War Inc. Battlezone é a experiência de combate mais realista, mais tática e baseada em clãs, acompanhada de um dos mais profundos sistemas de personalização alguma vez desenvolvidos para um Jogo de Tiros Online.
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Data de lançamento: 18 Jul, 2011

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Jogar War Inc. Battlezone

Free to Play

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Acerca deste jogo

War Inc. Battle Zone delivers hard hitting action for players in a free to play, online multiplayer, session-based shooter game, where players can compete with friends and other players in real time, action packed team vs. team ground combat.

Key Features:

  • First Person Shooter or Third Person Shooter Pick the Camera that is best for you.
  • Extensive weapons and gear inventory Set up your characters with kits and gear, soldier specialties and abilities, with primary and secondary weapon slots. This versatility allows for countless ways to configure your own Private Mercenary Corporation.
  • Awesome Weapon Customizations Extensive options for Upgrading and outfitting your weapon. Change the Stock, Scope, Magazine, Top Rail, Bottom Rail, Side Rail and Muzzle Break.
  • Gameplay Modes With 3 major modes allows player to pick the exact type of gameplay they want. Conquest, Deathmatch and Sabotage (Competition Mode) are available.
  • Weekly Updates The team is always working on and delivering New Maps, New Gear, New Items. Constant updates and improvements to the game to ensure the best online shooter experience.
  • New Social Features In addition to Leaderboards and Private Matches, War Inc is introducing Clan based Meta gameplay. Win Territory and dominate the world with your Clan!
  • Tons of Game Play Versatility Beyond shooting help your team win by calling in Airstrikes, piloting the UAV to find and target enemies, and Driving the APC’s to deliver or rescue your team from the battle zone.
  • This is F2P your way Players can invest time or money to rank up and gain power. War Inc provides the fairest balance between pay and play of any Online Shooter.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • SO: Windows XP SP3 ou maior
    • Processador: Intel Core 2 Duo de 1.8GHz ou AMD semelhante
    • Memória: 2GB de RAM
    • Disco Rígido: 2GB de espaço livre no disco rígido
    • Gráfica: nVidia 9600 ou ATI semelhante, 512MB de memória de vídeo dedicada, Pixel Shader 2.0
    • SO: Windows XP SP3 ou maior
    • Processador: Intel Core 2 Duo de 3.0GHz ou AMD semelhante
    • Memória: 4GB de RAM
    • Disco Rígido: 2GB de espaço livre no disco rígido
    • Gráfica: nVidia 570 ou ATI semelhante, 1GB de memória de vídeo dedicada, Pixel Shaders 3.0
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Publicada: 30 Março

+You appreciate your other games more, knowing that it could always be worse as you could be playing this game.
+Makes Call of Duty Ghosts look almost good*
+The uninstall process is in very entertaining

-The game is not ran through Steam so the hackers cannot be banned as they are not using their Steam accounts
-Lag (not that often, but when it does happen...)
-Death simulator
-Has absolutely no storyline
-Unbalanced weaponry
-More hackers
-Abysmal texturing
-The gameplay is awful
-hit detction brought to you by Stevie Wonder
-You get 5XP if you can kill someone, but get 500XP for capturing a flag
-Terrible weapon sounds and general audio
-Every gun in the same type has the exact same reload animation
-There is no weapon swap animation
-Game is not fair to new players
-Even more hackers
-The game mixes 1st and 3rd person gameplay, A good idea, but absolutely crap
-No game updates
-Randomly placed indestructible turrets, that can shoot across the map and kill you to make sure you get more deaths than kills
-Devs don't respond to emails
-Only about 10 players on the game at any one time
-Can't strafe while aiming or running
-Guess what... MORE HACKERS!!!
-Spawn camping
-it is a Pay2Win game, and an expensive one too
-you have to spend your in game cash on weapons and attachments (which you can only borrow)
-I could make a better soundtrack
-You have to buy a melee weapon
-The game is in no way "tactical", only run out of your spawn and die
-No uninstall button in-game
-There are better free games on steam
-A waste of time
-Simulates a cactus being inserted up your ♥♥♥♥ very well
-You have also have to pay $20/£15 to host a server
-And last but not least... Hackers

If you want to play a game with more hackers than Anonymous, don't waste your time reading this review, just download it. If you have a brain, Don't waste your time. Report game as spam and innapropriate. Feel like I want a refund.

A message to the developers----->

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Thank you for reading :)

*If you are thinking of purchasing CoD Ghosts, remember... Don't...


Thanks to:

Kill-Cam Celebrity
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Publicada: 23 Maio
this is a pay to win game all the way it was very good at the begining but wen you get some one on the enemy team with better guns then you the style of weapons you can only get if you spent money on the game well you will just loose and I am not gonna lie I stoped playing this game because of the hackers and I am not joking they exist on there and I was high rank also...........this game was amazing but the fact that it is pay to win now it puts every thing in a bad way I treid to play it recently and there was almost no one playing it and those that were well lets just say that they hack alot.....
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Publicada: 24 Fevereiro
Brutal Pay-2-Win system, and the devs left it years ago. Please take this off Steam ASAP.
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Publicada: 13 Abril
Guide to Uninstall Simulator (War Inc. Battlezone)
Step 1. Install
Step 2. Play
Step 3. Uninstall
Step 4. Think about all the time this game wasted and how you may never get it back
Step 5. Write a horrible review as a joke

4/20 Did HL3 come out yet?
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Publicada: 8 Maio
My ♥♥♥♥ing god, the only reason why this should be on Steam is so that the CIA can use this in place of water boarding.

In Short, Tactical Intervention is fun because it has charm.

In comparison, Tactical Intervention is Elton John, this game is a plank of wood.

Most glee I have ever had from uninstall
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