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1883, SANTA FE. Schockierende Entführungen erschüttern den Frieden der Stadt. Versammeln Sie Ihre Männer und reiten Sie durch eine Reihe faszinierender Missionen, um die heimtückischen Verbecher, in dieser Geschichte von Erpressung und Rache, zu stoppen.
Veröffentlichung: 30 Apr. 2009
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Über das Spiel

1883, SANTA FE. Schockierende Entführungen erschüttern den Frieden der Stadt. Versammeln Sie Ihre Männer und reiten Sie durch eine Reihe faszinierender Missionen, um die heimtückischen Verbecher, in dieser Geschichte von Erpressung und Rache, zu stoppen. Überfallen Sie eine Zug, schlagen Sie sich durch Saloonkämpfe, Gefängnisausbrüche und Schießereien! Die Bühne ist frei für dieses Wild West Adventure. Werden Sie überleben, um diese Geschichte zu erzählen?
  • Wild West: Erleben Sie echte Wild West Schauplätze auf dem PC, von stürmisch, regnerischen Banküberfällen zu blutigen Sonneuntergängen und dem wunderschönen, alten New Orleans und viele mehr
  • Kluge Gegner: 60 verschiedene Gegner mit taktischen Handlungen, die von einem hochentwickelten AI System gesteuert werden
  • Multi-Charakter Spiel: Spielen Sie als 6 verschiedene Charaktere mit unterschiedlichen speziellen Fähigkeiten und Waffen
  • Film Modus: Nehmen Sie Ihre heldenhaften Taten auf Video auf!
  • Historische Waffen und Ausrüstungen: 6 Schuss-Pistole, Schrotflinte, Gewehr, Pfeil und Bogen, Derringer, Messer, Tomahawk und andere Waffen aus dem 1880�er Waffenlager
  • Technologie: Nahtloser Übergang zwischen taktischer und action Sicht, Bloom und HDR Rendering, PhysXageia Technologie


    • Betriebssystem: Windows© Vista/XP/2000
    • Prozessor: 2.0 GHz
    • Speicher: 512 MB
    • Grafik: 128 MB Grafikspeicher
    • Festplatte: 4 GB frei
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0 kompatibel
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12.7 Std. insgesamt
Love this game! If you liked the first one in the series (Desperados) you will like this one too. It's not an easy game, sure, but it's rewarding, especially when you're not just shooting, but trying to outsmart the enemies. I recommend it to every strategy fan who have patience.
Verfasst: 22 Januar 2014
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A very nice, highly tactical game with an unusual difficulty curve (not really a curve), some patches are exceptionally hard and require pin point timing and planning where as some scenarios you can simply run in and punch. I got into the series when I got a demo of the 1st game "Desperado: Wanted Dead or Alive" free with a box a cereal (what a great promotion). I remember spending hours and hours silently knocking out every enemy in the one demo level and hiding their bodies in various outbuildings. This game still has the same great core game play with some less welcome mechanics bolted on such as the 1st person mode and movie export mode. This title improves upon the originals planning system in which you can set up satisfying combinations involving all your people silently taking down how a town. Some people may be put off by the large quantity of quick-saves and loading, but in this tittle I see it as slowly creating a masterpiece stroke by stroke. All in all I highly recommend this title or if you can get hold of it cheap, then "Desperado: Wanted Dead or Alive"
Verfasst: 1 Dezember 2012
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A solid tactical strategy game in the spirit of Fallout Tactics or Jagged Alliance 2. Helldorado offers depth and rewards the patient player willing to invest the time to create the perfect group combat strategy. While the graphics are decidedly average and the Steam Overlay does not work, the addition of a first person action view, in addition to the overhead zoomable tactical view give the player a variety of choice when planning the attack. This game is worth the bargain price for players who don't mind a high learning curve and are patient enough to carefully strategize.
Verfasst: 9 März 2012
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Helldorado is the third game of the Desperados-series. First in the series we have "Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive" which basically was "Commandos" in a western atmosphere. Then came "Desperados 2: Coopers Revenge". And finally "Helldorado".. And you know what? IT SUCKS BIG TIME!

I Kidd, I Kidd! :-)

Via google I had a hard time making out if "Helldorado" just was another name for "Desperados 2: Coopers Revenge" or if it was new game. Luckily for me it was a totally new game that picks up where Desperados 2: Coopers Revenge left off.

The beginning of the story is somewhat cheesy and random but one improvement with this game is that the story takes different turns with timen and make the overall experience more exciting.

This game is partly different from the original. In the original you usually have objectives as a sidemission. On most levels you have to kill all enemies no matter what the mission is. But in this game some levels are more oriented on the mission. Do you finish the mission you don't have to kill everyone in sight or even two thirds of them. This fact make you look more for patterns and you can choose in a wider sense what you can and MUST do. The missions also have differnet styles. For example, one mission is purely action and is more like Hitman than the original game.

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
As this game (and Desperados 2) has the "option" of playing in first person mode the controls and change of camera angle bothered me quite a bit. I found myself using the first person mode more than the upper view even though I prefer the upper view (it just was easier not having to change the view all the time). The controls aren't horrible but they seemed very rushed and could have been alot more smooth and natural.

Difficult to Cure
The controls make this game a bit harder than it should be. Other than that the difficulty depends on the level you are at. I am not exactly sure but I think it was the second level of the game that took the longest time to finish for me. Meanwhile the "Hitman level" just went straight ahead.. And that is one of the later levels mind you. A level in one of these games is never "easy" but there definitely are different shades of grey.

Enemies and Friends
This has the same characters as the second game. They are still entertaining to play and as fun to watch as ever (between missions) but I would have liked to try one or two new faces with some different abilties. If only for a few missions. The enemies is a bit smarter in this game as well. Some will make you scream naughty things. They might respond in different ways at different times. Which make it harder to make the right response.

Nobody's Fault..
But the creators of the game. One thing that shouldn't be is the fact that some levels must be played again and again with different objectives. Which just drags the game down. Each level takes quite a bit of time if you hare not really, really good. Do you then want to replay basically the same thing again? NO, you wouldn't. This game would get one grade higher from me if just all levels was different.

Personal sidenote
I long for another game in the style of Commandos or Desperados (or one of them). The style of these game might not be for the biggest market (aka. Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft or Fifa) but it is for me! If one is ever made.. You have a customer right here mate!

Grade: 7 / 10
Verfasst: 24 Mai 2012
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i wouldnt recommend this game to anyone.. first off it does not work with windows 7.. So if you are using windows 7 good luck in trying to get it to work since steam support is non-exsistent when a game doesn't work.

don't say i did not warn you...

good luck.
Verfasst: 28 November 2013
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