The Sims går tillbaka i tiden och blir medeltida! The Sims Medieval™ tar The Sims in i medeltiden med helt nya funktioner, ny grafik och nya sätt att spela. För första gången kan spelare nu skapa hjältar, ge sig ut på äventyr, och bygga upp ett kungarike.
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Utgivningsdatum: 27 maj, 2011
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The Sims går tillbaka i tiden och blir medeltida! The Sims Medieval™ tar The Sims in i medeltiden med helt nya funktioner, ny grafik och nya sätt att spela. För första gången kan spelare nu skapa hjältar, ge sig ut på äventyr, och bygga upp ett kungarike. I en uråldrig värld av äventyr, drama and romans, får spelare möjligheten att "gå medeltida" som aldrig förr.


  • En levande värld för Sims i en tid för äventyr, drama och romans
  • Förbättrad grafik, ljussättning och animation leder till mer verklighetstrogna Sims
  • Skapa hjältar, bygg upp deras färdigheter och skicka ut dem på episka äventyr
  • Uppdrag driver fram ditt kungadömes berättelse - God eller ond, grym eller vänlig, romantisk eller krigisk
  • "Kingdom Ambitions" – Välj ett ambitiöst mål för ditt kungadöme och kämpa för att uppnå det. Kommer ditt kungadöme att vara det mest välbärgade, mest upplysta, en erövrare eller en fredsmäklare? Valet är ditt.




    • Operativsystem: Windows XP, Vista eller Windows 7, med senaste Service Pack
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz P4-processor eller motsvarande för Windows XP; 2.4 GHz P4-processor eller motsvarande för Windows Vista eller Windows 7
    • Minne: 1GB RAM för Windows XP; 1.5GB RAM för Windows Vista eller Windows 7
    • Hårddiskutrymme: Minst 5.3 GB hårddiskutrymme med minst 1 GB ytterligare utrymme för anpassat innehåll och sparade spel
    • Grafikkort: 256 MB-grafikkort med stöd för Pixel Shader 2.0
    • Ljud: DirectX 9.0c
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Upplagd: 2 januari
This game has been abandonned by EA no further products will be made for it. They have left out updating their DRM for steam such that it will no longer play on windows 8 due to an incompatibility between the DRM and the OS even though it works fine with Origin. Unless this is fixed you are stuck having to download origin and download your steam game from there. This needs to be looked into as all you will get out of a purchase on steam is a CD Key. After some basic testing I can confirm the game does work when used through Origin
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2.3 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 30 november, 2014
great game but for it to work you have to use origin so dont get it on steam get it on origin
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Upplagd: 13 mars
I enjoy Sims Medievel more than SIMs 3...go figure.
It is because of the Medievel setting IMHO, it makes the SIMs more interesting.
You do alot of quests, but you can still do whatever you want, as there really is no time limit on the quests.
Now there is a time limit on some of the duty tasks, but get a lot of time to do what you want.
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Upplagd: 10 februari
Game is not setuop to not work with Windows 8.1, however, I was able to play the game through Origin using this solution -; it didn't work for me.

I had already installed the game on Steam; I installed it again on Origin, and repaired it and was able to play with no issues!


To play this game with Windows 8

Install the game on Steam. Make a sims3 account at and link it to origin. Redeem your CD key on the sims3 site, this will add sims medieval to your origin account. Open your origin and find the sims medieval game, right click it and click repair game. After it repairs and updates, start your game from Origin and you can play.

The game is only installed once to your hard drive, even though you use Origin to repair files and play the game but you install the game with Steam.
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Upplagd: 2 januari
If you're looking at this game, you probably already have a "The Sims" floating around your library somewhere, right? Well, this sort of ISN'T a traditional Sims game. You don't build anything. You can buy furniture, but you can't build buildings... unless i'm missing something... in that case, please tell me in the comments, the Blacksmith's layout is horrible and the Inn only has ONE room.

Anyway, as i said, If you have a Sims game, of any kind, DON'T get it. Unless of course you really like actually playing the SIMS part of the game. Then by all means, get this.

If you don't, or havn't played The Sims at all, go ahead and try it. But don't base this title on the whole series... please. It's actually quite good.
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Upplagd: 16 december, 2013
Game does NOT work on windows 8 if you have the latest patch. EA has no plans to fix this. Do NOT buy if you have windows 8 or later.
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22.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 13 januari, 2014
This is a game that I both enjoy, and dislike simultaneously. I enjoy it because of the great medieval theme involved here, and the creative way you add to your kingdom, make new characters, and some of the fun interactions and capabilities of the characters.

While this game is a nicely themed re-envisionment of the Sims franchise, it does have some downfalls. The main one being it's not as free and open as the Sims franchise has been known for. The only time you get to actually play the game, is during a quest. The quests provide nice motivation for your characters, like saving the town, thinning the thieves, or maybe hunting down the source of all those goblins. But you must make progress on your quests or a magical constable comes and arrests you and puts you in the stocks for a few days. I found this kind of rediculous and immersion breaking, as well as completely negating the whole 'free and open' style the Sims had from the beginning.

