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Become The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, a legendary monster slayer caught in a web of intrigue woven by forces vying for control of the world. Make difficult decisions and live with the consequences in an game that will immerse you in an extraordinary tale like no other. Representing the pinnacle of storytelling in role-playing games, The Witcher shatters the line between good and evil in a world where moral ambiguity reigns. The Witcher emphasizes story and character development in a vibrant world while incorporating tactically-deep real-time combat like no game before it.


The RPG of the Year (PC Gamer, GameSpy, IGN) is back in a Premium Edition packed with powerful extras!
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition takes all of the acclaimed gameplay that garnered the original game more than 90 awards, and perfects it with a number of gameplay and technical improvements.

  • Superior dialogue and cutscenes - The developers have re-recorded and rewritten more than 5000 lines of dialogue in English and redone the entire German edition to create more a more consistent experience, while adding more than 200 gesture animations to make characters behave more believably in dialogue and cutscenes.
  • Enhanced inventory - The new inventory system makes item use and organization less complicated by introducing a separate sack for any alchemical ingredients, as well as a simple sort-and-stack function.
  • Technical improvements - The enhancements made to the technical side of the game are too numerous to list, but a few of the highlights include greatly reduced loading times, greater stability, improved combat responsiveness, faster inventory loading, the option to turn autosave on or off, and more.
  • Character differentiation system - To add more variety to NPC and monster appearances, we've added a new character differentiation system that randomizes the appearance and colors of dozens of in-game models.
  • In your download you'll also get: Interactive Comic Book, D'jinni Adventure Editor, Two new adventures offering 5+ hours of gameplay, Official Soundtrack, Music Inspired by The Witcher album, Making-of videos, Official Game Guide, Two Maps of The Witcher's world
Key features:
  • Geralt of Rivia: a one-of-a-kind protagonist
    • A charismatic and unique character, Geralt is a mutant swordmaster and professional monster slayer.
    • Choose from over 250 special abilities correlated to attributes, combat skills and magical powers to build the character in a way best suited to tactical needs and style of play.
  • Original fantasy world drawn from literature
    • Inspired by the writings of renowned Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.
    • Featuring adult themes, less fairy-tale than typical fantasy, with mature social issues like racism, political intrigue and genocide.
    • It is a harsh world where nothing is black or white, right or wrong, often forcing players to choose between the lesser of two evils to advance.
  • Non-linear and captivating storyline
    • Full of turns, twists and ambiguous moral decisions which have real impact on the storyline.
    • All quests can be accomplished in several ways and the game has three different endings depending on the player's actions and choices throughout the adventure.
  • Stunning tactical action
    • Engage in complex yet intuitive real-time combat based on real medieval sword-fighting techniques.
    • Motion capture performed by medieval fighting experts at Frankfurt's renowned Metric Minds studio, resulting in 600 spectacular and authentic in-game combat animations.
    • Six combat styles, dozens of potions, complex alchemy system, modifiable weapons and powerful magic add tactical depth to the fluid real-time experience.

Systemkrav (PC)

    • Operativsystem som støttes: Microsoft® Windows® /XP/Vista
    • DirectX-versjon: DirectX 9.0c (inkludert) eller nyere
    • Prosessor: Intel Pentium 4 2,4 GHz eller Athlon 64 +2800 (Intel Pentium 4 3,0 GHz eller AMD Athlon 64 +3000 anbefales). Athlon XP-serien, for eksempel Athlon XP +2400, støttes ikke
    • Grafikk: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 eller ATI Radeon 9800 eller bedre (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX eller ATI Radeon X1950 XT eller bedre anbefales)
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM anbefales)
    • Lyd: DirectX-versjon 9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort
    • Harddisk: 15 GB med ledig plass

Systemkrav (MAC)

