Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox that asks one simple question – how will you die?
User reviews: Very Positive (6,171 reviews)
Release Date: Nov 8, 2013

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What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Project Zomboid is a much more ambitious game than we could ever have hoped to fund ourselves. It has grown massively over the years, we've had our ups and downs, but find ourselves in a stable financial situation with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Steam community. We hope you will join us, but if not we understand. If you're not ready to jump in yet, then please consider us when we break out of Early Access. We have a demo too, if you'd like to give the game a try. Please be aware there may be a few compatibility glitches, but these can always be resolved by either turning off the Steam overlay for the game, or turning off 3D models on older cards.

How often do we update the community?

We have weekly newsletters, known as 'Mondoid's, which we publish on our site and on the Steam announcements every Monday (unsurprisingly) as a small tonic to the depressing 'back to work' feeling. These detail what we've been up to during the week, often with sneak peeks of upcoming features, interviews, videos and all that goodness. We've had an unbroken chain of Mondoids for well over a year now, and plan to continue them as long as Project Zomboid is developed. We also communicate with our community directly on our own forums and Steam forums, often with changelists for upcoming builds.

How often do we update?

We have a reputation that seems to diverge greatly when it comes to update frequency depending on who you ask. Many consider our game frequently updated, many consider us slow. In recent times it’s rare we don’t have a release within a month (including beta releases), and these always contain new gameplay features or major tweaks to the gameplay.

Some features, particularly NPCs, have taken a long time to implement. This is largely out of our commitment to getting the features right and them not disappointing on release, but it should be noted that we make no apology for delaying their release until we feel they would be enjoyed, live up to people’s expectations, and most importantly do not have a detrimental effect on the gameplay or stability of the game.

Here is a list of recent update dates. It should be noted that full releases often contain many more features than previous beta releases and for those looking for new content can often be considered distinct releases within themselves.

13th Oct - Build 29
22nd Sept - Build 29 (beta)
2nd Sept - Build 28
4th Aug - Build 28 (beta)
7th June - Build 27

We will admit to a few long waits between updates in the past, but we feel from community feedback that the majority of our customers are very satisfied with the development of the game. It should be pointed out too that the game has significant modding support, with map editors and full unrestricted lua modding access. We have a vibrant modding community that can help plug the gap between updates. It should also be taken into consideration that the game is already very far through development, to the point we have had recently discovered the first known 1000+ hour player - There is a lot of content to enjoy in the game already and we firmly and proudly believe it worth its current price as it stands. Please consider reading some reviews if you are still unsure about the content of the game or the release frequency.

Development Costs

Here we hope to give you a better idea of how the sales revenue from Project Zomboid will support development of the game. While we will keep particular developers salaries confidential, we would like to offer a breakdown of developer and office locations, along with the average rent costs, reported on for the Indie Stone offices, along with each developer's location to give you an idea of relative studio costs. It's become clear to us recently how significantly this factors into Early Access games chance of continuing development and we hope others will follow suit in divulging this information.

All percentages are in comparison to New York City (100%) - Other examples would be San Francisco (98.66%), London (93.81%), Moscow (52.71%) and Delhi (9.53%). The lower the % the further your purchase of an Early Access game will go to fund development (or more crucially how long that money will last), as accommodation costs correlate pretty closely with expected salaries and costs of living and working in that location. (Please note that in several cases the developer lives sufficiently outside the given city to make the actual %s likely much lower than reported)

3x Developers + Office
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom - 32.37%

1x Developer
Brighton, United Kingdom - 56.37%

1x Developer
Toronto, Canada - 51.78%

1x Developer
Surrey, Canada - 30.87%

1x Developer
Lille, France - 31.59%

Monthly development costs are currently recouped within approximately the first 1.5 weeks of the month on average, which means at present each month produces extra funds to further develop the game should sales dry up. This does not include sales or other promotions.

What if PZ stopped making any money tomorrow?

The Indie Stone have made sufficient sales since November last year to ensure that if the game stopped selling any copies tomorrow, the entire PZ dev team could carry on funded development as at present, with no reduction in workforce, for at least the next two years, potentially longer. This would not be an ideal situation for us, of course, but we are committed to finishing every major planned feature before we consider moving the game to 1.0.

