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Necesită jocul Dungeon Defenders instalat pe Steam.

Data lansării: 14 feb., 2012
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Necesită jocul Dungeon Defenders instalat pe Steam.

Cumpără Dungeon Defenders - Etherian Festival of Love

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Cumpără Dungeon Defenders Collection

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Recent actualizat

New for 2013:

  • Temple O' Love Challenge Mission
  • 2 new accessories
  • Tuxedo Legendary Costume (Hunter)

Despre joc

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Etheria with the “Etherian Festival of Love” holiday event!

Grab your date and team up to play the “Sky O’ Love” Challenge Mission! Become matchmaker by pairing “Boy” mobs with their same-species, significant, “Girl” mob others! But watch out… Mega Cupid isn’t too happy about you doing his work for him.

The Etherian Festival of Love DLC Includes:

  • Sky O’ Love Challenge Mission
  • Mega Cupid Boss
  • Goblin Cupid Pet
  • New, Unlockable Eternia Crystal
  • 4 Unlockable Character Skins
    • Monk – Cupid
    • Initiate – Cupidette
    • Squire – Squire with Pants!
    • Countess – Queen of Hearts
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Gay Gay stupid DLC which I still can't finish on NMHC... Goddamit. But was free on Valentine's day and has good music for tavern setting, so better than nothing. 5/10
Postat: 5 septembrie, 2012
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