touring car racing. Perhaps the neatest thing about the game is that you can try it out before commmiting to buy anything, so don't take my word for it, try it out!

I give RaceRoom Racing Experience a solid 8/10.
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Posted: May 11
Great physics and gameplay. Terrible pay wall, probably the worst on the steam store.
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Posted: May 6
i just like it :D
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Posted: May 15
What a great game this has become. It feels a lot more sim than it used to and the inclusion of owned content through out game has opened this title up for me.

I wrote a review a while back and voted it down as it just felt wrong. Thought I better come back and put that right.

If you are thinking about spending some money there is quite often sales on and buying VRP from Raceroom works out better value. Also free content attracts idiots, try to stay away from the "free servers" and you'll have a better time.
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
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Posted: April 23
This game is an epic game for racing yes you have to buy some thing but this game is really epic but its all on your driving.
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Posted: April 24
What i really not like in this game is dirt in tracks.So annoying
The controls are pretty hard but you learn in time
Good graphics
Very Very good optimization
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