In the worst (and least likely) possible of financial cases that required the disbandment of all paid developers of the game, 4 of the listed developers are directors of The Indie Stone with an invested interest in the success of the game and company, who would cut their income significantly and/or supplement development of the game with other work to get through any financial difficulties. Despite this no doubt causing progress to slow significantly, the 4 directors hold all required skills to continue development of the game during this nightmare scenario.

Details of major milestones can be found below.

What is required for 1.0?

Two major features are yet to be implemented into the game, both of which are currently in full-time uninterrupted development each with dedicated full-time developer support. These are:

NPCS - A far reaching and in-depth NPC system with character relationships, personalities, and an emergent story engine that allows for diverse and emergent character based zombie survival story unique to every playthrough. This also includes the tutorial, a return of Kate and Baldspot who starred in the early alphas of the game.

Vehicles - Fully physics modelled 3D vehicles, siphoning petrol, mechanics skills.

Several features require either significant modifications, rewrites or completion before we could consider 1.0.

Map completion - We still have a major city, an army base, more wilderness, and several small towns to implement to the game map.

UI Rewrite - The UI isn’t perfect by any stretch. We would like to get a more intuitive and ergonomic UI system implemented.

Stealth / Combat - New animations to allow for stealth mechanics (looking round corners, crouching behind walls, cover etc) as well as a rewrite of the combat system to leverage new animations to make combat more involved, intuitive and fluid.

We’ve been aiming for these to be completed by the end of the year, but as it seems the end of the year is looming toward us like an unstoppable army of the undead, it seems more likely it will fall into Q1 next year. However, this too is not set in stone. We tend to avoid ETAs because Early Access development in particular is often filled with unknowns and we want to ensure we get these highly anticipated features right.

In the meantime however we will continue to update the game and provide new features for our community to play with. One of our developers full time responsibility is providing frequent and new items, crafting recipes, skills and survival gameplay elements to fill out any holes in gameplay, and provide frequent feature rich game updates in line with community feedback, while the other developers focus on finishing these specific remaining major features.

What about after 1.0?

At this point, once we feel we have fulfilled every promise we gave when the Project Zomboid site first launched (except the last one, ahem, ignore that. Absolutely no one wanted that, it turned out), as well as the extra things detailed above, and the game is sufficiently polished and bug free, we will launch the game as 1.0 and leave Early Access.

What happens at this point depends entirely on whether the game is making money or not, but given the past solid performance of the game we see no reason why it shouldn’t be. Several developers within the team will likely start exploring our second project at this point, however we have dedicated and passionate developers who were brought into the company via the Project Zomboid modding community, emotionally invested in the game, who are already a big part of the development and communicating with the community. As long as Project Zomboid is making enough to support their continued development of the game, and they are happy to continue working on it (which seems likely), we will continue making Project Zomboid indefinitely as long as there is interest.

That all said, we can’t make any solid promises beyond the 1.0 mark, however there are countless things we would love to do that go way beyond 1.0 and sales make us confident that we’ll get the opportunity to explore them. Truth be told, given that it was Zomboid that put the money in the bank in the first place, as long as our company is secure and we can fund any other project's development comfortably, it's very probable we'd be willing to put some money back into the game beyond the point it's sustaining itself if there are any features in particular we can't bear to leave out of the game.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“See above!”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“See above!”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“See above!”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“It will likely be £5, $8 more expensive once we hit 1.0. Due to our commitment to making sure early adopters get the cheapest price in appreciation of their early support, we will never appear on bundles, or in sales that take it to or below the original alpha price of £5, $8 until a long time post 1.0. This commitment also means that, until 1.0 and the price increase, we will never be willing to go beyond a 40% sale.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“See above!”
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"One of the most depressing video games you will ever play. In a good way."

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November 24

I-W-BUMS and I cannot lie

Hello, a short and sweet Mondoid this week – primarily due to the awesome contained within.
First off, you know Build 30? That awesome one with all the Medical advances, the Erosion integration and the cool split-screen bizness? Well it looks like this in a surprisingly well-produced, and consistently French, video as produced and directed by Romain – and aided and abetted by EP! [It’s all pretty cool, but make sure you check out the winterscape timelapse at 3:37]
Second off, do you fancy playing the build itself? Only we’ve just released it on our IWBUMS branch. You can read details on how to access it here, and report the bugs you find in our bug tracker here, and to read more about build 30 here is the complete changelist. This hasn’t been in internal testing too long (there WILL be weirdness that lies within) but we really need wider feedback on how the split-screen and improved controller support is working – and on any issues Erosion starts throwing at you as your game progresses.
Finally, what with yule-tide fast approaching the wonderful Connall is organising a Project Zomboid Community Secret Santa program that we heartily endorse. Check out his thread on the forums here, and get involved!
Finally, finally – we wish all our American players a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. (We’ve seen it in the films, and it looks great!)
That’s about it for this week. Keep your eyes locked onto the TIS twitter for build updates and testing news, and if you can’t then why not subscribe to our newsletter so that anything and everything exciting can be hand-delivered by an electric postman?