    • OS: OS X version 10.6.8 or later.
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (any)
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card nVidia GeForce 320M (or better), AMD Radeon HD 6750M (or better) or Intel HD Graphics 3000
    • Hard Drive: 10.5 GB free space on HDD
    • OS: OS X version 10.6.8 or later.
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or Core i7 (any)
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with at least 512 MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 10.5 GB free space on HDD
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A classic. Noteable aging, but still worth giving a shot if you wanna expierience something different. Also, if you're stoked for TW3 and wanna see an impressive evolution starting from 1 to 2 and eventually 3, it's a good purchase. Recommended!
Publisert: 16 Juni 2014
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The Witcher is an RPG where you play as Geralt - an Alcoholic Sex Addict who solves crimes, mysteries and paranormal events. You're a stoic guy, who doesn't really know or speak much of their past and seems to have an supply of redhaired sidekicks to help you ou. Basically, you're a white haired David Duchovny.

There is a lot I liked about The Witcher; such as the narative and compact storyline that can branch in several different ways. The Alchemy system to craft potions and oils, which become almost essential as the game progresses. Books & Scroll which progress the lore beyond that of NPC interactions, and in some instances help you gain extra loot and information about monsters.

Yet, there is one aspect I just wasn't keen on at all and that (switches to silver sword strong style to fight the Trolls) was the combat system. It's an interesting idea and concept, but I just didn't get into it. There are six different fighting styles - Silver Sword and Steel Sword. Each sword has 3 different attack options - Strong, Quick & Group. You need to select the correct sword adn the correct attack option to do the optimal damage to the enemy. Silver Swords are perfect for Non-Human creatures, and Steel Sword is perfect for Human creatures. Strong style is best for large, heavy hitting enemies, while quick is best for more agile, quicker enemies. Group, naturally, is best against a large group of enemies.
On paper it sounds pretty intelligent, but in reality it was somewhat frustrating and uninspiring. At one point the battles were simply referred to 'Benny Hills', due to the hit and run nature of the fights.


So it's for that reason I would suggest if you were going to play through the game to put it on the easiest settings. Hopefully then you won't be too distracted by the fights within the game and can gain an understanding of the gameworld before you jump into The Witcher 2 & 3. Sadly, just I was starting to become bored of the combat, the game felt the urge to suddenly throw in Mob Waves and Gauntlet battles (something it had not done up to this point). By the time you reach the Final Chapter, you're suddenly fight more enemies than you've ever had to fight throughout the game that had came before hand.

It's the kind of game I wish I had played on release several years ago, or in retrospect loaded up with mods before I attempted to play it several years after release to fix the issues that others seemed to share.
Overall I'm pleased I played The Witcher, as I know feel like I'll understand The Witcher 3 somewhat better (there are tiny small droplets of references to 'The Wild Hunt' lore within The Witcher), and there are some honestly good moments within the game that need to be seen first hand. It's just a shame that the combat system gets in the way.

So if you're someone who wants to get into The Witcher for Witcher 3 then this game might be for you if you slap it on easy and soak in the Game World and Lore. If you're a fan of RPGs I'm not entirely sure where I'd go with my recommendation. I guess, in the end, it's only fitting (yet sadly unable in Steam Reviews) to sit on the fence and air my neutrality on this.
Publisert: 9 Mars 2014
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The first time I played Witcher enhanced edition I cried. The story is better than the bible and Geralt is fresher than the prince of Bel-Air. I bought extra copies for all of my friends and family so they can experience the greatness that is this game. After spends days of rewatching the sex scenes and making the romance cards in real life I realised I am become The Witcher. I now spend several hours a day at the gym working on my physique and I even have bleached my hair white. Tomorrow I am going to get my named changed to Geralt and my middle name changed to WHITE WOLF. My wife fully supports my decision and she is getting her name changed to Triss. I am now studying kenpo under the tutelage of Sensei Masumura Nobunaga as to learn the art of the sword. I have been going to a Wiccan Herbalist as to learn how to cast spells and how to brew mutagenic tonics. I am close to being able to cast the Wiccan equivalent of the Igni sign but I still need more training. Also I have taken out a loan to purchase replicas of the Witcher's pure silver and steel swords. My mom is worried about me but I told her that this is now my life and she should support my decision and I hope one day to hunt down monsters like the ghouls and drowners in witcher just like Geralt.
Publisert: 24 Mars 2014
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At first, the witcher seems like a fairly normal RPG with a clunky fighting system, but this is only at the beginning. After you have forgotten that there is another world around your screen, you will not regret having bought this game.

