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L'autrefois paisible Royaume de Gorudo est menacé par une présence démoniaque. Le seul espoir pour la survie est Cyrus !
Date de parution: 14 mar 2012
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À propos du jeu

L'autrefois paisible Royaume de Gorudo est menacé par une présence démoniaque. Le seul espoir pour la survie est Cyrus, un magicien spécialisé dans un art magique secret dénommé Wizorb ! Explorez de nombreux endroits étranges, de Clover, la ville abandonnée infestée de monstres, au Château de Gorudo en passant par Cauldron Peak. Le danger guette chaque recoin donc vous devrez rester attentif et avoir des réflexes à toutes épreuves afin de survivre.

Caractéristiques :

  • Un tout nouveau jeu casse-briques situé dans un monde fantasy.
  • Utilisez votre magie pour lancer des orbes et des sorts magiques.
  • Plus de 60 niveaux situés dans 5 mondes différents.
  • Gagnez de l'or pour acheter des attraits ou aidez les citoyens à reconstruire leur maison.
  • Combats épiques contre les boss.
  • Fins multiples.
  • Animations des personnages créées par Paul Robertson.

Configuration requise (PC)

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP ou ultérieur
    • Processeur : Processeur double cœur (Intel double cœur 2.0 GHz ou AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6 GHz)
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • DirectX® : DirectX 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 250 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0c

Configuration requise (MAC)

    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.6 ou ultérieure
    • Processeur : Intel Core™ Duo ou plus rapide
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Disque dur : 250 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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POSITIVE : If you loved ARKANOID on the NES system, this game is for you! 16-Bits graphics are pretty, the controls responds very well, the music is okay, the little addition to fight a boss after 13 levels is genius and of course, the possibility to use some magics like shooting fireballs, use wind to deviate your ball, teleport, etc. is very cool. The more you destroy blocks, ennemies, chest and more with your magical ball, the more you can give money on your destroyed village and rebuild it! RPG element with 'Arkanoid-style' game = Great!

NEGATIVE : The level design is somewhat boring if there's just one or two blocks that cannot be touched due to unbreakable blocks or walls. Patience is recommended. Save system is somewhat dull... You must proceed from Level 1 to 12 AND fight a boss without QUIT or SAVE. If you do that, you lost EVERYTHING... In all, a pretty good game! 7.5/10
Posté le : 11 mars 2014
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☺ Beautiful Presentation.
☺ Classic 'Breakout' gameplay.

☹ Quite Short.
☹ Classic 'Breakout' gameplay.

The presentation of Wizorb is superb, every time I boot it up it feels like I've just stuck a cartridge into the SNES - both the visuals and the sound hit their mark (unlike the orb which is still bouncing around aimlessly). You play as a mighty Wizard who's immense magic power seems to transform him into a...stick. Well, a paddle. Seeing that his next feat of insurmountable power is conjuring a little floating orb, this isn't as useless as it sounds.

The game at it's heart is a breakout style brick breaking game where you rebound a ball using a small paddle you control into the targets until none remain. Although there are a couple of spells such as engulfing your ball in flames to pass through multiple blocks or subtly altering its direction with a breath of wind, they really don't do all that much to change up the game and crucially, don't always stop you from the dreaded 'last brick standing' challenge of rebounding around the level for a few minutes until you get lucky enough to hit that last, stubborn brick.

You're tasked with helping a small village rebuild as you venture out and defeat monsters and destroy targets of varying shapes and sizes (I'm not quite sure what great threat a bush is to the already destroyed village, but its your task to crush them into leafy pulps!). The highlight to the gameplay is the boss battles, which is a neat little twist that see's you fighting a much tougher enemy that has a few skills of their own - it's just a shame this sort of thing wasn't the norm, as other enemies simply act as mobile targets.

I played the game with a mouse (the clicky kind, not the squeaky kind) and found the controls to be smooth and responsive, although I did get a slight stutter now and then - nothing that impacted the gameplay, but it did come close.

It's hard to recommend Wizorb to all but the biggest Breakout fans as it just doesn't offer that much compared to other brick breaking games, despite the wonderful presentation. If you're a fan though, its a fair price for what's on offer.
Posté le : 10 mars 2014
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This game is very hard to love. It is one where the distinction between recommending it and saying it isn't worth it is hard. The visuals are very nice, considering they are done by paul robertson, this is a given. The gameplay itself is where the issues fall. You have magic powers, such as the ability to teleport the ball or control where it floats. While these powers are nice, the game is incredibly difficult. Blocks which need to be broken are almost always behind unbreakable objects and the further you venture into the game, the more often this occurs. If you enjoy a challenge and like brick breaking games, go for it if this game is on a good sale. I enjoyed the challenge of the game so I give it my approval, but this game is definately not for everyone.
Posté le : 11 juillet 2014
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Breakout style games and I go way back. They're a ton of fun and there's something 'zen-like' in their simplicity. These types of games work well for me, in that I can zone out, turn the brain off and it serves really well to make me concentrate on that keeping that little ball moving when I need to tune out.

Wizorb fits the bill quite nicely for it's $1.49 sale price. Heck, it would suffice at its full price of $2.99 if you Breakout and Arkanoid are your thing. The game play is the same, move paddle, bounce your balls, break blocks. Wizorb gives the formula a bit of spice though by adding in magic elements and a quest mode where you try to rebuild a city. Heck, there's even boss fights, which is a pretty cool change.

I'll be honest...the RPG elements are largely kind of pointless. You get fireballs and 'wind' that doesn't do a whole heck of a lot. The village bit you're saving up to rescue? You'll finish that off right quick. But, that's okay. As I said, these elements are here for flavor and nothing more. The core gameplay, the important part, is straight up breakout, challenging, and a lot of fun.
Posté le : 28 juin 2014
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This is a retro style 'Breakout' game with a fantasy setting. I'd pull this out whenever I had some spare time to kill. Killing time is what this game does best. OK, lulling you to sleep is it's strong point, So put the TV on or listen to your own music while you play. It's not a bad game, But it's not good either.
Posté le : 20 août 2014
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