Cut-throat multiplayer running game that pits 4 players against each other, locally and/or online. Run, jump, swing around, and use devious weapons and pick-ups to knock opponents off-screen! One of the most competitive games you'll ever play.
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Very Positive (13,865 reviews) - 94% of the 13,865 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Apr 19, 2016

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April 22

PAX East Twitch Stage Showcase tomorrow

Hi everyone! We're celebrating the launch of SpeedRunners at PAX East in Boston, and tomorrow there's an upcoming Twitch Stage segment for SpeedRunners.

PurpleTurkey will be beating us on stage for a few minutes, and then will go online to play against other high rank opponents, talking us through his game.

If you're a high rank player in North America, please be online at 4pm ET tomorrow! It's your chance to showoff your trails in front of thousands of people watching the main PAX East Twitch Feed.

See you there!

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April 19

SpeedRunners is Out Now!

Check out this slick SpeedRunners Launch Trailer that Tom made

SpeedRunners is now officially out of Early Access. After hundreds of updates, several community uprisings (remember the whole Lethal Spikes and SpeedBoosting threads?), we are officially out. That's it. Version 1.0.

Here's what the final version of SpeedRunners has to offer:

Gif Editor & Exporter

A new feature in the Replays system is the ability to crop & export GIFs directly from within SpeedRunners, check it out!

Trails Shop & Editor

Yes, you can now create your own trails for SpeedRunners and have them be available in the Trails Shop. This is a curated shop (think just like Team Fortress 2) where users can submit their content to.

Mac & Linux

I am playing SpeedRunners on a Mac, you guys! This actually works.

Single Player Campaign

The brand new single player campaign takes you on a "Mario Kart Style" adventure, going through the multiplayer maps with specific story bits and challenges. The goal of the single player campaign is to ease players into the competitive online part of the game.

Twitch Betting

You can now setup twitch betting when livestreaming SpeedRunners and it's tied to the tinyBuild rewards program.

But wait, what does going out of Early Access mean?

It means that the core features of the game are finished. We will still update the game, and are fully committed to working with the community. The only difference is that the core development team will switch their focus to consoles.

A huge THANK YOU to the community!

A special, enormous, hug-worthy THANK YOU to everyone who have been with us during Early Access. It's been an insane journey and without you guys we wouldn't be here. The hundred-reply threads on the forums, the in-depth discussions, the King of Speeds, everything about SpeedRunners Early Access revolved around obsessively reading the forum and figuring out the best solutions.

Yes, everyone in Early Access is getting a special BETA trail which is available right now.

This week we are having a launch event at PAX East in Boston with PurpleTurkey showing off his skills. Within the coming weeks we will reveal post-launch plans which include more tournaments and prizes.

Huge hugs
- tinyBuild and DoubleDutch Teams

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“Speedrunners is the Competitive Multiplayer Mario That Nintendo Should've Made”

“A Great Example Of Early Access Development Benefitting A Game And Its Players”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“SpeedRunners is a fully realized idea, a great platformer, and a terrific party game that’s fun online as well.”

About This Game

In a city filled with superheroes, getting to crimes becomes a competition on its own. Fortunately there are enough rockets, bombs, grappling hooks, spikes, and other goodies lying around -- to make the competition fun and fast. Welcome to SpeedRunners.

SpeedRunners is a 4 player competitive platformer with grappling hooks, power-ups, and interactive environments. Run, jump, swing around, fire rockets, grapple onto people to knock them off screen.

Key Features

  • 4 Player Competitive Platforming!
  • Keep up with the fastest player in-game, or fall offscreen and get eliminated!
  • Use weapons like missiles, mines and grappling hooks to screw over your friends, and make new enemies!
  • Local and online multiplayer! Can you have 2 players on a couch against 2 other players on the internet? Yes of course!
  • Bots enabled - play on your own with several AI opponents. Or put them into matches with other people!
  • A tutorial teaches you how to play
  • Controller compatible (and recommended!)
  • A dozen expertly designed maps
  • Unique game modifiers
  • A character named Unic!
  • Full blown level editor with over 10k user created levels
  • An exciting single player campaign
  • Create your own custom in-game trails (visible when you hit super-speed)

What to expect in the final game

Head onto the forum and help us decide what will be the final game! Expect more maps, characters, items and game modes.