You are not free and open to do what you like in this game, you must progress on the quest or have consequences. The basic needs have also been twiddled around, there are less of them, and the personality trait system has been truncated. The character motives now affect how well you can succeed at anything you attempt to do, and also affect quest progress and success/failure. It's actually difficult, and somewhat dissatisfying to try and balance the needs, daily living, and progress on the quest simulatenously.

It does, however, have it's charm and is still an enjoyable game, which is why I still recommend it. The primary purpose for this review is to give people information they need to make a better informed buying decision, knowing that this game is far more structured then the rest of the franchise is. With this in mind, if you are looking for the classic Sims experience in the Medieval era, this is not your game. If, however, you would enjoy being faced with puzzles, challenging quests, and gradually building up your kingdom through questing and careful management of one (or more, depending on the quest) character's lives, while still progressing regularly on the quest as much as possible, then you will find this game interesting. This game seems more directed at people who want less open and free style gaming, and are more interested in adhering to their chosen quest line and taking on the challenge.

The decision is up to you, it's still a good game, just not quite in the way the rest of the Sims franchise is. I personally haven't found myself playing it as muc has I thought I would, I keep finding other games more interesting, but I do enjoy it when I get around to playing it.
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Upplagd: 21 mars, 2014
for everyone who decided not to buy this game because they have windows 8, same happened to me when trying to open through steam, i then went to, typed in the CD key for the game on "Redeem Game" which then put the game onto your origin acount, i ran a fix on the game through origin and checked for updates, and it runs completely fine, no lag at all. I hope this helps some of you who may have already purchased the game and unable to play it through steam at first. Good game apart from a little akward to rotate camera and still trying to figure out how to rotate items but apart from that its a lot different from any other sims game ive personally played before
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Upplagd: 24 oktober, 2014
I'll right a review that might actually be helpful for you, let aside that half of the sodding negative reviews are mainly because of Windows 8. EDIT: It says in the descriptions "OS: " and proceeds to list the only OSs you can use, you butthurt ♥♥♥♥♥ (not saying this to the reader, just to the people who are complaining because they didnt read the bloody description).

I havent played this game in a while but I'll try to remember the most I can. First off, if you have Windows 8 go play Europa Universalis IV or Crusader Kings II, two empire-building games that are by far some of the best of the Grand Strategy Genre. (TL;DR version below the wall of text. I do however advise everyone to read that, for I put some things in there that I left out of the wall of text)

Now that we can actually start, let's begin. This game is alright. Not the best, it has its faults; the fact that you have to diplo-annex other nations and you cant take them by force, being the biggest drawback. Otherwise, it's a very nice experience for a Sims game, bringing in a concept that I wish were in the Sims 3: Religion. Most people would complain their little asses because of it, but I find it a very alluring concept, especially for a game that allows you to be a King with no explanitory cause. I also quite liked the fact that you can assign a council of jobs to your Sims, and switch between them and your king during missions. Bringing up missions, however, is something I myself had a little problem with. Throughout the entire game, you HAVE to switch between Sims during missions until you get a Free Play mission, of which I usually just cheated straight at the beginning. Playing the missions without my own Sim, I found myself being bored out of my mind at the linear pathway, which just doesn't work for a Sims game. Also, theres a wide variety of customisation for your castle and kingdom.

Sorry if I left anything out, because its been a few months at most since I've played the game. Overall, however, I would recommend the game, especially if youre one of the die-hard Sims players that simply do not get bored at not shoving sims into small confined boxes and then leave them there to die, like most people who play the Sims do. I dont use an arbitrary scaling system for games, since they simply shouldnt have them. But if I did, I'd say itd be around a 7 or 8 on a 10 scale.

TL;DR Version
Pros :
-Religious System
-Wide variety of regions to explore
-Isles you can discover and claim for your kingdom
-Kingdom Council system and overall pretty cool mission ideas
-Parents eaten by a whale trait
-You can build up your town using the peasants taxes, or use them to your own greed
-Law making system
Cons :
-Linear story
-Limited Annexation of other Rulers
-Draconian system of missions and limited freedom to do what you please
-It's EA. Theres probably microtransactions for the style of silk you want.
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Upplagd: 28 november, 2013
It was the perfect concept. I loved it. However since upgrading to Windows 8 it no longer works and the story is Maxis/ EA has decided not to fix it for us who now use 8. Not fair and cruel. I have been a long standing customer since the original sims as in sim tower and sim city. Now I feel they do not value my loyalty to them.
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179.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 5 juni, 2013
The Sims Medieval starts you off with a Patrick Stewart sounding voice telling you that you are the Maker, the god of these lands and your task is to influence and control the inhabitants of your world to great success. The unfortunate reality is however that you are not the god of your Sims, the game is, and the game does not want you to do things it doesn't tell you to do.

Medieval has all the aspects of a regular Sims game. You mold your characters appearances and dress them. You build their homes for them and guide them through their daily lives of both the mundane and the extraordinary. All of this has been toned down significantly however. You only have limited tools to shape your Sims with, their wardrobe is fairly small. The houses are all presets and you have only a few items with which to decorate them.

