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Una combinación única de juego orientado a la acción y resolución de puzles clásica
Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 Ene 2010
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Incluye: Episodio 1: The Search For The Lost Garden, Episodio 2: Solomons Secret, Episodio 3: Revelations

Acerca del juego

Adam's Venture es un nuevo juego de acción y exploración. Hecho realidad desde una perspectiva en tercera persona gracias al motor gráfico Unreal 3™, a los fanáticos de la acción les espera una joya visual.

Ambientado en la época de 1920, Adam’s Venture ofrece una combinación única de juego orientado a la acción con la clásica resolución de acertijos, lo que te lleva a un épico viaje a Oriente Medio para descubrir el legendario Jardín Perdido del Edén... pero un antiguo mal intentará evitar que lo consigas.

The Search for the Lost Garden es el primer episodio de la saga Adam's Venture, y sirve como introducción al joven explorador Adam Venture. Descifrando reliquias en una antigua Iglesia Templaria, Adam devela memorias escritas hace ya tiempo por un cruzado que luchó con Ricardo Corazón de León en Tierra Santa. Las memorias hablan de un misterioso lugar con laberintos de cuevas y grutas guardando la cabecera de cuatro grandes ríos. ¿Podría este lugar ser el legendario Jardín del Edén? Este descubrimiento inicia una gran aventura. Acompañado por el Profesor Jacques Saint Omair y su novia Evelyn, el equipo se embarca en una aventura épica llena de misterio, intriga y peligro en la búsqueda por descubrir el legendario lugar de nacimiento de la humanidad.

Características Principales:

  • Primer juego de la serie por episodios
  • Utiliza tecnología de captura de movimientos para animaciones realistas
  • Desarrollado utilizando el aclamado Unreal® EngineTM 3
  • Brillantemente hecho en un vívido 3D para ofrecer sorprendentes efectos visuales y entornos verdaderamente impresionantes
  • Jugabilidad sin violencia, apto para toda la familia
  • Historia rica y envolvente que dota de tintes históricos a una aventura clásica
  • Interactúa físicamente con los objetos y con tus alrededores, metiéndote realmente en el papel
  • Los retadores acertijos y una mecánica orientada a la acción aportan una profundidad totalmente nueva al género de aventura

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 2000 / XP
    • Procesador: Intel Pentium a 2.0 GHz o equivalente de AMD
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 1 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Gráfica con soporte para Pixel Shader 3.0 *
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Adicional: *No todos los modelos para portátil han sido probados y puede que algunos no proporcionen las características adecuadas para cumplir los elevados requisitos de hardware
    • SO: Windows 7
    • Procesador: Intel Pentium Dual Core o equivalente de AMD
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
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I bought every Adam's Venture game for $1.74. Ill tell you this, I wish I hadn't. The game itself goes on for maybe 1 hour or 2, and just feels like a very cheap knock off of Uncharted. As for the story, heres how it goes: You are Adam Venture (sooo funny) and with your girlfriend Eve, you go in search of the lost garden of Eden. Aside from the not-so-subtle Biblical references, the game throws passages from the bible at you via word puzzles, which honestly are too easy to be called puzzles. And even so, the puzzles might be the best thing about it; the controls for this game are worse than Tomb Raider (1996), and that's saying something for a game released in 2009. The graphics leave something to be desired, though the pretty shading and lighting effects from Unreal Engine 3 makes the bland, low quality meshes and textures look somewhat decent, and defintely more appealing than the animation, voice acting and the lip-syncing.

Overall, if you could spend your money on anything else, spend it on that. This game is just a cheap, preachy excuse for a game.
Publicado: 17 abril 2014
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I recommend this game to anyone look for easy achievements, the gameplay itself is very lacking, the puzzles are extremely easy. I'd Recommend it if it didn't take me about 30 minutes to complete the first Episode (the rest of my gametime was just me being AFK or on the phone) and if the puzzles weren't all the same 3-4 puzzles over and over again... and so bloody easy.