The game sets you in a world as the character Geralt, a witcher. Witchers are human mutants with magical powers and are usually monster hunters. It’s starts off with you being saved by some other witchers and you have somehow lost you memory. Then your introduced to some main charcters, then some bad things happened and you have to set off on an adventure. The story at the start of the game seems pretty linear and boring, but it gets so much better when you spend some hours playing the game. There are political, religious and racism problems all over the game world that’s very easy to get immersed in. Both the problems, which often seems exceptionally profound and realistic, and the characters, who are often very fascinating and unique, makes the game’s story/stories particularly interesting to pay attention to.

The Witcher's world is somewhat unusual for fantasy RPG. The atmohsphere throughtout most of the game is very dark and grimy. Most citizens you encounter are sick, poor, frightened or they’re rich happy folks that have no sympathy for the poor. There are drunks, prostitut*s, thieves, farmers, bandits and more with all they’re unique type of look, voice, reaction when you walk passed them and unique type of personality if you’re able to talk and get to know the character. All this makes the game world feel really realistic and makes it easy to get immersed in.

The game doesn’t make a clear line between good and evil. It’s up to the player to decide for themselves what they think is right to do and then decide if they want to do what’s “right”, and there is a lot of choosing in this game. Even from the start of the game, some of the choices you have to make have major impact on later parts of the game. The player is able to be part of different assembly’s with different quest’s, which makes the game to some extent repayable.

The music of the game truly fits wherever you are in the game world, and it changes from place to place. Some of the tracks gets played over and over, and instead of getting boring, they just became like a relaxing reminder of where you are, and if you’re in a safe place or not. I wouldn’t say that there are any bad tracks, but are some that are much some which are more rememberable than others.

This is one of the best RPGs I have ever played. I have never been so immerged in a world and cultivate an interest in a story so deep and complex. If you like story based RPG’s and you have the time and money, get this game.
Publisert: 16 Mai 2014
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Great game, a bit rough on the edges, its true, but still a unique RPG with a magnificent and very deep adult storyline.

At first sight the gameplay is strange and complicated, the combat system is unusual and I believe that many don't have the courage to go ahead, I went and I don't regret it, the combat and skill system is a matter of adaptation, and there a great and intelligent resource, alchemy, which it's necessary in certain situations depending on the difficulty and makes the gameplay more interesting. Graphically the game is dated, but for those that don't concern with that, the graphics is quietly acceptable. As for sound quality, the effects follow the other technical aspects and has its flaws, however I have to say that the soundtrack is great!

As for the plot, needs no comments, is by far the strongest point of the game. The way the story evolves and the aspects that compose it, beyond common cliches we see in roleplaying games, is something unique. During the storyline there are several choices to make, choices that go beyond good or bad, right or wrong, that make you think and reflect on your decisions and that impact directly in the plot, however small and insignificant they may seem. The lore is also impressive, as is the variety of well constructed characters, and the ending is surprising.

Gotta be honest, the game has its flaws, is notable that at the time the game was made, CD PROJEKT RED lacked the necessary resources, they weren't suitable with their aspirations. The animations aren't the best as well as the gameplay, excessive comes and goes in some scenarios and the lack of a functional inventory are unsatisfying. It's still a perfectly playable game and a unique title for those who like RPG. Recommended!

Publisert: 19 Juni 2014
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