Follow the development on twitter!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP and up
    • Processor: 1Ghz and up
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated video card recommended
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 900 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: MAC Users: SpeedRunners runs great in Parallels Desktop
    • OS: OSX El Capitain
    • Processor: 1Ghz and up - tested on fanless MacBooks
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated works fine
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Tested on latest OSX on 1.2Ghz "fanless" MacBooks. Works like a charm.
    • OS: Latest Debian redistributable or SteamOS
    • Processor: 1Ghz and up
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Your toaster
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (259 reviews)
Very Positive (13,865 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 10.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
like this game
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( 2.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
gotta go fast
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Kellen McHugh
( 64.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
played this game for hours never gets old. 9.5/10
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Ice Cat
( 0.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
I have only play 5 mins of this game and I can tell already that it is going to be a blast to play. Controls are easy to learn, gameplay is insanely fun. The action is fast paced, frantinc, and hilarious. I cannot wait to play this with my friends. Kudos to the game designers, and the art designers. Instant reccomendation for sure!
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Young Boar God
( 0.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
Been keeping an eye on this game for a while. Sale finally rolls around so I buy a 4-pack. Install game. Doesn't work. Go through page after page on forums trying out any possible fix I can find. Nothing. Seems to be a common enough problem since there's a pinned FAQ topic for the game not launching created by the dev. Already gave a copy to my girlfriend so I can't get a refund through Steam without going through her account first?

This is the only game I've bought this sale. doesn't work for me.
For what it's worth, it works on my girlfriend's computer.
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( 2.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
5/5 for sure. Learn controls and this game is great fun!
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( 1.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24



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( 1.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
Let's just say. I bring out my friends dark side.
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Sweetroll thief
( 0.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
Garbage for consoles
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( 1.5 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
I liked how the game is fast paced and that we can verse other friends on here.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
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766.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 5
friendships died.
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19 of 25 people (76%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
1,169.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 2
This game is absolutely stellar.

The game's strong point is the online multiplayer where you battle it out in what can best be described as a amalgymation of MarioKart, Sonic, and Smash Bros. This is an excellent party game if you have friends over.

The mechanics seem simple at first, but as you play through the game you'll realize that they are all intertwined in such a way that you can play in ways unimaginable to your newbie self. You constantly encounter people who have mastered aspects of the game that you weren't even aware of. There is virtually no limit to how good you can get. The gameplay is a nonstop adrenaline rush as you vie to dominate the poor saps (or the no-lifer!) who got matched with you.

Knowing what I know now, I would gladly pay 10x the price for access to this experience. Very entertaining, very addictive. I foresee this game being a part of my cycle for decades to come. 13/10
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
193.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 29
Product received for free
This game now that it has been fully released, has generally improved more from it's already-great beta.

Just freaking buy it if you like racing games. Trust me.
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
1,918.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 24
Well my rank is Diamond League and im 2nd player on worldwide...But afterall i can say if you have "fast fingers" and "good memory"(those are important to get better quickly), i recommend this game for you.It will probably very fun for you.The community maybe in silent for now.But i cant say its bad.Also items are not %100 RNG ,when you get pro ,you will get this.
Disadvantages :
  • When you join to other continents player lobby's this game becomes almost unplayable for you... above than 200 ping is pretty grind on this game.
  • And you may keep searching for a lobby like 10-15 minutes but if u'r rank is below than bronze you dont wait that much.(if its stuck just reset the steam)
  • Kind of mechanic bugs are here(but devs will solve them in time, i think)
    Community 8/10
    Gameplay 9.5/10
    with friends 9/10
    Alone 7/10
    Drug 10/10
    Connection with other players 5/10
    Trolls/smurfs: a little
    Hackers: non
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 27
awesome and fun game, 10/10 flashes for this game, not even zoom or reverse flash can beat this xD
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 24
i suk at this game but u are probably good at it. so u should buy it
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4 of 8 people (50%) found this review helpful
33.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 30
its a good game but WHY THE ♥♥♥♥ did you guys remove the old music?? please bring it back as atleast an option
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
40.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 8
pls no golden hook

Hey, this is pretty good. If you're a casual player, it's great: up to 4 guys playing together, grappling, sliding, and doing double jumps through the level to try and outrun your compadres. Along with this, some super random xd powerups make the whole thing that much more enjoyable.

If you're a non-casual (thank god), it's more than great: It's outstanding in the sense that every offensive powerup has it's own way to be avoided, how you can slide near players to knock them over giving you a slight advantage, and how mind-games with the golden hooks are way more interesting than the actual ways for you to use them. It's...almost competitive. It's accesible, and races can theoratically go on for litearly forever, but there are so many nuisances for you to learn that there's actually a pretty convienent skill curve. It's minor, and even some casual players might get lucky, or even out-plan you, but in the end---that's sort of what this game is. It's a fun fest, and a ♥♥♥♥ fest. It's a video game.

It's for going, "Hey, you wanna talk about something? Wanna do it over speedrunners?" And then you zone out to the game, somehow doing better than when you were fully focused, and have a blast since you're not bored anymore, and you have a background task to work with. It's just captivating enough, with a nice sense of humor and imagery, and overall comes in a package which feels like a nice, satisfying experience where you run around with your buddys. And did i mention a level editor?

Just, for the love of god, someone explain to me why Nick always gets the golden hooks and I always get the ♥♥♥♥ing boxes.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
23.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
Really fun 2D racing game, really fast paced and so satisfying when you get good at it, only problem is it's hard to find people in ranked matches who aren't a really high level.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 24
a great game to play with friends
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