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Adam's Venture Episode 1: The Search For The Lost Garden
A unique combination of action oriented gameplay and classic puzzle solving
Utgivelsesdato: 1 Jan 2010
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Includes: Episode 1: The Search For The Lost Garden, Episode 2: Solomons Secret, Episode 3: Revelations

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Adam's Venture is a new action & exploration game. Brought to life from a third person perspective with the Unreal 3™ engine, adventure gamers are in for a real visual treat.

Set during the 1920’s, Adam’s Venture delivers a unique combination of action oriented gameplay with classic puzzle solving, that takes you on an epic journey to the middle East to discover the legendary Lost Garden of Eden – but an ancient evil tries to prevent you from succeeding...

The Search for the Lost Garden will be the first episode in the Adam's Venture series and introduces you to young explorer Adam Venture. Deciphering relics in an old Templar Church, Adam uncovers memoirs written long ago by a crusader who fought with Richard the Lionheart in the Holy Lands. The memoirs tell of a mysterious place with labyrinths of caves and grottos guarding the headwaters of four great rivers. Could this place be the legendary lost Garden of Eden? This discovery sets off a great adventure. Accompanied by Professor Jacques Saint Omair, and his girlfriend Evelyn, the team embarks on an epic adventure fraught with mystery, intrigue and danger in their quest to find the legendary birth place of humanity.

Key Features:

  • First game of the episodic series.
  • Uses motion capture technology for realistic animations.
  • Developed using the critically acclaimed Unreal® EngineTM 3.
  • Brilliantly rendered in vivid 3D for striking visuals and truly stunning environments.
  • Non-violent, family friendly gameplay.
  • Rich and involving storyline that weaves a classic adventure with historical overtones.
  • Physically interact with objects and your surroundings, to really absorb yourself into the atmosphere.
  • Challenging puzzles and action oriented game-play brings a whole new depth and feel to the adventure genre.


    • OS: Windows 2000, XP
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz or equivalent AMD
    • Memory: 512 MB
    • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
    • Video Card: Pixel Shader 3.0 Card required *
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Additional: *All laptop models were not tested and some may not provide features adequate to meet the
      intense hardware requirement.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual core or equivalent AMD
    • Memory: 1024 MB
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I can recommend this game series for:
- Adults who like casual adventures
- young teenager
- children

All three games are casual adventures with (for adults) very easy puzzels and a quiet simple, yet funny humor. The 'action scenes' and language contents are appropriate for the groups mentioned above. Playing as young adventurerer Adam Venture there is quite a bit of decent story that can be discovered during the three games. The graphics are pretty okay for an indie production, the voice acting is also quite good and the controls are very simple. With a very maximum of 2.5 hours of play time for each game the series might be suited for the impatient kind, but is surely disappointing for deep story lovers.
Publisert: 11 Desember 2013
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The game has to be play a little at a time, or it will seriously try your patience. This is mostly due to the controls being very crude, reminiscent of game controls of the 90s. The graphics and gameplay also felt to be of the same decade. The game was nicely nostalgic for me but, at the same time, I was frustratingly reminded of how freakin’ difficult it was to even be able to get the game character to walk in a straight line in games of the 90s!
The games simplicity might lead you to think it’s a kid's game, however, the in-game mini-puzzles are clearly too difficult for kids at times and come with no explanations.
I loved the mini-puzzles but would have liked the rest of the game to have matched their difficulty. Just skipping the invisible boarders enabling the character to actually fall from getting to close to cliff edges would have improved the game difficulty and experience immensely.
Publisert: 25 Desember 2013
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This game feels like a collaboration between a lazy puzzle designer, and a very very burnt out writer. Adam's 'venture' (get it?) has found what he thinks is the gardan of eden! And he has to solve the same 3 puzzles for the next hour to get in!! Beyond the logic puzzles there is also some jumping puzzles involved, but because of Adam's snarky and annoying one liners all I ended up doing was tossing him off a cliff as much as I possibly could. My ultimate suggestion is to skip this and move on to another series.
Publisert: 25 November 2013
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I bought every Adam's Venture game for $1.74. Ill tell you this, I wish I hadn't. The game itself goes on for maybe 1 hour or 2, and just feels like a very cheap knock off of Uncharted. As for the story, heres how it goes: You are Adam Venture (sooo funny) and with your girlfriend Eve, you go in search of the lost garden of Eden. Aside from the not-so-subtle Biblical references, the game throws passages from the bible at you via word puzzles, which honestly are too easy to be called puzzles. And even so, the puzzles might be the best thing about it; the controls for this game are worse than Tomb Raider (1996), and that's saying something for a game released in 2009. The graphics leave something to be desired, though the pretty shading and lighting effects from Unreal Engine 3 makes the bland, low quality meshes and textures look somewhat decent, and defintely more appealing than the animation, voice acting and the lip-syncing.

Overall, if you could spend your money on anything else, spend it on that. This game is just a cheap, preachy excuse for a game.
Publisert: 17 April 2014
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This game is a cheap knockoff of Uncharted, except without the action, intelligence, good voice acting, or halfway decent controls. Best avoided.
Publisert: 25 November 2013
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