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November 17

Spiffo sez: "Split-screen!"

So, the big news is that alongside Erosion Mod integration and the new health/medical system we’ve got a third prong to the Build 30 trident – the return of local split-screen co-op and fixed gamepad controls! More on this in but a few paragraphs’ time!

Current Build
After having it on the brew for what feels like an ice-age, we had a few last minute hang-ups with releasing 29.4 into the wild last week – rather predictably just after saying we’d likely release it on Tuesdoid and ‘all systems go yay’. It’s been in our public IWBUMS test group over the weekend, and showed no major signs of misbehaving – so now it’s released! We’re aware you heard the same thing last week, and apologise again for thisbut as long as the wider Steam audience doesn’t flag anything then Build 29 can now be considered final and we can finally update Desura.

Build 30   
Build 30 (current addition and changelist here) is in quite good nick – not yet in internal testing, but good enough that we allowed lovely Tooks to stream a playthrough over the weekend. You can have a peek at his two dabbles here and here. This, in turn, flagged up a load of now-fixed bugs, so pushing it into a state where a proper internal test build doesn’t feel far away at all.

Given the number of additions and complexity of what’s going into Build 30 we anticipate that its internal testing will be slightly longer than that experienced by its predecessors – but once it hits public IWBUMS testing it should’ve been worth the wait.

To keep your anticipating engines running RJ and EP are going to try to hook up another super-french preview video for you next Mondoid.

Split-Screen Co-Op and Gamepad Control: The Return (in 30)
The redoubtable EasyPickins has been hard at work polishing and improving on the old model of split-screen that we first bundled into our Rezzed build all that time ago. What can you expect aside from four player split-screen play and improved controller support?

  • Tap ‘A’ on a controller and you’ll get some options that will let you: take over an existing on-screen player 1, add a new player via the character creation screen and (if previously created) add in an existing co-op character.
  • All co-op characters are now saved automatically, just as they are in SP. They appear in the game’s save directory in files called map_p1.bin, map_p2.bin etc
  • It is now possible to play split-screen MP online. The first player logs in to a server, then co-op players hit the A button once in-game just like in SP. Co-op players don’t need to log in, but we do have to juggle issues like MP co-op players having the same username – likewise we’ll have to work out what to do with in-game chat.
  • Sleeping in local co-op will now work in that players can go to sleep separately, but time will only speed up when you’re both asleep. This currently leads to hilarity [well, slight amusement] as the player snoozing first does so standing up.

That’s about it for this week. Keep your eyes locked onto the TIS twitter for build updates and testing news, and if you can’t then why not subscribe to our newsletter so that anything and everything exciting can be hand-delivered by an electric postman?

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“What can I say? This game's interface looks so simplistic by today's standards, and yet the Indie Stone team has managed to possibly create one of the best post-apocalyptic zombie survival games in existence to date.”
Max Power! (105 hrs)

“Most realistic zombie apocalypse scenario game to date.”
democar821 (81 hrs)

“The gameplay is surprisingly addicting, sometimes I look at the clock and wonder where the last 4 hours went, but looking at my fort shows me where they went.”
syfy2K4 (1,021 hrs)

About This Game

Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die?

In the towns of Muldraugh and West Point, survivors must loot houses, build defences and do their utmost to delay their inevitable death day by day. No help is coming – your continued survival relies on your own cunning, luck and ability to evade a relentless horde.