In The Sims Medieval you create Heroes rather than ordinary Sims and besides their usual capabilities each Sim also has a profession which defines their lives and goals. The Monarch for example will have to write laws, hold court and occasionally hunt a boar whereas the physician will have to collect leeches, heal the sick and cure the lame. Each day you are given new tasks to complete and failing to do so will hurt your Sims focus and could lead to all manner of dreadful things happening to your game.

In a regular game of The Sims you might have to go to work or have other daily responsibilities that need to be completed for the good of your Sim and in Medieval these chores have become the focal point of the game. Each campaign lets you pick from a number of available quests, which quest you select decide which hero or heroes you get to play with and both the overall campaign as well as the individual quests take place on a timer creating a very hectic feel to it all. Should you tarry too long, complete the quests inadequately or just spend too much time making friends with the locals you may fail the campaign and be forced to start the whole experience over from scratch.

Each campaign is a self-contained adventure and at the beginning of each one you have to create your heroes all over again devoid of any skills or friends they might have had in your previous campaign.

Playing through Medieval in general feels much a like the daily chores on which the game seem to focus so much of it's attention. Everything is repetition and completing a quest only gives you a momentary relief because you know that come the next campaign you will have to do it all over again.

A little respite is gained from the various choices you get to make, both at the beginning of quests and during the course of completing them. A powerful witch has encroached on your lands, do you send your Monarch to marry her? Your Knight to slay her? Or your Wizard to steal her power? And once you begin you have a number of key events throughout the quest that offers you different options as how to proceed although not all of them leads to different outcomes. All of this adds a nice little buffer in between you and the chore of knowing you have to do the same quest multiple times throughout your playthrough however much of that respite is lost when you realize that you are not going to defeat the Dragon that threatens your lands, you are going to send your Knight off to do it and then he'll send you a postcard back telling you how it went.

Graphically it is much the same as the Sims with a pleasant cartoony look to it. The sounds are dominated by the usual cute Sim gibberish and are equally enjoyable.

All in all The Sims Medieval is a nice idea that gets mucked up by some dreadful execution. If you are the kind of guy that can't get enough of taking out the trash and doing the dishes then this is probably the game for you, for the rest of us, it is a game to avoid.
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Upplagd: 6 oktober, 2014
I honestly don't know whether to rate this game up or down. It is a great game, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't run on Windows 8 or 8.1.

From what I played of it in Windows 7, its different than Sims 2 and Sims 3. It runs more like a weird quest9based game set in Medieval times. You have a kingdom and you complete quests to advance said kingdom with various types of characters that have set jobs. Though, if you want to just play around with the characters there is a freeplay option available. You do have customizable characters, however there are not as many options as Sims 3 but there are more options than Sims 2.
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Upplagd: 5 oktober, 2014
Who had the idea to make the SIMS a fantasy-ish RPG?
I don't know.
Why does it work?
I don't know either
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Upplagd: 23 juni, 2014
This CAN work on windows 8! Quite easily! EA has released a patch. All you need to do is take the serial key you get from steam and download Origin- You can put in the serial key and download it from Origin- Patched and ready to play!

Now about the actual game- The normal Sim player might not like this title, its different than the normal game in that you can't just play willy nilly. You accept quests and go through that quest as the hero's you've selected! To me it comes across as a 'choose your own adventure' type quest system where you go do different objectives and get to chose between different options at different points. This can have huge impact on the quest- Heck- Even the HEROES that you pick for the quest will have a influence! Some quests can be completed using Say- your Monarch and the Knight. While the same ques can be completed using the Spy and the Wizard for a totally different quest line.
This adds more depth and replayability to the game I belive.

Do NOT come into this game thinking its Sims 3 with mediveal influences- No. Its its own type of game using a simmilar interfase and interactions, but it plays much differently. I've gotten several friends to play this game and once they've gotten past the fact that its not Sims 3 they have all loved it.
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Upplagd: 19 mars, 2014
Yeah, it is fun, crazy quests, good music, you can duel to the death and use magic... even heal sims with leaches! It's fun. Pirates and Nobles is a great expansion.
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Upplagd: 29 juni, 2014
When I first DL this game I wasn't to sure if I would like it but I was pleasantly surprised. The Sims Medieval is similar to the regular Sims play however building is different. You cannot add to the castle or other building but instead you navigate through quest in order to unlock new locations. I also like how it has implemented some of the terms that would have been used during this time (like complimenting a women’s ankles). Very nice game to play and relax.
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Upplagd: 20 juni, 2014
doesnt work on windows 8
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Upplagd: 23 augusti, 2014
Good game but I was expecting it to be more like Sims 3 be able to do anything you want but in this game it's like doing things task by task to go to next chapter.
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Upplagd: 16 augusti, 2014
Does not work with Windows 8.
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Upplagd: 20 januari, 2014
This game will not work on Windows 8, so if you are buying this game and you have Windows 8 it will not work on steam. However, you can redeem the code on origion and origin lets you change wich version of the game you use. So you just have to change the game to a older version and it will work.
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