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AVA is a free-to-play MMOFPS that plunges you into the middle of a world at war. Side with the European Union (E.U) or the Neo-Russian Federation (NRF) and take up arms across vicious urban battlegrounds. Test your skills against your friends and see if you have what it takes to come out on top!
Utgivelsesdato: 14 Jun 2011
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A.V.A's Competitive Gaming Portal

15 August 2014

Dear soldiers!

Are you interested in upcoming eSports events and competitive cups for A.V.A? From now on you can stay up to date on our new Competitive Gaming Portal!

We will be posting about LAN events, online tournaments and broadcast matches of the best teams competing for glory, great in-game prizes and the title A.V.A champion of each month!

Head over and take a look HERE!

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New Welcome Pack 2014

15 August 2014

Buy and spend AP for the first time and receive a huge package of free items! Includes 4 permanent weapons!

This Welcome Pack (Formerly the First Time Spender pack) is better than ever!

Click here to buy AP

Click here to visit the 9AP Shop


But wait, I get NOTHING if I've already spent! That's not fair!
Send a ticket with the title "Welcome Pack - Old Spender" and after confirmation you've spent on A.V.A before our team will send you the package.


This promotion is for First Time Spenders; if you have already purchased through another Aeria game, you will NOT qualify.

Please note that ONLY AP purchased from Aeria and spent on A.V.A will qualify. AP obtained through offers or other special promotions WILL NOT QUALIFY. You can still qualify if you've spent AP from offers before and then purchase AP and spend it on A.V.A.

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for payout

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Welcome Package: 4 PERMANENT weapons!


Very simple:

  • 1. Purchase AP (Aeria Points) for the FIRST TIME
  • 2. Spend at least 1 Aeria Point (AP) on A.V.A
  • 3. Get the Welcome Package for FREE! The items of the package will be delivered directly to your in-game inventory within 24 hours
  • 4. Have FUN!!!

New Welcome Package Trailer

The Welcome Package includes 24 items (Permanent Weapons, Equip, Boosters, etc..) and an additional 2 CAPSULES VOUCHERS. Find the full list HERE!

Why would you want to miss that?

Om spillet

AVA is a free-to-play MMOFPS that plunges you into the middle of a world at war. Side with the European Union (E.U) or the Neo-Russian Federation (NRF) and take up arms across vicious urban battlegrounds. Test your skills against your friends and see if you have what it takes to come out on top!

Key features:

  • Class System: Select from the 3 classes (Point Man, Rifle Man, Sniper) to best support your teammates.
  • Rank System: Rank up from Trainee to Private and so on. As your character climbs the ladder in the ranking system, more weapons and items will be obtainable through the in-game shop.
  • Squad Commander: The highest ranked player on each team is equipped with high tech binoculars to scope out enemy locations and report back to your teammates.
  • Weapon Customization: Add custom parts or modify your weapons to drastically change its performance.
  • In-Game Challenges and Awards: Daily challenges/missions which consists of completing objectives to receive rewards such as in game money. There is also an award system consisting of campaign ribbons, badges, and medals. Different awards give different benefit such as game money, unlocking skills, and supply points.
  • Co-op Gameplay: Team up with friends and take on the challenging co-op mode. Co-op supports a team of 4 or 5 players depending on the mission.


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • Prosessor: Pentium 4 2.4GHz
    • Minne: 1GB
    • Harddiskplass: 6GB
    • Skjermkort: NVidia GeForce 6600 eller bedre
    • DirectX®: 9.0C
    • Ytterligere: Krever internett-tilkobling
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They removed permanent weapons.
Publisert: 9 Mars 2014
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Let me go on record to say that this game is fun.
It has some good gamemodes, some good combat, and overall, it's a very good counter-strike knockoff.
then the problems start.
First: this game installs a keylogger. THAT'S ♥♥♥♥ING RIGHT. IT INSTALLS A 3RD-PARTY KEYLOGGER FOR ANTI-CHEAT MEASURES. It's also nearly impossible to remove, unless you extremely specifically remove something from System32, then from Regedit, but i'm not even going to try.
Second: The company that made bought the rights to this game filled it up with weapons that you have to buy for... with real. world. money. Here's the best part: the weapons have better stats, but disappear from your inventory after a while. You know what that means? A Paytowin FPS.
Even if they didn't have other stats, they're just retextures of other items, for example, you could have a normal smoke grenade, or get a colored one for an additional fee.
Personally, i only installed this to get the black rose in TF2, but found myself playing it more than expected. I uninstalled it several months ago, and just now found out about the keylogger.
Publisert: 18 April 2014
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You can get a stylish knife in TF2 from this game. That's all you need to know.

Re-skins are love
Re-skins are life
Publisert: 1 Mai 2014
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This was my favourite game until Area Games bought it.
Area Games just kills every game /:(
Publisert: 3 Mars 2014
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Aeria you have screwed this game up so much. I really hope that another company thatll do a better job republishes this game or there is no hope. How do you take such a fun game and crap all over it with your timed guns? i havent seen a more pay to win game in my life... on top of all the timed guns that expire within days that you pay with real life money, they took out numerous maps and game modes. and still have timed guns? there are deff not that many servers. all of you at aeria are greedy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s. and you killed your game single handedly. what a shame... no wonder your game has 3 players at most playing lmao played since 09 and kept taking long breaks inbetween hoping theyd improve the game and thier dumb "free to play" model. and it kept getting worse and worse progressively since then. no hope, if youre thinking about playing this game, dont. youll just waste your time and be ♥♥♥♥ed off. stay away as long as aeria is there. ijji did a better job.
Publisert: 12 Juni 2014
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This isn't even a recommendation, but a warning. This game has been ruined by Aeria Games Entertainment and since the June update on 2013, the best and most of the fun guns are basically timed. You may wonder, what you mean timed? Well, before this June update, all guns can be bought permamently, either for in-game money or real money. But since the update, basically all the good guns are timed. Who would spend $15 USD for ONE gun that you can play with for 30 days? Yep, $15 USD for 30 DAYS. Not only that, the euros you earn in-game is freaking hard to earn and it won't be enough to cover the costs of buying attachments and even buying the gun again.

With how stupid Aeria Games Entertainment has become and basically ignored our pleas and said "Screw you, we know better than you silly gamers because we got the power" and thus, if you play the game today, you will see a lot more hackers than before and a lot of model bugs that ruins the gameplay easily. I feel sad that this game had to take this path, and it was going well too...
Publisert: 29 August 2013
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