Current Features

  • Hard-core Sandbox Zombie Survival Game with a focus on realistic survival.
  • Online multiplayer survival with persistent player run servers.
  • Full line of sight system and real-time lighting, sound and visibility mechanics. Hide in the shadows, keep quiet and keep the lights off at night, or at least hang sheets over the windows.
  • Vast and growing map (loosely based on a real world location) for you to explore, loot and set up your fortress. Check out Blindcoder’s map project:
  • Use tools and items to craft weapons, barricade and cook. You can even build zombie proof forts by chopping trees, sawing wood and scavenging supplies.
  • Deal with depression, boredom, hunger, thirst and illness while trying to survive.
  • Day turns to night. The electricity falters. Hordes migrate. Winter draws in. Society is in freefall.
  • Farming, trapping, fishing, carpentry, character customization, skills and perks that develop based on what you do in-game.
  • Hundreds of zombies with swarm mechanics and in-depth visual and hearing systems.
  • Proper zombies that don’t run. (Unless you tell them to in the sandbox menu).
  • A ton of amazing atmospheric music tracks by the prodigy that is Zach Beever.
  • Instant action ‘Last Stand’ mode, on top of our Sandbox and Survival
  • Full, open and powerful Lua modding support.

    We’re a small team at the moment, but we’re also committed to providing the following:

    planned Features:

  • The return of our PZ Stories mode that also serves as first ever tutorial actively trying to kill you at every turn. Kate and Baldspot return!
  • In-depth and varied NPC encounters driven in a persistent world, powered by a metagame system that turns each play-through into your very own zombie survival movie with emergent narrative gameplay.
  • Engine upgrade to make the most of your graphics card as well as your processor
  • Constant expansion of the countryside and cities around Muldraugh and West Point
  • Full wilderness survival systems, animals and hunting for food.
  • More items, crafting recipes, weapons and gameplay systems.
  • Steam Workshop and Achievements support
  • Game pad support
  • Local 4 player split-screen co-op

For more details on the game visit or follow us on @theindiestone or visit

A huge thanks to the wonderful MathasGames and Dean Cutty for making the awesome intro video. If you love indie games their channels are well worth a sub.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Nb. This is an Early Access game. A demo has been provided so you can be sure the game runs on your set-up to your satisfaction.

      Radeon 4xxx series (or below) graphics cards and Windows 8 may have issues. Please make sure to try the demo before purchasing!

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2Gb Ram
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.23gig
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible dedicated graphics card
    • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card
    • Nb. This is an Early Access game. A demo has been provided so you can be sure the game runs on your set-up to your satisfaction.

    • OS: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2Gb Ram
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.23gig
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible dedicated graphics card
    • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card
    • Nb. This is an Early Access game. A demo has been provided so you can be sure the game runs on your set-up to your satisfaction.

    • Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2Gb Ram
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.23gig
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible dedicated graphics card
    • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card
Helpful customer reviews
42 of 45 people (93%) found this review helpful
178.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 9
Early Access Review
This is a very good game.


Zombies don't 'spawn' in.
All the zombies in the town spawn at the start. Zombies can't spawn inside the safe area you set up. Realistic, and also an issue a lot of games get wrong. This also makes it technically possible to kill ALL the zombies in the game - good luck with that though.

The isometric style works well for the genre.
The more 'old school' method of graphics actually enhances gameplay - especially if you are playing on a lower spec PC. You can have hundreds of zombies comming at you - and its not going to crash or lag. This simply cannot be accomplished realistically and effectively in a full 3d first person high-red format.

You aren't a super man.
You can't carry 6000 cubic feet of dirt, or wood, or potato chips. You are forced to make realistic decisions as you would in a real zombie apocalypse. Simply running through and clicking a 'loot all' button is not how this game functions. Also, don't expect to jump 6 feet into the air, or run 35 miles per hour either. You also have realistic amounts of ammunition, which has weight - so even a well-off survivor isn't going to be spamming bullets.

When you die, you're dead - or undead.
Regardless of if you like this or not - you can't deny: Things just got real.

General Realism
Food can spoil. Planned sickness and and infection (non zombie) system with medical system to combat such issues. You can scavenge for food (bugs and berries). Fishing. Trapping. Hunting (Planned). Fatigue (Needs Tweaks). Mood system (Patrially implemented).

Good Community
Its in the early stages of developement - and it already has a modding community thats doing some pretty good work - in fact, the developers are aware of this and support this, even working with a modder to incorporate their mod into the base game. Indie developing at its finest.

Good Multiplayer
You can survive the end times with friends, or duke it out with them in the zombie apocolypse (Pvp needs tweaks, and those tweaks are planned)

Planned Singleplayer and multiplayer NPCs
High quality NPC's planned, with the same functionality and needs as players. They eat the same, they kill them same. etc.