BUYER BEWARE: The whole game is basically a cheap advert for Christianity, so if you don't like Christianity, don't buy it. I myself don't care really... though I'd have preferred to know before I bought the game, else I personally wouldn't have bought it.
Publicado: 3 mayo 2014
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A simple little Uncharted/Zelda style adventure game. Puzzles are uninspired, more like logic puzzles than game puzzles. It's not bad, and worth a play if you want a short adventure game. Also you can get all achievements in about 90 minutes if you are one of those people.
Publicado: 4 junio 2014
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This game is as cheesy as hell but can complete in less than 2 hours and pick up 17 achievements and 100% complete to add perfect games to your list. The game itself is ok. It's kind of a much lower end Tomb Raider. I was getting frustrated with he character jumping like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ but it's worth a play and some of the puzzles are quite challenging.
Publicado: 4 mayo 2014
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The Adam's Venture Series is one of disappointment. The third person adventure/puzzle series is accompanied by deceptive visuals, unclear puzzles, cheesy character models, and voice acting.

The game('s) puts you in the shoes of Adam Venture, a young archeologist trying to find the Garden of Eden, Solomon's Temple, and...his girlfriend...

So the first two of the adventures sound kinda what happened with the third? [SPOILERS] Well the second game ended as a cliffhanger in which the notorious villain runs of with Adam's girlfriend. [SPOILERS] Hence, the first half of the third game is a flashback and the second half is a lame and poorly executed attempt at a climax. To be honest, out of all the three games the first is the most enjoyable. The story was probably the best and the environments the most exciting in the first game.

The gameplay try's to blend adventure exploration with puzzles. Now don't get me wrong I don't have an issue with adventure/puzzlers. The problem is that the adventure portion is exciting and the puzzle portion is boring and frustrating. The puzzles in game look like they were designed for a five year old. They literally only take you about 2 minutes average to solve...if you can understand how the puzzle works. The puzzles are presented with minimal and vague instructions. I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do with the stinking puzzle sometimes! So in short, the puzzle portion of the game is a major fail...

The adventure part is fun enough though, however long it lasts. Each game only takes about two and a half to four hours to beat.

The game advertises itself to have gorgeous graphics and while I will admit it does look good, it only looks good at a distance.

As with most Unreal Engine games, the game looks appealing at a distance and then as you get a closer look you start to see where work needs to be done. I maxed the game out and I noticed that as I got closer to the camera everything just went completely fuzzy, un-detailed, and pasty. Oh well...I guess you get what you paid for...

Perhaps though the worst part of the game is the character models and the voice acting. The character models talk and move in the weirdest manner during the cutscenes. I don't know how anyone could consider that natural movement. To worsen, it the voice acting is terrible. Compound that with a crummy script and there you have it...a nauseating experience.

The Adam's Venture has brought me some fun adventures moments, but that is about all...

Not much here folks, go play something worthy of your Counter Strike, Planetside 2, or some kind of an adventure game that doesn't have a cheesy pun in its title...

Overall Rating: 4/10

Presentation: 5/10
Story: 4/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Graphics: 4/10
Sound: 4/10
Lasting Appeal: 3/10

Overall Rating: 4/10

Content Review:

What the Adam Venture series lacks in quality it makes up for in content. The game contains literally no objectionable content and boasts on its homepage that it strives dearly to make a game "for the whole family to enjoy." If only you could actually enjoy it though...

Positive Elements: You stand for mortality and try too stop the evil henchmen in the game from completing their tasks.

3/10 (Barely Present) Violence: There are many chases throughout the series. A lot of action/adventure sequences. Perilous situations are encountered frequently. One character pulls a gun on Adam and Evelyn, but never actually pulls the trigger (thought he threatens to).

0/10 (None) Language: :)

1/10 (Barely Noticeable) Sexual Content: Some flirtatious conversations between Evelyn and Adam. Nothing lewd or obscene though.

0/10 (None) Drugs/Alcohol: :)

2/10 (Barely Present) Negative Elements: Adam is occasionally haughty and can have a very narrow minded view about some things.

Other Moral Issues: Mystical Forces are referenced and seen sometimes in series.

Final Content Rating: 9/10 (Clean)
Publicado: 14 abril 2014
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