You cannot rotate the camera.
You cannot and you won't ever be able to. It doesn't break the game in any way, but its a drag, we just have to deal with it.

Needs more hotkey options.
Item binding buttons for switching to various items while still moving. Craft X options. Cook X options. (Upon release I'd like to play with a group, and it will just be easier for the guys cooking and whatnot.) Quality of life improvements mostly. There should be a hotkey to drop bags in a pinch if you need to abandon weight and run. There isn't

Would like to see some minor automation.
Ex. You can build using wood at your feet currently, but if its a space over, you have to move it, or hold it to use it - all entered as separate commands. I would like a 'use nearby' option to be toggleable, for example. If I tell a guy to build a wall, I would like for him to walk (or run if toggled) back and forth to the wood pile and wall and build the wall/ floor, etc. if its reasonably close. It should also be toggleable to prevent this if unwanted. I would also like to see this with the cook or craft X options. Streamlining repetitive menial tasks improves the experience.

Realism. and Lategame Tweaks.
The realism is good, but with realism comes even more expectations. I would like to see food preservation options. I would like to see societal rebuilding in the lategame (especially with NPCs) However due to the lategame currently being somewhat easy, I suggest that new challenges are thrown into the mix. Horde Migrations (Planned). Bandit/ Raider group - From another town? Vehicles and weapons to combat you with - that you can get if you win perhaps? Restore power (In minor ways). Restore running water (Partially). The idea is that eventually you must die, but farming made it possible to live indefinitely. I think surviving forever should be possible - but should be made difficult. Dudes attacking with machine guns and zombie hordes will always be a real threat.

Lots of planned features. Good features, but features that take time, and as the indie market and development process is a somewhat new phenomenon, and it goes against the modern world's fast-life culture, it can be difficult at times. Movable funiture, Portable Storage (Wheelie bins, Wheelbarrows), Vehicles. NPC's. NPC's. . . . . NPC's. All things we're waiting for.

Minor Concerns

Tweaks Needed
There are various things that don't quite work that well yet, and need to be solved, like sleep/no sleep options in multiplayer - as well as how some moodles function (moodles are buffs/debuffs/warnings that describe various status effects on your character) - but the game is early release, so it gets a pass on those things for the time being.

The map is huge, but there is no 'random' map - and your map options are limited.
The only map options are what region/town on the map in which you spawn. The base map is fantastic, and features a good mix of environments, and they do continually expand the map. (If map expansion continues - especially beyond release - then one map only will make a lot more sense and this will go into the 'pro' category - Especially if the map becomes ALL of kentucky like some rumors have suggested) [Even if its DLC, or if modders have to do this - DO IT. lol] - More maps are being made by modders as well.

Sandbox mode
You can tweak zombies to be whatever kind of lore you want - Fast, strong, mutant freaks - Slow, shambling, traditional corpses? - Its all up to you. Weather options. Utility shut down times. Day lengths in real time. Availibility of loot. Loot respawn options (mostly for servers).
However, since there is a 'survival mode' already, I would like to see sandbox expanded more. Maybe you DO want to be a crazy madman who can run faster, or maybe you want a headstart of skills, maybe you wan't skills to progress and train faster. Maybe you want to start with some sort of gear loadout. These things don't fit with the spirit of the game as much, but they should be options in the sandbox. This will appeal more to the 'hardcore' crowd by allowing them to test things in a sandbox environment (Like how fast am I with athletic and lvl 5 running?) - Or maybe you want to play where your guy is fast, AND the zombies are fast - like some sort of human enhancing drug worked on some like you, but causes ill effects in others - making them crazy I Am Legend monsters. It will also appeal to casual gamers by allowing them to nerf harder aspects of them game.
In short, Sandbox has a good amount of options, but I'd like to see more - primarily the ability to set starting trait and skill points. Sandbox is about freedom.
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37 of 40 people (93%) found this review helpful
14.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 7
Early Access Review
Had a problem of inventory buttons disapeering and got loads of help from the developers and thats a sign of folks who care about their game and community.
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16 of 21 people (76%) found this review helpful
109.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 2
Early Access Review
Excellent game, excellent Devs and excellent community.
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
26.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 10
Early Access Review
Today I got utterly ♥♥♥♥-faced on Chardonnay, fell off a roof, got trapped in a toilet by several zombies after my baseball bat broke because I was too drunk to kill them, got thirsty and had to drink toilet water and then fought my way out by stabbing them to death with a spoon. When I got home I discovered my broccoli patch had rotted. Just another day in Zomboid land.

To qualify this a little; I have no real interest in zombies (either in games, film or tv) and don't much care for survival games, even less so early access. Took a punt on this after Steam threw it up randomly in my recommended list (I think because I play Alien: Isolation) and I read a few reviews.

PZ manages that rare thing of being a pretty hardcore, serious game which should be quite depressing in many ways but somehow manages to also provide deeply satisfying moments of hilarity and 'how the hell did I get out of that?' gameplay.

It throws you in at the deepend and resolutely refuses to offer you a hand, let alone a life vest. You will die, often and when you least expect it. You will only have yourself to blame, or the git who put a burglar alarm on their house. I'd recommend reading as little as possible by way of guides and wikis and just going at it, the sense of bewilderment and confusion and the resultant satisfaction from figuring stuff out is part of the fun.

Lastly, the devs seem very active in the community and there are great looking updates on the horizon. This game is shaping up to be a bit of a cult classic.
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 3
Early Access Review
Honestly the superior option currently on the market in terms of post apocalyptic zombie survival games. Project Zomboid features several interesting gameplay features which really set it apart from most of the genre. First and foremost, the way the game treats sight is very interesting. You can only see what is in front of you in a wide cone (depending on what "perks" you pick, Ill get to that later) meaning that anything behind you can easily sneak up on you. Now, if something sneaks up on you another gameplay mechanic comes in, the Sims-esque moodlets. These moodlets range from hungry to, in the case of a zombie sneaking up on you: surprised. All of these moodlets do different things from reducing accuracy to lowering run speed. Additionally, at character creation you pick your character's profession and appropriate perks. Now, you can't just choose a set of awesome perks and jump into the game. You must balance out negative "perks" with the helpful perks. I really like this as it no only adds a roleplaying aspect but also demonstrates that not everyone is the ultimate zombie slaying badass. Which I believe this game tries to reinforce you're just an average Joe and that as much as you theorize about how you'll survive the zombie apocalypse it's a lost easier said than done. For example, the game has a short loading screen/cut scene stating that these are the ends times etc. but right at the end it doesn't say "this is how you survived" or anything like that it simply tells you: "this is how you died". I bought this game when I heard the devs mention how it's like when you sit around with friends theorizing about how you survive the apocalypse expecting to mow through hordes of undead like a badass. But the game soon crushed my dreams of doing so. But I believe this is a kind of reality check and demonstrates that humans aren't as resilient as you would like to believe. Gameplay also offers two options (kind of). You can head out into the wilderness and farm or you can head into the city where all the loot is- and the zombies. There are currently two maps to choose from with plenty of potential for more. And these maps are sizeable too so I'm sure it would take many hours to be able to recognize the map in your mind. Anyway, graphically speaking it's not that amazing but the sound design is honestly wonderful. The intermittent music stings and the noise when you spot a zombie are top notch. This game already has a decent modding community and the devs seem to be updating it on a regular basis. So, from what I've seen so far (which, addmitedly, isn't as much as I'd like but I just don't have the time) this game is exceptional for it's unique gameplay mechanics amongst it's genre and is definitely a welcome change to the formula. I definitely reccomend it to anyone possibly interested in it. I can't quite give it a numbered rating but I can safely say this is the best survival game I've played in a very, very long time.
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
79.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 9
Early Access Review
Alright. First of all, I do not know why I am writing this. It won't probably get noticed, but if you are reading this, and are thinking of buying it, listen up.

Do you like left 4 dead? If you do, this game isn't similar to that, at all. This is a game where you create a story. Create a character and try your best to live his last days or weeks (or even months, if you're skilled enough). This is a game of patience. You have to slowly experience your character to his limits. You have to teach him how to fish. YOU have to teach him how to build a fort, and you have to teach him how to fight the greater evil.

Be careful though. This isn't a story about how you suddenly met 100 zombies and went full rambo on them and now you're the old man telling your grandkids these tales. It is a story, a tale on how you survived against the dozens of hordses what came around when the mankind fell. This game, THIS GAME is the one where you can prove your point with your friends in the argument of "Who is the one of us to die first?" or "Who will last longest?". This is the suitable game for that. They are even going to add advanced NPC's soon that are going to function just like a normal player. Spooky, aint it?

Now, back from the character. The music is extremely good. Let me give you an example of an interactive music demo from ingame music. Click on the link, and read the text and try to live the story. You don't have to listen to the whole song.

Imagine the violins playing when you've fought your last battle, and got bitten. You know you have a few hours left and decide to take your stuff and leave. You wander off to the city. The city is quiet, but suddenly zombies appear around every corner. You ready your shotgun.

Your panic increases when you put the bullets in the barrel and you become slower every second. You dropped a bullet accidentally out of panic. There's no time for more reloading. You equip your shotgun and stand still for a few seconds to aim correctly into the horde. A few zombies fall, but it doesn't hinder the movement of the undead. You take a few steps back and you fall. You get up as fast as you can. You can hear the zombies growling a hundred feet away.

You arrive home. Your last moments are near. You open the drawer and find a picture of your family, dead a long time ago. Your tears drop down the picture, and it gets wet. After 30 minutes of crying, the tears start fueling your rage. You are after revenge.

You return to the horde. You walk slowly and wait until the zombies hunker near you. You have your trusty machete in your hand. As the zombies come you slice them up and roar like a predator from every slaughter. As you work your way through all of the zombies, they start to increase in numbers. Suddenly, when youre swinging the blade into the skull of the last nearby zombie, the color of your sight starts to disappear. You now see only in the colors of white and black. You try to retreat but eventually pass out.


The game will become even more masterful when the seasons, the medical overhaul, and the other survivors arrive. Just wait. I love this game. You should try out the demo if youre still considering, but I have a few things to tell you. Enter houses through windows, holding E when you are trying to access them. The doors are rarely open. You also have limited time, because the character youre playing as has got bitten. It gives some taste what the game is like. I have no idea how outdated it is what-so-ever.

Oh, its an early access game? The devs are the most active devs I've ever seen. They are very systematic, every monday there is an update of what they are doing, was it big or small, its still there every week. They are also open for suggestions, as they added a brilliant mod to the develop scheme a few weeks ago, what introduces seasons.

I would reccommend this game to anyone, and soon you can still play it alone with no friends because of the NPC's. You can literally team up with them and arrange them to loot for food and such.
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Posted: November 12
Early Access Review
One word AMAZING!!! The fact it's in Beta and it has this much content makes it incredible. Plus the In-game map is only an hour from where i live so i kinda have that special bond with it. Devs are constently updating the game,they listen to their consumers and they try to help fix every bug and take in request for items and things to put in the game. 100 hours plus and still chugging along.
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Posted: November 16
Early Access Review
Well 1st off. This is the 1st game I have ever written. I own over 160 games on steam, and this is my 1st review!!!
So why review Project Zomboid? Well you could say im a little bit of a graphics Wh@#%... That I thought there is no way in hell I would play this game. To old school!!! There's just no way... Well the story goes like this.
My alienware 18x had to be sent off for a repair and I had to break out my old laptop. Was looking for a game that was'nt as graphics intensive. So my search began. Looked at tons of games, but I have really been into survival games the last year or so. The pickings are slim as I own most of them. All of them disappointments by the way ( in more than one way for most ).I seen Project Zomboid and just kept passing it over. There's no way I would enjoy Zomboid. So was kinda eyeing Miscreated which had just come out, but while it looks ok . Seems like it just released way to early with not enough to offer. I could'nt bring myself to buy it though. To many others are stuck in this same state ( that I own) for me to commit to purchasing.
Well then I clicked on Project Zomboid (negative thoughts running through my mind). Read about the game. Scrolled down to reviews and started reading some( almost 6k positive and under 400 negative ).. Well hell that says alot right there. Most zombie survival games are about 1/2 and 1/2 with pos/neg reviews. So I wnt to youtube and started watching reviews on PZ. Took me about 2hrs to commit to buying PZ. Mind you I was still pretty darn sure I would'nt like it, but with so many positive reviews and positive community behind it. I figured I would give it a try.

I must say boy was I wrong. Just like minecraft this game proves graphics aren't everything. This game has really blown me away. Most complete and satisfying zombie survival to date for me ( hands down ). I can't say enough about PZ. Im still shocked that Im enjoying this game this much..If your on the fence just buy it. If your like me and thought no way? Just buy it... But wait there'ssssss Moooooore!!!!!!! This games not done yet. They still have alot to add, and the direction they are going sounds amazing. This game is only going to get better people.

Long story short. Just Buy The D@%$ Game.....

P.S: to those 370 Negative Reviewers WTH did you play the same game I did =p
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Posted: November 4
Early Access Review
Project zomboid was my first ever zombie game, I purchased it before it was on steam from the devs website for $5 best $5 I ever spent.

This game started my love for survival/zombie games and is a constant go to game for me.

Dont let the simplistic look of the game put you off, it has all the trimmings: crafting, base building, array of loot and of course lots of zombie killing!

With active devs this game has great features added all the time and is definitely one to check out if you like a challenge and enjoy zombie/survivial games
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Posted: November 13
Early Access Review
Project Zomboid is one of those games that have great potential. The community of the game is great and the developers are very active. I have been following this game for a very long time now. I believe I bought this game in 2011 before it came out via Early Access on Steam. Every Monday the Developers update their blog telling us what's new in their development and sometimes showing us videos of what's new.

Anyways, down to the gameplay. Now obviously, this game is in Early Access. But, some bugs are quite hard to find in the stable branch. So the game is very much playable. When you first start out playing this game you will probably die much faster than veteran players(unless you're me). But, after awhile you will learn how things work and be able to build a safehouse and even have yourself an efficient farm without having much fear of the zeds trying to kill you. There is also multiplayer! Sadly though, the multiplayer is a bit buggy in a few ways(mostly the zeds). But it is very much playable.

Project Zomboid is a very good game even being Early Access. The developers are active and the community is great. There is much planned for it, and it definitely deserves the try.
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Posted: November 9
Early Access Review
Best. Game. Ever.
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Posted: November 7
Early Access Review
Like The Sims, but with minor exceptions:

Instead of having a family - There's zombies
Instead of having a job - There's zombies
Instead of having neighbours - There's zombies

420/10 Need's more zombies
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Posted: November 10
Early Access Review
project zomboid what to say about you . At first when i played this game i think my average survival time was 4 days and they were 4 days fraugt with keeping hydrated running from house to house to find open doors being chsed by the undead fending off the ones in front just to be torn apert from behind. yes the graphics on this game are nothing special but the game play dam if you are not on your toes at all time you are finished its so adictive fighting for survival crafting looting this in my opinion is a fantastic game highly adictive and very emersive must play imho
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Posted: November 22
Early Access Review
So good.
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Posted: November 11
Early Access Review
One of the best zombie games I have played. Despite some short comings (which they are still working on) this game is just fanstastic!

Realism without going over the top like some zombie games.
Combat is really enjoyable once you get the hang of it.
Why more fun with friends and can PVP.
Can play sandox and customize from rather easy zombies to "true zombies" as they call it.
Can do cool stuff like use a rope (or make one from sheet) to climb out a window if the house gets flooded with zombies.
One of the best inventory system ever. (IMO) MIght take a bit getting used to but just make sense in terms of reaslism.

Becoming sick from zombie bite or sratch can be OP at times (like after 25 days and like 700 zombie kills one just scratches me and its game over.) but as I pointed out you can changed that in sandbox if you dont like it.
Missing stuff like cars (imo)
Lack of other things to do such as more crafting like modding weapons more then just nailed bat and sawed off.
Lack of firearm types (only pistol, shutgun, and varrmint rifle at the moment) I would like to see a couple types of each and even assault rifles SMGs, sniper rifles, you know.
No in game map (like I cant find a map of my local area map at every gas station or store) but you can find one online.

Most of the stuff in Cons are all stuff that very well will be fixed by full release, but as of now they are cons.

All in all I give this a 8 out of 10 which is damn good considering its still "early access".
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Posted: November 27
Early Access Review
I love this game. This is the way zombie survival games should be made. I got this game back when it was just on Desura and its come a long way. If you dont have this game you are missing out.
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Posted: November 23
Early Access Review
Its a really cool game still in development and i see bright things for this game in the future.
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Posted: November 25
Early Access Review
Started New Game, Took All The Pills I Could Find, Wandered Aimlessly For 20 Min, Then O.D In Some Random Forest... 1,000,000,000,000/10!
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Posted: October 29
Early Access Review
Screamed as I ran past 50 Zombies
I lived.
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Posted: October 29
Early Access Review
Built nigh-impenatrable castle with a friend. We built a 4 story apartment building and I wanted a window on my floor (third). Accidentally broke a floor in the middle of the night-plummeted down and splattered infront of the doorway, losing all my hours of skill building in a second.

10/10 would reccomend
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